Urban Legends.

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LordOfThe5Rings Fri 03-Aug-12 23:23:33

I know I've been hogging the boards the last few days, but I don't care :P Just been curious on other peoples opinions on things.

I didn't know where to put this, so I apologise if it's in the wrong category.

I was wondering what everyones favourite Urban Legend/Cautionary Tale was. I have been fascinated in them for pretty much forever, due to so many meanings and of course expressing the nations fears.

So what are your favourites? Feel free to share the UL with us! smile

LordOfThe5Rings Sat 04-Aug-12 00:38:33


YouBloodyWolf Sat 04-Aug-12 21:15:49

My cousin had recently split up with his girlfriend, lots of drama and sadness and emotion flying around. He went off to Ibiza for the summer with the boys, she took herself off walking and wild camping in Austria.

She was away for two weeks and really got her head together, hardly spoke to a soul and enjoyed the solitude. She'd taken her phone for emergencies but barely turned it on, just left it next to her in the tent every night for reassurance.

When she got back home she was going through her emails and messages on her phone, and ended up in the gallery app to have one last look at her photos of my cousin before deleting them for good. They should've been the last pics taken, but there were about a dozen dark, grainy ones at the top of the gallery that she couldn't make out, they were too indistinct.

Intrigued, she copied them over to her computer and increased the light level. Her flatmate found her still at her desk hours later, sitting transfixed in front of 14 photos, all from a different night, each showing her fast asleep in her sleeping bag.

sunshinesparkles Sat 04-Aug-12 21:25:45

That's fucking creepy...

Yikes that made me shiver............ and want to check my phone.

Uppermid Sat 04-Aug-12 21:39:58

Shit the bed!

I like killer in the back seat and have heard so called true stories that happened to a friend of a friend. Often involving an abandoned pram at the side of the road.
What is shit the bed ?

YouBloodyWolf Sat 04-Aug-12 22:42:42

A fucking crreepy, a shiver and a shit the bed. My work here is done grin

YouBloodyWolf Sat 04-Aug-12 22:52:38

Killer in the back seat is a classic smile

I've got some more lingering in my mind somewhere, I'll try to dig them out.

LemarchandsBox Sat 04-Aug-12 22:56:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thenightsky Sat 04-Aug-12 22:59:08

The one where the child gets snatched from parent in shopping mall scenario. Security seal all the exits and take mum to view CCTV. Mum spots child with head shaved and wearing different clothes.

Andie20521 Sat 04-Aug-12 23:19:01

Her DH was away with work, so my friend locked up as normal and went to bed.

In the middle of the night she was woken by a noise, but knowing that their big hairy dog would have made a fuss, she wasn't worried and put her hand down by the side of the bed to pat him, and recieved a reassuring lick, so she rolled over and went back to sleep.

The next morning she went into the bathroom, where she found the dog slaughtered, hung from the shower, and written in its blood on the mirror "Humans can lick hands too"

thenightsky Sat 04-Aug-12 23:23:49

Ewww Andie I've never heard that one before sad

Andie20521 Sat 04-Aug-12 23:26:02

Sends shivers down my spine every time! Good one for around a camp fire which is my test of a good ghost story.

LemarchandsBox Sat 04-Aug-12 23:27:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Uppermid Sat 04-Aug-12 23:37:44

Hands - shit the bed = fucking hell!

topknob Sat 04-Aug-12 23:50:41

Woman driving at night hits something in the road, gets out to have look, nothing there so continues her journey, however a car behind her keeps flashing it's lights at her for a few miles, worried she pulls into a petrol station to get help, but the driver gets out and calls over to her, he says I am so pleased you stopped now, when you got out before, a man got in your car and is laying down in the back seat.

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 00:30:30

Some great ones!

ScorpionQueen Sun 05-Aug-12 10:00:37

I didn't sleep too well last night after reading these just before bed. It was raining which always sounds loud in my dormer, DD had left a bathroom tap running which I could hear in my sleep long before I woke up and sorted it out and the dog kept licking my bloody hand!

(scaredy cat emoticon)

BardOfBarking Sun 05-Aug-12 10:15:07

A friend of mine asked a neighbours teenaged daughter to babysit for the first time. She called to check in with her during the evening. The babysitter said she was fine, she had just put the baby down to sleep but she had been really freaked out by the clown statue in the babies bedroom. My friend told her to grab the baby and run like hell to her own home.
They don't have a clown statue in the bedroom.

The man dressed in a clown costume was arrested by the police in town later that night and charged with the murder of another local girl.

BertieBotts Sun 05-Aug-12 10:17:57

This is the most horrible one I've heard. Upset me for days sad

My sister's boyfriend was eating out at a restaurant with a group of friends, he had ordered a beef curry and was enjoying his meal when he found a small fragment of bone in his mouth. He removed it and was astonished to see it was actually a small piece of metal. He checked his cutlery in case a piece had broken off, but they were intact, so he called the waiter over to complain.

To his confusion, the waiter appeared flustered and was quite insistent on taking the piece of metal away. He became suspicious and pocketed it, leaving his share of the bill and leaving so that his friends could continue to dine without making a big scene.

The next day, he took the bit of metal into a police station, and they identified it as a microchip, the kind inserted into pets to prevent them from getting lost.

BardOfBarking Sun 05-Aug-12 10:19:12

A FRIEND of a friend and his daughter were driving along a lonely country road at night and happened upon a female hitchhiker. The woman asked for a ride to her home just a few miles up the road. The travelers obliged and continued on with the woman riding silently in the backseat.

As they approached their destination, the driver turned to inform the mysterious passenger that they were about to arrive, only to discover she had vanished from the backseat without a trace! Thoroughly spooked, our travelers inquired at the house whose address she had given and learned that a woman matching the description of the hitchhiker had indeed once lived there, but died several years ago in an automobile accident.

Her ghost, they were told, was sometimes seen wandering beside the highway, attempting to thumb a ride home from strangers.

BardOfBarking Sun 05-Aug-12 10:27:19

ONE SUMMER day in Putney, London, a woman pulled into a petrol station. The woman told the man behind the counter that she was in a hurry to pick up her daughter, who had just finished an art class in Richmond.

A very-well-dressed man walked over to her car and started talking to her. He explained that his rental car had died, and he needed a ride to Richmond for an appointment. She said she would be happy to give him a ride. He put his briefcase in the backseat and said he was going to the men's room quickly.

The woman looked at her watch and suddenly panicked. She drove off quickly, having forgotten that the man was coming back to the car for a ride.

She thought nothing of him again until she and her daughter pulled into their driveway. She saw his briefcase and realized she had forgotten him! She opened the briefcase looking for some form of identification so she could notify him about his belongings. Inside she found nothing but a knife and a roll of duct tape!

love this thread smile

mummytime Sun 05-Aug-12 10:54:39

A different version of my favourite one.
Three Grandmas in California hire an RV and drive down to go to Mexico. However before they get to the border they realise one of them's passport is out of date, so in order not to be stopped at the border she hides in the toilet. They get through the border fine. But a few days later she has a heart attack and dies. They decide to go straight home, and hide her body in the toilet again. When they stop for gas the other side of the border, her body is missing.

I don't get it - what's meant to have happened to it?

HarlettOScara Sun 05-Aug-12 11:06:48

^My sister's boyfriend was eating out at a restaurant with a group of friends, he had ordered a beef curry and was enjoying his meal when he found a small fragment of bone in his mouth. He removed it and was astonished to see it was actually a small piece of metal. He checked his cutlery in case a piece had broken off, but they were intact, so he called the waiter over to complain.

To his confusion, the waiter appeared flustered and was quite insistent on taking the piece of metal away. He became suspicious and pocketed it, leaving his share of the bill and leaving so that his friends could continue to dine without making a big scene.

The next day, he took the bit of metal into a police station, and they identified it as a microchip, the kind inserted into pets to prevent them from getting lost. ^

Can someone explain to me why this is sinister? I know it's horseshit, like all of these legends and I'm probably overthinking this but I can't see where the 'cautionary tale' or whatever is in this one?

HarlettOScara Sun 05-Aug-12 11:07:11

D'oh...italics fail!

TrollofTrollHall Sun 05-Aug-12 11:13:27

Curry made out of pet dog/cat, Harlett.

Oh, and the Phantom Hitchhiker who vanishes? It's not an Urban Legend...

stookiesackhouse Sun 05-Aug-12 11:19:09

I like the one with the babysitter who calls the police because she is sitting on the sofa watching tv when she sees a man with a knife staring at her through the patio doors opposite her. It's a dark snowy evening and the police arrive only to tell her there is no trace of tracks in the snow outside so she must have been mistaken. Until a junior officer notices wet footprints behind the sofa where she was sitting! What she actually saw was his reflection as he stood behind her.


HarlettOScara Sun 05-Aug-12 11:22:29

Aah...thanks, Troll. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer this morning!

I love these.

The one with the dog beside the bed had me petrified as a child.

There was also one about a couple in a car and they hear scratching on the roof.

Not sure how that one ends though <useless>

HarlettOScara Sun 05-Aug-12 11:47:26

Mike, this one?

stookiesackhouse Sun 05-Aug-12 12:22:36

Mike, I used to love that story when I was young blush

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 12:33:00

Mike, that is The Boyfriends Death or The Hanging Tree.

PigletJohn Sun 05-Aug-12 12:47:09

granny on the roofrack.

TheThingUpstairs Sun 05-Aug-12 12:58:51

Babysitter getting creepy calls that turn out made from the house she is in.

Yes that's it.

The one I remember had the escaped lunatic being mentioned on the radio.

Wasn't there a film about these.

hermioneweasley Sun 05-Aug-12 13:17:01

I can't believe nobody had mentioned the guy who hooks up with a beautiful stranger in a hotel and washes up in a bath of ice with his kidneys missing. My personal favourite.

Just remembered one a woman in work was convinced was true.

She said that her 18yo niece had ended her first serious relationship and to help her get over it had gone on a girls weekend to Amsterdam. Whilst there she met a man in a club. After having a bit of a fumble he tried to persuade her to go home with him. She declined.

After returning home she developed a really bad cold sore that spread all over her lower face.

She went to the docs who took some swabs. A few days later the police were at her door as the tests had shown an infection that could only be caught from touching dead bodies. The police in Amsterdam later arrested the man from the club and found the bodies of several young women.

Work friend is convinced this actually happened. Even when we have shown her similiar stories on line. Bonkers!

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 13:35:16

Eww, minging.

stookiesackhouse Sun 05-Aug-12 14:21:49

What about the one where the girl picks up an old lady hitchhiker who gets in the passenger seat. Driving along the girl tries to engage in conversation with the lady who's face is mainly covered by her headscarf. The old lady doesn't say much and strikes the girl as weird. She looks down and notices the old lady has very hairy hands. She stops the car, saying something is wrong with it and asks the old lady to check the tires on her side. Old lady opens her door, the girl kicks her out of the car and drives to police station with old lady's bag still in the car. When they open it, it contains a butcher's knife, a hammer and pliers.

Mintyy Sun 05-Aug-12 14:24:52

Woman goes for a smear and accidentally leaves a bus ticket stuck on her fanjo.

mintyy wtf? can't say I have heard that one before.

I cant remember the details but there was also one about someone killing a family member then chopping off a finger to get a ring.

Several years later old person knocking on door asking for somewhere to get warm. They hold their hand s up to the fire to show a missing finger.

Oh yeah, the smear test with the stamp/glitter on the fanny. I'm pretty sure someone has posted on here claiming it happened to them (even though it's on snopes)

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sun 05-Aug-12 14:49:32

I don't get the grannies in Mexico one. [dim]

This thread is giving me v agreeable spooky shivers only because it's daytime, and if I think of them tonight I'll terrify myself

PigletJohn Sun 05-Aug-12 14:53:38


susiedaisy Sun 05-Aug-12 14:56:46

Dear god the one about the clown statue and the man with a knife being a reflection has made me feel sick and sent that horrible chill down my spine, thank goodness it's mid afternoon and I have a house full of kids !!!

susiedaisy Sun 05-Aug-12 14:57:52

Actually the one with the hitchhiker and the briefcase is chilling as wellsad

Mintyy Sun 05-Aug-12 15:02:31

Mike: woman goes for a smear test and has a bit of a long wait in the waiting room. Needs a wee, goes to toilet but unfortunately no loo paper! Rummages in handbag and luckily finds one lone tissue in the bottom of the bag to wipe herself.

