to think that Ross was in the wrong not Rachel? That Emily wasn't an absolute cow? Please can we have an old school friends debate?!

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MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 13:53:41


Just been watching friends...and it's been a long time since I have had a truly deep and meaningful debate about it haha.

Emily - after her and Ross split for good they acted like she was a complete bitch. Well, no actually...Ross said Rachel's name at the wedding, but she went ahead with the service. Then decided to give him another chance and went to the airport to see Ross leaving for their honeymoon with Rachel, but she still was willing to give him another chance on the conditions that he didn't see Rachel anymore. Now I know that obviously they couldn't have had Ross not seeing Rachel, but Emily wasn't actually unreasonable was she? From her point obviously it wasn't a lot to ask and she was very fair giving so many chances, right?! grin

And what does everybody think about the 'We Were On A Break!!' thing?

[thinks about things too much emoticon]

Now, no spoiling my fun, telling me to get a life please. wink grin

nickelbabe Sat 02-Oct-10 13:54:55

yes, Ross was, yes Emily was a bitch.
Ross should have walked out of the wedding as soon as he said the wrong name, not married Emily! you don't marry someone just to get back at them!

They were on a break - I'm with Ross on that one.

nickelbabe Sat 02-Oct-10 13:56:06

(emily married him to get back at him, tno the other way round)

ChooksAway Sat 02-Oct-10 13:56:42

I've never understood why Emily was the bitch in the wedding fiasco, so, OP, YANBU!

crisproll2 Sat 02-Oct-10 13:56:58

I'm actually with Rachel's mum - ,"Once a cheater, always a cheater!" !!

fluffles Sat 02-Oct-10 13:57:41

i'm with emily on the whole marriage thing (except she shouldn't have married him when he was so obviously sitll in love with rachel) but with ross on the 'break' thing - they weren't just 'on a break' she had actually finished with him. he had every right to do anything with anybody else.

no emily wasn't a bitch
but they were on a break

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 13:59:12

Oooh she did say they were on a break, but when he says 'I thought our relationship was dead' I agree with Rachel when she says 'Well you sure had a hell of a time at the wake!!' If he truly did think they were over, he didn't waste much time, before grovelling the next day!

I have clearly seen them all far too many times! grin

except he did cheat on Julie with Rache, if you want to be strictly accurate

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 13:59:22

Ross totally in the wrong. Emily did turn very controlling though but under the circumstances who wouldn't??! Yes, they were on a break and I can sort of see both sides but imvho if you really love someone then really the first night should be spent in floods not straight into he first skirt/pair of trousers you spot, although some might say he did it to blot out the pain. Can never really decide about that one.

My question is do we all agree that Monica really could have done better than Chander? Because I certainly do, she is stunning and he rather ordinary (especially during porky Chandler phase), I suppose that it all balances out though because she is so uptight and controlling.

The thing that used to bug me though was when Rachel had Emma and she just totally was carted around like a handbag. They could have done an awful lot more with the Ross, Rachel as parents thing.

God I love Friends. Do you know they still see Friends Calendars, saw one in Clintons for 2011.

Also do we think they should make a movie?

OP if you need to get a life, then I certainly do too grin.

Igglybuff Sat 02-Oct-10 14:00:15

Agree - they were on a break!

Oh they did plenty of parenting storyline, but not much of it involved Emma!
Life didn't really change much for them, did it, after the first month or so hmm

TheCrackFox Sat 02-Oct-10 14:01:20

Emily wasn't a bitch

Yes, they were on a break

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:02:10

No, she was always with one of their parents, like always! Rachel would walk in carrying her, dump her in the travel cot and that would be it, not a peep out of her, oh and the big moving to Paris Story Line really bugged me, no-one seemed to acknowledge that Ross would not be seeing his kid every day, least of all Ross, it was barely mentioned.

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 14:05:24

I agree about Emma! And what exactly happened to Ben after Emma was born? hmm He was never in it again!

Emily did get a bit controlling I guess, but I think the insecurity of what had happened would make anyone like that. I agree though that they were stupid to try and think they could carry on past it!

I agree with hitgirlgrownup about Ross' behaviour after they went on a 'break' it's not really the kind of thing you would do if you were supposedly devastated? Hmm i don't know!

With Monica & Chandler, I did like them as a couple but I loved Monica and Richard, I thought they were much better matched!

I would love them to make a movie, or at least just a one off episode! grin

ooh yes ben vanished didn't he.

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:10:12

Yes, Monica and Richard were certainly a couple who "made sense" iyswim? So funny the episode where Chandler thinks Richard is going to propose to Monica and says to Joey they need to go and sort him out and Joey says "Chandler it's not going to help us BOTH getting our ass's kicked!" The implication being that Richard was so big and tough he would sort them both out at once. So funny grin.

nickelbabe Sat 02-Oct-10 14:11:16

If I had been standing at the altar with a man I'd only known 4 weeks, and he said someone else's name - someone who I know had been very much in the picture in the very recent past, I would question how right it was to get married.
I would have, at the very least, postponed the wedding - giving the excuse that people had flown thousands of miles to be there is crap.

she should not have married him.
and having married him, she should not have then turned into controlling super-bitch. that's not what she said in her contract in front of several witnesses.

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:12:38

Oh and Mike or David? Who should Phoebe really have ended up with?

I did like Mike, right choice there.

nickelbabe Sat 02-Oct-10 14:13:40

Mike, definitely. he was so cool, and not fazed at all by her weirdness.

they were a good balance for each other.

nickelbabe Sat 02-Oct-10 14:13:59

and David was too flakey. put science above her every time.

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 14:15:51

I agree about Mike, I loved them together. He was just what she needed.

Nickelbabe I've never thought of it like that actually, I suppose the whole thing was a bit ridiculous actually!

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:16:10

Probably traumatised by the Holiday Armadillo...

Agree Monica could have done better than Chandler. I would have preferred Ross/Phoebe and Joey/Rachel pairings. Rachel just got on my nerves too much.

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:17:46

That Armadillo comment was about Ben BTW. Thread moved too quickly!

Definitely David over Mike though.

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:18:21

Who is your favourite as well.

For me Ross every time, his episodes always made me laugh the most, the teeth, the spray tan, "DR, Geller" grin.

Indaba Sat 02-Oct-10 14:19:25

Thank God, a proper interesting thread on Mumsnet at last.....about proper important stuff. Loving it.

My problem with it all was I can't bear the actress that played delighted when it all ent t**s up.

And is there anyone in te whole world who thinks Ross was in the wrong.....he as absolutely on a break!


Thanks OP for bringing all this back.

PS If you liked Friends did you ever see Coupling?.....pretty good too!

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:19:51

In order my favourites


Yes I got the holiday armadillo comment

Favourite episode is where Emily breaks up with Ross by phone, and he turns round to find Joey doing comedy smiles at him

ooh can I add Charlie into the mix? I always thought she was very good for Ross, or was she too much better than him?

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:21:40

Ok, in order


HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:23:15

I liked Tag, too, he was so cute.

And the one was Alec Baldwin was sooooo funny too.

Favourite scene I think though ever was when Ross bought the new sofa "pivot, PIVOT, PIVOT!"

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:24:29

I liked Chandler - Ross annoyed me, so did Monica. I would have had troubles being friends with Monica, I think.

Ross - on a break, it was only one day FGS!! Shouldn't have done it so soon, give it a while at least.

Emily - went psychobitch but seriously, who can blame her. She shouldn't have continued with the marriage but she was in shock, she wouldn't have known what to do, so reverted to "stiff upper lip" mode, carry on regardless, that kind of thing. Payback was bitchy but understandable.

Ben went into TVChildland, where all the babies/children go when they are inconvenient to the storyline. Bit like Oscar in Easties - he spent a lot of time there (going back a couple of years there...)

PDog Sat 02-Oct-10 14:24:43

They were on a break - Ross only slept with someone else because he thought Rachel was with Mark.

Yes, Ross was in the wrong BUT Emily should have never married him and when she turned up at the airport and saw him leaving with Rachel, she should have run for the hills.

I like Monica with Chandler. They are totally right for each other, unlike Rachel and Joey which was just plain stupid.

Mike definitely. David was too geeky, they would have been "the wierd couple".

<Friends saddo emoticon>

They were on a break! Yes, Ross was technically right, but he went to bed with the photocopies girl 15 minutes after breaking up... so... Rachel was right to be pissed off with him.

Emily wasn't being unreasonable, no. But she was unbearable.

My fav character was Rachel.

Chandler was perfect for Monica.

Rachel and Joey would have made a great couple

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:26:02

Coupling was highly amusing - especially the baby fear episode. Most of it, actually. Although again, I couldn't have been friends with Jane, she needed a slap more than anything a lot of the time.

did she go psychobitch? What did she do? Other than ask that he spend a bit more time acting like a married man than acting like a student (I don't get the impression he sat around in coffee shops the whole time and had to live in a flat near his mates when he was with Carole)

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 14:27:15

Haha I loved the holiday armadillo!

Oooh my favourites in order:

1. Chandler - he just cracks me up, so funny. I liked him more and more as it went on.

2. Monica

3. Ross (the spray tan episode is one of my favourites! funniest ross moment definitely!)

4. Rachel (except for series 5/6 where I found her really annoying! confused )

5. Phoebe

6. Joey

Indaba I'm glad other people still have such strong opinions on Friends ha ha. I thought I'd just get lots of people telling me to get over it after so many years! grin Yes I did watch Coupling, really liked it smile

Phoebe annoys me. Tries too hard to be kooky and weird

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:27:43

I remember that she did but it's a long while since I've seen it and I might have been in a fairly raw state at the time and over-reacted to it...

PDog Sat 02-Oct-10 14:30:25

Ross is my fav; it used to be Joey but Ross is just hilarious (leather trousers, teeth, spray tan, "the routine").

I love all the Thanksgiving episodes but my all time fav is The One Where Ross Got High when Rachel makes the trifle - it tastes like feet grin

actually my favourite episodes were probably the Ross & Emily wedding ones, Friends ,must have been at its peak and it's just star after star. Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Saunders, June Whitfield (or did I imagine her??), Fergie...

