Who's your favourite fictional detective?

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BurlingtonBertieFromBow Tue 04-Sep-12 17:11:31

I like Jackson Brodie in Kate Atkinson's books
Also Inspector Barnaby, George Smiley (does some detecting in A Murder of Quality) and Adam Dalgleish

headinhands Tue 04-Sep-12 17:16:17

Columbo each and every time grin

BelleCurve Tue 04-Sep-12 17:21:59

Mma Ramotswe as she is the No 1 Ladies detective

iseenodust Tue 04-Sep-12 17:25:08

VI Warshawski
Used to like a bit of Jim Rockford on TV (and my guilty secret is Monk on TV on dark wet winter afternoons).

freelancescientist Tue 04-Sep-12 18:33:21

Logan McRae (Stuart MacBride), Rebus, Charlie Parker (John Connolly) is my absolute fave. Loads actually.

Andromaca Tue 04-Sep-12 18:35:55

Ellery Queen and Charlie "Bird" Parker. Magnum P.I.

coffeeandwine Tue 04-Sep-12 18:37:17

Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly) and Hercule Poirot.
They have slightly different styles. grin

WyrdMother Tue 04-Sep-12 18:37:28

Lord Peter Wimsey.

thebestnamesaregone Tue 04-Sep-12 18:41:28

Albert Campion

DuchessofMalfi Tue 04-Sep-12 21:01:32

Stephanie Plum, Poirot (novels not the TV series - can't stand tv version).

TV - Magnum PI, Columbo, just old enough to remember Starsky & Hutch too.

UptoapointLordCopper Tue 04-Sep-12 22:01:59

Appleby. (Michael Innes novels. Far fetched and uses very long words but I LOVE it.)

Brices Tue 04-Sep-12 22:09:16

Has to be Sherlock

FuntimeFuschia Tue 04-Sep-12 22:50:07

Harry Hole

OlympiaLMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 04-Sep-12 22:53:02

Paul temple

seeker Tue 04-Sep-12 22:53:15

Peter Wimsey, Gervase Fen, John Appleby, Adam Dalgliesh and Roderick Alleyn.

But I am ver' ver' old.

ArthurandGeorge Tue 04-Sep-12 22:55:25

Hercule Poirot and hs little grey cells do it for me!

SingingSands Tue 04-Sep-12 22:56:43

Rebus. Nobody else.

bruffin Tue 04-Sep-12 22:59:22

Sid Halley
Mme Ramotswe
Alex Delaware

Earthymama Tue 04-Sep-12 23:01:55

At this moment another vote for Lord Peter Wimsey as I have been listening to the serialisations on R4+
It is odd as I am Leftie radical!!

I love V I too and Kinsey Mahone (Sue Grafton), Inspector (Elizabeth George) and Merrily Watkins.!(Phil Rickman)

Earthymama Tue 04-Sep-12 23:02:27

Sam Vimes (Terry Pratchett)

seeker Tue 04-Sep-12 23:13:57

Oh, SingingSands reminds me of Alan Grant. How could I have forgotten him!

pearlgirl Tue 04-Sep-12 23:18:31

Inspector Banks (Peter Robinson),Inspector Lynley, Merrily Watkins and Simon Serrailler are my favourites atm.

ZacharyQuack Tue 04-Sep-12 23:55:46

Elvis Cole

LulaTheOneAndOnlyMrsPistorius Tue 04-Sep-12 23:59:44

Harry Bosch
DI Tom Thorne (Mark Billingham)
and, based on MN recommendations I have recently got into PC Grant and Inspector Nightingale in the Ben Aaronovitch books. Looking forward to the 3rd book in the series.

Trying to get into Bryant & May (another MN recommendation) but finding it a bit slow going

BusinessUnusual Wed 05-Sep-12 00:00:34

Lord Peter Wimsey
Alan Grant

mrsmangelsneck Wed 05-Sep-12 00:04:44

Another vote for Jackson Brodie
Inspector Wexford
Miss Marple (but hate those crappy recent itv adaptations)
Louie Knight

ElephantsAndMiasmas Wed 05-Sep-12 00:06:33

Dr Vesuvia Adelia Rachel Ortese Aguilar, the Mistress of the Art of Death, is the only detective I can think of who breastfeeds and solves crimes at the same time, while being totally wonderful.