During smear test nurse/doctor (I think its supposed to be slightly more funny if its a male doctor) retrieves a used bus ticket from the lady's labia and holds it up and might even make a funny quip about return trip or all change at the next stop or summat like that.

susiedaisy Sun 05-Aug-12 15:05:04

I have heard of that one it is about 30 odd years old nowsmile

I would not be at all surprised at the smear one being a thread on here. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing a mner would do grin

fuzzywuzzy Sun 05-Aug-12 15:26:18

Oh gosh the clown one, I never realised it was an urband legend.

A friend at work told it me. Said her relatives from south Africa were visiting and the girl had been babysitting for some very good friends who lived near a notorious stretch of road which is very well known as a criminal spot and to be avoided at night.

So relative waves off friends on their date, settles down for a quiet evening, half way thro the evening at about 10/11pm the couple ring her to see how things are going and she says she's fine the baby is sleeping, but would it be ok if she moved tthe life sized clown thing in their bedroom as it's creeping her out and when she went in the room to change it felt like she was bieng watched and she really can't sleep with it in the room.
They tell her to take the baby and leave immediately and not go back in the room, they have no such life sized clown doll!

I thought it was truuuueeee how gullible am I.

I still hate clowns!

When I started uni I got told this; years ago in your halls, two girls shared the double room. One night they. Were due to go out, one is ill so friend goes, coming back later to get something - doesn't turn light on so friend can stay sleeping. In the morning, friend dead, message on body, 'bet you're glad you left the light off' etc.

No I don't get the old lady stowaway one

susiedaisy Sun 05-Aug-12 15:45:55

Urrrgh that clown ones freaking me out!!sad

ScorpionQueen Sun 05-Aug-12 16:43:22

A friend of a friend owned a python. The owner of the snake let it roam around the house all day and each night it slept on the bed curled up next to the owner.

The snake had stopped eating and instead of curling up on the the owner's bed each night, the snake had taken to sleeping stretched out alongside the owner. The owner took the snake to the vet to find out why the snake was not eating. The vet said he didn't know but would make some enquiries. A few days later the vet called the owner and said the snake needs to be put down.

The vet told the owner that the snake was lying lengthways alongside her and had stopped eating because it was sizing the owner up to eat her.

I really must keep off this thread, I know I'll have bad dreams again tonight. DH told me off for reading it just before bed as I woke him up when the dog licked my hand.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Sun 05-Aug-12 17:07:24


fuzzywuzzy Sun 05-Aug-12 17:09:44

It was a man disguised as a little old lady.

fuzzywuzzy Sun 05-Aug-12 17:10:47

oh woops no sorry wonrg one

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 17:57:35

I know clown one is really, really freaky!

tartyflette Sun 05-Aug-12 17:57:52

I always liked the one about the US family on holiday in Mexico who fell in love with a stray Mexican 'chihuahua' and smuggled it back in their RV only for it to be discovered by Customs who were horrified and and destroyed it straight way, saying it was a giant rabid sewer rat. grin
I mean, it's just soooo easy to confuse a dog and a rat, isn't it?
(Also I think most of these have either been made into films or have come from film plots)

YouBloodyWolf Sun 05-Aug-12 18:04:00

If you like this thread, you might enjoy the 'It happened to me!' section over on the Fortean Times board.

DoingTheBestICan Sun 05-Aug-12 18:05:48

A lady I used to work with had me convinced this one was true,a friend of hers had gone to see the chippendales and after the show she had been invited backstage by one of them.
She gave one of them a blow job and a couple of days later her eye started itching and went all red,she went to the dr who looked in her eye and found a pubic hair inside her eyelid.
I really believed her too.

LulaPalooza Sun 05-Aug-12 18:11:33

I was enjoying these, having a little chuckle at the ridiculousness of them


AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am going to have nightmares about that one! I cocking well hate snakes [scared and puking a bit face]

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sun 05-Aug-12 18:22:14

Loving these! creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

cookielove Sun 05-Aug-12 18:23:11

I've heard most of these already the dog one i know very well,
the different variables being
-the lady is blind
-the dog licks her hand at night to reassure her
-she gets out of bed the first time to turn the leaking tap off
-the dog's throat is cut and hung in the shower the entire time and its that dripping she can hear
- the last lines changes to 'Humans can lick too' (without the extra hand bit) which seems really creepy.
-Her carer finds her in the morning alive with the dogs blood on the wall as above.

The clown one is freaky, as is the guy in the house, there are lots of criminal mind shows like that, freaks me right out.

Cassettetapeandpencil Sun 05-Aug-12 18:23:19

I was convinced that this one was true when a friend told me she knew someone who this had happened to! I'm so gullible!


Mintyy Sun 05-Aug-12 18:26:41

I love the one about the snake measuring up its owner by lying straight alongside her! Tis one of my old favourites.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sun 05-Aug-12 18:32:01

when interrailing int he late 80's we took it in turn to sleep on night trains because we were told that sleeping gas was regularly pumped into the carriages and theives went form cabin to cabin stealing everything....

I have no idea if it was true..

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 18:33:12

Some awesome ones here. I find them fascinating.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Sun 05-Aug-12 18:36:36

NKU I was told that about the ovenight sleeper to Naples...

Also heard this one a lot in school. Always happened to a friend of a friend

Schlock Sun 05-Aug-12 18:38:09

I heard that one about sleeper trains in the early 90s when interrailing grin

Uppermid Sun 05-Aug-12 18:55:59

You bloody youbloodywolf! Why did I click on that link. I'm going to be terrified going to bed now!!

cookielove Sun 05-Aug-12 19:19:37

Just read some of those stories to my mate on the phone and i got shivers reading them and yet when i read them in my head not so much.

My mate stated 'and that is why i never baby sit'

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 19:23:31


YouBloodyWolf Sun 05-Aug-12 19:30:53

Sorry, Uppermid grin Compulsive isn't it ?

You definitely shouldn't Google the 'Nosleep' section on Reddit.com though...

ivykaty44 Sun 05-Aug-12 19:32:28

Has the rabbit one been done - where the neighbour is supposed to feed the rabbit whist they are on holiday?

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 19:34:40

I lve Reddit no sleep! Have all the podcasts!

Uppermid Sun 05-Aug-12 19:35:36

Damn you, you know I'm gonna read it now!

HermioneE Sun 05-Aug-12 19:36:05

This thread is HORRIBLE!! love it!

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 19:36:47
LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 19:38:45
fuzzywuzzy Sun 05-Aug-12 19:43:08

oh lord why did I click that and why did I read the eiditic memory one.....

Uppermid Sun 05-Aug-12 19:48:23

Phew can't find it!

This is giving me flashbacks to Brownie camp and all of the terrifying 'true' stories told by some of my fellow pixies.

Another really gross one (definitely not from the brownies this time) is about the woman who has really bad stomach pains, goes to the toilet, and loads of horrible liquid and live shrimps erupt from her fanjo. Naturally this was because she had been using the tail of a live lobster to, ahem, pleasure herself, which had then laid it's eggs inside her. Eurgh.

My mil will also kill any spiders she sees in the house in case they crawl into my DCs ears when they are asleep and lay eggs. (If this does in fact has some basis in reality please do NOT enlighten mesmile)

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 20:37:46

nosleep forum


nosleep podcast

There you go upper, maybe it didn't link right last time smile

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 20:41:33

Miss No, it doesn't. There are many protective barriers between your ear and your brain. You'd lose your hearing from your inner ear having problems, before it even got close to your brain.

Also don't like the cactus one where lots of poisonous spiders burst out of an imported cacti!

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 20:42:46

I pretty much know them all. :D

cookielove Sun 05-Aug-12 21:00:22

I told DP them and he just smiled then said 'yeah i can see why that would creep you out' smug bastard

Uppermid Sun 05-Aug-12 21:54:48


susiedaisy Sun 05-Aug-12 22:37:30

Urrgh the fecking clown one and the man's reflection in the window one are still on my mind, making me twitchysadangry

poorbuthappy Sun 05-Aug-12 22:45:51

Right this is from my sister's friend's dog's auntie: but I did actually want to kick my sis when she told me.

Not long after 7/7 "apparently" someone is in Asda/Tesco/Sainsbos/Waitrose/Naicehamshop and there is a lady in a full burkha in front of them. Said lady is 20p short to pay for her shopping so person we do/don't know offers 20p to make it up. Burkha lady then is so grateful that she tells family member/friend not to go near a certain area/shopping centre/railway station etc etc on a certain date cos something bad will happen.

I really tore a strip off my sister when she told me in a hushed voice and actually believed it.

Not scary, just fucking ignorant.

stookiesackhouse Sun 05-Aug-12 22:53:58

Ha ha sorry Susie, the reflection one was me blush

LordOfThe5Rings Sun 05-Aug-12 23:17:25


BrianButterfield Sun 05-Aug-12 23:19:27

Poorbuthappy, I do enjoy the joke version of that story though, where the Asian person says "stay away from Mansfield next week" and when asked if its because there's going to be an attack, says "no, it's a shithole". grin

I love urban myths. It always pisses me off when someone tells me one as though it's real. Just say "I heard a great urban legend" - I'd still enjoy it just as much!

poorbuthappy Sun 05-Aug-12 23:26:04

It was worrying though because it highlighted to me quite how guillable my lovely dippy sister is.
She runs everything past me now...wink

Arf at Mansfield joke grin

sad at clown story

Gabeesh Sun 05-Aug-12 23:36:19

Awww, I was going to tell the dead-person-in-subway-carriage one!

Two I heard recently:
A Man was driving down a highway years ago when he passed an older black lady on the side of the road with two children. It was raining heavily and she had lots of shopping bags, her car having broken down. Everyone else was ignoring her but the driver was worried so he went back, tried to fix her car and, when he couldn't, drove he all the way to her house. She was naturally very grateful and begged for his address which he eventually gave her, thinking she might send him a thankyou card or something. Two weeks later he gets a knock on the door and finds delivery men there with a huge tv. With it is a note from the woman, thanking him for his kindness in helping her out, signed Mrs Nat King Cole.

Second one: There was a woman who had gone to Begas and won a huge some of money on the machines. Nervously she decided to take it back to her room for safekeeping and went to the elevator. As she was about to press the button a huge, scary-ass guy followed her in a barked 'Hit the floor!' terrified she dropped to the floor an the man burst out laughing. He explained he had wanted her to hit the ground floor button, then personally escorted her to her room to check she was safe. The next day when she went to check out she found her hotel bill had already been paid and there were several bunches of flowers waiting for her, along with a note which read 'Thankyou for the biggest laugh of my life. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.'

And slightly more a ghost story:

A man picks up a hitch hiker who is quiet the whole journey. Suddenly she shouts 'Be careful on this next bend!' he slows down and narrowly misses a collision with a speeding lorry. He pulls over to the side of the road, shaking, and asks how she knew he needed to be careful. She replied 'Because that's the spot where I was killed by a speeding driver.'

ScorpionQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 00:08:58

A nice one...

A 50- something year old white woman arrived at her seat on a crowded flight and immediately didn't want the seat. The seat was next to a black man. Disgusted, the woman immediately summoned the flight attendant and demanded a new seat. The woman said "I cannot sit here next to this black man." The fight attendant said "Let me see if I can find another seat." After checking, the flight attendant returned and stated "Ma'am, there are no more seats in economy, but I will check with the captain and see if there is something in first class." About 10 minutes went by and the flight attendant returned and stated "The captain has confirmed that there are no more seats in economy, but there is one in first class. It is our company policy to never move a person from economy to first class, but being that it would be some sort of scandal to force a person to sit next to an UNPLEASANT person, the captain agreed to make the switch to first class." Before the woman could say anything, the attendant gestured to the black man and said, "Therefore sir, if you would so kindly retrieve your personal items, we would like to move you to the comfort of first class as the captain doesn't want you to sit next to an unpleasant person." Passengers in the seats nearby began to applause while some gave a standing ovation.