Coupling was really good.

Yes, Phoebe was annoying most of the times, but I adored "Smelly cat"

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:33:43

Ross and the english accent was great as well!

The reason Ross and Charlie would never have made a good pair was that Charlie had nothing in common with the other girls. She didn't really look comfortable in Central Perk with them all.

Do you think if Monical was an MNer she'd be on the toxic parent thread?

Meglet Sat 02-Oct-10 14:38:59

SPB I think Fergie was in it, not a figment of your imagination.

no i meant did i imagine june whitfield! my brain might have just slotted her in beside jennifer saunders

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:12

Meg, I think SPB was wondering if she imagined June Whitfield..

thewook Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:36

OOH! A proper discussion!
Ross in the right, they were on a break.
But don't blame Rachel for doing the breaking up, he was behaving badly.
Emily not a cow
Babies ludicrous plot device not used well, and all Friends labour scenes absurd
Monica and Chandler never convinced, Richard was the one for her. (and ME!!!)
Pheobe and David, not Pheobe and Mike
Ross funniest character by a mile IMO, but did not like it when they made him 'angry Ross' and just for comedy rather than a more rounded character. Was silly for a while.

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:37

oops, xposted blush

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:43

She was either an old aunt or the housekeeper. You are not mad, don't fret.

yes "With WHOM am i speaking?" springs to mind

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 14:42:16

They were NOT on a break. Rachel was feeling suffocated and criticised, being accused of things with Mark and she snapped. Ross walked out on the suggestion that they have a 'break', no terms discussed, no reflection. They then spoke on the phone later and Rachel told him it was stupid and she wanted to be with him. He jumped to conclusions about Mark again and had sex with somebody else. His last conversation with Rachel, she was saying let's be together, let's sort this out. Then he lied to her the next day and tried to cover his tracks. He made a stupid assumption based on nothing, slept with somebody else and then lied about it.

He was WRONG. And I could write a lot more than 18 pages front AND back about it.

Oh and Emily was Evil Brit. They all were. Hugh House whatshisname, the housekeeper, Emily's parents, drunk relatives etc all snooty, mad, inebriated. The London episodes annoyed me greatly.

thewook Sat 02-Oct-10 14:43:29

Most interesting thing about endless Friends repeats is a) the fashion and b)the impact of the Atkins diet for the girls/ painkillers diet for Chandler. Amazing, but not nice.

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 14:44:02

To be fair, the WERE on a break.

Rachel is still hot. Boring, but hot.

They should bring out a CD of Phoebe's songs - I'd buy it!

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 14:44:34

Phoebe and Mike definitely.

And Ross was great until he became a caricature.

rubbersoul Sat 02-Oct-10 14:44:35

I didn't get why Emily was portrayed as a bitch either- who could blame her for not wanting ross to be near rachel when he said her name at the altar?! Shouldn't have married him though...

I loved Monica and Richard together, always thought she should have chosen him tbh.

fave characters, if I had to choose, are probably rachel and joey, although chandler is very funny. Bit of a love/hate thing with ross- can be really funny but also very annoying!

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:45:35

The Rachel and Joshua thing made me cringe as well. The cheerleader outfit and when she met his parents, just wrong. Purely to get her RL boyfriend into the show gimmick.

Totally agree with the Atkins diet effects. Scary!

she met joshua's parents? Don't remember that one

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:48:08

showofhands perfect synopsis of the "On a Break" situation and from that I don't think it can be argued with that Ross behaved like a complete Pig.

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 14:50:41

Rachel stripped off to her underwear (a lacey slip kind of thing) while having a date at his place and had to go out to dinner like it because his parents turned up, he lived with them and found her like that and she told them it was the new fashion.

His Mum said something like "that money we left you was for food Joshua" implying that Rachel was a hooker.

ahh yes

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 14:53:54

The painkiller diet was very obvious when Chandler proposed to Monica and was chubby and then, a short series break later, they told everybody and he was suddenly stick thin again.

I very much enjoyed the natural delivery of triplets with little pain, no monitoring, barely any medical staff and all of Phoebe's friends milling in and out.

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 14:56:22

You didn't imagine June Whitfield stealth she was somebodys housekeeper! Yeah I actually said to DH this morning that they were my favourite episodes, the ones in London, they were very entertaining. Richard Branson was in it as well.

I love Hugh Laurie on the plane in that episode, where he says to Rachel 'I just want to say you are a really really horrible person' and then he finishes with 'And to me it seems perfectly clear that you were on a break!' grin Link here:

Yes I bet she would have stealth I know it was meant to be funny most of the time but it made me feel sad for Monica.

purpleduck Sat 02-Oct-10 14:57:24

No No NO to Richard and Monica. I mean they were good, and he would have been a good parent, but he wouldn't have been as into it as Monica. And he's what, 27 years older or something???

And Ross was WRONG!!!!! Technicalities ("we were on a break") have no place in the afaairs of the heart

Sure he was allowed to be with other people, but he shouldn't have wanted to.

anyabanya Sat 02-Oct-10 14:57:48

Oh dear.

This might be my fave ever MN thread.

I am off to google 'hobbies'.

And no I do not think they were on e break. Ross was an idiot. Emily was not a bitch. Could never understand why they named their baby Emma when so close to the name 'Emily'.

And my fave episodes were deffo the ones with Divine Richard in it. Mmm.

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 14:58:03

Oh showofhands I forgot about that! They did speak on the phone didn't he when he was in the club didn't they?! And Rachel said she didnt want a break and they could work it out. But he went off in a strop because Mark was there and slept with somebody else! So yes, I am back to being sure that Ross was in the wrong grin

Panzee Sat 02-Oct-10 14:59:10

Not sure this was the aim of the thread, but I've just ordered the Coupling DVD.

1. Emily not a bitch, but Baxendale was pregnant (hence lots of scenes with her in bed) so I'm assuming it was an easy way to conclude the story.
2. They were on a break, but that's no excuse - although I take the point about Mark and revenge.
3. Monica and Richard were brilliant together.
4. I loved Phoebe and David.
5. Rachel and Joey was a stupid romantic pairing. Although they made great housemates.
6. I loved it when the series ended on a cliffhanger, then the next one would start up where they left off, except for their hair being different and they all had tans from their holidays!


ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 15:04:23

Imagine it on here. A poster who is with a dp who is dismissive of her job, accuses her of having an affair more than once, turns up and makes a scene at her office (again more than once), insists on accompanying her on work trips because he doesn't want her to be alone with another man. She thinks they're working things out, he jumps to a conclusion again, shags somebody else, deliberately tries to cover it up, tells her he only did it because he thought she was having sex with somebody else (it's her fault he shagged somebody else) and then never, ever accepts responsibility for his actions. Even lies again about having listened to her, lies about having read her letter, failed miserably to acknowledge what it took for her to trust him again.

The leave him brigade would be salivating.

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:06:01

I'll post my story in relationships, then grin

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:07:41

You are absolutely right, SoH.

And if a woman turned up at her DP's office with a picnic on his birthday in front of all his collegues and then threw a hissy fit when he couldn't drop everything would be rightly seen as a nutjob.

very true SoH
the barbershop quartet was cringeworthy

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 15:10:04

anyabanya that made me laugh, 'off to google 'hobbies'

I loved Richard, but for a different reason. When I was younger I love the 3 Men & A Baby/3 Men & A Little Lady films with Tom Selleck in. I don't know my Dad, never had, so I used to tell the other kids at school that Tom Selleck was my Dad but I didn't see him because he was off making films! blush grin I always just thought he seemed so nice haha.

HocusPontas I really disliked Charlie, she was such a cow.

ShowOfHands gosh I'd never have seen it like that! Very interesting perspective isn't it??

AM I the only person who wasn't that keen on Richard?

I so can't remember the phone call when Rachel tells Ross they can work it out. I'm getting old.

But here's my fav phone call ever: d

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:13:03

Yes you are Stealth. Weirdo.

Me, I found the whole Monica and richard thing a bit boring.

He wore flannel shits and had a moustache

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:14:24

Stealth, no. but then, I'm not keen on any of them. Who, in real life, overthinks everything the way they did? Really?

thumbwitch Sat 02-Oct-10 15:15:24

I didn't like Monica and Richard together - although I love Tom Selleck (Magnum PI for me) - but I wasn't that enamoured of the Monica/Chandler combo either.

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 15:15:29

Ross was always given grand gestures (missing out on his tv appearance for example to look after Rachel) to make people go awwwww.

But really he was manipulative and awful. He shouted in the face of a date (the Lake Tipidabo story) because he was horny, desperate and she was behaving like a normal person and trying to talk to him (ha ha ha, how funny). He lied to Mona about Rachel, gave her a key and then changed the locks, hid a phone message for Rachel to stop her dating again, interfered with her work plans when she was going to Paris by bribing her boss. I could go on. He was so sweet in the first few series of Friends but became a horrid caricature that I went off entirely.

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:16:03

Flannel shits? Yes, that would put anyone off. But you are wrong. In fact, could you be any more wrong? grin

We spend most of our time overthinking on here Techlovingdad!

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:17:26

Oh do go on, SoH- I am loving this grin

pmsl at flannel shits

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:18:26

So Ross was actually an abuser and Rachel his enabler? Wow, it's a lot deeper than I thought.

All that, "so, what's going on here? with us? what is this thing?". It's my cock, now just sort it out and stop thinking 10 years down the line.

Wow, I'm such a catch.

Until now, I had Ross classed as a mild PITA, but now I feel as a new universe has been disclosed...

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:20:01

I always thought Ross was totally wet. Now I see he's like Robert De Niro in Raging Bull.

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:20:03

Wow yes, Ross was an abusive piece of shit, as it turns out. In fact he probably had NPD.

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:20:23

What's NPD?

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:21:18

Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You would have to be a Relationships board regular to get the joke, I think.

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:23:14

I am a regular lurker. Shows how much I actually read it, though.