And Sherlock. Because well of the cheekbones, oh Benedict of his incredible deductive powers and natty hat collection.

LineRunner Wed 05-Sep-12 00:06:35

Myron Bolitar and Win. And Big Cindy.

bruffin Wed 05-Sep-12 07:20:22

forgot Myron Bolitargrin
I also like Stephen White's Dr Alan Gregory

Thursday Next

Sherlock Holmes. Without doubt.

FrazerChorus Wed 05-Sep-12 07:43:34

Inspector Rebus, then Harry Hole and Harry Bosch. Fond of Jackson Brodie too

Selky Wed 05-Sep-12 07:47:11

Inspector Troy
Lord Peter Wimsey
Dandy Gilver

CoteDAzur Wed 05-Sep-12 07:51:17

Lisbeth Salander.

greenhill Wed 05-Sep-12 08:10:44

Commissario Guido Brunetti in the Donna Leon books about Venice.
DI Tom Thorne by Mark Billingham.
DI Roy Grace by Peter James.
Myron Bolitar by Harlan Coben.
DI Rebus by Ian Rankin.
I'm trying out the Simon Serailler books by Susan Hill too, not sure if I think he's a bit too much like Adam Dalgleish yet.

I'm going to try out some of your suggestions too.

cocolepew Wed 05-Sep-12 08:18:32

Myron and Win,
Elvis Cole and Joe Pike
Inspector Banks
Patrick and Angie (Dennis Lehanne)
John Corey (Nelson demille)
Stephanie Plum
Harry Bosch
Roy Grace
Tom Thorne
Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis
Does Reacher count?

Housewifefromheaven Wed 05-Sep-12 08:36:29

Inspector Sejer (Karin Fossum)

iseenodust Wed 05-Sep-12 14:30:33

Andro oooh Ellery Queen that's a fond memory. I think I went through the entire county library collection of those many moons ago. I recall yellow covers ? Might have to flip to Amazon...

I had a friend whose DP was the double of Magnum.

SoniaGluck Wed 05-Sep-12 16:33:36

* Earthymama * I've always been a little exercised as to how I can reconcile my lefty leanings with my love for Lord Peter Wimsey. confused

I also have a fondness for Brother Cadfael - although I'm pretty sure monks in 12th century England were never like that.

pearlgirl Wed 05-Sep-12 19:46:16

I like Charlie Resnick for his cats and his sandwiches as well - might have to reread some of them now.

LucyEyelesbarrow Wed 05-Sep-12 23:34:02

Phryne Fisher
Miss Marple

imperialstateknickers Wed 05-Sep-12 23:42:57

Peter Wimsey. The only one I've re-read constantly since teenage years.
Sonia you don't need to reconcile lefty leanings! Lord Peter is contemporary to 1920s/30s, it's like feeling guilty for being a descendant of people who were involved in the Slave Trade - I have discovered my great x6 grandfather made money as an investor, but I do not feel in any way obliged to beat my breast apologising to the descendants of the people he was involved in trafficking.

cocolepew Thu 06-Sep-12 00:07:16

Remembered Lucas Davenport from the Prey series, too.

InelegantlyWasted Thu 06-Sep-12 00:11:56

Roy Grace
Marcus Didius Falco
Amelia Peabody
Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
Gordianus the Finder

iklboo Thu 06-Sep-12 00:13:35

Kinsey Milhone
Tom Thorne
Harry Dresden (sort of detective!)

SoniaGluck Thu 06-Sep-12 01:39:06

imperial You're quite right, of course. I tend to tie myself in knots over pointless dilemmas that really only exist in my own head. And I have a significant talent for complicating my life as a result.

monsterchild Thu 06-Sep-12 01:52:18

Arkady Renko

Dirk Gently

NellyJob Thu 06-Sep-12 02:00:06

another vote for Colombo!! (just one more question....)