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 00:19:44

I sooo hope that is true, Scorpion.

TrollofTrollHall Mon 06-Aug-12 00:22:11

Crying Boy Picture.

You're going to have to google it yourself because I don't want it on my laptop screen in case it's true... (would probably do a link if it wasn't Irrational o'clock)

ScorpionQueen Mon 06-Aug-12 00:48:20

My cousin has a photo of a family party with a crying boy standing to the side, watching. It's on my Facebook but I can't post it without outing myself- spookiest thing I ever saw. Apparently it is the ghost of a boy who died in a car crash a few years previously and he was drawn by the music and laughter, as he was so lonely.

angryfurball Mon 06-Aug-12 05:47:00

I love these! grin

sashh Mon 06-Aug-12 06:15:22

Scorpion - I heard that one too and would really like it to be true.

One that is on snopes, well a version of one.

A group of people are training to be Christian minsters. They have a final exam. Wehn they reach the door to sit the exam there is a note saying the exam has been moved to the other side of the campus, they will have to hurry to get there.

Half way between the rooms the students come accross someone who has fallen of their bike and is bleeding. The person asks for help and the students ignore him(sometimes it is a her).

When they reach the exam hall they recieve a fail mark for not stopping to help.

Not as creepy as the sleeping bag photos.

A friend of my cousin was travelling from London to Leeds. She was really tired so aske the person opposite to nudge her when they reached Leeds.

She woke up in Edinburgh with a post it note on her forehead that said "Don't trust strangers".

Now for the really creepy one.

Eastern Air Lines flight 401 went down in the everglades. It crashed because the flight engineer, pilot and copilot were all trying to change a lightbulb.

The plane was damaged but many parts were salvaged and after being inspected by Federal Air Investigation were returned to Eastern Airlines. The airline used the parts as spares on its other Tristar planes.

The captain and flight attendent were killed, but that didn't stop them appearing on other tristars, telling crew to "Watch out for fire on this plane", "You don't need to do the pre flight check, I've already done it", as well as issuing warning the engineer fixed an oven in the gally and the captain sat next to an Eastern Airlines executive.

OhNoMyFoot Mon 06-Aug-12 06:27:45

Thank god I'm reading these in the morning grin

stookiesackhouse Mon 06-Aug-12 07:18:09

Oo that dead hitchhiker one just gave me a big shiver!

So glad I am reading these in the morning with a toddler to distract me! Brilliant. I actually had not heard most of these except the snake one! grin

ToujoursPur Mon 06-Aug-12 07:55:14

Surely the whole point about the overnight trains and sleeping gas one is that they pump sleeping gas in so "staying awake" isn't actually going to help you grin

ObviouslyItsTheOlympics Mon 06-Aug-12 08:11:56

What about my friend who went on holiday to a very exotic yet nondescript country. When he came back he had a big itchy sore on his leg that kept getting bigger, shinier and more itchy. He eventually scratched it so hard that it burst and hundreds of tiny spiders came cascading out of it grin

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 06-Aug-12 10:13:21

Obviously, that takes me right back! Was a perennial favourite at my school.

Someone really needs to explain the 'three grannies in an RV in Mexico' one to me. Plleeeeeeeeeease!

Rachog Mon 06-Aug-12 11:08:05

I believed the snake one as true when I heard it first time.. gullible!

I don't get the granny one either, where did the body go?

Gabeesh Mon 06-Aug-12 11:16:46

Then of course there's the surprise party and the dog food...

OlympicTeaDrinker Mon 06-Aug-12 11:22:58

But if they're not true then where do they appear from

obviously I know that over time there have been different variations of them but do they not all originally start from some soft of truth?

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 11:41:32

There is that possibility, Olympic - at least with some of them.

I think some are exaggerated truths that they use to frighten people off doing certain things.

JambalayaCodfishPie Mon 06-Aug-12 11:41:47

Shouldn't have read these - they play on my mind for aaaaaaaages. grin

Please come back and explain the granny one!

sashh Mon 06-Aug-12 12:08:25

I'm I the only one that got the granny one?

Someone nicked granny's body, it it disapeared in a puff of smaoke, or she isn't really dead and let herself out.

A dead body should stay where you leave it.

stookiesackhouse Mon 06-Aug-12 12:25:35

I think whoever told the granny one got mixed up.

The real version is - family goes on vacation, mum, dad, two kids and gran to Mexico. During vacation granny sadly dies.

To save hassle getting her body back through border control they wrap her up in a quilt and tie her to roof rack hidden under the cases.

On way home, they make a stop for petrol and toilet break etc. While they are busy, someone steals their car and drives off with granny.

JambalayaCodfishPie Mon 06-Aug-12 12:25:48

I think people thought it was meant to be scary!

juneybean Mon 06-Aug-12 13:27:16

That version sounds more like the Little Miss Sunshine movie grin

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 06-Aug-12 13:49:33

Ah, thanks stookie, that makes sense!

LemonBreeland Mon 06-Aug-12 14:13:51

This is the freakiest thread I have ever read on mn. Thank goodness it is daytime, as it has scared the bejesus out of me.

Lemon- these kind of threads pop up quite a lot on here. If you want to be scared try searching for some of the paranormal ones.

<I take no responsibility for how scared you may get>

BertieBotts Mon 06-Aug-12 15:57:26

This is so un-freaky! How can you be scared by a story which you are told isn't true? confused

[probably just weird]

I agree though the spooky/paranormal experiences ones are terrifying!

Not scary, but one of the funniest ones I've read:

"A Little Rock woman was killed yesterday after leaping through her moving car's sun roof during an incident best described as "a mistaken rapture" by dozens of eye witnesses. Thirteen other people were injured after a twenty-car pile up resulted from people trying to avoid hitting the woman who was apparently convinced that the rapture was occurring when she saw twelve people floating up into the air, and then passed a man on the side of the road who she claimed was Jesus.

"She started screaming "He's back, He's back" and climbed right out of the sunroof and jumped off the roof of the car," said Everet Williams, husband of 28-year-old Georgann Williams who was pronounced dead at the scene. "I was slowing down but she wouldn't wait till I stopped," Williams said. She thought the rapture was happening and was convinced that Jesus was gonna lift her up into the sky," he went on to say.

"This is the strangest thing I've seen since I've been on the force,"said Paul Madison, first officer on the scene. Madison questioned the man who looked like Jesus and discovered that he was dressed up as Jesus and was on his way to a toga costume party when the tarp covering the bed of his pickup truck came loose and released twelve blowup dolls filled with helium which floated up into the air.

Ernie Jenkins, 32, of Fort Smith, who's been told by several of his friends that he looks like Jesus, pulled over and lifted his arms into the air in frustration, and said "Come back here," just as the Williams' car passed him.

Mrs. Williams was sure that it was Jesus lifting people up into the sky as they passed by him, according to her husband, who says his wife loved Jesus more than anything else.

When asked for comments about the twelve dolls, Jenkins replied "This is all just too weird for me. I never expected anything like this to happen."

It's not true, but I soooo badly want it to be. I first heard about it when someone nominated the woman for a Darwin Award.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 06-Aug-12 17:00:44

That was a storyline in Six Feet Under, ages ago. V funny. grin

LemonBreeland Mon 06-Aug-12 17:21:12

Mike I must have done well to avoid them so far. I will not search out more.

Bertie I know it is crazy to be scared of something that isn't true. I am obviously wierd. grin

Gabeesh Mon 06-Aug-12 17:32:51

I don't think it's weird to be scared by them. These stories are hard-wired to tap into our primal fears. They're designed to creep us out because, with our knowledge or lack of knowledge of the world we can easily believe something like that happening.

CleoSmackYa Mon 06-Aug-12 17:33:03

Enjoying these! not shitting myself at all

ElizabethX Mon 06-Aug-12 18:16:31

Apparently the hairy handed hitchhiker story is literally hundreds of years old. Late 1700s first appearance.

The one about the woman hitchhiker I remember reading in a short story years ago. It was called Mamie or Maimie?

With my filthy mind I was going to offer, as an example of an urban myth, that one about semen being good for the complexion blush

whatkungfuthat Mon 06-Aug-12 19:17:44

The ones that were popular when I was at school were the rats head deep fried into a piece of KFC and the girl who buys a new skirt from Chelsea Girl and gets a rash around her waist. She complains to someone who opens the waistband to find it full of fleas confused

Its the stickmen threads that scare the bejesus out of me, even though I know they are ridiculous.

headfairy Mon 06-Aug-12 19:26:13


The one I liked as a teenager was the one about the boarding school in the middle of nowhere. It's the half term before Christmas and lots of the girls have gone home, leaving a handful at school. They all decide to sleep in one dorm so the heating can be switched off in the others. One evening they're all telling ghost stories and scaring the living daylights out of each other. Eventually they all fall asleep.

One girl wakes in the middle of the night and needs the loo. The ghost stories have freaked her out so she hangs on as long as she can. Eventually she has to go. She walks down the dark corridor to the loo and sits down. While she's in there, she hears a bang and some scuffling. Then it's quiet again. She's terrified and stays in the cubicle. Some time later she hears a scratching outside the door. She stays silent and sits on the loo seat and lifts up her legs so no one from the outside can see her in there. She stays there all night.

As it's getting light she hears some other noises. People walking around, talking, radio chatter etc. Eventually there's a knock at the cubicle door and a man asking "is there anyone in there?" As the voice is reassuringly official sounding the girl opens the door and explains she got frightened in the night. The police man asks her to follow him and not look anywhere around her as they walk out, just look at the floor. As she's walking out the girl can't bear it and sneaks a peak... the corridor to the dorm is full of bodies, her friends all butchered to death. Someone had broken in to the school in the night and systematically slaughtered all the teachers and pupils. The scratching she heard was the last remaining child alive who was trying to warn her when she was dragged off by the killer.

kungfu I always skim over the stickman stories I have no idea why they freak me out so much.

headfairy Mon 06-Aug-12 19:29:26

what are the stickman stories? Go on, scare me, I'm treble 'ard me <lies>

NanBullen Mon 06-Aug-12 19:30:10

me too whatkungfuthat there is a really long thread on digital spy about freaky things and someone posted a photo of a stickman thing. completely freaked me out!

even though i know it was fake (tries to convince self)

sscroll down for stickmen.

TrollofTrollHall Mon 06-Aug-12 19:31:41

ooh, linky to thread?

Still don't get the grandma in Mexico one & don't know what the stickmen are about. Heard most of the other ones & even though I know they're not true some of them still make me shudder, I think it's because some of them could happen.

TrollofTrollHall Mon 06-Aug-12 19:37:46

*Now for the really creepy one.

Eastern Air Lines flight 401 went down in the everglades. It crashed because the flight engineer, pilot and copilot were all trying to change a lightbulb.

The plane was damaged but many parts were salvaged and after being inspected by Federal Air Investigation were returned to Eastern Airlines. The airline used the parts as spares on its other Tristar planes.

The captain and flight attendent were killed, but that didn't stop them appearing on other tristars, telling crew to "Watch out for fire on this plane", "You don't need to do the pre flight check, I've already done it", as well as issuing warning the engineer fixed an oven in the gally and the captain sat next to an Eastern Airlines executive.*

the ghosts of flight 401 were seen by trained professional crew, were well
documented, and stopped when the airline removed all the recycled parts.


LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 19:41:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

headfairy Mon 06-Aug-12 19:42:10

Sorry, but the stickmen make me laugh grin I was thinking like the twig thingys in The Blair Witch Project They were freaky!