Instead of relationships, shouldn't there be a big My DP is a Prick, section?

lol at ross = robert de niro in raging bull grin

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 15:25:18

He made a list of Rachel's flaws, he invited a heartbroken woman up to his apartment and humiliated her, just to make Rachel jealous, he treated Mona and Emily depsicably for lots of different reasons, he accused Rachel of sleeping with Mark, got in a tizz and became convinced that Emily was sleeping with Susan (convincing Carol of the same thing), he downright lied to Carol and told her that Rachel had been cheating on him with Mark. And on and on and on...

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 15:27:14

And all with those big puppy dog eyes of his.

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 15:39:11

I didn't like Richard either Stealth. It was probably the moustache though, it was like Baldrick's slug in Blackadder.

and the checky flannel shirts

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 15:55:07

Was everybody happy with how it ended though? I loved the fact Monica and Chandler ended up with twins, there are some hilarious moments surrounding that.

Monica: Chandler, you're panicking!

Chandler: Yeah, join me won't you??

Yes, glad they got to be parents, it's a shame it ended as that storyline ended iyswim, but if the twins had been anything like Emma they'd have caused havoc for an eipsode and then gone to boarding nursery from the age of 3 weeks

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 15:56:51

I liked it when the doc said the second baby would be along soon...

Monica: 'who'll be along in a what now?'

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 15:57:57

Well I'm now thinking that Rachel should have gone to Paris, that's for sure.

as that storyline began

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 16:04:15

Hmm Ross cheated on Bonnie as well with Rachel at the beach house...after she'd shaved her head! So that's Julie, Bonnie and Rachel.

Oh I liked that too showofhands!

no I thought he was thinking about it but then didn't

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 16:07:15

He did, well he kissed her outside the house and they were interrupted by Joey & Chandler. And then the episode ends with him deciding which room to go in, and he picks Rachels but bonnie is in there too, as Rachel is rubbing suncream on Bonnies burnt head!

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 16:08:50

MandyMcFly, I actually found that episode captivating recently. Admittedly, I was in the gym trying not to die and it was on silent with subtitles. I remember thinking, so she's shaved her head and now he's going to dump her. And he's going to shag Rachel in the room opposite the one with his girlfriend in it? That's awful and so disrespectful.

Then I passed out.

oh did he? angry
I obviously can't remember them very well, I thought it ended with him deciding between 2 doors (B & R) and choosing Bonnie;s

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 16:10:04

Yeah techlovingdad once you get past the shock she-has-shaved-her-head moment, it does make him seem horribly shallow sad

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 16:10:53

To be fair, I didn't realise which door he'd chosen. But the fact that him standing between them was meant to show how torn he was, rather than him being an utter cunt, I didn't care for.

I'm getting old. Can you tell I have daughters?

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 16:16:57

Yeah I only know because I have seen them so many times. And I remember Bonnie was in Rachel's room having suncream applied to her head! He was rather horrible to Bonnie wasn't he.

that does ring a bell

TechLovingDad Sat 02-Oct-10 16:24:13

He was, yes. But he still had that pained "oh im so torn" look on his face. Like he needed a shit.

Remembering why i hated that show.

SleepingLion Sat 02-Oct-10 16:26:13

I loved Monica and Chandler together; I thought they made a really sweet couple and brought out the best in each other.

Was it just me who thought that by the end, Phoebe's character had become really abrasive rather than kooky in a what was presumably supposed to be endearing way?

I didn't find the Ross/Rachel - 'I got off the plane' ending as touching as some but I did cry as the camera panned around the empty apartment for the last time.

<goes off to google 'getting a life'>

hocuspontas Sat 02-Oct-10 16:32:35

The best bit of the last episode was Joey's delayed double take when the twins came home. He's just got the best expressions. It's a shame his spin off was so bad.

There were two things wrong with the ending IMO;

the last two 'jokes' (the fact they all had keys, and "where?" weren't that funny - they'd have been better off making it a non-jokey ending
so ross and rachel are back together? well so what, they get together and split up loads during the series. Why should this be any different?

nikki1978 Sat 02-Oct-10 17:08:18

I loved Monica and Chandler together too! Richard was dull and Chandler is my favourite character - the most funny IMO.

Hated the Rachel/Joey coupling and was so pleased she ended up with Ross.

I think they got rid of Emily as the Americans hated the character didn't they? I thought she was awful in it - made English people look so arrogant and unfunny.

prozacfairy Sat 02-Oct-10 17:08:59

They were on a break but imo Rachel wasn't BU by being pissed off with him for shagging another woman the same night!

Emily wasn't a bitch but she seemed to blame Rachel for Ross saying her name and not the bride's when actually the whole thing was Ross' fault.

I still remember watching that episode with my sister and stepmum for the first time with all of us screeching "WHAAAAAATTTTTT! Why the hell he do that?" When Ross said "I Ross, take thee Rachel...." smile

prozacfairy Sat 02-Oct-10 17:11:34

And I'll be getting a life in... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

c0rns1lk Sat 02-Oct-10 17:30:11

I liked Monica's super rich boyfriend best. Fave episode was the Brad Pitt one though.

I loved the episodes in Barbados (was it barbados?). When Rachel and Joey laughed at "Home Erectus". They'd have made a perfect couple!

olderandwider Sat 02-Oct-10 17:58:55


<sorry, hijack. In capitals too. Very uncool. But what a coincidence, No?)

I was with DS who afterwards kicked himself for not yelling out of the car window "It's the Christmas Armadillo!"


And btw, I spent the last 2 hrs thinking of De Niro's movies... he should be replaced by ROSS!

RunawayWife Sat 02-Oct-10 18:04:30

Best episode ever for me is the one with the Turkey on the head (sad I know)

DaisyDaresYOU Sat 02-Oct-10 19:24:36

Janice was my fav

No one will play my Friends trivia game with me. sad They know they have no chance.

Ok, technically I can see that Ross thought they were on a break and he thought something was going on with Rachel and Mark. Given what happened with Carol, you can see why he is insecure. However Rachel's reaction was totally justified and Ross was acting like an ass. Ross was ok up until him and Rachel were having trouble, then his character went downhill until the later series.

Monica and Chandler were great together. I can see some of myself in Monica blush and they brought out the best in each other.

Some series Phoebe was funny (like when she just pulls a massive knife out of her boot to open a box and they all look really shocked) but some she was trying too hard to be quirky.

Joey was not as funny as people seem to think. I found him irritating.

Loved Rachel. Very few times that she was annoying. In fact I can't think of one.

My favourite quote has to be when they are discussing sad films and Chandler has never cried at Bambi and they all can't believe it. He says "yes its very sad when they stop drawing the deer" PMSL!

Some things were really irritating and not funny. The shark/porn thing? Joey trying to speak French?

Loved it when Joey looks at Monica and Chandlers new house and tells the girl to tell them its haunted and she says "what are you 8?"

I too need a life, but great discussion. grin

Oh and Emily wasn't annoying at first. She shouldn't have married Ross but she was justified in him not wanted to see Rachel anymore.

She went a bit too far with the whole making him move apartment and get rid of all furniture.

Oh and Phoebe and Mike are fantastic together. The whole Crapbag thing was great!

Order goes:


Faaamily Sat 02-Oct-10 19:40:15

Emily was FUCKING annoying. But not as annoying as Julie.

My faves were:

Rachel & Monica joint last, but I still loved them.

I loved Monica more in some episodes, though. Especially the one where Phoebwe cut her haie (I said Demi Moore, not Dudley Moore') and the one where she tried to make some tasty Christmas recipes with 'Mock-alate').

lazycow007 Sat 02-Oct-10 20:12:32

My fave was the one with Bruce Willis - hhuurrggg, who's the man!!! Pmsl every time oh and the "pivot" sofa episode.

My fave list differs with each series.

Detectivepotato i challange you to a Friends trivia game - bring it on!

Love,love, love Friends, be gutted when they stop the daily episodes (although i do have the whole series on dvd, it's not the same) i can never get tired of it.

Ross was def in the wrong imo!

any one else upset that rachel and joey never took off. booo

HitGirlGrownUp Sat 02-Oct-10 20:32:18

No, one could beat me at Friends Trivia, seriously, no-one. I challenge you all!

Rachel and Joey never felt right to me tbh, a bit cringy.

lazycow007 Sat 02-Oct-10 20:41:20

Ok HitGirlGrownUp what was Rachel wearing in series 7 episode 10?

ShowOfHands Sat 02-Oct-10 20:43:03

DetectivePotato, I agree with you on everything you've posted, including the order of your fave friends.

I think that a few of us on here could get together and take on the world of friends trivia.

I watched and watched and watched Friends when bfing dd every 4 minutes for the first 7 months of her life.

kickassangel Sat 02-Oct-10 21:22:18

i always thought that ross would be the perfect big brother (v protective, but a crap boyfriend), joey the best lover, but chandler was the one to marry - funny on the outside but really loyal & trustworthy. (look how much he supported joey)

of the girls, i wanted to look like phoebe, dress like rachel & have a house as tidy as monica's (without having to do the work).

instead, i sing like phoebe, have chandler's sense of humour, and monica's need to organise others.

bearcrumble Sat 02-Oct-10 21:25:31

Paper. Snow. A ghost!

Lonnie Sat 02-Oct-10 21:25:35

ok 6 pages worth of Friends and OHH worth EVERY single read..

they were on a break but Ross should have accepted he was in the wrong and rachel should have got over it without bringing it up over the next many years...

Emily was not unresonable in saying no Rachel however the whole move and furniture thing was definetly unresonable

Love Monica and Chandle but oh also loved Monica and Richard (but then Tom Sellock is on my freebie list )

I loved Phoebe and David as he was to begin with and when he returned 1st time I hated how he was when he returned for good so if i can have Phoebe and David as he was originally I think i prefeered him to Mike but if i have to have them like they were then Phoebe and Mike..

favourite char is Rachel..

Favourite episode is the first one where they go back in time and we see monica fat

I LOVE how Janice keeps showing up love her hate her etc and OMG its funny when Rachel is in labour w Emma

and Im with all of those of you whom said FINALLY some proper debate on here lol

older, are you sure it wasn't russ? They look very similar, not sure if you've noticed wink

ooh yes Janice was hilarious! "I go all nasal..hnnnnnn...there I go again"

I loved the flashback episodes too and I will gladely take on anyone in a quiz!

