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aliciaflorrick Mon 09-Jul-12 11:19:45

Hello to all the members of the Kindle Club, as you're probably all aware we suffered a bit of a disaster in the book department over the weekend. It would be greatly appreciated if you could re-upload any books that you may have on your Kindles or computers and get the library back to the state it was in before this weekend.

Thank you.

Can someone explain this to me? I have a Kindle, have books on it, am willing to share... and there my knowledge stops.

aliciaflorrick Mon 09-Jul-12 20:36:35

Well at the moment Flouncy there's nothing to share, because someone deleted all the books, if we get it back up and running again then I'll give you a shout.


Shouldacouldawoulda Mon 09-Jul-12 21:15:07

Ooh, is this a way to share books? I would be interested. The one thing I don't like about my kindle is the inability to pass on a good read.

Hobs Mon 09-Jul-12 21:19:18

I would also be interested in this if you manage to get the books back.

Also, I hope you get them all back. That must be very frustrating.

CoteDAzur Mon 09-Jul-12 21:34:21

Where was the library then? How do people upload to it?

I'm interested, too.

Sirzy Mon 09-Jul-12 21:35:03

Another one watching with interest

Secret7 Mon 09-Jul-12 21:37:04

Also watching - I didn't think you could share books.

GrassIsntGreener Mon 09-Jul-12 21:40:25


I've heard about e-reader 'libraries' in the states but don't think we have them here. I also heard there's a way to loan a kindle book for a couple of weeks, no idea how that works.

I'm happy to share any books that I have if somebody can let me know how to do it.

fiestabelle Mon 09-Jul-12 21:44:44

Hi, am also interested in this, have books on kindle and happy to share if someone can explain how it works?

AgathaFusty Mon 09-Jul-12 21:50:37

Oooh, I would like to share too....

Housewifefromheaven Mon 09-Jul-12 21:52:06

And me grin

MikeLitoris Mon 09-Jul-12 21:54:21

I would be up for this too.

My kindle is relatively new so there's not much on there yet though.

minsmum Mon 09-Jul-12 22:05:30

me too. I have books I am happy to share if there is some way to do it.

mummylin Mon 09-Jul-12 22:20:10

I also have books but have no idea how you get them back on the computer.and where do they get uploaded to ?

fortyeighthourdancemarathon Mon 09-Jul-12 22:22:41

I didn't know you could do that! Tell us more...

WandaDoff Mon 09-Jul-12 22:23:39

I have lots of ebooks Epub & mobi formats, if you would like me to share. I'm already in the group so I could just upload them if you want.

WandaDoff Mon 09-Jul-12 22:26:43

When I say I have lots I mean I have LOTS, & no it wasn't me that deleted the missing ones

mummylin Mon 09-Jul-12 22:27:44

Do we have to join a group then to do this ?

Me too. I have loads to share and loads I want too smile

Empusa Mon 09-Jul-12 22:28:33

Ooh sounds interesting!

Flossy85 Tue 10-Jul-12 09:25:07

I would love to join.

My kindle is on it's way, and would be happy to share any books i get.

poachedeggs Tue 10-Jul-12 09:30:16

I have a very heavily used Kindle app on my phone, does that count? <hopeful>

ninjanurse Tue 10-Jul-12 10:54:50

I would be happy to share too, have loads of books on a dodgy disc we bought off ebay about 25000, I have no idea how you go about sharing though, so if someone could explain? smile

tiggy114 Tue 10-Jul-12 11:36:33

Count me in if this gets sorted wink

feelingfull Wed 11-Jul-12 14:06:55

me too

Marking my place.

frenchfancy Wed 11-Jul-12 15:53:04

Marking my place too.

SimplyTes Wed 11-Jul-12 16:51:43

count me in too......I have '00s already and v happy to share, just read, Age of Miracles.....quite good smile

WitchOfEndor Wed 11-Jul-12 20:37:15

Marking my place

GrassIsntGreener Wed 11-Jul-12 20:39:02

I'd like to be enlightened about how this can happen!

ChopstheDuck Wed 11-Jul-12 20:42:59

I think I have uploaded my entire library, just need to work out how to share the ones on my kindle, gonna get (geeky) dh to work it out for me!

countingdown Wed 11-Jul-12 21:10:25

Marking my place.

pyjamaday Thu 12-Jul-12 10:57:30

I'd be interested in joining in too. I have LOADS on my kindle. Must admit I didn't think it was possible, as I tried to share some books with my brother, but when he tried to open them it just said something about him not being authorised??

ladyinthelibrary Thu 12-Jul-12 10:58:56

Me too

tara0202 Thu 12-Jul-12 11:05:27

Ooh, me too, can I join and share when sorted please?

Theas18 Thu 12-Jul-12 11:07:37

Love to join pls!

IslaMann Thu 12-Jul-12 11:09:42

I'd love to join too, but instructions will have to be given very clearly and one step at a time please lol

Quenelle Thu 12-Jul-12 11:13:42

Can I join too please?

cocolepew Thu 12-Jul-12 11:16:59

Can you really share books? Isnt it <whispers> illegal?