Elizabeth: bloody hell, I didn't know the semen thing was an urban myth. Mind you, my skin looks pretty good

ObviouslyItsTheOlympics Mon 06-Aug-12 19:44:13

How could I forget my friend who got a burger from KFC and when he bit into it a big chicken tumour burst and pus ran down his chin grin

The flight 401 legends are true. Theres a book called the ghost of
Flight 401. Written by actual personnel. It's out o print but sometimes pops up on amazon. I stupidly lent mine out years ago.

whatkungfuthat Mon 06-Aug-12 19:56:04

Nan a photo you say? <Goes off to Digital Spy>

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 19:59:05

Glad the granny one is sorted now.

What is the stickmen stories?

too wimpy to Google

NanBullen Mon 06-Aug-12 19:59:10

digital spy thread Creepy! Sorry it's really long but there's some really freaky stuff in there!

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 20:01:51

This is true as it didn't happen to a friend of a friend, it was on the local news and was why the KFC shut down [wont mention the place but put me off KFC for a while].

Someone actually found a dirty bloody bandage in with a chicken piece meal, you know the ones with like 8 pieces in? The police checked it and it was human blood, most likely from someone whom cut their finger or something but ick!

Also was at a McD's there a guy found hairs in his burger <boak>

Where was the granny one sorted? The one explanation didn't really explain anything in my opinion.

BertieBotts Mon 06-Aug-12 20:21:20

The stickman does creep me out blush it's the part about "he only exists when people think about him" that's wrong.

Other than that, things which aren't real don't worry me in the slightest.

The granny story was apparently two stories mixed up, so that's why it didn't make sense.

shrinkingnora Mon 06-Aug-12 20:23:09

I just looked at reddit and have clicked on a picture of a scary doll. I nearly pissed my pants.

shrinkingnora Mon 06-Aug-12 20:25:22
whatkungfuthat Mon 06-Aug-12 20:25:28

I'm just working my way through the Digital Spy thread, its great.

Lord I once had something in a curry that I first thought was a cardamom pod, but was actually a fag butt <boak>

headfairy Mon 06-Aug-12 20:27:53

ooh Shrinking That doll looks like the girl in The Ring... creepy!

shrinkingnora Mon 06-Aug-12 20:28:36

Please someone click on that so I am not alone with my fear. i am actually to scared to go to the loo now and dh is out.

shrinkingnora Mon 06-Aug-12 20:29:14

Thank you headfairy. I am genuinely freaked out by that!

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 20:30:17


headfairy Mon 06-Aug-12 20:32:31

yes, there's something horribly creepy about kids toys in inappropriate places or all beaten up. Ditto kids choirs singing... how can something so beautiful sound so frightening when accompanying a creepy film?

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 20:33:12

I tell you what happened when I was about 16 in college. I bought a bottle of summer fruits fanta and opened it up, took a sip and this stuff that felt like a cotton bud but slightly firmer, with a strange smell touched my lips. I showed my tutor at the time and he nearly threw up himself. THAT TOUCHED MY LIPS. We reported it to the canteen and never found out what it was but it was truly disgusting.

It was yellowy green colour, although in an orange red liquid... wtf?

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 20:33:55

Oh yes ripped up dolls, heads bitten off action figures etc is disgusting!

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 20:35:00

The Silent Hill games are freaky as hell, too.

<<Runs and hides>>

headfairy Mon 06-Aug-12 20:35:51

What are the Silent Hill games? <clueless>

Catsmamma Mon 06-Aug-12 20:38:57

this IS a horror story that I read years ago that creeped me out, it was couple of pages in a compendium that my ma bought in M&S of all places ...I'd love to read it again and find out if the writer wrote anything else

The gist of it is

A single mother has escaped from her abusive, violent husband. She has set up home in a new area with her child, but the husband is still searching for her and wishes to take her child.

She wakes in the dead of night certain someone is in her room, certain he has found her and means her some harm. It is so dark she cannot see a thing but she hears breathing and senses someone creeping towards her. She listens as hard as she can to try and hear if the intruder has her child but all she hears is someone getting closer and closer to the bed.

She realises she has one chance to save herself and her child, straining to hear and struggling to judge the right moment she snatches up her heavy bedside light and brings it crashing down on the intruder beside her bed

As it connects she hears a single word as the body falls to the floor.


Even recounting this makes my neck prickle....I so want to know who the author was!!

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 20:45:08

Cats That's horrible sad

head It's a series of surrealist horror games <--Silent Hill-->

IWanders Mon 06-Aug-12 21:14:40

I have a couple of Urban Style legends I think.

There's a couple and they are lost in the middle of now where its foggy and they know they have missed there hotel booking and won't make it that evening. So they decide to stop at the first place they find. A few miles later they see lights and a sign for a small farm style B and B. They decide to stop as they are both very tired and the fog is getting thicker. When they ring the bell the door is answered by a lovely old couple who show them to a lovely room, the decor is old fashioned no duvet just a coverlet, simple in style. The next morning the owner brings them up hot water from the well for washing and a cooked breakfast and later as they are preparing to leave asks them if they enjoyed their night. The couple say it was a lovely night and they had a great sleep and loved looking at the black and white photos and old papers and books in the drawing room. The owner smiles and wishes them well and shows them how to get back onto the right road. It is still foggy as they leave but they make good progress and reach there pre booked hotel within a few hours. When they arrive at their hotel they explain about getting lost and about staying at a lovely quaint B and B and could someone please tell them about the place they stayed and show them where it is on the map as they would like to stay again on their way home. The manager of the hotel is brought to them and on explanation of the evenings events suddenly goes pail and looks faint and says the B and B they stayed in was his Great Grandmas and was destroyed by fire killing all those who slept back in August 7th 1910 the only reason his Grandma survived was that she was studying in boarding school otherwise he would not be here today and that it was impossible for them to have stayed there, the women then produces the newspaper from her bag she had taken it as a souvenir the date on the paper is August 6th 1910 the day before the fire.

Gabeesh Mon 06-Aug-12 21:16:24

The semen one reminds me of when I was a teenager at school. I was an absolute nerd and excluded from the general conversation but heard one of the slutty popular girls who'd recently done it with her boyfriend regaling all with her knowledge and experience, saying 'swallowing semen is really really good for you.' I remember looking at her and thinking "You twat."

Catsmamma Mon 06-Aug-12 21:24:42

it is horrid, but the writer really builds the tension.

it's like a mini tales of the unexpected.

YouBloodyWolf Mon 06-Aug-12 21:26:49

The 'bogus social worker' phenomenon is creepy. Unsuspecting parent gets a knock on the door from a couple (usually including a woman) who flash some ID and claim to be from Social Services, investigating a report about the young child in the house. The shocked parents let them in, the child is 'examined' and the couple leave. The parents phone the council when they've had a chance to calm down and recover a sense of 'WTF', and are told that no social workers have been anywhere near their house and there are no reports on the child.


IWanders Mon 06-Aug-12 21:32:44

This one always crept me out and upset me as dh works away a lot and we talk a lot on the phone.

There is a women busy in the house and preparing to get her kids from school when the phone rings, annoyed at being interrupted she answers it, the line is faint and crackly but its her husband she is pleased to hear from him as she missed his call earlier that day; he always called at 11am and as she didn't here the phone she is pleased he got a chance to call back. He tells her he doesn't have long to talk but she hasn't to worry, he says things are going to be different from now on, that she will have to be really strong for the kids. She's confused and asks if he's been drinking, she thinks he's being silly but can't understand why. He laughs and says he loves her but she will have to be strong, he says he loves them all very much but has to go and she shouldn't be too upset and she will understand things soon. More upset and confused she goes downstairs to get the kids thinking he was being silly and will call later. As she leaves the house a police car is pulling up to the house, they say they have some bad news her husbands plane went down at 11am that morning all soles were lost. Her husband therefore could only have called from beyond the grave.

The other ones that creep me out are dead people turning up in photos, like the RAF man killed in WW2 appearing in the group photo of the returning troops even though he never made it back.

Or the young child heading home from school and meeting grandma/mam/friend on the lane and having a lovely chat only to go into the house and be told they died earlier that day and they wanted to wait for her to come out of school before they told her.

molepom Mon 06-Aug-12 22:04:44

Jesus Fucking Christ.....That bloody doll!

Fucking warn us next time, that's the sort of thing that really freaks me out.

I've been fine right up to that point.

SausageSmuggler Mon 06-Aug-12 22:12:53

Reading these has made me feel rather nervous about being in a detached bungalow with curtains only in the bedrooms. I just couldn't stop reading!!

rainydaysarebad Mon 06-Aug-12 22:20:53

I've got both my children laying in my bed with me asleep as I read these stories. My blinds are open and there's a gap in the curtains; keep thinking I will see someone's reflection! < shudders >

I think I remember watching a film called Urban Legends when I was younger. It was a pathetic teen horror. I think there was a story about a dog being cooked in a microwave but cant remember.

baskingseals Mon 06-Aug-12 22:27:31

does anybody know the labrador one?

it's not scary at all.

StellaAndFries Mon 06-Aug-12 22:29:19

The bogus socailise worker one is true, it actually happened to Xp (dd1's bio dad) and his new wife and was on the Anglia News.

SausageSmuggler Mon 06-Aug-12 22:35:06

Rainydays I had that film on video blush it had Jared Leto and Joshua Jackson in it. I can't remember the killers motive but all the classics were there.

YouBloodyWolf Mon 06-Aug-12 22:40:56

Stella - I know, that's what makes it even creepier. According to t'internet there've been some pretty serious police investigations into it in various parts of the country, but no one ever seems to have been charged.

Some of the stories have the bogus social workers (or BSWs if you're in with the in-crowd) seeming not quite right somehow, kind of plastic-faced.

Horse slashers is another odd one. Wtf is that about?

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 22:51:43

What doll are you talking about, mole?

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 22:52:47

Horse slashers?

<confused face>

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 22:55:23

Also still confused by stickmen, ter net isn't coming up with much!

molepom Mon 06-Aug-12 23:01:19

ShrinkingNora's post up thread.

Link that says "sorry but it's fucking scary".

It is, but really needs to be mentioned that it's a doll. I HATE dolls. I now LOATHE that one.

molepom Mon 06-Aug-12 23:02:02


Not scary.

BrianButterfield Mon 06-Aug-12 23:03:15

Being on the news doesn't mean something's true...

Thisthisandthis Mon 06-Aug-12 23:07:39

Oh you fucking bunch of fucks. I should never have started reading this. Those black eyed children. That doll.

Thisthisandthis Mon 06-Aug-12 23:08:27

Although I quite like the idea of a friendly stickman.

rainydaysarebad Mon 06-Aug-12 23:12:15

Sausage, yes It did have Joshua Jackson in it. He's the reason I watched it!

Lord, i found this about straw men here. It's a thread with people reporting sightings of them.

Also after reading the above, I'm a bit saddened that the scariest story I have ever read on MN about the stick man, is infact, maybe a lie. It's too similar to one of the sightings mentioned on the above link posted in 26.03.10. Might be an urban legend.

YouBloodyWolf Mon 06-Aug-12 23:12:28

Lord - every so often there are localised outbreaks in rural areas of stables being broken into at night and horses slashed with knives. Google 'horse mutilations England'.

I'm not into this sort of stuff in a creepy way, btw. I'm just a big Fortean Times fan and it gets discussed there, usually in a folklore context.

urgh I have been reading these on my own and I am to scared to go upstairs now.

rainydaysarebad Mon 06-Aug-12 23:16:13

Oh and my sister sees shadow people in the corners of hers eyes. They're quick as a flash and move really quickly.

About 5 mins ago I heard someone turn the key in our front door and I thought dh is home, but no one has opened the door and he hasnt come in. < shit scared >.

lisad123 Mon 06-Aug-12 23:17:20

So far only one that's made me freak is the dog one! Mainly because I have a big hairy dog and do rely on him for protection, however, he does not sleep next to my bed. Weirdly enough I can watch criminal minds ext without too much fuss blush

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 23:22:58

Are the stickmen harmless, then? ^

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 23:23:43

Criminal Minds is v. interesting.