No silly ones like "who was wearing what in episode so and so" though. wink

banana87 Sat 02-Oct-10 22:06:11

Well very technically, they were on a So, he did not really cheat on her. He was in the wrong but it was a forgiveable offence really.

Emily was so a bitch. I never liked her!

BitOfFun Sat 02-Oct-10 22:17:20

She was NOT a bitch. She was very nice, I thought. And treated abominably by Ross. I'm sure she went on to better things.

traceybath Sat 02-Oct-10 22:20:47

Oh the flashbacks were hilarious 'I'm working on my music'.

Also did love it when Ross and Rachel got together the very first time smile With U2 playing in the background I seem to recall . . .

Also cried when Richard and Monica split up because he said he'd have a baby with her if she really wanted to rather than him wanting to.

Joey and Rachel was wrong - was like incest.

Emily was not great but lordy - I'd have been pissed at the wrong name at wedding thing.

I just thought Ross was boring didn't realise he had hidden depths of abusiveness.

Love the Hugh Laurie bit.

But I still think they were on a break. You can't retract a break that easily.

Emily not necessarily a bitch - no worse than the rest of the girls had they been in the same situations, but she was a bit odd.

shay2006 Sat 02-Oct-10 22:46:45

Aw jeez, was just about to go to bed when I stumbled across this thread.

Best episodes: Unagi (ah salmon skin-roll),
The Gladys painting (no, she's mine!),
Brad Pitt (she was the hermaphrodite cheerleading from long island?)

Loads more but too tired to think.

ConnorTraceptive Sat 02-Oct-10 23:00:17

I love Ross and Monica's "routine" at the new year tv party

angelberry Sat 02-Oct-10 23:07:00

I can't believe none of you have mentioned the episodes with Eddie! "We took a road trip to Vegas, man!" Funniest EVER.

5DollarShake Sat 02-Oct-10 23:13:05

I loved Monica and Chandler as well as Monica and Richard but what about

PETE Becccccckkkeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Favourite episode was The One When No-Ones's Ready... ' you can't say you're breezy! That negates the breezy!!'

poshsinglemum Sat 02-Oct-10 23:17:02

I can't believe Rachel was a mum! we never saw Emma.Where was she when Rachel was going to work for CK?

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 23:32:13

Ohh 5DollarShake that's one of my favourite episodes as well! I love it when Joey wears all of Chandlers clothes - 'Could I be wearing more clothes?'

Gosh AngelBerry I forgot about Eddie, he was crazy wasn't he grin With his dried fruits!

Aw the routine...funniest ever!

Maybe if I wasn't going... commando

DuelingFanjo Sat 02-Oct-10 23:38:18

they weren't on a break. He should never have shagged someone as soon as they argued!

MandyMcFly Sat 02-Oct-10 23:39:21

I love it trillian. Phoebe makes me laugh in that episode with the christmas decoration on her dress, and monica with Richard's answer machine.

GlendaTheGrizzlyPiggy Sun 03-Oct-10 00:10:08

I didn't mind Emily but only because she was from Shropshire, that's the most famous we'll ever get grin.

My favourite episode has got to be the one where Joeys dad is having an affair with Ronnie the pet mortician. Or the one where Ross puts on an English accent in lectures and Monica & Rachel go to his lecture and take the piss "Yes Bombay is very very nice this time of year".

kickassangel Sun 03-Oct-10 00:23:50

i like the one where the coffee shop is a bar & they don't all know each other yet, but all meet up. it starts with janice asking if any of them had got together, and shows how they nearly did.

iliketosleep Sun 03-Oct-10 00:40:43

I'm just so damn glad that the dad killer wasn't the father of Monica and Chandlers baby!!

Ross was wrong from the very start, he should have stayed with her all along.

sockapoodle Sun 03-Oct-10 01:08:32

5Doller - thinking of that episode where no one is ready on time for Ross, especially Monica. Then remember how she flips when no one is ready for hers and Chandlers engagement dinner. Or was that just because of Ross and Rachels kiss, maybe I'm overthinking!

Love love love Friends though always disappointed when it's one of those clips episodes, they're just lazy!

kickassangel Sun 03-Oct-10 02:12:50

us series tend to have a clips one about half way through the series, as they spend so long filming each episode that they get behind & need time to catch up.

kickassangel Sun 03-Oct-10 02:18:30

btw, i think ross was wrong - didn't matter whether they were on a break/broken up/having a rough patch - to sleep with someone else, no matter how drunk he was, sends a strong message that he doesn't care all that much.

if he really loved rachel, other women would barely register as female, let alone shag worthy.

emily wasn't a psycho, (though the acting was terrible, but i heard in an interview that she was desperately unhappy as the main 6 barely spoke to her off stage), she just couldn't cope with the pain of seeing ross & rachel still together & their friends all including rachel, but not standing up for her.

again, if ross had really loved her, saying goodbye to rachel would not have been such a big deal - the fact that he couldn't/wouldn't showed how accurate her suspicions were.

actually thought ross's character became almost intolerable in its absurdity after his 'breakdown'. they started to become caricatures of themselves towards the end.

5DollarShake Sun 03-Oct-10 05:48:19

Ah sockapoodle - The One With Monica's Thunder. Going by the title, I think she was just more annoyed by R&R's kiss taking the focus away from her!

They said Emily was from Shropshire but then the wedding was in London and when Emily tells Ross she is willing to work on the relationship, she originally says in London. The writers seems to have forgotten that she was from Shropshire.

Eddie was fab!!! As was Chandlers reaction to him.

Monica was annoyed that they stole her thunder by kissing.

Rachel was going to work for Louis Vitton btw. wink

Glenda I like that one "I'm calling from the Fake Accent University"


Oh yes, Monica & Chandlers' babies' mother, and Monica saying 'you don't get pregnant like that and Chandler asking 'is that the thing we hardly ever do, or the thing we never do?'

iliketosleep Sun 03-Oct-10 10:50:37

I was watching that one last night grin

Fizzywinelover Sun 03-Oct-10 15:44:48

What really frightens me is that i understand every single obscure reference on this thread. blush

I don't even like television.

I recall reading something too where Helen Baxendale said that performing on Friends was one of the most miserable experiences of her career. They all sounded ghastly.

And Ross was, like, totally in the wrong.

SleepingLion Sun 03-Oct-10 16:07:22

Tom Selleck said similar - that he found it very difficult because the six of them were so close that he felt quite isolated and excluded on set.

Lonnie Sun 03-Oct-10 16:26:31

err Am I sad because I came on today specifically to read new replies to this thread???

laloony Sun 03-Oct-10 16:35:57

Better not do any...erm i dunno....LUNGES...LOL!!
Love it.
The one that stands out for us and that we laughed until we cried was the English shepherds pie and trifle one, when the pages of the recipe book are stuck together and Joey turns around and shouts "Chandler"!
LMFAO at that!

There are so many funny bits!

MandyMcFly Sun 03-Oct-10 17:17:56

fizzywinelover I also understood every single reference and know exactly what episodes they are all from grin

The one where Ross bleaches his teeth is on now! So funny smile

Another one of my favourite episodes is 'The One With Rachel's Other Sister' The first time christina applegate is in it as Amy and they go to Monica's for thanksgiving, that episode is hilarious and Monica with the plates is so funny.

What are everyones favourite series'? Mine are probably 3, 4, 9 & 10.

Lonnie Sun 03-Oct-10 18:09:43

oh 2 is 100% my favourite series

and yes get all the references lol

kickassangel Sun 03-Oct-10 18:12:28

couldn't sleep last night, and spent about an hour watching clips on youtube. now trying to persuade dh to upgrade our netflix subscription, so that we can keep watching friends on dvd

SleepingLion Sun 03-Oct-10 18:17:40

Please make me feel better - please tell me that DH and I aren't the only ones who frequently use Friends lines in everyday conversation as a kind of code?

For example, when we leave the house together - 'Got the keys?' is our nod to the one where Rachel and Monica argue about who locked them all out of the apartment.

"Crazy plate lady" PMSL

ShowOfHands Sun 03-Oct-10 18:45:24

We also use Friends quotes as normal chatter.

Not just a hat rack my friend is often used.

And we both mutter 'trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre' while in the bank.

And, er, 'were you or were you not on a gay cruise?' when bil is applying make-up (he's a ballet dancer.

Or 'you have to stop the cue tip when there's resistance' if somebody's being particularly Joey like.

And, um I could go on. I won't. It's highly embarrassing.

lazycow007 Sun 03-Oct-10 18:52:25

Yes, yes, yes showofhands I do that all the time, it is a way of life now and my DH is cottoning on to my wierdness and replying as one of the Friends would!

We use the hat rack one frequently lol.......

...and "Oh my God Oranges" when we see something exciting!

HitGirlGrownUp Sun 03-Oct-10 20:12:14

The best phrase ever uttered on Friends was by Chandler and it was when Ross was moaning about not being able to choose between Rachel and Julie and he said "Yes, and my wallet's too small for my fifties, and my Diamond shoes are too tight!".

SleepingLion Sun 03-Oct-10 20:17:12

Oh I do often use that on - I love it!

And the hat rack.

HitGirlGrownUp Sun 03-Oct-10 20:21:31

Oh and when Rachel's sister pierces Emma's ears. Ross's reaction is the funniest thing, the way he looks at Emma trying to work out what is different and then leaps up with his hand over his mouth in horror. "Did SHE do this?" pointing at Amy.

Have not read whole thread, but wanted to add my wee bit.
In the lead up to Ross & Emily's wedding, remember the name of the guy Rachel was dating - Joshua? I watched a LOT of Friends (all of them) because I was very ill, and our son is called Joshua because I found loved that name (DH still thinks I came up with it randomly) :D

One of my favourite Friends episodes is 'The one with Ross' teeth' - wow they were WHITE!