CheerfulYank Thu 06-Sep-12 02:18:09

Elliot Stabler. Mmmmmmmm.... grin

I loved Holt Ramsey as well, who was in Stephen King's novella A Good Marriage, which was in Full Dark, No Stars. Did anybody read that? I thought it was great. smile

Should I check out Jackson Brodie then?

MrsJohnMurphy Thu 06-Sep-12 03:27:29

Patrick Kenzie/Angie Gennaro
Felix Castor
Jack Parlabane (although love Tim Vale more)
Tom Thorne
Roy Grace
Merrily Watkins

hedgehogpatronus Thu 06-Sep-12 05:17:28

Not a detective as such but can I just mention Tony Hill (Val McDermid novels)?

Can't bloody stand Carol, but Tony is a great character. And the telly version is good in and of itself bonus points for Robson Green being delectable

And another vote for CB's Sherlock. He's incredible. Although he'd drive you absolutely spare.

hedgehogpatronus Thu 06-Sep-12 05:18:52

CB? BC perhaps.

And I adore Marino in the Patricia Cornwell books (before he went a bit mental).

Yamyoid Thu 06-Sep-12 05:27:07

Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) from Twin Peaks.

Thedoctrineofennis Thu 06-Sep-12 08:55:19

Sonia, LPW was written "ahead of his time" I would say - he had an awareness of his privilege, certainly in the later books, and his creator gave him some strong ideas about the place of women!

Cheerful, Jackson Brodie is a good character but the books in which he appears are far from "straight" mysteries.

Tim Vale - excellent call, Mrs John.

Thedoctrineofennis Thu 06-Sep-12 08:58:35

Hedgehog why don't you like Carol? Carol seems more real to me, Tony seems more "perfect" (around the edges of his gaping flaw, of course).

JemimaPuddle Thu 06-Sep-12 09:00:34

Charlie Parker

WeAllHaveWings Thu 06-Sep-12 09:00:59

Tom Thorne
Alex Cross

CleoSmackYa Thu 06-Sep-12 09:34:53

Rebus, followed by Shardlake.

Thursday Next literary detective (the eyre affair, lost in a good book etc - jasper fforde)

HooNose Thu 06-Sep-12 12:26:02

Books: Matthew Shardlake
TV: James Hathaway

SoniaGluck Thu 06-Sep-12 12:31:39

ennis Yes, you're right. And I agree about the feminism. Just being so attracted to a character with a title and so much wealth always just felt a little bit wrong somehow.

Not enough for me to stop reading, obviously.wink

Merrylegs Thu 06-Sep-12 12:32:14


LtEveDallas Thu 06-Sep-12 12:37:37

Lt Eve Dallas of course!

(and Charlie Parker, Milo Sturgis, Alex Delaware and Alex Cross)

seeker Thu 06-Sep-12 12:40:49


hedgehogpatronus Thu 06-Sep-12 13:05:05

Thedoctrineofennis because I am unduly influenced by the tv version, in which she is a bitch to Tony more often than not. Plus I just read the latest book in which she is pretty ridiculous.

Also can't bear Hermione Norris, give me Simone Lahbib any day drool

I know IABU.

Thedoctrineofennis Thu 06-Sep-12 13:09:19

Sonia you're in love with him because DLS was, and she is a very good writer. Don't feel bad about it - there's an orderly queue on this thread and others where LPW comes up grin

Thedoctrineofennis Thu 06-Sep-12 13:10:45

Hedgehog I haven't seen the tv version. I do want to be HN when I grow up and lose two stone though so I'd probably get the opposite impression!

SoniaGluck Thu 06-Sep-12 15:30:29

<gets to back of Lord Peter Wimsey queue> grin


EmpressOfTheGoldFlames Thu 06-Sep-12 15:36:20

Peter Wimsey AND Harriet Vane
Val McDermid's Kate Brannigan
Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles (not seen the TV version, just mean the books)
Kinsey Millhone
The early VI Warshawski, later ones not so much.

bluepencil Thu 06-Sep-12 15:38:43

Marcus Didius Falco

Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher). Not strictly speaking a detective, although he does have his PI licence and many of the books begin with him taking on a case.

And Miss Marple! Who can resist the ultimate undercover investigator?

Xiaoxiong Thu 06-Sep-12 15:44:19

Father Brown!