LordOfThe5Rings Mon 06-Aug-12 23:26:10

If you wanna scan through them, just go to snopes I loved it when a teen; debunking the myths you were told happened.

Another freaked out person here...

Was also going to say Eastern 401 is true. I heard it was the crew trying to warn other aircrews not to fall into the same trap they did.

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 00:34:34

sad as well as true then, really.

delphinedownunder Tue 07-Aug-12 02:03:14

I used to see shadow people in the back of my car, always when driving at night on the M62. It was a figure in a hood sitting in my Ford Fiesta. Clearly something about the shadows cast in that particular car and the fact that the M62 between Ferrybridge and Hull is usually particularly quiet, so allowing my mind to play tricks. I was fooled though and a couple of times pulled over to check!

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 02:43:08


notnowImreading Tue 07-Aug-12 06:14:10

I love urban legends - my dad used to tell them as if they had happened to him in the 70s. My favourites were the vanishing hitch-hiker and the killer in the back seat. The only one he used to tell that hasn't already come up here was supposed to have been about my granddad, who was a bit of an eccentric and a hoarder:

Granddad was driving home one summer evening in the late 70s when he spotted a microwave lying abandoned at the side of the road. No on he knew had a microwave yet and this one was obviously broken, but Granddad was good with machines and liked to see how they worked so he pulled over, nabbed the microwave and took it home. He got home and was looking at the microwave, a bit mystified about how it worked as it was of a completely unusual design, when there was a knock at the door. He answered and there were two policemen asking why he had stolen their new speed camera.

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 06:49:36


readyforno2 Tue 07-Aug-12 06:49:45

Loving this thread.. But only in daylight blush

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Tue 07-Aug-12 06:55:01

These are great!!

My MIL is Queen of the email urban myth (we suspect she was a Nigerian spammer in a former life). If her emails are to be believed the Fleet Services on the M3 are the most dangerous place in the UK- awash with gangs looking for people to kidnap and involve in "initiations".

ElizabethX Tue 07-Aug-12 09:35:37

Re semen. Now I'm really confused. What's all this about swallowing it? I thought you were supposed to rub it in.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 09:43:11

Just read this on the Digital Spy thread:

"There is no such thing as a simple 'itch'........let's be quite clear, you have been taught wrong. The teaching and theory behind how itching is tied up with nerves etc is a lie.

Every time in your life when you have felt the need to rub or touch away an itch is because you have been scratched by the dead! They are totally all around you, you are enveloped by them. It is also a very unfriendly act.

Someone earlier said that if ghosts do exist they have never harmed anyone. At the very least that should have been worded they have never been 'seen' to harm people. The main reason that, on the whole, we are not harmed is because there is a considerable gap in their ability to transfer force.

However, be aware and feel greatly disturbed whenever you feel an itch. Be it your scalp, ear, nose, arm, leg or wherever, as you itch you are at that very moment being subjected to contact by a very angry and vile entity." shock grin

Elsqueak Tue 07-Aug-12 10:01:07

whatkungfuthat my arm just itched! Argh! Loving terrified by this thread! Why is the concept of Stickmen so scary? What the heck are they?! Are they the ones from that new Jessica Biel movie 'The Tall man'? Trailer freaked me out! Actually, so did 'The Mothman prophecies'...too weird!

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 10:03:09

Loves this thread now smile

shrinkingnora Tue 07-Aug-12 10:09:53

Molepom - sorry! That doll is the devil's work. I did say it was a doll in the previous post but should have been clearer. A bit of me wants to look at it again. Or post the link on my facebook page.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 10:10:23

I am working my way through the DS thread trying to find the stickmen pic but I keep getting distracted by loads of other great stuff. When I find it I will post.

OlivesTorchStreak Tue 07-Aug-12 10:20:28

Ok, so I have just read Wolf's post and am crapping myself already. Before I read any further I am counting off how many days are left before DH is back on night shift!

stookiesackhouse Tue 07-Aug-12 11:12:52

Did you hear about the couple who check into a run-down motel and have to put up with a foul odour in their room all night. They call the staff the next morning to complain and between them they figure out the stench is coming from the bed.

They're wondeirng if the last guest did something really unsavoury on the mattress. But, no, the staff take off the matress and discover the couple has been sleeping over the rotting body of a dead girl who had been stuffed in the box spring.

anychocswilldo Tue 07-Aug-12 11:20:09

Why oh why did I read this thread? I'm pooing myself and its daylight sad On my own with dd2 and I need a wee but don't wanna go upstairs blush That friggin doll shock The dripping tap one has terrified me since I was a kid, the clown and killer reflection story are new so thanks for that! can't stop reading or clicking the links tho

CheerfulYank Tue 07-Aug-12 11:20:42

EEeeeek! I was going to take my dog for an early morning walk but it's not light enough after reading all of those! blush

NanBullen Tue 07-Aug-12 12:09:48

rainydaysarebad i thought exactly the same thing when i read that stickman story, it's exactly the same one as someone posted on here! That's the story that originally freaked me out shock

still scares the shit out of me though even though it's not true!

Rachog Tue 07-Aug-12 12:17:17

The stickmen and dolls don't scare me, its the psycho's and killers that get me.

EauRouge Tue 07-Aug-12 12:43:06

Stickman/Slender Man is a lot less scary when you read this. I reckon we should try making up our own urban myth to see how far it gets. Naice Ham Monster, anyone? grin

Rachog Tue 07-Aug-12 12:50:09

The naice ham monster follows people around super markets eating their grapes before they are paid for.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 12:50:38

And takes all the P&C spaces

CleoSmackYa Tue 07-Aug-12 12:59:36

Shadowmen scare me more than anything. They're the reason I won't go out after dark!

SausageSmuggler Tue 07-Aug-12 13:11:02

Naice ham monster is the one responsible for the bizarre online shop substitutions.

BrianButterfield Tue 07-Aug-12 13:13:12

Stickman isn't made up though - I've heard about it years ago, long before 2009.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 13:17:25

I think its the way that people describe Stickman moving that scares me, it rings a bell somewhere but I don't recall seeing one

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 13:27:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrianButterfield Tue 07-Aug-12 13:29:56

That's so scary! And the fact you were scared it would see you at the window...shudder.

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 13:33:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elsqueak Tue 07-Aug-12 13:34:58

Lemarchansbox Eek, tell me that's not true! Wasn't there a paranormal experiences thread on MN where someone was chased by a stickman and they just got in their front door and could see it peering angrily in at them?

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 13:43:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CheerfulYank Tue 07-Aug-12 14:16:14

Creepy! I completely believe you.

I am unforgivably woo, though.

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 14:31:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 14:45:15

LemarchandsBox there is something about it that seems so familiar to me but I don't know why. It's really bugging me. I 'saw' a clown in my house when I was little, which I have posted about before.

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 14:46:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrianButterfield Tue 07-Aug-12 14:46:58

I have "seen" a black cat in my house three times now! Each time I know what I really saw (pram raincover, sweeping brush, a shadow ffs) but I still saw that cat. It's really weird!

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 14:48:32

Not your story as such, but the way you describe the figure and the way it moved. Its like I've seen it.

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 14:52:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 14:58:22

No, that isn't familiar at all. I've seen the stickmen described as having a 'lolloping gait' too, which definitely rings a bell somewhere confused

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 14:58:55

I'm on about page 49 of the DS thread, no stickmen yet

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 15:09:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EauRouge Tue 07-Aug-12 15:10:09

The descriptions of stick man always remind me of this. And also this.

LemarchandsBox Tue 07-Aug-12 15:11:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EauRouge Tue 07-Aug-12 15:14:01

Given your experience, I wouldn't blame you for sticking to The Gruffalo grin

ObviouslyItsTheOlympics Tue 07-Aug-12 15:15:54

How could I forget the girl a couple of years above me at school! Her boyfriend dumped her and she was so desperate for sex that she spread tuna mayonnaise on her fanjo and let her pet cat clean it off grin

ObviouslyItsTheOlympics Tue 07-Aug-12 15:16:23

Sorry that one really makes me vom a little....

There was an old lady who lived on her own in a very foggy part of Dart moor. She had lived alone for fifteen years, ever since her husband had died in a mysterious car accident. However, the car accident is not my present purpose on which to dwell. You see, this old lady had a passion for jigsaw puzzles, it probably came with the stigma of being alone for she had no family or friends and lived in a very secluded spot. Every night she would sit at her dining room table and work on her current jigsaw puzzle until it was finished, then she would start a new one.

However, there came a night, a rugged, windy, stormy winter night when she ran out of jigsaw puzzles. She was extremely upset as she had nothing else to do (this was in the days before TV and her radio had no signal in so removed a place). She was just thinking of going up to bed earlier than usual when she heard a thud, as if something had fallen onto the mat from the mail flap.

Intrigued, the old lady hobbled downstairs to find a rectangular parcel had been put through the door and now lay, invitingly, on the mat. She picked it up, carried it upstairs to her dining table and opened it to reveal a new jigsaw puzzle! It had no picture of what it made up on the front but the old lady didn’t care. Neither did she care who had sent it, she was just so happy to have another puzzle to do.

It took her about an hour to complete it but as she began the get the entire picture her consternation grew for she saw that the picture being made up was that of the very room in which she now sat. Then, she gasped, for she realized that the woman sitting at the table in the picture with her back to the window was a picture of her. Her fingers trembled as she placed the last four pieces of the puzzle to reveal a picture of a crazed madman at the window staring into the room, holding an axe.

The last thing that old lady ever heard was the sound of breaking glass…

On a dark summer night, a couple was on their way home from the movies. Riding down the same stretch of road they always took to get to their house, they came across a woman who was on the side of the road. The woman stumbled out into the street and flagged them down.

The couple pulled over and rushed to her aid. She seemed to be badly injured and with tears in her eyes, told the couple that she was just in a horrible car accident and her baby was trapped in the backseat.

The man told the woman to stay with his wife and he would go and free the baby. As the man approached the mangled vehicle, he heard the baby crying in the back seat. Relieved that the baby was still alive, he rushed to the car, got in the back seat and freed the baby. As he lifted the child, he noticed the dead couple in the driver and passenger seat. He got out with the baby and went back to where his wife and the woman were waiting, but as soon as he got there he noticed that his wife was by herself.

“Where’s the woman?” the husband asked.

“She went back to the car to help.” his wife said, also relieved that the baby was still alive and OK.

He gave the baby to his wife and went back to the car to look for the woman. When he got there, he called out for her but there was no answer. He walked around toward the front of the car. As he glanced through the broken windshield at the dead couple inside, his face turned pale and he lost his breath. The dead woman who was in the passenger seat was the same woman who had flagged them down.

perplexedpirate Tue 07-Aug-12 15:35:21

Ha! I love the fact that the max axeman took the trouble to go to Boots to get the photo made up into a jigsaw for the old lady. Do you think he got mugs and a mousemat as well?

Birnamwood Tue 07-Aug-12 15:37:39

Bfg? That's what the stick man (slightly) reminds me of.

BrianButterfield Tue 07-Aug-12 15:46:32

How long did that axeman stand at the window? Imagine if she'd finished it just as he'd popped into the bushes for a wee.

My great-great grandmother, ill for quite some time, finally passed away after lying in a coma for several days. My great-great grandfather was devastated beyond belief, as she was his one true love and they had been married over 50 years. They were married so long it seemed as if they knew each other's innermost thoughts.

After the doctor pronounced her dead, my great-great grandfather insisted that she was not. They had to literally pry him away from his wife's body so they could ready her for burial.

Now, back in those days they had backyard burial plots and did not drain the body of its fluids. They simply prepared a proper coffin and committed the body (in its coffin) to its permanent resting place. Throughout this process, my great-great grandfather protested so fiercely that he had to be sedated and put to bed. His wife was buried and that was that.

That night he woke to a horrific vision of his wife hysterically trying to scratch her way out of the coffin. He phoned the doctor immediately and begged to have his wife's body exhumed. The doctor refused, but my great-great grandfather had this nightmare every night for a week, each time frantically begging to have his wife removed from the grave.