MandyMcFly Sun 03-Oct-10 20:38:49

Oh yeah definitely, if I'm feeling a bit crap I'll often say I'm feeling 'floopy' or 'chaotic and twirly' - they are Phoebe quotes.

And if DH is trying to reassure me about something but not being particuarly convincing I'll say - 'Aw, look at you making up crap for me!' (What Rachel says to Ross when she's in labour!)

Another Rachel one 'No Uterus, No Opinion' about her braxton hicks when Ross says most women dont feel them. I used that one a lot when I was pregnant grin

MandyMcFly Sun 03-Oct-10 20:41:34

Aw that's sweet angelbabe Joshua is a lovely name! grin Yeah I remember him, because the guy who played him was later in The OC wasn't he? Anybody watch the OC? He was Jimmy Cooper and I was like omg it's Joshua! grin

Yeah the one where Ross bleaches his teeth was on E4 today, so funny. I also love the one where he can't get his leather pants back on!

Ooh yeah, 'No uterus, no opinion' got repeated a lot when preg with DS, will be the same this time round I suspect!
The leather trousers one is also awesome! (digs out Friends box set to watch)

cyborg Sun 03-Oct-10 20:57:46

Dont spoil it for me
We are watching Friends from the start and are on series 4
I have never seen it and dw sister has got the box set and is lending it to us

It is jolly good thinks me

Panzee Sun 03-Oct-10 21:01:26

Never seen Friends?

That's like Ross saying he doesn't like ice cream....


ShowOfHands Sun 03-Oct-10 21:10:25

Mandy, you don't need to clarify which episodes the quotes are from. I think we've all proved our obsession credentials. grin

I wish I hadn't seen Friends. Watching them for the first time must be great.

pocketmonster Sun 03-Oct-10 21:34:55

'no uterus, no opinion' was very funny.

As was 'Weeeeeeeneeeer' on the telephone to the doctor when Emma was a baby.

Eddies watching Joey sleep was sooo funny.

They - were on - a break!!

I love them all, but Ross probably the least because he became very odd in later series.

I likd the rich boyfriend of Monica's best - that she met when she had those blow up boobs in the diner.

Phoebe speaking to June Whitfield and saying GlouCESter!

Only two series have come close - This Life and Gavin & Stacey.

pocketmonster Sun 03-Oct-10 21:38:40

Oh and the one where Chandler went to Joey's tailor... lol

Panzee Sun 03-Oct-10 21:40:00

Oh pocketmonster that is my favourite line in Friends ever.

"Yes, yes it is. IN PRISON!"

MandyMcFly Sun 03-Oct-10 21:40:21

Ohhh Pocketmonster I absolutely love love LOVE Gavin & Stacey. I have watched my DVDs over and over, me and DH quote it all the time!

Sorry ShowOfHands I forgot I'm amongst fellow fanatics grin

OMG OMG OMG I love Friends, your so going to regret starting this thread, i would literally pick Friends as my specialist subject on Mastermind blush

I loved Phoebe and Mike, i loved Chander and Monica and im really soppy so i would have been outraged if Rachael and Ross didn't get together.

Emily was shrill i didn't like her or Julie or Bonnie or Mona or Charlie actually...

I liked Richard but not David.

I liked Tag but not Joshua.

I wanted Joey to end up with someone but instead he went and did a crap spin off.

It was never going to work, Friends worked because they bounced off each other so well.

I was devastated when Friends finished it has brought me so much laughter, (Phoebe meeting Mikes parents anyone?!)

<insert sad bastard emotion...>

pocketmonster Sun 03-Oct-10 21:55:00

Panzee 'there was definite..CUPPING!!'

Everyone says me and DP are Monica and Chandler, DP says im like Phoebe thought becuase im alternative... hmm

pocketmonster Sun 03-Oct-10 21:58:12

And of course 'Joey DOESN'T SHARE FOOD' is a classic.

MandyMcFly Sun 03-Oct-10 21:59:38

Ohh I love it when Phoebe meets Mikes parents: 'So where does everyone summer?'
and 'Thirteen bathrooms in this place, and I threw up in the closet!'

Mona was the only one of Ross' girlfriends I actually liked. DH says I am like Monica. grin Whenever I am being a bit uptight about cleaning his sings 'Remember, feet on the floor or come over no more!'

I regularly sing at DP when he is in a miz 'who's the bitterest man in the living room... the bitterest man in the living room...'

OracleInaCoracle Sun 03-Oct-10 22:30:09

dh and i have to watch friends in bed every night otherwise we cant sleep, currently rewatching series 2 for the billionth time. watching the one where ross and rachel.. you know tonight grin

i didnt realise ross was such a twunt (although he did spawn the holiday armadillo) favourite episode is the one where noones ready!!

SleepingLion Mon 04-Oct-10 13:37:42

Oh Titsalina - am guilty of singing that too grin

FindingMyMojo Mon 04-Oct-10 16:38:00

Emily was just dreadful - my least fav friend's character ever. Sorry but no sympathy for her (but I accept I'm probably being mean).

They were on a break!

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 04-Oct-10 16:47:44

OH OH OH you lot are RIGHT at the top of my favourite MNers. I too love friends, I have the box set but still watch it on E4 - dd has inherited my love.

DD asked me to explain this - you know where Ross gets back with Rachel and they are in bed, she is patronising him on getting perspective, and he didn't read the letter, and says WE WERE ON A BREAK.

Then he runs out the apartment and Rachel yells 'it's NOT that common, it DOESN'T happen to every guy, and it IS a big deal, and Chandler punches the air and says 'I KNEW it'.

Well, watching that one recently DD says 'mum you always laugh at that bit and I don't get it, and you never tell me what it means, will you tell me please'

So I tell her that 'it either refers to Ross not being able to get an erection, or he he has suffered from premature ejaculation which means...' and she yells 'YES MUM I GET IT THANKS AND EWWWW'


grin - that's what you get when you say 'I'm old enough to know this stuff'

ShowOfHands Mon 04-Oct-10 18:23:53

They were NOT on a break.

DH and I have had this argument 4857 several times. It was purely Ross's incorrect assumption about Mark that led to his behaviour. He can whinge and gurn as much as he likes. Bloke's a cad.

MandyMcFly Mon 04-Oct-10 20:23:01

Oh I love it when she says that to Ross, GOML and Chandler jumps out from behind the door and says 'I knew It!' haha! Brilliant!

Also, was watching the one today where the girls go looking for there christmas presents off Monica, and Chandler goes on about some stuff in the bottom of his closet that he's 'looking after for Joey' grin What do we think it is? Or am I being totally dumb?

I didn't mind Emily, the characters I disliked the most were Paulo (erwww - sleaze!!) and I really didn't like Charlie or Janine.

I love the one with Monica and Phoebes old friend Amanda, when Chandler says 'That fake british woman is a real bitch - but she sure can dance!' smile

Oh all of this Friends chatter makes me so happy! Haha.

GetOrfMoiLand Mon 04-Oct-10 20:25:48

Me and DD speak in Friends speak all the time.

If she has a jumper on in the summer 'could you BE wearing any more clothes?'

If moving anything 'pivot, pivot, PIVOT' or 'LIFT and slide'

And at random times <screamed> YOU'RE NOT SPEAKING FRENCH!!

lazycow007 Mon 04-Oct-10 20:27:58

Don't you mean Amarnda grin

I have always taken it to mean porn mags, what does everyone else think? I will be absolutely blush if i have got it totally wrong all these years!

MandyMcFly Mon 04-Oct-10 20:33:41

I love 'Pivot'..that was used a lot when we were moving into our apartment. We actually had the same scenario getting our sofa up some stairs, and it was the same kind of sofa too right down to the colour. So there was plenty of 'Pivot' flying about grin grin

lazycow no I took it to mean that as well but part of me just thought it seemed too obvious, that's probably all it was though smile I love Chandler, and all the stories about his Dad.

Just watching Friends on E4 - the one where Monica & Chandler make each other Valentines gifts. He gives her a tape of love songs...he made for Janice!

ZacharyQuack Thu 07-Oct-10 11:23:32

No, it was worse than that - Janice made the mix tape for Chandler, and she sings on it!

FrogPrincess Thu 07-Oct-10 11:30:04

Lovely thread, dd and I do a lot of Friends quoting too, a firm favourite is Chandler's 'woopah', and she also quotes a lot of Joey's lines (worryingly...).

Slightly off topic (but still good comedy references) but I was rather proud when she was telling me about her school friend who is interested in a boy and has recruited dd and a couple of others to 'check him out' (or whatever year 7s might say): dd told me she was her 'wingman' (Flight of the Conchords). grin

Filibear Thu 07-Oct-10 11:55:12

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terryble Thu 07-Oct-10 12:58:49

I completely agree with ShowOfHands.

I think the reason why one doesn't always immediately pick up on his awful behaviour is because his viewpoint is shown to us.

Rachel is the girl he's had a crush on for practically all his life. Throughout school, and beyond. But she never noticed him. He was just her friend's brother. And he comes to accept that, moves on as an adul, marries Carol. Then, suddenly, he's single again, and the girl from his youth is around again. But he's convinced she would never want him, so he procrastinates and hesitates terribly for however long it was.

And then, once he's finally managed to express his feelings, he can't believe she's with him. His huge pessimism means he expects Rachel to see someone better. And he treats Rachel awfully. And then, when they have The Row, he just takes it for granted that the end as finally come, just like he always thought he knew it would.

His behaviour is horrific though, because in any normal relationship, you don't declare it over, until you calmed down and talked afterwards.

And as for the phone-call that he had with Rachel. Well, words fail me about Ross's stupidity.

mclazy Thu 07-Oct-10 13:09:24

who wanted a quiz - the episode with the quiz is my all time fav.

what was the name of joeys imaginary friend ?
what was his profession?
what does rachel tell people her favourite film is?
what is it really?
what name is the tv guide sent to?
what was monica's nickname in field hockey?
where did monica get a pencil stuck age 9?
how many catagories of towel does monica have?
what is chandlers profession?

