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Should a jext simulator pen sting and leave a mark?

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Monkeyandanimal Thu 07-Nov-13 18:07:35

I have just been given a jext simulator pen as my son appears to be allergic to peanuts; when i tried to practice with it on my leg it definitely stung and there was a ring of red dots on my skin; is this normal? Surely the practice pen shouldn't leave a mark?

neolara Thu 07-Nov-13 18:17:40

Yes, it does. We have one and we ping ourselves regularly with it. It's just the spring pushing something out with force. It's not strong enough to pierce skin though.

eragon Thu 07-Nov-13 19:27:09

sounds normal.

lets not forget that the real ones give a bit of bruising anyway, not that we will be bothered about that at the time!

Monkeyandanimal Thu 07-Nov-13 20:39:08

Thank you for those replies; this is all new to me! Feels like a big responsibility.

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