Finally the doctor gave in and, together with local authorities, exhumed the body. The coffin was pried open and to everyone's horror and amazement, my great-great grandmother's nails were bent back and there were obvious scratches on the inside of the coffin.

someone mentioned this one earlier in the thread

A married couple were going out for the evening and called in a teenage babysitter to take care of their three children. When she arrived they told her they probably wouldn't be back until late, and that the kids were already asleep so she needn't disturb them.

The babysitter starts doing her homework while awaiting a call from her boyfriend. After awhile the phone rings. She answers it, but hears no one on the other end — just silence, then whoever it is hangs up. After a few more minutes the phone rings again. She answers, and this time there's a man on the line who says, in a chilling voice, "Have you checked the children?"


At first she thinks it might have been the father calling to check up and he got interrupted, so she decides to ignore it. She goes back to her homework, then the phone rings again. "Have you checked the children?" says the creepy voice on the other end.

"Mr. Murphy?" she asks, but the caller hangs up again.

She decides to phone the restaurant where the parents said they'd be dining, but when she asks for Mr. Murphy she is told that he and his wife had left the restaurant 45 minutes earlier. So she calls the police and reports that a stranger has been calling her and hanging up. "Has he threatened you?" the dispatcher asks. No, she says. "Well, there's nothing we can really do about it. You could try reporting the prank caller to the phone company."

A few minutes go by and she gets another call. "Why haven't you checked the children?" the voice says.

"Who is this?" she asks, but he hangs up again. She dials 911 again and says, "I'm scared. I know he's out there, he's watching me."

"Have you seen him?" the dispatcher asks. She says no. "Well, there isn't much we can do about it," the dispatcher says. The babysitter goes into panic mode and pleads with him to help her. "Now, now, it'll be okay," he says. "Give me your number and street address, and if you can keep this guy on the phone for at least a minute we'll try to trace the call. What was your name again?"


"Okay, Linda, if he calls back we'll do our best to trace the call, but just keep calm. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes," she says, and hangs up. She decides to turn the lights down so she can see if anyone's outside, and that's when she gets another call.

"It's me," the familiar voice says. "Why did you turn the lights down?"

"Can you see me?" she asks, panicking.

"Yes," he says after a long pause.

"Look, you've scared me," she says. "I'm shaking. Are you happy? Is that what you wanted?"


"Then what do you want?" she asks.

Another long pause. "Your blood. All over me."

She slams the phone down, terrified. Almost immediately it rings again. "Leave me alone!" she screams, but it's the dispatcher calling back. His voice is urgent.

"Linda, we've traced that call. It's coming from another room inside the house. Get out of there! Now!!!"

She tears to the front door, attempting to unlock it and dash outside, only to find the chain at the top still latched. In the time it takes her to unhook it she sees a door open at the top of the stairs. Light streams from the children's bedroom, revealing the profile of a man standing just inside.

She finally gets the door open and bursts outside, only to find a cop standing on the doorstep with his gun drawn. At this point she's safe, of course, but when they capture the intruder and drag him downstairs in handcuffs, she sees he is covered in blood. Come to find out, all three children have all been murdered.

rainydaysarebad Tue 07-Aug-12 16:03:15

That is really scary Lemarchands! I got shivers up my spine reading that!

Elsqueak - If you go up and click on the link I posted there is an exact same story of the infamous MN stickman story on there. I think it was a lie, unless stickmen always run after people and peer through their window.

The "lolloping gait" always reminds me of those Goons in Popeye the Sailor man.

whatkungfuthat Tue 07-Aug-12 16:11:34

northernmonkey I love how it was the days before TV but the axeman was able to get a nice photo jigsaw grin

It was one of the first legends I was told as a child and it scared the hell out of me. But yes he was very clever to get a photo of her put on to the jigsaw and photoshop himself into it with an axe!! Very clever murdered grin

Now this story involves something far more scarey than stick men or black eyed boys...no no this story involves the most scariest of being EVER!!!

There was a woman who lived in a house by the sea. Now this woman was as normal as you or me! She worked in a school so was looking forward to having time off in the summer.
One morning she awoke to the most glorious blue skies and the sun shining hard. She decided it was time to get up and make a cup of tea....then it happened.

Whilst sat down enjoying her cup of tea and enjoying watching the olympics, the three most scariest beings entered the room!!
What happened next nobody knows.
All I can tell you is that her husband arrived home later that evening from work to find his wife sat in the corner of the room, rocking backwards and forwards with drool dripping down from her mouth. He hair was ragged and her eyes were blood shot and staring into space.

The house was destroyed. Whatever these things where had eaten all the junk food, dragged everything out of all the drawers, cupboards and basically left the house in a tip!!!

A few days later after a few bottles of wine, the husband managed to get his wife to draw out what had happened.
All I can tell you is that whatever it was...it was child like shock

molepom Tue 07-Aug-12 16:30:37


Gabeesh Tue 07-Aug-12 16:38:04


Re the jigsaw one - don't you see it was a painting of the room which magical dark forces had placed the gruesome spectre of the axe murderer in. Quite a common trope - think 'The Witches' or 'Dorien Gray'.

EauRouge Tue 07-Aug-12 17:02:08

Ah, the magical dark forces makes more sense. I had a mental image of the axe man turning up every day with an easel and canvas. That would've taken ages though and the old lady probably would've noticed.

EauRouge Tue 07-Aug-12 17:03:08

Also if she was an avid jigsaw fan she probably would've done the people first because they are easy and left the hard bits like wallpaper and floor until last.

LordOfThe5Rings Tue 07-Aug-12 17:05:59

Oooh dear, some of these are pretty freaky.

I am not sure what the most scary thing that's happened to me was there has been a few. One is really odd though.

It was Halloween (I know, I know corny, but true) and I was 12 years old. I was over at my friend Becky's house and we watched a few horror films after trick or treating. I fell asleep before her and she obviously didn't want to wake me up so left me downstairs and put a blanket over me. I woke up approximately halof an hour afterwards I would say and looked around all fine so shrugged and went back to sleep. Next thing I knew I woke up feeling extremely cold. I had woke up outside in her garden, with the blanket blown off somewhere in the garden. Strange thing is her Mum had the key to the doors out to the back garden, as they were patio doors and couldn't be opened from the inside. How on Earth I got outside I don't know. I knocked on the door, which was locked and had to be let back in by her shcoked mother, who was as freaked out as I was. grin

I also had an experience where I was upstairs listening to music it was around 7.55 or something and then I had a weird experience; my body went cold as if something went through me and then my vision went completely in shades of green, no kidding. It lasted about 5 or 6 seconds, then stopped. Freaked out, I went downstairs (about 11 / 12 when this happened too) my Mum was at work at my Dad was driving her there and they'd be about 45 minutes. Anyway my cat (I had 2 at the time, but only one in) walked in the room. I began to watch Eastenders and then saw a black shadow in the corner of my eye. I thought it must be my tortoiseshell but mainly black cat and thought she must've sneaked in with my ginger and white cat. No, she was nowhere to be seen. This happened again. Then I heard a harsh hiss. It was my ginger and white cat. Now when I say he was the softest cat you'd ever meet I am not exaggerating. He has never bit or scratched me, even though he put up with me at 7 and 8 years old as a kitten. Now he was hissing at me. I went, "It's OK Dougal, it's OK what's wrong?" and then he lunged for me. I ran out of the room and shut the door. He was scratching like a mad man (well cat, but you know) on the other side of the door and didn't stop for a good 5 minutes. I went upstairs til my parents came in.

I have weird experiences. grin

Gabeesh Tue 07-Aug-12 17:25:57

Lol, you gotta love those magical dark forces, they make this stuff so much easier. But I do love the idea of him studiously photoshopping with his Wacom tablet and pen, cursing as he tries to get the opacity right then thinking "Oooh, i've done a good job with that. I was going to just post it to her but fuckit - that's worthy if a jigsaw!'

Elsqueak Tue 07-Aug-12 17:34:09

rainy thanks for the link...Stickmen are horrid! Had no idea the legend was so common. Am going to be firmly shutting my bedroom window tonight and sweating it out til dawn. There's a tree right outside so no way am I looking out the window at night again!

CleoSmackYa Tue 07-Aug-12 21:02:39

northernmonkey That's happened to me! shock

Cleo it's a scary phenomenon!! Think we need to highlight it more

BlackOutTheSun Tue 07-Aug-12 21:57:00

No please don't I've just had to go to the shop in the dark and was shitting myself

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Wed 08-Aug-12 04:03:08

The jigsaw one was scary, but now all I can do is PMSL at the thought of the murderer tapping away on his Mac trying to get the picture right and then eagerly rushing to meet the postman every day to find out if he's got anything from Snappy Snaps

"Real" fairies, as opposed to the cute silvery-winged Victorian fairies, are supposed to be very tall and very thin with long arms and legs. I wonder if the "stickmen" is a modern day interpretation of this?

Elsqueak Wed 08-Aug-12 08:54:54

Fairies, aliens or disgruntled scarecrows, whatever they are I can't read anymore Stickmen stories-had the worst night's sleep last night (thought I saw red eyes on the bedroom wall) and to top it off blood-curdling fox shrieking in the street at 1am...pesky imagination!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 08-Aug-12 10:24:18

Have never heard of the stickmen phenomenon. I've no idea how that passed me by.

world, I too wonder if they're a variation on 'proper' fairies.

BertieBotts Wed 08-Aug-12 10:25:54
BertieBotts Wed 08-Aug-12 10:28:37

(Last one was the one with the mother and child together)

Uppermid Wed 08-Aug-12 10:29:56

Worldgonecrazy. Dh has spent many years telling the dcs that the tooth fairy is really a six foot tall, hairy man with a bit of a beer belly. He's very convincing too grin

Is it just me but I couldn't see any slender men in half the photos linked just below.

BertieBotts Wed 08-Aug-12 10:40:43

I like the idea that he's the BFG though!

BertieBotts Wed 08-Aug-12 10:41:34

That's what's scary - you can't see them at first and then they just jump out at you shock

When I read the description of a tall man in a long white coat all I could think of was the number taker from Numberjacks

AbsofAwesomeness Wed 08-Aug-12 16:53:39

Man, I am SO glad I read this thread at work, during the day with lots of people around. The clown one and the murderer reflected in the window freaked me out and the jigsaw puzzle explanations PMSL

The only urban legend I know is really lame. Someone was making a chocolate cake with icing in the middle, but ran out of icing, so she put toilet paper. We found that HILARIOUS as kids.

I watched Mothman Prophecies alone once, in a hotel and totally freaked myself out, as apparently they only appear to certain people and I thought "I am TOTALLY the kind of person Mothman would appear to" and then got freaked out by my glowing red mobile. Muppet.

BlueSkySoftSand Wed 08-Aug-12 17:26:57

OMG, shivered so many times reading through this thread. Yuk, eugh, horrible. I don't know why I do it - it creeps me out BIG time yet so compelled to read more.

This one did the rounds a couple of years ago and friend sent it to me whilst pregnant. I seriously couldn't sleep for a couple of nights.


BlueSkySoftSand Wed 08-Aug-12 17:28:03
AbsofAwesomeness Wed 08-Aug-12 17:28:59

I also got freaked out by the thing in Japan where a man found out that there was someone living in his cupboards. We have very big cupboards in the flat, and in more vulnerable moments I have scared myself silly with the thought of someone climbing out of them when we sleep <-- wimp

stookiesackhouse Wed 08-Aug-12 17:42:55

Ha ha Bluesky, my friend once showed me that on her mobile and I threw her mobile straight across the room ha ha!

Abs we have big cupboards in our flat too sad I regularly do a pre-bedtime sweep blush

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 18:35:52


perplexedpirate Wed 08-Aug-12 20:38:22


Just made DH watch the video.

SausageSmuggler Wed 08-Aug-12 20:42:22

I'm so not clicking that link!

this is entertaining though

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 20:45:54


poncypony Wed 08-Aug-12 23:33:16

This is one of my favourite "ghost stories" copied and pasted from another forum.