BalloonSlayer Thu 06-Sep-12 15:45:11

I like Inspector Wexford. Because he is NORMAL, happily married with kids, no tragedy in the past blighting his life making him throw himself into his work and become icily attractive to ladies he meets who turn out to have done it blah blah blah. I should say almost normal though as he was in his early sixties in 1964, and he still is. But, hey, way to go Reg!

gymboywalton Thu 06-Sep-12 15:45:15

precious ramotswe-gorgeous books

piprabbit Thu 06-Sep-12 15:46:11

Kinsey Millhone
VI Warshawshki
Miss Marple
Kate Brannigan
Andy Dalziel (would it be very wrong to fancy him a bit?)
Lord Peter Wimsey
Sam Vimes

BalloonSlayer Thu 06-Sep-12 15:50:53

Oh gosh yes Andy Dalziel. wink

GreenShadow Thu 06-Sep-12 16:43:29

Definitely Simon Serrailler (Susan Hill). He is so much more real to me than all the heavy drinking, flawed alternatives.

DI Resnick (John Harvey)
DI Grace
DI Banks

NicholasTeakozy Thu 06-Sep-12 17:43:40

Charlie Parker.

Dirk Gently.

gazzalw Thu 06-Sep-12 18:36:13

It's got to be Hercules Poirot I'm afraid!

hedgehogpatronus Fri 07-Sep-12 00:36:36

piprabbit I've been waiting for someone to mention Dalziel! Not sure I actively fancy him, but I'd love to hang out with him for a day , he's bloody hilarious.

hedgehogpatronus Fri 07-Sep-12 00:38:02

ennis I can wholeheartedly recommend the tv version. It's not a faithful interpretation of the books, but it is excellent crime tv in it's own right.

willowstar Fri 07-Sep-12 00:48:37


Stokey Fri 07-Sep-12 19:15:54

All the Roy Grace fans, what is it you like about them? I read dead Simple and was a bit underwhelmed. Should I persevere?
Have always loved Agatha Christie. In modern times, like PD James and Val McDermid. Am always looking out for good detectives but have been pretty disappointed by most (admittedly cheap downloads) recently.

LeeCoakley Fri 07-Sep-12 19:24:08

My lover Virgil Flowers from John Sandford's books.

Columbo best TV detective.

greenhill Fri 07-Sep-12 19:34:58

stokey I think it is Roy Grace's sheer ordinariness that appeals, he doesn't have a drink problem or anger issues. He has a dry sense of humour and there is good interaction between him and the other members of the team. There was a Harlan Cobenesque issue about his missing/ dead wife in the latest though. Also he is open to all ideas, even slightly supernatural ones.

milkteef Fri 07-Sep-12 19:44:55

Alex Cross
Robert Hunter

IslaValargeone Fri 07-Sep-12 19:49:35

Bobby Goren

krasnayaploshad Fri 07-Sep-12 19:51:09

I'm a long term Agatha Christie fan so Miss Marple & Hercule Poirot of course.
TV detectives - Jane Tennison, Andy Dalziel, Jonathon Creek & of course Columbo.

ZacharyQuack Sat 08-Sep-12 11:01:31

Oh Lee, that's where your name is from! Every time I see it, a little bell rings in my brain.

I love Virgil. That fucking Flowers.

BlueMagoo Sat 08-Sep-12 11:10:19


stealthsquiggle Sat 08-Sep-12 22:34:38

<<joins Peter Wimsey queue >>

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 08-Sep-12 22:46:19

Thursday Next. (Jasper Fforde)
Jimmy Perez. (Anne Cleeves)

Thedoctrineofennis Sat 08-Sep-12 23:48:40

<passes glasses of Niersteiner down Peter Wimsey queue>

Northernlurkerisbackatwork Sun 09-Sep-12 00:06:49

Falco (just been reading on LD's webpage that she is unlikely to write any more but she is writing a new series featuring Albia as the detective. Domitian on the throne so presumably MDF and Helena are living in discreet retirement.

Lord Peter


Kate Brannigan

Albert Campion

MJ Trow's Lestrade

Just borrowed The Eyre Affair so will see about Thursday Next......