Can't believe no one has mentioned the episode where Rachel does the impression of a wooly mammoth with the chopsticks then looks sheepish and takes them out quick when she realises she is in the company of intellectuals

Marlinspike Thu 07-Oct-10 13:20:45

mclazy - that's my favourite episode too!

Quiz answers:
1 ??
2 space cowboy
3 les liaisons dangereuses (??)
4 ??
5 Chanadra Bong (or something similar??)
6 bog fat goalie
7 nose
8 9
10 no-one is quite sure!

Marlinspike Thu 07-Oct-10 13:21:21

Sorry - BIG fat goalie!!!"

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Oct-10 13:23:39

what was the name of joeys imaginary friend ? marcel
what was his profession? space cowboy
what does rachel tell people her favourite film is? dangerous liasons
what is it really? weekend at bernies
what name is the tv guide sent to? chanandra bong
what was monica's nickname in field hockey? gig fat goalie
where did monica get a pencil stuck age 9? her nose
how many catagories of towel does monica have? 12
what is chandlers profession? data processer (but then he becomes an advertising exec)

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Oct-10 13:23:57

sorry: q1 is maurice

franke Thu 07-Oct-10 13:26:34

Wasn't there another question in that quiz - what is Joey's favourite food? Sandwiches.

Topcat11 Thu 07-Oct-10 13:27:02

Loving this thread!

My favourite episode is the one where they all find out that Chandler and Monica are dating then Phoebe winds them up by pretending to come on to Chandler. 'They don't know we know they know!'

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Oct-10 13:27:56

it was whats the name of ross and monica's nana: althea

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 07-Oct-10 13:28:45

Rachel's answer to 'what is Chandler's job': 'transponster'

And Monica's HOWL when she realises that she has lost the apartment.

glitzy Thu 07-Oct-10 13:28:46

Brilliant thread! Loving all your quotes! I have the boxset and watch it every week while ironing, and when I finish series 10, I go back and start on one! (by the way - in the latest boxset, called the aniversary one or something, there are some totally different parts, especially the one where Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon - it was reshot before it went on tv due to 911, and another episode in S9 i think had a totally different, extremily funny beginning)

Favorite episode...hmmm.. so so many... probably when pheobe tries to "seduce" Chandler grin

Am i the only one who liked the Joey spinoff?

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Oct-10 13:30:22

favourite episode is the pone where noones ready:

"i think im going to catch up on my correspondance"

I watched the entire series back to back when I was bfing DS1, almost 4 years ago (I presume this isn't going to happen this time round!).

Couple of favourite moments off the top of my head:
- Ross and the spray tan. OMG, practically wet myself
- Ross wearing the same top as his date, when he accidentally took Rachel's shopping bag home
- Joey falling on to his "porsche" in front of some girls

AbsofCroissant Thu 07-Oct-10 13:46:40

I will wade in (very late to the thread, and in general) on the whole "break" thing.

Even if you do decide that you're going to have a break because one idiot person thinks the other is cheating on him (when they're not), within 24 hours of said break occurring, you do NOT go and shag someone else. You just don't. BAD Ross. BAD.

ndavy Thu 07-Oct-10 13:56:16

This is the best thread of all time!

My favourite episode has to be the 'PIVOT' one too. If you go on Youtube and search for Friends outtakes there is a fantastic clip of them trying to flim this scene. It's even funnier than the real one.

I also love the one where Ross finds out about Monica and Chandler. "GET OFF MY SISTER!!"

And Ross with the leather trousers, particularly when he whimpers to Joey that he's made a paste with the powder and lotion!

Ahhhh, there must be an episode on E4 now.

lazycow007 Thu 07-Oct-10 14:19:13

ndavy - just watched the pivot sofa outtake on youtube, so funny. I also clicked on the one where Ross is playing the bagpipes - omg i def need to work on my pelvic floors after seeing that! blush

OracleInaCoracle Thu 07-Oct-10 14:23:10

oh god, ross's bagpipes! i love JA's face when phoebe joins in.

lazycow007 Thu 07-Oct-10 14:24:46

I think that was what made it funnier, that and Chandler mimicking Ross's sound!

SweetBeadieRussell Thu 07-Oct-10 14:26:20

i'm definitely on Emily's side here. always have been. would have ruined the show if Ross and Rachel could no longer be in the same room together, as you say.

but then kind people tell me i bear a passing resemblance to helen baxendale so i suppose over the years i've become biased in her favour grin

but Rachel did say they were on a break, so no way did he cheat on her.

SweetBeadieRussell Thu 07-Oct-10 14:30:37

i have the entire Friends dvd boxset under the stairs. am so very tempted

I think my all time favourite is when Phoebe meets Mike's parents

'Ode to a Pubic Hair?'

I have a crush on Mike, was v happy when he joined the series.

Have cut and pasted without looking at anyones answers. I do love a quiz!!

what was the name of joeys imaginary friend ? Maurice
what was his profession? Space cowboy
what does rachel tell people her favourite film is? Dangerous Liasons
what is it really? Weekend at Bernies
what name is the tv guide sent to?
Miss Chanandler Bong
what was monica's nickname in field hockey? Big fat goalie
where did monica get a pencil stuck age 9? Ear
how many catagories of towel does monica have? 11
what is chandlers profession? Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. (I only really learnt that after he quit, like everyone else did).

Have gone and looked back and I think I am the only one who got them all right! Yay for me, the geek. grin

I also love the bagpipes one. JA face looks like she is trying not to crack up, not as Rachel.

lazycow007 Thu 07-Oct-10 21:37:53

You know when i read the question about how many towel sets does Monica have, 11 came to my mind straight away, but reading lots of answers further up i thought i must be wrong - yey Detectivepotato i was right after all. Just couldn't be bothered to watch episode to find out before so thanks for claifying! smile

MakingRisotto Thu 07-Oct-10 21:39:18


CrazyPlateLady Sun 10-Oct-10 18:36:37

My new name has been inspired by this thread!!

I was DetectivePotato. Couldn't resist my new one! grin

clarabella23 Sun 10-Oct-10 19:30:30

I love the Amanda episode,that still makes me laugh. I'm a BIG Mike fan- some of my favourite episodes are the ones with him in. Crapbag, and the wedding-just the look of happiness on pheobes face makes me well up and grin every time! I also liked Tag, and the episode with Joey filming a war film was fun. Theres so many to choose from! Ooh, and I can't believe no-ones mentioned Freddie Prinze Jr as the manny!

NewAndSparklyMe Sat 12-Jan-13 16:42:28

Yes, yes, I know this is a so called zombie thread but to me it's new so I don't care! grin LOVE Friends, although not seen it for ages as it's gone off E4 nowadays. ,
Wanted a go at the quiz... haven't googled or looked at any other answers

what was the name of joeys imaginary friend ? Maurice
what was his profession? Space Cowboy
what does rachel tell people her favourite film is? Dangerous Liasons (?)
what is it really? Weekend at Bernie's
what name is the tv guide sent to? Ms Chanandler Bong smile
what was monica's nickname in field hockey? Big Fat Goalie
where did monica get a pencil stuck age 9? Can't remember! Although Joey (?) whispers something and she goes "ewwww, no!"
how many catagories of towel does monica have? 11
what is chandlers profession? Nobody knows! grin

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 17:48:58

Some of my favourites episodes are

Spray tan
The white teeth
Leather pants (especially when he smacks himself in the head)
The one Monica and Chandler visit the couple who have an adopted son and Chandler tells him he's adopted.
Thanksgiving dinner when they are all late. Joey standing there with the foam hand haha oh and Phoebe and Rachel take Emma to the beauty paegent.

Wasntt keen on the London episodes at all or Barbadoes, apart from Monicas hair! Oh and the one when Monica proposes to Chandler makes me cringe.

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 17:48:58

Some of my favourites episodes are

Spray tan
The white teeth
Leather pants (especially when he smacks himself in the head)
The one Monica and Chandler visit the couple who have an adopted son and Chandler tells him he's adopted.
Thanksgiving dinner when they are all late. Joey standing there with the foam hand haha oh and Phoebe and Rachel take Emma to the beauty paegent.

Wasntt keen on the London episodes at all or Barbadoes, apart from Monicas hair! Oh and the one when Monica proposes to Chandler makes me cringe.

NewAndSparklyMe Sat 12-Jan-13 18:47:18

The London episode annoyed me. What is it with American programmes that seem to think all English people live in castles, speak terribly posh, or have housekeepers?! hmm
Three Men and a Little Lady (also with Tom Selleck in) was just as bad!
even though I loved both that and Friends it still used to wind me up

3monkeys3 Sat 12-Jan-13 19:01:40

Chandler in the box is the best episode ever!

Proudnscary Sat 12-Jan-13 19:06:05

I was thinking about this earlier!

Emily was a controlling, boring knob with a insipid faux lispy voice but Ross did say Rachel's name at altar so really he was BU

soulresolution Sat 12-Jan-13 19:10:59

Oh Freddie Prinze Jnr - forgot about that! "What kind of ship never sinks? A friendship!"

Also loved Ben Stiller as Rachel's psycho new boyfriend.

Fully agree with Hugh Laurie - it's quite clear that they were on a break.

CheerfulYank Sat 12-Jan-13 19:12:30

It was terrible of Ross to say Rachel's name. But I'm with him on the "break" thing.

Also Joey is my favorite. smile

woopsidaisy Sat 12-Jan-13 19:12:38


WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Sat 12-Jan-13 19:12:55

new Twas something about transponding lol

A transponster grin

WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Sat 12-Jan-13 19:17:49

Haha I loved the ep with freddie prince jr

"Who wants to be mr wigglemunch"

"I want to be mr wigglemunch"

<ross storms off>

"well I guess we know whos gonna be the grumpus"

MidnightMasquerader Sat 12-Jan-13 19:21:41

I see your WENUS and raise you an ANUS.

yummytummy Sat 12-Jan-13 19:34:34

the best episode for me was the one where phoebe has the sporty boyfriend who doesnt wear any pants, robert, and no-one can tell him they can see his bits.

then gunther comes out with "put the mouse back in the house this is a family place"

love it, also the eddie episodes were great.

series 2, 3 and 4 deffo the best for me.

