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To not go and see the film my mums chosen as her birthday gift? 8 stripysox 06/03/15 11:07
To think you don't get presents for Easter? 36 shockedballoon 06/03/15 11:06
To want to run away 475 LostJennyWren 06/03/15 11:06
my dp NEVER tips 382 Marynary 06/03/15 11:06
to be so anxious about new neighbour? 10 thefirstmrsrochester 06/03/15 11:06
Is anybody else as worried as I am about ISIS 18 DoraGora 06/03/15 11:06
To think that on International Women's Day the last thing I need is "inspiration" from someone with wraparound childcare and a lucky career? 41 daisychain01 06/03/15 11:06
To think I should be the one to choose my daughters nursery? 28 turquoiseamethyst 06/03/15 11:06
To wonder why being bright seems to be frowned upon? 47 AnnieThePianist 06/03/15 11:05
AIBU to just want a straight yes or no... 1 stripysox 06/03/15 11:04
to boycott Clarks over their lame and sexist response about girls wanting to wear dino shoes? 30 peggyundercrackers 06/03/15 11:04
to park my car on a residential street for two weeks and walk two miles to the airport 218 unlucky83 06/03/15 11:04
to think that number bonds epitomise everything that is wrong with the UK approach to education? 384 bruffin 06/03/15 11:03
To think they will not seat the dc away from me 226 myotherusern… 06/03/15 11:03
To think that a lot of parents overestimate how much influence they have in how their DCS turn out? 20 WowOoo 06/03/15 11:03
I am annoyed that women HAVE to care for their DCs and elderly parents. 22 MinceSpy 06/03/15 11:01
to go on a date with someone 10 years my junior 17 Kewcumber 06/03/15 11:01
to think that a 'gay gene' is not responsible for this?! 112 ragged 06/03/15 11:01
To be totally freaked out an kept awake by programme last night about drinking in pregnancy?? 57 Grumpyoldblonde 06/03/15 11:00
if you think its ok to have a glass of wine a week in pregnancy is it ok to have a cigarette a week? 203 SuggestmeaUsername 06/03/15 11:00
To be feel that some of the public have been mislead and a charity have lost out? 263 KittensOnAPlane 06/03/15 11:00
In thinking the school should have made contact by now. 1 GratefulHead 06/03/15 10:58
to think small children shouldn't take up Tube seats? 161 assessment 06/03/15 10:58
To expect the AA to reimburse me for this? 32 GiddyOnZackHunt 06/03/15 10:57
These friends ARE being unreasonable, right? 225 Whosthebestb… 06/03/15 10:56
Should I move abroad? 5 CuthbertDibble 06/03/15 10:55
To ask you to relive a cringey moment 145 EveBoswell 06/03/15 10:54 hope that my nieces and nephews send a thank you card when i send them gifts 41 cloudscape 06/03/15 10:49
No nudity policy 85 Sickoffrozen 06/03/15 10:38
To not mention that transmission isn't working when I part ex my car tmw? 27 Feckeggblue 06/03/15 10:35
To think STFU about people who complain about having no money but then buy stupid shit 98 BoredomKilledTheCat 06/03/15 10:31
to expect the large quantity of mince that has come in my sainsburys shop to have more than 2 days until best before date?! 32 LurkingHusband 06/03/15 10:31
To say loud and proud that it's better for my kids that I don't work 768 Penguinsaresmall 06/03/15 10:29
AIBU to object to a customer referring to one of my team as "the bird behind the counter"? 37 NotYouNaanBread 06/03/15 10:22
To refuse to go to Abu Dhabi for work / employer? 27 ShadowSpiral 06/03/15 10:17
reclassification of child abuse as national threat, how will it be policed? 45 DoraGora 06/03/15 10:13
aibu to tell everyone I meet.... 84 LostMyBaubles 06/03/15 10:01
People who talk slowly 87 BallsforEarrings 06/03/15 10:01
to think i have been to easy going and have turned into a mug.... 99 Witchofthenorth 06/03/15 09:58
If you could retrain as anything what would it be? 164 SimplyRedHead 06/03/15 09:52
To want to know whether the ladies toilets are better at MI5, MI6 or GCHQ? 13 Dawndonnaagain 06/03/15 09:49
Afterschool Detention Wrongly given? 127 WyldChyld 06/03/15 09:45
To be hacked off at being called a bad mother? 51 tiggytape 06/03/15 09:35
To think whatever I do for ds it will never make up for being unable to give him a sibling? 142 WyrdByrd 06/03/15 09:31
Teenager wants to go to reading music festival 89 Eve 06/03/15 09:19
To think my DC shouldn't have to eat school lunch in silence 61 nequidnimis 06/03/15 08:43
To think that Cameron should not be allowed to dictate his terms for TV debate? 38 EponasWildDaughter 06/03/15 08:43
To be sad my children didn't dress up today. 45 Darkforcesatwork 06/03/15 08:42
to keep DC1 off school so he doesnt go on a school trip? 57 mayfridaycomequickly 06/03/15 08:40
School Punishments 135 PurpleDaisies 06/03/15 08:35
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