Naturally I want to join grin

TheSmallPrint Thu 12-Jul-12 11:18:28

watching with interest

Shodan Thu 12-Jul-12 11:21:01

Oh yes, me too please.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 12-Jul-12 11:21:21

My kindle arrived last week and at the mo I only have one book to share, but would be more than happy to offer to share mine when I get more.

I knew you could share books with other kindle users, but haven't looked into how yet.

Someone also mentioned that you can get ebooks through libraries now.

Primrose123 Thu 12-Jul-12 11:37:29

I would love to join this! I use kindle on my iPad, hope that's ok.

I didn't think this was possible, but it's great if it is!

mummylin Thu 12-Jul-12 13:02:04

cocolepew you can share books apparently for a fortnight.I have no idea how though and also dont know if you can lend it out more than once.I have had mine since xmas and only just found out that a] i have not been switching it off only putting it in sleep mode and b] that i have a kindle email address !!!! That will teach me i must read instructions.

mummylin Thu 12-Jul-12 13:06:29

pyjamaday i had this when my sis in law tried to send me an email.I then had an email from amazon which said she was not approved.i had to go "manage your kindle" Then sign in to amazon,go to personal document settings and add her to my approved email addresses.I would think its something similar to add your brother somewhere like that.

Lazydaisy55 Thu 12-Jul-12 13:10:43

I would like to join and share as well. I would need step-by-step instructions as well.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 12-Jul-12 15:03:18

Not a member, but if some kind person could tell us where to share, I'd be happy to share mine smile

mummylin Thu 12-Jul-12 15:20:17

I dont think many of us know at the moment ps my dh name is gordon grin that is for jiltedjohn

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 12-Jul-12 16:35:33

I'm sure he is a lovely chap lin grin

mummylin Thu 12-Jul-12 19:54:44

sometimes he is a moron though grin

I'd also like to join in. I was given a disc with thousands of books on it and will share if someone teaches me grin

jofeb04 Thu 12-Jul-12 20:11:24

Can I join please as well smile

maxmillie Thu 12-Jul-12 21:24:15

me too pls

juneybean Fri 13-Jul-12 15:14:42

To those mentioning the sharing for two weeks, apparently that can only be done on the USA Kindles sad

GiggleMummy Sat 14-Jul-12 09:09:13

I am very intrigued and would love to join and share if possible.

loopyluna Sun 22-Jul-12 14:31:56

Count me in, if the problem gets fixed. I'm spending way to much on kindle at the moment and have just read some great books on holiday that I'd love to share...

LandenParkeLaine Mon 23-Jul-12 13:23:56

I'd like to join in too- marking my place grin

redrosette Sun 29-Jul-12 21:17:51

can I join? Whats involved?

lots33 Sun 29-Jul-12 21:21:52

Me too! Marking place!

Noqontrol Sun 29-Jul-12 21:25:41

Can i join too please smile

HomeEcoGnomist Sun 29-Jul-12 21:28:24

Marking my place to join

bahookie Sun 29-Jul-12 21:28:29

i would too....can anyone let us know how to do it?

MTBMummy Mon 30-Jul-12 09:41:51

Can I join too please?

Have several 100 books ranging from trashy summer beach reads to some more heavy duty stuff, but would happily share them

BsshBossh Sun 05-Aug-12 23:05:52

Isn't it illegal to share Kindle-format books in the UK? Someone would have had to strip the DRM out.... spoilsport

SuzysZoo Sat 13-Oct-12 19:51:36

Sorry - can I ask a ridiculous question. do kindles have pictures too. Eg. If I buy my child a kindle and then they want to read The Gruffalo - does that work?

DuchessofMalfi Sat 13-Oct-12 20:49:07

Yes you can get pictures on a kindle, but they only come up in black & white on mine. Not terribly exciting if you want to read a children's book like The Gruffalo. I don't know if the Kindle Fire would be better? Probably worth having a look on the Amazon page and then asking on the E-reader forum on here - in the Book section.

OneHolyCow Sun 14-Oct-12 15:37:18

Did the sharing thing ever take off?
Would happily share my stuff and always interested in browsing other's.

SuzysZoo Thu 18-Oct-12 22:34:28

Sorry - further slightly random kindle query. If I buy both my children one, can I download the same book but only pay once? Eg. They both want to read the same book at the same time!

I would like to join please- I have hundreds of books on my kindle-
Am no wiser as to how this works though?

Alonglongway Fri 19-Oct-12 00:16:36

Yes - you can run 4-5 kindles off one amazon account and the books can be downloaded to all the kindles

SuzysZoo Fri 19-Oct-12 13:16:48

Thank you! That sounds good - they are always arguing about books!

pen2paper Wed 24-Oct-12 14:53:37

I would be interested to.

Eve Wed 03-Jul-13 13:04:46

I know this is an old message but I did have lot of books from this club and they have now all gone. ;-(

I would love some more.

It was based on dropbox , but books were all deleted.

Would others be interested in starting again?

schmalex Wed 03-Jul-13 15:46:18

Surely this is just pirating? Or am I missing something?

Eve Wed 03-Jul-13 17:35:28

It's books that have been bought legally & then being shared.

They are not being copied which is illegal.

JennySense Mon 08-Jul-13 22:15:07

I would be interested smile

I would be...but unfortunately my Dropbox is full of DH's work stuff (which is why I had to pull out before)

Are there other similar options?

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