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DM undermining me 15 LittleBairn 05/03/15 16:33
my dp NEVER tips 194 U2TheEdge 05/03/15 16:33
To think they will not seat the dc away from me 194 TheFecklessFairy 05/03/15 16:33
to think that if someone invites other people to a meeting at your house they should tell you who is coming? 12 bigbluebus 05/03/15 16:32
to ask if you would provide a fictitious job reference for a friend? 72 ThatBloodyWoman 05/03/15 16:31
Or is DH being an arse? 14 cathpip 05/03/15 16:31
To think whatever I do for ds it will never make up for being unable to give him a sibling? 134 MirandaGoshawk 05/03/15 16:30
to be posed that the council has put up normal gym membership 10% but left all the discounted ones alone leaving mugs like me to sub them 43 adventuretime11 05/03/15 16:30
AIBU - “Secrets of Youth”? 2 Felyne 05/03/15 16:28
to think 14 degrees when your in a warm bed with electric blanket is fine 28 BestZebbie 05/03/15 16:26
To think my DC shouldn't have to eat school lunch in silence 56 LittleBairn 05/03/15 16:25
to park my car on a residential street for two weeks and walk two miles to the airport 51 Sheitgeist 05/03/15 16:25
No time to do anything...aibu in not seeing how I can easily create more time? 156 rookiemere 05/03/15 16:24
to think that you shouldn't put egg in macaroni cheese 27 AmazingDisgrace 05/03/15 16:23
to keep DC1 off school so he doesnt go on a school trip? 27 QueenComplicated 05/03/15 16:22
reclassification of child abuse as national threat, how will it be policed? 31 JaneHersey1953 05/03/15 16:22
AIBU to object to a customer referring to one of my team as "the bird behind the counter"? 24 Waffles80 05/03/15 16:18
to be disappointed we are not able to access social housing 43 billiejeanbob 05/03/15 16:18
To say loud and proud that it's better for my kids that I don't work 600 Fauxlivia 05/03/15 16:16
if you think its ok to have a glass of wine a week in pregnancy is it ok to have a cigarette a week? 185 SuggestmeaUsername 05/03/15 16:16
To be irritated by colleague constantly commenting on my lunch 105 reni1 05/03/15 16:15
To feel sorry for Catherine DoC or anyone, pregnant or not having 220 stalkers and think she chose her position and still has the choice to withdraw from being HRH? 35 sosix 05/03/15 16:13
Neighbour saying i didnt give him a parcel 28 MrsDeVere 05/03/15 16:12
To suspect SIL has said something awful to DD who is 6? 165 GhostlyPenguin 05/03/15 16:12
to ask how i might manage childcare as a supply teacher? 64 turquoiseamethyst 05/03/15 16:10
To not understand the obsession with routines? Am I doing it wrong? 32 NickyEds 05/03/15 16:10
to ask for ideas for a house warming present 18 ThatBloodyWoman 05/03/15 16:08
These friends ARE being unreasonable, right? 176 TheRealMaryM… 05/03/15 16:07
£125 to review my contract on my flat?! What the fuck?! 56 specialsubject 05/03/15 16:01
To think the hairdresser gave dd headlice. 9 Stillachristmastree 05/03/15 15:56
To be feel that some of the public have been mislead and a charity have lost out? 229 Cariad007 05/03/15 15:52
To want to run away 468 FirstAidKitten 05/03/15 15:46
To wish people wouldn't say they are sorry about my toddler having glasses? 89 WhoKnowsWher… 05/03/15 15:42
To wonder what possess someone to apply their make up on the train? 131 mildlyacquiescent 05/03/15 15:34
to have a baby alone? 114 specialsubject 05/03/15 15:31
to think small children shouldn't take up Tube seats? 132 motherinferior 05/03/15 15:25
To have got myself really bloody worried 38 RobbStarksBitch 05/03/15 15:24
To ask you to relive a cringey moment 122 easyworld 05/03/15 15:20
To think rabbits make shit pets? 93 theboatisleaking 05/03/15 15:14
To ask you about the link between older mums having children who are diagnosed with autism 85 SomewhereIBelong 05/03/15 15:05
To be fed up with Book Day Dressing Up 153 DawnOfTheDoggers 05/03/15 15:00
To think servants could show more gratitude 128 albertcamus 05/03/15 14:58
To pretend the cat did it and now I've had to put socks on her? 172 Witchofthenorth 05/03/15 14:51
to think it's actually really difficult to make friends 81 LoisWilkerso… 05/03/15 14:47
If you could retrain as anything what would it be? 66 cojmum 05/03/15 14:46
to think most people are shit at recruitment? 2 goodtoastrack 05/03/15 14:45
To think that Cameron should not be allowed to dictate his terms for TV debate? 17 noblegiraffe 05/03/15 14:38
Single mums are great in bed. 77 KingJoffreyF… 05/03/15 14:31
Can anyone help re. potential passport nightmare (Liverpool office) 33 grannytomine 05/03/15 14:29
To declutter my DD's bedroom of toys etc without consulting her? 33 Mutley77 05/03/15 14:25
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