I cant watch friends anymore without scrutinising every word Ross says! I find Joey really annoying, but used to find him funny. I love Phoebe and Mike. Monica bugs me but I recognise myself in her. Rachel is a bit blah.

My favourite scene in friends is the one with the adoption agency. When Chandler is talking to Erica, and says "I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes I'll learn how to be a good dad.But my wife.....she is already there. She's a mother without a baby." It makes me cry every time.

MrsRajeshKoothrappali Sat 12-Jan-13 19:52:06

Have we forgotten Elle McPerson?

Rumour has it that Jennifer Anniston got her sacked!!

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 20:03:40

MrsRajesh, all hail JA, Elle McPherson was terrible. The episode with the Monica/Ross dance routine was ruined by her

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 20:03:41

MrsRajesh, all hail JA, Elle McPherson was terrible. The episode with the Monica/Ross dance routine was ruined by her

Ross was a horrible boyfriend and should have ended up alone.
Monica and Chandler were wrong as a couple, he should have married Janice.
Best episode is "the one with the routine"

As I always loathed Ross I was Team Rachel all the way.

lovelychops Sat 12-Jan-13 20:11:55

Elle McPherson was dreadful! Utterly crap, and in it for TWO episodes!

Glad someone's mentioned Gunther - some of the supporting cast were excellent. I always enjoyed Ross and Monica's dad, Jack. Joey's agent was rally funny. And Janice was brilliant.

I think Rachel was in the right, and got more beautiful as the series went on. But, she always got rubbish boyfriends. I really wanted her to end up with Joey.

I loathe Ross, he was a drip in the beginning and just controlling with Rachel.
I think Monica stopped Chandler being funny.

Best episodes were when Joey had to teach the dance class, the one with Brad Pitt in, and when Joey gets locked in the home entertainment system by the thief.

WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Sat 12-Jan-13 20:22:34

Agreed elle mcphereson was dreadful. Whoever thought of putting her in it should have been sacked.

Remembered another favourite episode, when ross and joey get stuck on the roof after joey uses the pole as a telescope grin

ZooAnimals Sat 12-Jan-13 20:25:44

My faves are;


Loved the one with Brad Pitt in 'you were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?!' is one of the best lines ever. Loved Ross' new sofa as well. Ross' leather pants and the Thanksgiving one with all the secrets.

SayMama Sat 12-Jan-13 20:43:06

Janice was pure genious! And I loved young Chandler!

Ross: Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest and won
Chandler: Ross came fourth and cried!

SayMama Sat 12-Jan-13 20:46:18

Also -
Monica: Fine! Judge all you want to but, married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl's wooden leg in the fire, live in a box!

My favourite bit was not on TV but is on the dvds (must have cut it to show on TV). Phoebe takes some painkillers for the first time and spends LOT of the episode going through the possible side effects and worrying about then.

lovelychops Sat 12-Jan-13 20:54:39

When Phoebe pretends to come onto Chandler, and asks him to rub lotion on her!!!

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 20:59:52

Oh that one when Joey gets locked in the entertainment unit has the funniest line from Chandler. We piss ourselves everytime we watch it.

Joey - oh if i ever see that guy again I'm gonna...

Chandler - what? Bend over?


BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 20:59:52

Oh that one when Joey gets locked in the entertainment unit has the funniest line from Chandler. We piss ourselves everytime we watch it.

Joey - oh if i ever see that guy again I'm gonna...

Chandler - what? Bend over?


I got the DVDs for Christmas, didn't realise there were other bits on there not on TV! So excited to watch them all, even more than I was! Season 1, episode 1 here we go...

SucksToBeMe Sat 12-Jan-13 21:17:53

Ross not liking ice cream as its "JUST TOO COLD!!"
Ross and Monica's dance routine on New Year's Eve.
Unagi when Ross runs past central perk and pauses momentarily realizing that Rachel and Monica are sat inside,and that he assaulted the wrong women.

I also think Monica and Ross's parents were never not funny and had some deep and meaningful bits that made my eyes a bit leaky.

Rachel had amazing comic timing, "I gotta gas up the hyundi" grin

I loved most of the guests stars too, changed my opinion of Bruce Willis.

Guffawed at Christina Applegate feeling like Erin Brockofich!

The women who had gone to England and said "my mOBile" all the time.

Brad Pitts 'hair flick'

Rachel NOT selling her baby to her boss.

Ross shouting "YES I'LL HOLD" to the condom helpline.

Ross's apartment filling up with water while a bird of prey flies off with Emma.

"Pick up the sock Judy, PICK UP THE SOCK!!!"


SucksToBeMe Sat 12-Jan-13 21:23:00

Oops, I meant Rachel and Phoebe on the Unagi bit. smile

BrianButterfield Sat 12-Jan-13 21:25:01

My favourite bit ever is Judy at Thanksgiving - " Joey, if you wanna leave, just leave. Rachel, no, you weren't supposed to put peas in the trifle. It did not taste good. Phoebe, I'm sorry, but I think Jacques Cousteau is dead."

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sat 12-Jan-13 21:33:20

I agree with SayMama about the best Friends quote ever!

lovelychops Sat 12-Jan-13 21:36:52

One of the early ones where Joey pretends to have a Porsche - but it's a pile of cardboard boxes underneath a sheet in the shape of a car! Genius.

CheerfulYank Sat 12-Jan-13 21:41:23

I love the "English" woman too..."oh I feel like a perfect arise!"

CheerfulYank Sat 12-Jan-13 21:42:23

Arse! Perfect arse. Damn tablet!

WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Sat 12-Jan-13 21:48:11

Ooh yes monica and her fake accent

Monica dahhling it's amaandah callinng

Umicar Sat 12-Jan-13 22:21:57

Joey's agent: "Your just going to say no again, but, gay porn?"

cricketballs Sat 12-Jan-13 22:46:57

for me the funniest thing is when Joey 'proved' he could drink a gallon of milk..pure genius grin

AmIthatTinselly Sat 12-Jan-13 22:54:44

Chandler was and is my ideal man. Funny, caring and lovely

Phoebe turned into an absolute horror, dropping her friends in it, not nice, Mike was too good for her .

ExP and I were together when it first aired and I remember him feeling sorry for Ross, with the hamper and the barbershop quartet. He thought it showed he cared?????? Wonder what he would have done if I had done similar when he was in the middle of a child protection case conference hmm

MrsAceRimmer Sun 13-Jan-13 00:14:30

Haha, just realised I posted on this thread before (Angelbabe1982). I eas pregnant then & had a daughter that we named Emily!
So now we have 2 DC, both with minor Friends character names. Can I poll for potential future DCs names on the same line?

CheerfulYank Sun 13-Jan-13 03:58:54

I think that's a great idea, Ace grin

One of my favorite quotes is when Ross and Rachel are arguing and Ross says "it doesn't really matter who came onto who."

Joey says "it's whom" and they all stare at him in astonishment. And he's all, "that's right!"

Cracks me up every time. smile

DevlinMaccabee Sun 13-Jan-13 07:59:01

All these are great!

My absolute favourite is the one where Rachel and Monica are arguing over who isn't going to have Phoebe's painting of 'Gladys'!

"She's yours, no she's yours!"

"She's mine? no she's mine!"

its on all day again today on comedy central - hope they show tgem in order.

Cherylkerl Sun 13-Jan-13 09:04:08

Phoebe spelling out her name to the woman that interviews Joey, the 'e as in 'Ello mate' tickles me

Jennifer Aniston visibly cracking up when phoebe's brother screams 'my sisters gonna have my baby'

Pivot (and how in our house that's what you shout when moving stuff)

The Brad Pitt ep

Christina Applegate especially when she thinks Ross sells falafels 'he's rude'

Any of the quick fire exchanges....Judy's thanksgiving one, Monica not being able to tell the time, Joey in a porno etc

Bruce Willis

Phoebe - 'no good can come from having sex with Ross'

Panzee Sun 13-Jan-13 09:09:52

Answers to the quiz on now!

theodorakisses Sun 13-Jan-13 09:13:10

Janice was my favourite. Also loved the episode with the lawyer when Ross and Rachel went to get an annulment. Stop typing, click click, stop typing, click click.

ohfunnyhoneyface Sun 13-Jan-13 09:40:11

My favourite episode has to be after the disaster honeymoon- oh mrs gellar, why you cry?

We also use friends quotes far too much in daily conversation: got the keeeeys? Intonation being the most frequent one!!

My ex husband wouldn't let me watch friends- my fiancé lets me watch it all the time and loves it as much as me!

WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Sun 13-Jan-13 09:56:05

We cant find chandler...s'vest. We can't find chandlers vest grin

Joey- "It's all just a moo point"

Rachel "a moo point"

joey "yeah it's like a cow's opinion, doesn't matter. It's moo."

YoSaffBridge Sun 13-Jan-13 10:24:54

I always use "moo point" grin

Ross's speech about the eagle when Emma is locked in the apartment is genius. ("The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty bird's aid. The eagle, however, misconstrues it as an act of aggression and grabs the baby in its talons...")

My all time favourite, though, has to be the episode where Pheobe is hitting on Chandler: "I'm really excited about all the sex we're going to have."

YoSaffBridge Sun 13-Jan-13 10:30:12

Oh, and I LOVE Mike! Especially the episode in Barbados where he's playing table tennis against Monica.

WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Sun 13-Jan-13 10:30:50

"Meanwhile the faucet fills the apartment with water. Baby and bird, still ablaze locked in a death grip. Swirling around the whirlpool that fills the apartment"


It's amazing what shite my memory stores.

