to think that if you are deemed unfit for work

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Kaloki Thu 22-Jul-10 13:15:10

then there is no point to a work focused interview?

DP has just been through all the hassle of a tribunal, which, for those that don't know, goes like this;

-you go for a medical, where the "doctor" writes down some of what you said, then makes up a few bits and pieces. My favourite being, wrt M.E (otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome) that "the patient does not suffer fatigue" hmm

-the notes are then passed onto someone who ignores any points that back up your point, and only acknowledges those that back up their point.

-you are denied IB and your income is totally cut off, you are told to appeal if you disagree. You are not given any indication on what they have not awarded you points for though.

-you appeal, citing that you don't know what exactly to appeal against as they are refusing to send you the paperwork

-you speak to CAB who tell you that they aren't meant to cut you off, so you have to get passed from person to person till eventually someone says "oh yes, oops" and you can afford to live again

-your appeal is denied and you are told to go to a tribunal

-you finally get through the paperwork

-some idiot at the jobcentre calls you incessantly to tell you to attend a work focused interview, despite being told that you are waiting for a tribunal

-you go to tribunal and the people there agree with you totally.

All this dragged over many many months.

Then just when you think it's all over and you can relax.

Idiot at the jobcentre calls you up again about a bloody work focused interview.

No matter how many times it is pointed out to them that you aren't fit for work, and are in fact exempt from the bloody interview, they still insist, over and over and over again. THey even ask questions like "are you preparing to go back to work?"


Because a severe long term mental health problem + M.E sounds totally like someone who can work. hmm

Oh yes, and it turns out they never bothered contacting the people at income support to find out about your tribunal decision in the first place! Gahh!!!

So.. AIBU?

nickelbabe Thu 22-Jul-10 13:19:19

i think YANBU.

the BA can be like this.
it really sucks when you have a genuine case.

Kaloki Thu 22-Jul-10 13:20:50

Oh and I forgot, there is a law that specifically exempts DP from the WFI due to his mental illness. Which they are refusing to acknowledge exists.

Kaloki Thu 22-Jul-10 13:21:04

nickelbabe the BA?

2blessed2bstressed Thu 22-Jul-10 13:23:21

Benefits Agency = BA

SloanyPony Thu 22-Jul-10 13:26:22

Arghrrrr my heart rate has gone up 10 beats per minute after reading this. What a lot of stress for you! YANBU.

idrilis Thu 22-Jul-10 15:25:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DetectivePotato Thu 22-Jul-10 15:52:39

YANBU. I have M.E. and I have been lucky in that I have seen good doctors when being assessed for IB.

DLA is another matter entirely and is a pita.

Although now under this new government I will be reassessed (even though I was done again last year) and have to go through the whole thing again of proving to someone in a 20 minute appointment how I am not fit to work.

It sucks!!!! I feel very sorry for your poor DH!!!

nickelbabe Tue 27-Jul-10 15:04:08

sorry, kaloki, i didn't mean to use jargon blush
i worked on the assumption that you'd know, as you've had such dealings with them.
(must remember not to assume)

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