SoniaGluck Sun 09-Sep-12 10:57:16

I'm intrigued that so many people are saying Falco. I have caught a few on Radio 4 ( am rather fond of Anton Lesser ) but haven't actually read any. I think that I will have to give the books a go.

As far as Simon Serrailler goes, I read one ages ago ( the first one, I think ) as I was a fan of Susan Hill in her pre detective fiction days but I was a bit 'meh' to be honest. Do they get better? Or was I just missing something?

workhorse Mon 10-Sep-12 19:27:54

I like a lot of those mentioned - Rebus, Hole, Brodie, Dalziel, Thorne, Warshawaki etc. People haven't mentioned Wallender who I think ranks up there. And what about Aurelio Zen? Particularly when played by Rufus Sewell!

Breadwinner Mon 10-Sep-12 22:44:26

Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler) - surely the original hard-boiled PI?

dutchyoriginal Tue 11-Sep-12 09:12:52

Miss Marple
Mma Ramotswe

and yes yes to Aurelio Zen/Rufus Sewell on tv (haven't read any books yet)

dutchyoriginal Tue 11-Sep-12 09:13:22

Thursday Next also of course!

jj21 Tue 11-Sep-12 09:43:27

Bryant and May - Christopher Fowler - love them
Matthew Bartholmew - Susanna Gregory
Marcus Didius Falco - Lindsay Davis
Skinner - Quintin Jardine
Oz Blackstone - quintin Jardine
Primavera Blackstone - Quintin Jardine
Kinsey Millhone - Sue Grafton
Stephanie Plum - Janet Evanovich (the earlier books are best)

And this is just the beginning.... I love detective fiction! Love this thread grin

Goodasgoldilox Tue 11-Sep-12 09:43:52

Most of the above but also Lund and Meyer (from Danish version of 'The Killing'!) Can I include Lund's jumper?

jj21 Tue 11-Sep-12 10:15:00

And on TV....

Sherlock and Watson in the new BBC1 series - Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are fabulous and the writing/acting/casting/styling/production are all exceptional.

FoFeeFiMum Tue 11-Sep-12 16:07:30

Another vote for Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone, which reminds me I owe myself the latest installments!

Also a long term fan of Marple (written or Joan Hickson if TV, def not Geraldine McEwan, her portrayal just never gelled for me) and Poirot (preferably those without Hastings if the TV version).

Have recently discover the Stella Mooney series by David Lawrence which are 'gritty' but fab.

And always love a Columbo.

I have rather eclectic taste in detective fiction!

FoFeeFiMum Tue 11-Sep-12 16:08:50

Oh yes and the Cumberbatch/Freeman interpretation of Holmes & Watson.

brightspark2 Wed 12-Sep-12 04:50:18

I have to vote for the Young Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane - they are fab! They spell out his 'missing' years - the teenage years that made him the man he becomes....how and why he learned violin, is so against a relationship, what pushed him into martial arts and how young he was when he developed his logical deductive skills...I can't put them down! The latest is due out about October I think...the fifth one ...and in this latest (God I couldn't wait for this bit!) we finally find out what put him off love.....it's called Snake Bite and is due any day.

OK am a total fangirl, and I don't mind admitting I nick them BEFORE I give them to my teen - I have managed to get away with that so far.....

Clorinda Wed 12-Sep-12 11:15:08

The extraordinary Dr Fell in the wonderfully atmospheric novels of John Dickson Carr. And Lord Peter Wimsey...

Guido Brunetti (at the moment)

strictlycaballine Wed 12-Sep-12 13:38:53

Another vote for Brunetti

IndridCold Thu 13-Sep-12 13:42:17

No-one read Fred Vargas? I love Adamsberg and Danglard, quite wacky stories though.

evenkeel Thu 13-Sep-12 15:24:55

Brunetti, ooh yes, but more for the food!

Have just discovered Stuart MacBride's books and am reading everything I can lay my hands on. His tec is Logan McRae but I really love his boss, DI Steel, who's hilarious. In fact all the books are, and I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't had the pleasure.

