to want to grab Ann Widdecombe's extremely large tits and

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MardyBra Sun 24-Oct-10 00:03:18

place them in an industrial strength brassiere?

She can surely not be comfortable prancing around with them flapping around her navel.

hellzapoppin Sun 24-Oct-10 00:10:02

I agree, only caught a bit of her on spawn of strictly show with the the Winkleman, but she needs to be hoiked by the straps by one of those bossy Mrs Slocombe types in Rigby and Peller before Anton du Berk steps on them....

MardyBra Sun 24-Oct-10 00:17:38

Well, I'm in need of the odd bit of foundation garment myself, but maybe the idea of a little "frottage" with Anton is doing it for her. After all, she is famously a virgin unmarried.

marriednotdead Sun 24-Oct-10 00:19:21

I read that she had it written into her contract that she wears the crap bras she already owns rather than anything they would rather put her in. (And won't wear anything that exposes her upper arms either.)

Her reasoning is beyond me, there are definitely better options available and surely anyone would want to look their best confused

hellzapoppin Sun 24-Oct-10 00:24:08


You want to get yourself over to R&P to be bossed into something very expensive but guaranteed to keep the norkage pointing north.

MardyBra Sun 24-Oct-10 00:28:10

Please be assured hellza that mine are not as droopy as La Widdecombe. M&S are keeping me vaguely horizontal for now but if I had a chest like hers I would be straight off to R&Ps!

scaryteacher Sun 24-Oct-10 01:40:40

The Telegraph did this last week...

MuGGGhoulWump Sun 24-Oct-10 01:53:28

Her norks look horrid, she needs a good bra.
I have teeny tits, but they still need a bra to look good.

Very few women have good boobs with no help, and of those who do, most have had a boob job.

ForMashGetSmash Sun 24-Oct-10 09:42:08

I don't know...IS it actually uncomfortable to NOT wear a bra if your norks are massive? I have tiny titties and NEVER wear a bra as they dig in to my flesh and feel horrid....maybe Anne feels the same? Is looking bad a reason to stuff your dairies in a harness?

ProfYaffle Sun 24-Oct-10 09:45:44

The Telegraph grabbed Ann Widdecombe's tits? shock confused

ForMashGetSmash Sun 24-Oct-10 09:50:09

I really want to know...IS it uncomfortble to go bra-less if you have big boobs?

HeadlessPrinceBilly Sun 24-Oct-10 09:51:05

Maybe she doesn't give a flying fuck what you all think of her figure? She's not a model, its nobody elses business what underwear she uses.

Who needs men imposing ideals of femininity and beauty on us, women do it well enough themselves.

SuePurblybilt Sun 24-Oct-10 09:55:22

I have big norks on a not huge rest of me and find it makes an amazing amount of difference to the way I look and the way clothes fit if I don't wear a good bra. I would never consider not wearing one to do anything other than sit on the sofa (apart from the obvious iyswim grin). Yes Formash, I would find it uncomfortable to do anything more energentic than that.

It must actually be uncomfortable for her, they must be resting on her stomach and getting sweaty and jiggling painfully.

SpottyMuldoon Sun 24-Oct-10 09:55:32

Yes it is. It's a pain but I hate them bobbling around otherwise and they get in the way. Plus they're not as pert as they were so tend to end up going east and west rather than facing front at all times. If you wear the right size bra it should be comfortable but I still find it irritating having to wear one at all.

ForMashGetSmash Sun 24-Oct-10 09:55:50

I think that's what I was getting at headless! However you went less around the houses about it! I want to know if women wear bras because they feel physically uncomfortable without a small boobed woman I only know that I feel uncomfy WITH one.

If people only wear them to stop their boobs flopping well that's a bit sad really...especially if they expect others to do the same and judge them if they don't!

SpottyMuldoon Sun 24-Oct-10 09:57:39

It's not about making her look sexy. It's purely a comfort thing for me.

ForMashGetSmash Sun 24-Oct-10 09:57:57

Ah right! SO they jiggle uncomfortably without a decent bra! I see...its all very enlightening for me...the boobless wonder! Mine don't actually "do" anything...they just sit there....what there is of them! I have no cleavage....I did once try those fillets...looked awful!

SpottyMuldoon Sun 24-Oct-10 10:02:27

To get a similar effect you'd have to strap two sandwich bags to your chest and pop a large grapefruit/small melon in each one and then go about your daily business. Or try ballroom dancing. I can only imagine she has no feeling in her nipples because that would irritate the fuck out of me.

HeadlessPrinceBilly Sun 24-Oct-10 10:07:27

She's quite an intelligent woman. If she was uncomfortable the way she was she would change it. She went out of her way to say she would not let them change her, so obviously she is perfectly happy like that. So it seems to me its nothing to do with her comfort and more to do with what women "should" do.

SpottyMuldoon Sun 24-Oct-10 10:45:48

I'm an intelligent woman but I still wore the wrong size bra for years and just thought they were supposed to be highly uncomfortable. Wearing the right size bra is not necessarily pandering to an unrealistic image of how women should look.

If she's happy that's fair enough. On a similar note, if someone was happy wearing shoes that were the wrong size and just put up with the discomfort I'd wonder why they didn't just wear the right size. But that's probably my age. Comfort at all costs nowadays.

carocaro Sun 24-Oct-10 11:00:22

My friend is a bra fitter for M&S and it's a bit talking point for her and her team as they say that they could get her sorted and reallyhelp!

ForMashGetSmash Sun 24-Oct-10 11:16:45

I may try that spottyMuldoon! grin

HauntingTheTardis Sun 24-Oct-10 11:56:30

I would love to be able to get all my bras from Rigby and Peller. I did once have two bras from there (dh was in a very generous mood) and they were the most comfortable bras I have ever owned. The wires did not dig in, they gave me a far better shape than I have ever had, and I loved them.

But they didn't last forever - the wires either broke or poked out, and though R&P did exchange one that was less than a year old, they didn't exchange the other, as they said their bras are only supposed to last a year or so before you are bound to need a new one.

I do still wear the R&P bras with the wires taken out (the fitting ladies would have a conniption if they knew), and I have never found another bra as comfortable - M&S do bras that fit me, but the wires dig in at the sides of my boob, and that is not comfortable - but I can't afford £65+ for another decent bra, so I put up.

Spinkle Sun 24-Oct-10 17:24:58

Can I just add at this point that Felicity Kendall is a year OLDER than the Widdy?

sarah293 Sun 24-Oct-10 17:28:51

Message withdrawn

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