About ten years ago, I worked as a part-time bar man in the local golf club. It was situated in a suburb, almost out in the countryside. I didn't drive at the time, so had a bit of a walk there and back in the dark nights. It involved walking through very dark woods with no lights (within the grounds of the golf club), and you had to unlock two padlocked gates to get to the main road (no pavement, just a road).

Very often during week nights in winter, there would be very little or no members in. I used to play my music, or watch TV to keep my mind occupied as there was an unpleasant atmosphere and I was conscious of the fact there were no curtains or blinds on the large windows, so anyone could have looked in the window or easily walked in. I contemplated leaving many times, but really did need the money at the time. Sometimes the chairman would come in and it would always startle me, or sometimes he would have been in his office for hours, but I wouldn't know it and he'd suddenly open the door late at night and I would always get the fright of my life.

A lot of friends urged me to leave there, as it was known to be haunted since the course was one of the oldest in Scotland and the building was constructed in 18th century with a lot of history behind it and famously haunted.

One particular night (the night I left actually), I was cashing up after the committee meeting one night about 12.30am. I heard a bang and just about fainted. Carried on with what I was doing and heard a heavy breathing sound. The sound continued for another ten mins, then there was a sound like a barking dog in the distance. Suddenly, I was aware of a shadow moving over the floor and the bark was very loud indeed. At the corner of my eye, I was what looked like a ghostly labrador, but without a tail. It hovered across the floor, came straight up to me and it seemed to be whimpering due to the loss of it's tail, although it's tail seemed to be hovering along next to it. I said to it, "I'm sorry, but we don't re-tail spirits after midnight"

LordOfThe5Rings Wed 08-Aug-12 23:54:37


Lets scare some MNetters out there smile

SausageSmuggler Thu 09-Aug-12 08:50:54

Aha! Very good poncy!

I haven't really got any urban legends to contribute but something creepy that happened to DH (and me technically but I don't remember it). I was staying the night when he was still living at home, his mum had mentioned before that the place was haunted by an old man. Despite feeling a bit freaked out (over active imagination) I took it with a pinch of salt because of her love of bullshit exaggeration. DH says that he woke up in the middle of the night to find me sitting up, eyes open, mumbling something or other. He asked me what I was doing to which I replied 'I'm talking to the man at the end of the bed'. Poor DH had a bit of trouble sleeping after that!

BlueSkySoftSand Thu 09-Aug-12 09:12:52

he he - that made me giggle Poncy

Told you, I keep coming back for more. It's just all wrong!!!

Elsqueak Thu 09-Aug-12 09:18:38

Argh! Sausage, that is so creepy...! Does anyone remember a story about an alleged "Gnome" caught on camera? It was meant to be quite creepy but I can't find it. Definitely not the garden variety either!

ElmoFan Thu 09-Aug-12 09:56:45

Love reading this thread smile

Here's one i found on another forum

The man who owned the Merry Go Round decided to close it down because he didn’t have enough customers coming to the amusement park where he held the ride. Instead of buying the owner out, the park simply boarded up the carousel and this part of the park became very much abandoned for a number of years. Some ten years after the ride was closed, the original owner’s daughter thought it was a shame to have the beautiful Merry Go Round boarded up and forgotten in this manner. She and her boyfriend decided to bring some publicity to the park and to the ride and reopen the carousel. The boyfriend was going to set a record and ride the Merry Go Round for 72 hours straight.

The boards were removed, the lights and music turned on and the press had arrived. He made a big show of patting his chosen horse on the nose and mounting the horse he would be riding for the next 72 hours. Surprisingly he was on the ride for less then 10 minutes, when he started complaining that the horse bit him. No one believed him and his girlfriend became very upset, saying that he was letting her down and backing out of the promise he had made. About 5 minutes later, he fell off the horse to the floor of the ride. They shut off the ride and ran to investigate. The young man was dead. The upset girlfriend began shaking in disbelief and backed up into the horse he was riding which immediately began to hiss violently. They looked into the horse’s mouth and saw that a poisonous snake was hiding inside.

ElmoFan Thu 09-Aug-12 10:09:31

Another one -

This is a story about the Smith sisters who were murdered anonymously while they slept in their bedroom.
Its an urban legend about a boy named John Smith who was very fond of scary emails and pop-ups.
Every day, he would find new ones and post them to everyone he knew. He even started making some himself and sending them to strangers. He loved to scare people on the Net.

John lived in Plainfield, Wisconsin. One day in November 2007, he opened up his Inbox and found a message that appeared to be from two young girls. They called themselves the Smith Sisters and told him they were his older sisters, which confused him because he was an only child. They said years ago, they had lived in his house.

He replied, saying he didnt have any sisters and told them to get lost and leave him alone. The next day, he received a chilling message with some photo attachments. The first photo was of two young girls.
The caption on it said “Smith Sisters murdered anonymously“.

The girls said in the email that they were indeed his older sisters. They told him that in 1993 they had lived in his house. His bedroom had once been their bedroom. They told him all about growing up and about their lives and how happy they had been until one horrible night.

He opened up the other attachment. It was a scan of an old newspaper article.

In 1993, two sisters were brutally murdered in the small-town community of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Lisa Smith, 19 and her sister, Sarah Smith, 15 were attacked in their parents home on the night of November 17th, around 1:30AM. The Smith Sisters were lying in bed when a crazed killer broke into the house. No-one heard them scream. In the morning, their parents found the dead bodies of the Smith Sisters hidden in the bedroom closet. They had been skinned alive. The killer was long gone and no trace of him could be found. They had been murdered anonymously. Police conducted an extensive investigation, but to no avail. The motives for the attack were never discovered. Nor was the attacker ever found. The only lead authorities had was a series of strange emails found in Lisas computer. The case was closed in October of 2000.
In the rest of the email, the sisters said that they were angry that the case was closed and people forgot about them.

They were angry that their parents wanted to forget about them too.

They were angry that their parents decided to start over and had a new baby. A little boy named John.

They were angry that their parents had never mentioned their daughters or their tragic murder to their new son John.

John Smith, sent an angry reply saying he didnt believe what they were saying. He didnt believe the Smith Sisters were really related to him and he didnt believe the newspaper article was real. He told them to go to hell.

Five minutes later, he got another email from them. It said If you dont believe us, look in the bedroom closet.

That was the last email that was found on Johns computer. Police were unable to trace who had sent the messages to him.

On the floor of the closet, the police found a faint message, carved in the wood. It simply read Lisa and Sarah – 1993&#8243;. Underneath that, was another carving that read John 2007.

No-one knows what John did next, but in the morning, Johns parents woke up to find their son missing. Then they checked his bedroom closet and got the shock of their lives. There they found the dead body of their son. He had been skinned alive.

No-one knows what really happened that night. Police were only able to piece together parts of the story based on what they found on Johns computer.

The parents were devastated. How could this happen to a family. First their daughters were murdered. And now years later their son is murdered.

It seemed too weird to be just a coincidence. Two sisters are murdered and then years later, their brother is murdered in exactly the same way, in exactly the same place. And the only evidence left behind is a few scary emails Makes you wonder.

EauRouge Thu 09-Aug-12 10:09:45

Urgh, I just found this one on Snopes-

In Berlin, after World War II, money was short, supplies were tight, and it seemed like everyone was hungry. At that time, people were telling the tale of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through a crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favor: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope? Well, it was on her way home, so she agreed.

She started out to deliver the message, when she turned around to see if there was anything else the blind man needed. But she spotted him hurrying through the crowd without his smoked glasses or white cane.

She went to the police, who raided the address on the envelope, where they found heaps of human flesh for sale.

And what was in the envelope? "This is the last one I am sending you today."

EauRouge Thu 09-Aug-12 10:11:47

X-posts with ElmoFan, that's a good one! So creepy shock

ElmoFan Thu 09-Aug-12 10:15:52

Agghhh Eaurouge - That gave me a shiver down my spine EEK

perplexedpirate Thu 09-Aug-12 10:58:21

Oooh, that WW2 one reminded me of one my nan used to tell me.

In Manchester during WW2 there were several cases of girls being attacked after the blackout. Police had no success in catching the attacker and women were warned to be on their guard.
One night, a young woman was walking home after the blackout when she heard footsteps behind her. Following police advice, she crossed over the road. The footsteps followed. She quickened her pace. The footsteps sped up too. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind and a voice whispered 'don't try to run, or you'll end up like all the others'.
Thinking fast, the girl whipped her hat pin out and slashed her attacker's face with it, top to bottom of his left cheek, giving her the opportunity to wriggle free and run home as fast as she could.
Once home, she didn't tell her mother about the attack. She was strict enough with her as it was.
Her father was late for dinner that night. When he did get home he told his family that it wasn't safe to walk the streets after dark any more, that he had been mugged by a gang of hoodlums that very night. Fortunately, he had escaped with just a single, vicious, gash from his left temple down to his jaw...

stookiesackhouse Thu 09-Aug-12 11:27:32

Eeeek, Perplexed, that's a good one shock

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 12:13:07

some good stories here

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 13:55:11

Oh killer in the backseat be careful when in car alone and always check the backseat before you get in--i am hiding there

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 14:22:43

I always check the backseat in case Lordofthe5rings is somewhere in amongst the crisps packets and old raisins

readyforno2 Thu 09-Aug-12 15:07:41

Ah, whatkung, freaky!

maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour Thu 09-Aug-12 15:26:53

Fucks sake whatkungfu! That just scared the bloody life out of me, my DH has just ran up the stairs to see why I screamed blush grin

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 15:39:24

Sorry blush grin

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 15:41:08

Well, I got to the end of the Digital Spy thread. The pics where of the slender man rather than the lolloping stickman figure but they are still scary, even though I think they are a viral ad campaign for a movie.

EauRouge Thu 09-Aug-12 15:45:46

There is a stick man movie coming out soon. Not based on the book.

KungFu, is that link one of those ones that suddenly turns into a monster and goes raaah? I hate those. I'm not clicking if it's one of those.

CharminglyOdd Thu 09-Aug-12 16:30:17

Oh god whatkungfu, that was horrible! I don't even want to look at my screen now in case it happens again.

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 16:54:57

Yes, its a list of stories but a face does appear. I got it from another forum and I think it varies in what it does. There is no sound though.

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 17:58:43

Thanks for the warning Charmingly I am 6 weeks pregnant I am sure shock can cause problems as much as stress <shudders> I hate jumpers!

Now shock videos on the other hand...

Oh and check out my PSA and scary advert thread as some of those are pretty creepy too.

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 18:37:26

whatkungfuthat you bastard, that link just scared the shit out of me!!!

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 18:39:50

Sorry Lord I should have put a warning up, some of the stories are awful too.

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 18:40:32

blush sorry

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 18:42:46

Didn't get chance to read the stories grin had that fucking face appear and shat myself

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 18:44:49

The face didn't appear straight away when I read it, it must have some sort of random generator as some people on Digital Spy said it just wobbled a bit. I have asked MNHQ to put a warning on the linky

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 18:54:42

Oh ffs just been looking back through the thread trying to find the link to DS. Only to click back onto that fucking doll again!

What were the stories Whatkungfuthat

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:00:33

The worst one I read was a horrible one about a house that had a video recorder set up on a tripod in the kitchen but no tape. A tape was later found down the dry well and showed the woman climbing into the oven. Horrible.

BlackOutTheSun have you see the youtube clips about Robert the Doll?

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 19:02:01

There is no fucking way I'm watching anything to do with dolls! I even had to hide dd's when she is in bed because the freak me out

perplexedpirate Thu 09-Aug-12 19:03:07

Into the oven? Like, to cook or to kill herself?

I don't think I get that one. I think this is my favourite ever thread though. grin

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:04:08

Yes, to kill herself. It said the oven starting shaking on the video so I stopped reading!

rainydaysarebad Thu 09-Aug-12 19:05:29

I love this thread!

EauRouge - is that a stick man movie of julia donaldson axel scheffler's book? Or an actual scary stick man movie?

I told some of these urban myths to family the other day and they went down really well. I made out they were true stories grin.