Someone mentioned Roy Grace - I've read all of these and they were OK-ish; my problem is that they're incredibly repetitive. I know there has to be some re-capping with a series but I couldn't believe it the first time I read the exact same passage which had just been copied and pasted out of the previous book. Naughty Peter James.

strictlycaballine Fri 14-Sep-12 14:54:59

Have you seen this even keel?

And how does Paola reconcile her feminism with cooking all those three course lunches and dinners (having hauled ingredients up several flights of stone steps) and managing with broken washing machine and a husband who does zero around the house grin?

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 14-Sep-12 15:01:59

Paola irritates the hell out of me! I hate the ways she tells the DC that 'dessert is fruit again' - hate the bloody American term 'dessert'. I don't know why this riles me so much but it does.... (and DH and the DC saidly know this)grin

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 14-Sep-12 15:04:54

<joins the queue for LPW fans>
Inspector Montalbano - swooooon blush
Inspector Morse

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Fri 14-Sep-12 22:48:38

Jackson Brodie - Love him as a gritty Yorkshireman in Edinburgh (TV versions), preferred to the books' setting of Cambridge. Edinburgh suits him better.
Lund and Meyer
I do like the Cumberbatch/Freeman Holmes and Watson. Mind you, I could listen to BC recite the phone book and think it was fascinating. I think the Conan Doyle stories were actually quite dark and Holmes a strange character and BC has that down. He doesn't ham him up, as others before him have tended to do.

piprabbit Sat 15-Sep-12 16:18:02

Has anyone else come across the idiosyncratic Kinky Friedman?
He owes a debt to Raymond Chandler. It gets confusing because Kinky's detective is also called Kinky Friedman.

Craftymoo Sat 15-Sep-12 23:12:42

Inspector Singh (Shamini Flint)
Dr Siri Paiboun (Colin Cotterill) - not strictly a detective I know, but close.

Geekster Sun 16-Sep-12 12:12:10

Kinsey Millhone is my very favourite. Others include Mma Ramotswe, Tom Thorne and Jackson Brodie.

UptoapointLordCopper Sun 16-Sep-12 15:00:43

I like Kinky Friedman. Even been to see his band in a pub in Camden about a million years ago.

EdithJemima Sat 29-Sep-12 23:12:39

Joined the Wimsey/Vane queue. And the embryonic Montalbano queue. And what about Foyle of Foyle's War?

Lancelottie Sat 29-Sep-12 23:20:28

Nope, can't cope with Falco since I read a line that went something like 'he'd thought of a reasonable price and added a zero on the end' -- not in bloody Roman numerals he hadn't!

TheFallenMadonna Sat 29-Sep-12 23:22:07

Another in love with Peter Wimsey.

And I have a tendresse for Peter Pascoe (not so keen on his wife...)

My pre-teen crush was Joe Hardy blush

Leo35 Sun 30-Sep-12 22:15:26

MN running slow. third time lucky (not previewing)

Bernie Gunther
VI Warshawski
Jackson Brodie

UptoapointLordCopper Mon 01-Oct-12 12:26:31

Lancelottie you have spoiled Falco for me now. Though he's always ahead of his time ... grin

Lancelottie Mon 01-Oct-12 13:45:34

Oops, sorry, Copper!

GooseyLoosey Mon 01-Oct-12 13:46:53

Alber Campion in Margery Allingham's books.

LadyMargolotta Mon 01-Oct-12 13:49:25

Another vote for Precious Ramotswe.

I'm not sure if Sam Vimes would consider himself a detective? He is first and foremost a Copper, even if he does happen to be the Commander of the Ankh Morpork Watch!

LadyMargolotta Mon 01-Oct-12 13:52:29

Anyone mentioned George Gently? I haven't read any of the books but I adored the TV series.

monal Mon 01-Oct-12 14:05:51

Inspector Wexford
Albert Campion
Perry Mason, I must have read 30 of them in the last month. Hours of fun.
Miss Marple
Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg (in Fred Vargas' books, they push all my tormented detective buttons)

Sidonie Mon 01-Oct-12 14:38:43

DI Hal Challis
Tess Monaghan
Fin Macleod

Joe Pike (Elvis Cole's mate, strong and silent, such a cliche but mmm!)

My nephew's middle name is Sam after Sam Vimes.