Dubjackeen Sun 13-Jan-13 10:47:35

Love this thread. One of my especial favourites is Mike and Phoebe's wedding, the part where the parents arrive, and the mother is practically floating along the street. The dad confides he crushed a tablet and put it in her drink.
I have to watch the PIVOT episode now! It always makes me laugh. I had so many favourites-I always liked when Janice appeared... OH MY GAWD. I loved Richard. I also love the episode with Alec Baldwin, 'you are like Santa Claus on Prozac...getting laid'.
Another one that cracks me up-Gunther-'this is a family place, put the mouse back in the house' grin

JaponicaTroggs Sun 13-Jan-13 11:02:07

If DH annoys me I always say "I think you should drink the fat"!
I love "More turkey Mr Chandler?" grin

Morgan Sun 13-Jan-13 11:27:18

Pivot - classic
Turkey on head - classic
Pheobe seducing Chandler - classic

I thought Helen Baxendale got pg and had to be written out hence the odd storyline and writing her out .

Will have to get the boxset out in think.

CrackerJackShack Sun 13-Jan-13 12:02:51

OhMyGod this is the funniest thread ever! I cannot believe I read all 12 pages!

I'm sorry but I loved the shark porn episode. Anything to do with Ugly Naked Guy and Gunther was great too.

I think that technically they were on a break, but Ross acted like a douche and Rachel had every right to be pissed and Ross should have at least apologized. But Rachel dragged it on too long as well.

Chandler is my favourite character and I like him and Monica. I loved Phoebe and Mike to.

Ross was the character you loved to hate. Kind of annoying, but funny!

NaicePig Sun 13-Jan-13 12:10:20

Another one here who was seriously confused when nobody commented on the Emma/Emily thing. I mean, seriously. If I had nearly married someone called Robert and then ended up with the person that got mixed up in that relationship who then chirpily suggested of our newborn son "let's call him Robbie", I'd be confused

Pippinintherain Sun 13-Jan-13 12:56:24

I love the one where Joey accidently punches Ross then does inverted commas "oops".

I howl just thinking about it!

LadyBeagleEyes Sun 13-Jan-13 13:02:00

I'm watching them at the moment on Comedy Central, I still love it.
Jennifer Anniston is a fab comedy actress, I'd forgotten how good she was.

loopylou6 Sun 13-Jan-13 13:23:50

I walked in ds room yesterday coz I could hear him giggling, he was watching the bit where they're in Las Vegas and Ross and Rachel where pissed up in the hotel room, Joey walks in, Ross goes to sit down, misses the chair, falls on his arse, looks up at Joey and says ' woah, you ok man?' As if Joey was the one who hurt himself grin

PickledInAPearTree Sun 13-Jan-13 13:29:51

They were on a break.

Emily was much maligned in my opinion.

Rachel went to the wedding to get him back didn't she ? Tsk tsk.

PickledInAPearTree Sun 13-Jan-13 13:31:22

Yes I think Helen b got pregnant and they had to rush her out a bit.

Hence the oddness.

Icelollycraving Sun 13-Jan-13 13:46:01

God I love friends!!
Love Chandler & Phoebe. I am like Monica in many ways,just never lost the weight grin
Ross' episodes are actually my favourite,the tan/teeth/leather pants/dance routine/pivot!

DevlinMaccabee Sun 13-Jan-13 13:48:49

Just watching another one of my faves, where Chandler posts that Ross has died on his Alumni website and just one person comes to his memorial

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sun 13-Jan-13 13:56:49

I'm watching it now too Devlin.

Ross 'I'm dead and no one cares?'

Monica 'I look like a man?'

Chandler 'please, one ridiculous problem at a time'


BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sun 13-Jan-13 13:56:49

I'm watching it now too Devlin.

Ross 'I'm dead and no one cares?'

Monica 'I look like a man?'

Chandler 'please, one ridiculous problem at a time'


Bicnod Sun 13-Jan-13 14:03:48

My favourite Ross episode has already been mentioned on here, the 'pivot, pivot, pivot' with the sofa. Still cracks me up.

Also, Phoebe's smelly cat.

Chandler's quit smoking tapes 'you are a strong, confident woman'.

Joey and Ross's naps.

Emily was quite within her rights to ask Ross to stop seeing Rachel IMHO, considering everything that had happened. He wasn't prepared to budge an inch on anything. Probably because he didn't actually love her.

Ross was a jealous controlling twat. Not sure what Rachel saw in him really. But he was very very funny.

Oooooo - I miss Friends!

NaicePig Sun 13-Jan-13 15:38:57

I've just remembered something else. When Carol is pregnant and she and Susan say that if it's a girl they like Minnie ("as in mouse?" grin ) and he objects and suggests Julia. Then much later he ends up dating a Julie.

Then when he freaks out Rachel by saying he's planned their future and named their future children, she asks what name he has for a girl and he says Emily. Then he marries Emily. Then he divorces her and they actually do have a daughter and call her Emma but that wasn't even one of the names that had occurred to either of them and it's Monica's suggestion and Rachel goes mad for it.

Is there one script writer who just likes these names?!

NaicePig Sun 13-Jan-13 15:41:04

There's a lot of episodes I can't bear to watch any more though. The holiday armadillo goes off when it starts - just seen it too many times. It's a joy when I switch it on and it's one of the later ones, as I've seen those ones far less times!

Trills Sun 13-Jan-13 15:57:59

Ross was just so boring and mopey, I didn't understand why anyone was ever attracted to him.

Trills Sun 13-Jan-13 15:59:20

The writers had to turn Emily into a bitch who was only ever seen on the phone from the chest up because the actress was pregnant.

Trills Sun 13-Jan-13 16:18:42

But do they KNOW we know they know? grin

(tis is the best kind of zombie thread - still exactly as relevant and useful as the day it was started)

Frikadellen Sun 13-Jan-13 16:27:15

Trills also

They don't know we know they know we know..

I think my favourite has to be Ross and Richard meeting on the way to the bathroom to get condoms each wearing a girly dressing gown..

The episode with Julia Roberts is very funny and I dont care much for her.

NaicePig Sun 13-Jan-13 16:28:25

OMG didn't even notice this was a Zombie! shock

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sun 13-Jan-13 16:34:02

I can't watch the first few series at all. Its so cheesy and not as funny. I don't like the holiday armidillo one either actually. Not sure why. I prefer the later episodes, maybe as I haven't watched them as much.

I hated the Joey/Rachel romance. Such an unlikely pairing and was just awkward. When Monica and Chandler first got together I didnt think it was right, but they grew into a good couple.

I can't decide who is funniest though. I think the best characters were Ross, Chandler and Rachel.

AWimbaWay Sun 13-Jan-13 16:45:03

I have had the friends dvd boxset for years but have never needed to watch it what with all the repeats shown on TV.

My big bugbear is when Rachel decides to take the job in Paris, Ross is mortified she is going, but not because he's bothered she's taking his daughter thousands of miles away, in fact I don't think that's mentioned is it?

RobinSparkles Sun 13-Jan-13 17:43:25

Rachel should have done herself a favour and stayed on the plane, although at the time I was hoping she would get off. I was younger and naive back then grin.

I do love it though when Phoebe rings her and says there's a problem with the left Falange and the guy goes all hysterical: "sir, sit down there is NO Falange!" "OH MY GOD! This plane doesn't even HAVE a Falange!"

I loved Eddie the crazy room mate!
"Take your fruit, your stupid small fruit and GET OUT!"

Minniesbowtique Sun 13-Jan-13 17:46:43

My favourite episode is the one where Chandler tells Janice he is moving to Yemen the ause he can't break up with her.

'I'll write to you everyday. 1 Yemen Road. Yemen'

'Can I stay with you in Yemen'


RobinSparkles Sun 13-Jan-13 17:48:47

1 Yemen Road. Yemen. LOL grin

RobinSparkles Sun 13-Jan-13 17:50:20

Even more hilarious is that she has it written on a piece of paper. How would you forget?!

Panzee Sun 13-Jan-13 18:29:06

Wasn't it 15 Yemen Road, Yemen?

I can't believe I remember that! grin

PickledInAPearTree Sun 13-Jan-13 18:32:36

Janice was ACE! I loved her.

Jojobump1986 Sun 13-Jan-13 18:59:15

My favourite episode has to be the trifle... For so many reasons! It's one of the few where all the characters have storylines going on & the scene where Judy tries to make sense of all the bickering is just fab!

The whole Ross & Emily situation was just a series of bad decisions on both sides. They should never have got engaged so quickly, not have moved up the wedding, not said the wrong name and carried on regardless but I think after that point it was her who ruined the relationship. She ran away, multiple times & refused to discuss things. He sent her romantic gifts & apologised profusely but she threw it all back in his face. He tried to make it work & compromise. She was more interested in punishing him. I bet if she'd posted about it on here she would've been told that she'd been stupid to move that fast in the relationship & either she had to let him go or she had to let go of the past!

<Goes to get a life now...>

JaneFonda Sun 13-Jan-13 19:02:28

My favourite Friends characters in order:


Now that I've read people saying about how Ross behaved towards Rachel, and also his other girlfriends, I cannot stand him. I watched a couple of episodes today and had to switch it off because he makes me feel so ill now! Especially the early seasons when Ross and Rachel are a new couple.

VictorAndBarry Sun 13-Jan-13 19:20:54

My faves


Then the others in any old order, they all bring somethng to the show, but are not loved.

Loved Mike and Richard too. Monica was a much more appealing character with Richard.

missalien Sun 13-Jan-13 19:46:40

Mr heckles!

You woke up my cat!

You don't even have a cat

I could have a cat .

And it was so sad when they were jn his flat after he had died .

Best mn thread ever . Fact .

And Ross is a drippy prick . Ltb.

Dubjackeen Sun 13-Jan-13 19:58:37

I thought of another of my favourites-the one with the ballroom dancing, Joey and Treeger dancing on the roof grin

EndOfTheRoad2011 Sun 13-Jan-13 23:13:24

Love friends and can watch them over and over and over again!

One thing that has been bugging me and I am wandering if any of u guys know the answet!

When Joey and Chandler won the bet and moved into the girls apartment how and when did they get their apartment back!?!?!

missalien Sun 13-Jan-13 23:29:54

Something to do with Rachel and Monica kissing but I can't remember exactly what!!

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 14-Jan-13 00:24:46

Monica and Rachel tried various things but eventually offered to kiss for one minute.

C & J walked back into their apartment saying, "that was one good minute. Night." - going straight to their separate rooms to, ahem, think things over.

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