letting my children run around naked on a beach

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Goofymum Sun 05-Sep-10 23:12:52

A few days ago I took my 2 year old DD and 5 year old DD to the beach. It is a lovely beach and not very crowded, only 2 or 3 groups of people per large section of beach. I let my DDs run around naked for while before we went home (they asked to go naked). My parents were with me and they weren't bothered. The few families left on the beach weren't bothered either. But when my DH heard about it he was horrified. He said my 5 year old (she is very tall, perhaps passes for 6?) is too old to run around naked, other people would feel uncomfortable and it's just not right. We 'debated' it for a while and I thought I'd get the opinion of sensible people on MN - did I have a big lapse in judgement or was it OK to let my DDs run around naked?!

Firawla Sun 05-Sep-10 23:15:33

I think most people here will agree with you, but I agree with your dh. I don't really like it @ any age tbh I find it better to teach them modesty from the start and let them keep their dignity.
Anyway as your dh really disagrees with it in future you would have to come to some kind of comprimise like they have to atleast wear a swimming costume, as you can not really let them do this if he objects

Tortington Sun 05-Sep-10 23:16:00

i agree with your dh, just some bottoms would have been fine

scurryfunge Sun 05-Sep-10 23:16:37

Yes it is ok, so long as you had sun cream....don't see why people would get upset.

hmc Sun 05-Sep-10 23:17:33

I personally wouldn't bat an eyelid, but it does make some people uncomfortable. I guess it is then a judgement call whether or not that concerns you sufficiently to stop or whether you carry on

deakell Sun 05-Sep-10 23:17:55

I don't think you're wrong, but I can see his point.

I would probably not let my boys do this in public, and it wouldn't be because others would feel uncomfortable!

minxofmancunia Sun 05-Sep-10 23:21:12

wouldn't bother either me or dh at all, and prob wouldn't notice other children doing it as to us it is normal.

what do you mean in your last sentence deakell?

Tokyotwist Sun 05-Sep-10 23:25:37

Did this with my 2 yr old dd on holiday. It was fine until she stood in the middle of the beach and peed blush.

Minxie1977 Sun 05-Sep-10 23:25:42

Let them be naked - it's the way we all come into the world! Beyond me why anyone would object to naked children on beach - apart from potential sand in bum crack disasters wink I was always naked on beach as a nipper.

deepdarkwood Sun 05-Sep-10 23:25:53

I would have done this (with or without dh) - esp if only for a little while.

MamaMimi Sun 05-Sep-10 23:29:24

I don't see the problem with it - the freedom of a naked run around at that age, before you packed up on a not very busy beach. I think you would have to be a very fussy person to be bothered by it.

Your dh needs to lighten up a bit aswell, it's not like you'd let them run around town naked is it? (I presume!) You made your own judgement call according to the circumstances you were in. YANBU

Goofymum Sun 05-Sep-10 23:29:29

It didn't bother me or my DDs at all either, but DH made me think that I was possibly out of order. I don't think I've ever noticed other children running around naked. In future I'll get them to wear bottoms to hide their modesty but I also think that's a shame to introduce modesty and body consciousness to such young girls.

historygirls Sun 05-Sep-10 23:29:35

I don't like to see naked people bending and squatting but I would let my dcs run around naked for a while but not play for a prolonged period, esp if it was fairly crowded and there was opportunity for full on mooning in peoples faces. I have a fear of penises snagging on things so I'm not keen on the dss being naked and fooling about on jagged rocks etc.

sundew Sun 05-Sep-10 23:29:51

OMG I can't believe anyone would be upset at a 5yr old running round naked - my dd2 (6) did this on holiday. Although we were in france surrounded by ladies showing their boobies!!

I probably wouldn't be as happy if dd1 (9) wanted to - but she would be far too embarased.

We all have the same bits and bobs after all!!

scurryfunge Sun 05-Sep-10 23:34:41

I'm sorry historygirls but I have laughed very loudly at the thought of penises getting snagged on something.

Are they really so obstructive with rock climbing? grin

whatkatydidathome Sun 05-Sep-10 23:36:19


historygirls Sun 05-Sep-10 23:36:42

I don't have one but I know people who have and they seem to be very special and worthy of great care being taken of them.

bedlambeast Sun 05-Sep-10 23:36:44

Message withdrawn

Greenwing Sun 05-Sep-10 23:39:06

I know there is perhaps too much fuss in the media about paedophiles but as a teacher I have been taught in our child protection training to watch out, as police say they do hang around deliberately in areas where they can see children, eg primary schools.
Beaches would be another favourite haunt and I feel uncomfortable seeing children naked for that reason. I am not paranoid about the dangers but, having been made aware of it in training, it concerns me slightly. Perhaps your dh was not happy about other people looking at the children naked and I think he has a fair point.

scurryfunge Sun 05-Sep-10 23:39:33

lol at historygirls

You are probably right.grin

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Sun 05-Sep-10 23:39:50

i think it would be perfectly fine, i wouldn't mind at all. its a lovely natural healthy thing for them to enjoy before they reach the stage of bodyconsciousness. Let little bums roam free! its very good mentally too for little ones to have these freedoms i believe.

DS would do it all the time on the beach if it wasn't so bloody freezing here in the north of scotland! (hes 4 and hardy as hell)

Goofymum Sun 05-Sep-10 23:43:50

Exactly bedlambeast. I can let my 5 year old be the judge of what's embarrassing or not! She will grow out of it soon.....or maybe not. I know the head of the nude mountaineering society (no joke). Wonder if he's ever snagged himself....ouch!

deakell Sun 05-Sep-10 23:45:17

They are as white as snow Minxo.

I just can't mentally get over exposing their tender bits to the sun when the rest of their body is so white. I mean so white. And yes I've heard of sunscreen and we use the ultra once-a-day stuff that would shield you from a huclear bomb, but what if it didn't work?

I know, I know, it's my problem - but we're all so damn fair and sun-exposure on neither regions is just not something I can allow.

Should have mentioned I also don't do no t-shirts either!

SuzieHomemaker Sun 05-Sep-10 23:47:49

I asked my DH what he thought - he said think of the poor sod taking photos of the beach who gets them printed at Boots and is accused of being a pervert because there are naked children on the beach.

This is the opposite side of the coin described by Greenwing.

Personally I am of the view that bottoms are not rude, naughty or dirty but they are private and that privacy should be respected.

scurryfunge Sun 05-Sep-10 23:48:07

I think minimum exposure to the sun is best....but that is more to do with health rather than modesty.

Running around a beach at 4 o'clock in the afternoon is not generally going to have major implications for sunburn.

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