His folks were considering Esmerelda for his sister's middle name (after Esmerelda Weatherwax) but went with something more usual instead! smile

LadyMargolotta Mon 01-Oct-12 14:52:38

I’ve just got an Ian Rnakin book out of the library, starring John Rebus, so good to see him mentioned here!

LadyMargolotta Mon 01-Oct-12 14:53:46

OnTheBottomWithAWomansWeekly I was desperate to call dd1 Esme, but a very close family member beat us to it!

Flicktheswitch Mon 01-Oct-12 15:21:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elkiedee Mon 01-Oct-12 17:09:34

Rebus (Edinburgh, Ian Rankin)
Charlie Resnick (Nottingham, John Harvey)
Jack Taylor, Galway (Ken Bruen)
Alex Morrow, Glasgow (Denise Mina)

VI Warshawski, Chicago (Sara Paretsky)
Nick Stefanos, Washington DC (George Pelecanos)
Sharon McCone, San Francisco (Marcia Muller)
Carlotta Carlyle, Boston (Linda Barnes)

Erlendur, Reyjavik (Arnaldur Indridason)
Martin Beck, Sweden (Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo)

I am in love with Salvo Montalbano...

MrsSalvoMontalbano Tue 02-Oct-12 18:36:23

Me too grin

hoodoo12345 Thu 04-Oct-12 20:23:00

Will Trent.

BeauNeidel Thu 04-Oct-12 23:24:35

I'll add a new name to the mix - I love Kate Shugak (Dana Stabenow) and have just finished the last book. I am bereft!

Also Kinsey Millhone, VI Warshawski and Arkady Renko.

elkiedee Fri 05-Oct-12 03:15:24

I like the Kate Shugak series but have only read the first 4 so far. Kindle users can get the first book, A Cold Day for Murder, free.

notcitrus Fri 05-Oct-12 05:04:16

Tuppence and Miss Marple
Robert Marthaler in Jan Seghers' books - a Hauptkomissar in Frankfurt who cycles a lot and spends a lot of time clinging fearfully on the back of police motorbikes!

And if journalist investigators count, Jack Parlabane and his friend Tim Vane who was probably in MI6 but doesn't talk about it

BeauNeidel Fri 05-Oct-12 09:38:26

elkiedee they only get better! I like the Liam Campbell ones as well, but there's only four of them.

elkiedee Fri 05-Oct-12 21:57:35

I still have to try the Liam Campbell books - the first of those is free for Kindle as well.

BeauNeidel Sat 06-Oct-12 18:10:44

Definitely do - I read all of them after I read the first Kate Shugak one and was not very impressed. I decided to try again though and was hooked! I hope she writes more of both!

Have also got the Star Svensdotter one which is free from Amazon, but can't get into it. Shame, as I normally love SF!

literaryone Tue 11-Dec-12 10:49:22

Reviving this to get into the Wimsey queue.

I also enjoy Andy Dalziel tremendously and Gervase Fen too.

Lugg is more fun than Campion.

TunipTheVegedude Tue 11-Dec-12 10:52:37

I'm getting rather fond of Shardlake in the C.J.Sansom books.
Though tbh that may be the setting rather than the character.

iseetinselandtantrums Tue 11-Dec-12 11:26:12

elkie thanks for Marcia M mention. Never heard of her but have asked for 1st one for Xmas.

GreenandwhitePenguin Tue 11-Dec-12 17:11:20

Mine are mainly from the 'Golden Age' of detective fiction. Gervase Fen, John Appleby, Dr Thorndike and Peter Wimsey. Modern ones are Wexford, Precious Ramotse and Morse.

FiftyShadesofTurkeyGravy Tue 11-Dec-12 17:25:32

Henri Castang (French) and Van der Valk (Dutch) from Nicloas Freeling's unforgettable novels, now hard to find, which nobody else seems to know and love except me...

FiftyShadesofTurkeyGravy Tue 11-Dec-12 17:27:00

Sorry, Nicolas Freeling (not Nicloas!)

ScrimshawTheSecond Fri 14-Dec-12 13:49:42

Oh, it's got to be Philip Marlowe.