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:06:47

That Digital Spy thread that someone linked to earlier had a great story that was gradually added to as the poster asked relatives for more info, about a house she lived in when she was a teenager. Sadly she stopped posting after a couple of snarky comments about it being made up. I didn't care either way as it was fab.

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 19:07:42

Again, sorry about the doll still having nightmares

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:12:06

There was an episode of May The Best House Win recently where one of the contestants had a really gothic house stuffed full of those zombie dolls like the pic posted above.

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 19:12:50

Can someone please link to DS for me please, I've gone back through the thread but too scared to keep clicking the links blush

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 19:13:13

What Oooh what's Robert the Doll? Also hates dolls

Oh yes that one with the video.

Basically the police get called as a woman hasn't been seen or in some versions the fire brigade get called as the house is burning and when they put it out, they call the police. Anyway they find a camera that hasn't burnt. They take the video back to the station that is inside and view it. It shows a woman turning on the oven and then climbing into it. About 5 minutes later the oven begins to shake and a horrible vapour comes out and then the camera turns itself off for some reason.

Damn horrible if you ask me :*

EauRouge Thu 09-Aug-12 19:15:10

Stick man film. Sadly nothing to do with Julia Donaldson.

I haven't clicked the doll link, I'm too chicken grin

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 19:16:11

So glad I posted this thread though.
sadist because it's interesting.

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:17:38

Digital spy thread
its very long, the ones I mentioned are by someone called Tara. There is also a fascinating story from Doll Legs, but she won't tell some of the weirdest things that happened so its frustrating too.

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 19:18:37

I am too chicken to click the doll link for a second time although I showed a friend and she said 'mmm, yes, scary' in a very unscared way the big freak

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:18:56

Sorry, Doll Feet!

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 19:19:50

Thanks whatkungfuthat you're forgiven now grin

That video sounds strange

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 19:20:47

Robert the Doll There are lots of vids so I'm not sure which is the best

rainydaysarebad Thu 09-Aug-12 19:21:33

Sounds interesting! I'd like to watch that when its released. Those pics of thr slender man just scared the crap out of me. They look like Henry Kane, from poltergeist part 2. I always have nightmares about him.

LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 19:22:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 19:27:51
BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 19:30:01

<repeats> will not click on link, will not click on link, will not click on link...

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 19:31:27

Robert the doll is disappointingly not nearly as scary as the doll in my earlier link.

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 19:32:02

Go on, click.....

LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 19:33:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 19:33:09


I will not click on links... nope nope nope

LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 19:35:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 19:56:36

Which one? the first one or the robert link I posted?

I am not offended just scared

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 20:00:45
LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 20:02:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 20:05:17

Eeek. :]

Yeah I suppose it would possibly shut it off but I think the fact the video didn't get destroyed in the fire that it caused is rather peculiar.

I am not clicking on doll photos, tyvm.


shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 20:05:57
LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 20:10:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 20:10:40
LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 20:11:40

I suppose but as it burnt the house, something must've effected the oven and therefore sparked something in the electricity. If all else was charred, you know?

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 20:12:55

I have more where that came from, btw. smile

LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 20:16:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlackOutTheSun Thu 09-Aug-12 20:21:06

What had the doll got to do with the woman and the fire?

Idlegirl83 Thu 09-Aug-12 20:23:38

This one or one similar might have already been posted but when I moved out aged 18 into a shared house, the landlord who lived in the annex arranged a night out for all the house residents. I was ill so stayed at home. Just before they left for the night out my landlord came to say bye and somehow the scratches on the bedroom door came into the conversation. I assumed the house cat had done them. He said that actually a few years previously, the residents had gone on a similar night out and the girl in my room was ill so didnt go and when they got back they decided not to check on her and just let her sleep. In the morning they couldn't get her door open. When they forced it open they found her dead on the floor with her eyes gouged out and the door handle removed and the scratches were from her trying desperately to scratch her way out cos she couldn't find a door handle.
I didn't leave my room, turn off my light or sleep that night till they all came home.
He was a twat hmm

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 20:33:29

Feels sick after looking at all those dolls...

shrinkingnora Thu 09-Aug-12 20:34:22

I think I am getting desensitised but wouldn't want to look at any more

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 20:39:29
LadyFlumpalot Thu 09-Aug-12 21:16:55

I like the non scary one where a farmer hears intruders in his sheds. He calls the police and is informed that no one is available to come out. He hangs up and calls back a few minutes later and tells the call operator not to worry, he's shot the intruders.

Minutes later an armed unit arrives, they search the property and arrest the intruders. As they are led away to the vans an officer says to the farmer "I thought you said you had shot them?" to which the farmer replies "I thought you said there was no one available!"

perplexedpirate Thu 09-Aug-12 21:53:34

grin love it lady

ReaderIMarriedTheOtherGuy Thu 09-Aug-12 22:12:13

As the complete sceptic I am, I have my (severe) doubts, but my grandmother used to swear that the following story actually happened to her sister when she was a young woman. The great aunt existed, alright - so apparently did the letters (though I've never seen them). The rest is highly doubtful, ...

My grand aunt Emily was a highly intelligent woman. She also considered herself somewhat of a revolutionary in her youth and used to hang out with a crowd of local communists (of whom there were quite a few more back in the day). Among them was a talented young playwright, James, with whom, aged 19, she fell deeply in love - and he with her. The love letters she received from him were the most beautiful my grandmother had ever seen; despite never having met their author, my grandmother always spoke of him as though she was a little in love with him herself.

When he wasn't writing gorgeous letters, however, my grand aunt Emily's young lover was also a bit of an adventurer. The small town into which he was born was not wide enough for him, and he yearned to travel and see the world. Before James left he promised my grand aunt that he'd marry her if both of them were still single and childless at thirty and that he'd come to get her at their local on the 3rd of September 1943.

Predictably, the attractive Emily did not stay single for long. She had a couple of affairs with artists and wannabe-revolutionaries but eventually got sick of having her heart broken each an every time and married a somewhat boring but dependable local man.

While Emily liked her husband, though, she didn't love or desire him much - nor was she particularly ravished about her life as a 1930s housewife in a small town. She found her escape from this life in the letters her young playwright used to send her, and used to fantasise about life by his side rather than that of a local accountant. When she felt particularly bored she used to imagine that she'd meet the love of her youth on the agreed day and that they would elope together.

One day in the spring of 1943, Emily was again reading through one of her favourite letters when she spotted something she had never seen before: At the bottom of the last page, something had been written in pencil: "I will be long gone by the 3rd of September. Farewell, my beloved, always remember!"

James died as a soldier in WWII in May 1943. The letter still exists but there is no trace of such an addendum.

LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 22:16:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MammyToMany Thu 09-Aug-12 22:28:22

I just spent two hours in bed with baby ds3 reading nosleep in the dark. I won't be having pleasant dreams to tonight. Some of those stories are terrifying.

whatkungfuthat Thu 09-Aug-12 22:39:27

Did you read the one about the mystery cafe in Piccadilly station Mammy?

LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 22:45:18


LordOfThe5Rings Thu 09-Aug-12 22:49:02

smile lady.

I love nosleep!

LemarchandsBox Thu 09-Aug-12 22:51:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rainydaysarebad Thu 09-Aug-12 22:56:00

Anyone got any good links to scary stories? What's Nosleep? Is it a story?

SausageSmuggler Thu 09-Aug-12 22:56:30

Ooh I want to click the links but I shan't I'll just keep refreshing this thread every 5 minutes.

stookiesackhouse Fri 10-Aug-12 07:35:06

Tell us about the cafe kungfu smile

EauRouge Fri 10-Aug-12 08:09:26

Is this the right nosleep?

LadyFlumpalot Fri 10-Aug-12 08:20:00

There is an urban legend in the little village I live in. It has basis in reality - but how true the story is now, I don't know.

There is an old, OLD abbey. It dates back to the times where kings were called Ethelred. It is almost completely in ruins now, the only things that is left is a massive old boundary wall next to a famous cobbled hill.

Anyways, there is a building called the Grosvenor. It used to be a really seedy hotel/bar/nightclub. (sine been revenovated into quite a posh restrauant) It has been in the town since forever and has always been a pub/inn/coach house type building. In the girls loos (when it was a nightclub) is a funny little door in the wall. Legend has it that it led to a network of escape tunnels that led from the abbey, to the church, to the coach house.

The story goes that a girl (always a friend of a friends sisters boyfriend) went to the loo and was never seen again, supposedly girls have also been in the toilet and heard the door in the wall grating open and their name being called in an otherworldly manner.

That never happened to me, but, I can say that the toilet room was very creepy and always very cold. I hated going in by myself and would always try to avoid looking into the mirrors when washing my hands. Just in case.

EauRouge Fri 10-Aug-12 08:23:40

Oh, don't read the winner of the July contest, it's horrible sad

whatkungfuthat Fri 10-Aug-12 09:33:43

The cafe story is one I read on Digital Spy, the person who posted said other weird things happened but wouldn't elaborate. There was also a bit of drip-feeding so jist is this:

She went to London to try and find her BF who had given a hotel as an address, when she got there it was just a mailing address and she got really upset. She was approached by a couple who suggested leaving the BF a note and going to a nearby cafe, despite the hotel having a cafe in the foyer.

The woman of the couple said that there was a nice cafe down in Piccadilly station so they went down the steps at Glasshouse St and into a cafe on built into the wall at the foot of the stairs. She said the woman behind the counter looked really 50's and that there were was an enormous copper contraption for making coffee that went all the way along the counter. The rest of the place was modern for the time though.

Something that she wouldn't say happened and she ran out and up the steps straight into her BF's arms, he didn't know she was in London. The woman came out and they discussed the strange occurrence then she went off with the BF. When they tried to find the cafe later they couldn't, it was just a wall, and it wasn't at either of the other entrances either.

Other people on the thread said it was probably a timeslip but the person who posted insisted it wasn't confused

whatkungfuthat Fri 10-Aug-12 09:46:11

This one scared me more, also from Digital Spy:

"My partner's grandad told us a creepy story once.

This happened when he was in his early 20's, so it was quite a while ago. He was walking home from working nights, so it was very early morning and because it was in the winter, it was still dark. He was walking through a housing area and saw one particular house with the light on in the downstairs window and the curtains open. Naturally, he looked through as he walked past and saw someone sitting at the dining room table. He had a little closer look (without going onto their property of course) and realised that the person had a very strange shaped head. He stood still and stared and saw that the 'person' had huge horns, it looked like some type of goat creature. They turned around to look in his direction and he said that it was so scary, it didn't look human.

He was really creeped out by this and walked home very quickly. He figured that it must have been some idiot wearing a mask or something. A few days later he was walking past there again and saw someone in their garden next door. He asked about the house and said he saw someone that looked like they were wearing a mask or something and the person said that the house is deserted, the people that lived there have already moved out. He said he was so scared by this he tried to never walk past that house again"

Tangointhenight Fri 10-Aug-12 10:05:50

This thread is great!! There was a really similar one in the 'other' section on MN which is all about unexplained mysteries, creeped me out for weeks!!

MammyToMany Fri 10-Aug-12 10:43:07

Kungfu - I don't think I've got to that one yet, I've just read 9 brief scenes from the end of the world podcast s2e02 <shudder>

whatkungfuthat Fri 10-Aug-12 12:52:41

I think I got the sites confused Mammy

LordOfThe5Rings Fri 10-Aug-12 14:07:49

Nosleep is a reddit community where there are scary stories of all sorts, some very very creepy ones too.

Oooh July Winner?

~goes to look up~

EauRouge Fri 10-Aug-12 14:17:51

I didn't like the July one, I prefer spooky stories to violent ones.

LordOfThe5Rings Fri 10-Aug-12 16:45:37

Yes OK that July story is pretty messed up.
Don't like the sound of that Serbian Story or whatever it was called either.
Who would watch that kind of thing kids or no kids?

LordOfThe5Rings Fri 10-Aug-12 16:46:42

Eau Did you look at the Three Kings one?