Notafoodbabyanymore Fri 14-Dec-12 16:05:26

Love Thursday Next and Stephanie Plum. Can't believe nobody's mentioned Frost!!! Haven't warmed to the TV show, but the books are fantastic, gritty and hilarious.

Also love Hannasyde and Hemingway from many of Georgette Heyer's murder mysteries.

Concur also with Columbo and Alex Cross.

MaryAstor Fri 14-Dec-12 21:13:20

Chief Inspector Wexford
Simon Waterhouse

literaryone Tue 18-Dec-12 13:26:12

FiftyShades, my local secondhand bookshop has a whole collection of Nicholas Freeling books, which I've never picked up as they don't seem very interesting. What do you like about them? I should try one.

FiftyShadesofTurkeyGravy Tue 18-Dec-12 17:23:40

Hi literary, oh they are interesting (and hard to find nowadays) - pick them up quick!! What I love about them is that they have loads of subtle psychological insight into the characters/criminals and detectives (and their families), and into human nature generally. Freeling is a compassionate, quirky writer and often unusually non-judgemental in his approach. I found myself getting really attached to his detectives (Van der Valk and Castang) and their way of looking at the world (in all its worst forms sometimes). Freeling used to be a chef in various European countries, and he also had (I think) a Dutch wife, so for an Englishman he has a real depth of insight into other cultures and outlooks which I also found very refreshing. Plus, I adored the frequent insertion of tantalising 'foodie' passages into his novels (where his highly intelligent, worldly-wise - but not highly-educated - detectives take a break from their pursuit of some dire felon to enjoy some fine cuisine, which is described with insider knowledge..! His very last few books weren't quite so good, I felt as all his others. He himself was I think largely self-educated, but he has an amazingly wide and deep knowledge of literature and culture. He may be an acquired taste....a Canadian post-grad at my university put me on to him many years ago, and I was quickly hooked. There was a TV series with Van der Valk a long time ago, but I never saw it as I was then growing up abroad - so don't know whether that did justice to the novels.

LittleAbruzzenBearLovesYuleLog Tue 18-Dec-12 17:32:49

I haven't read the whole thread yet, but..

on television, Sherlock, as played by the scrummy Benedict and Inspector Montalbano
in books, Alex Cross

FryOneFatChristmasTurkey Fri 28-Dec-12 21:26:25

I've been looking for some new authors as I'm bored with the books I have. Have managed to get a few from here to have a look at, but sadly some people have only mentioned the detective and not the author.

Who writes about Montalbano? Sounds interesting.

greencolorpack Fri 28-Dec-12 21:29:22

Seeker! I love Gervase Fen too! Kind of books you could read out loud to dh at bedtime and laugh your head off. Funny romantic thrillers, why were they never made into a television series? Would be awesome.

Jux Fri 28-Dec-12 22:00:52

Martin Beck
Peter Wimsey
Miss Marple

in no particular order.

Don't warm to Dalgeish though the stories are good. He's a bit wet; mind you, if I knew someone in rl like him, I would probably like him immensely.

Mrskbpw Fri 28-Dec-12 22:28:38

Can't believe no one has mentioned Dave Robicheaux (by James Lee Burke). He's fabulous. As is his sidekick Clete.

I also love 'that fucking Flowers' (but I think Lucas Daveport is a bit boring) and, of course, Rebus.

And I like Faith whatsit in the Karin Slaughter books.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Wed 02-Jan-13 11:02:29

Hercule Poirot and Cetin Ikmen

sieglinde Thu 03-Jan-13 10:27:31

Baring into the Wimsey queue. YY Gervase Fen, too.

I hate Adam Dalgleish. I was ok with him till James printed one of his godawful poems. I had to go and have a shower. Blech. And not Shardlake either. Sansom is so tickbox about making him Likeable.

YesAnastasia Tue 08-Jan-13 22:47:47

MrsGuyOfGisbourne (love your name more than I can tell you) I think you were the first (and the last) to mention Morse!

I've been IN LOVE with Morse since I was a teenager - more so on TV but love the books too. So condescending & clever - yum smile

In books, I also like Banks and Rebus. I like Dalziel & Pascoe too.

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