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DuchessofMalfi Sat 23-Mar-13 14:26:23

I picked up a copy of her short stories - The Closed Door And Other Stories, from the library and started reading it yesterday. It's excellent.

I'm really enjoying literature from or set in the early part of the 20th century at the moment and this fits the bill completely.

Has anyone else read her work? Ridiculously delighted to find another author I love smile

Lomaamina Mon 20-Jan-14 20:01:54

Ha! I doubt it on all counts. Maybe taller...

Pukkapik Tue 21-Jan-14 15:13:41

I love Persephone books (esp Mollie Panter Downes and DWhipple) and went out of my way to find the shop...I was disappointed and did not find the staff friendly at all. I felt I'd walked in on a private office and interrupted them.

Lomaamina Tue 21-Jan-14 20:18:39

Sorry to hear your disappointment Pukkapik is the same as most of the others on this thread. I wonder if anyone from the shop ever monitors social networks to see conversations such as this one? If I owned the business, I'd be mortified to be reading this thread.

Funnily enough I was planning to go by the shop on Thursday just to test the water again as I'll be in the area. I may just do so and report back.

(Off to dig out suitably posh clothes)

carlajean Wed 22-Jan-14 12:54:25

Exactly pukkapik. I was so annoyed that I felt like doing a Pretty Woman on them (walking back with a whole pile of books in my arms and saying 'remember when you couldn't be bothered to serve me? BIG mistake')

Lomaamina Wed 22-Jan-14 17:47:39

carlajean that only works if you can carry off the thigh-high-black-boots look. Not quite the bluestocking image they want to convey.

Graceparkhill Wed 22-Jan-14 17:57:12

Me too Pukkapik. I felt inches high when I made the pilgrimage . The staff were very aloof and I felt like a provincial old fool. Dreams shattered. I thought we would have toasted crumpets whilst discussing our favourite Persephone books instead they couldn't even pretend to be interested in me.

MooncupGoddess Wed 22-Jan-14 18:09:07

What a shame - someone should email this thread to them.

I avoided Dorothy Whipple's novels for years after reading Carmen Callil's unkind comment that she wouldn't consider anything for Virago that was 'below the Whipple line'. Then I saw They Were Sisters in the library last week, borrowed it and stayed up till 1 am until I'd finished it blush

Anatana Wed 22-Jan-14 18:14:24

Oh I love Dorothy Whipple! My sister bought me a subscription to Persephone for my birthday one year and I discovered her then, and have since pressed copies upon numerous others. I wonder why she's never been adapted. You'd think she'd be perfect for a Sunday night mini series.

Shan't go to this shop, though. Sounds bloody awful!

MrsBartlet Wed 22-Jan-14 21:24:44

I got They Were Sisters for Christmas and I loved it - definitely my favourite Dorothy Whipple so far. It was my birthday earlier this week so I now have several Persephone books in my to read pile by my bed. including The Priory and High Wages.

DH went to the shop last week to buy presents for me and he said the person who served him was very friendly. However, he did have to ask for help. I have managed a couple of bookshops and I would indeed be mortified to see such dire feedback. It is so disappointing when people are so passionate about their books but feel so let down by the shop.

Pukkapik Thu 23-Jan-14 20:59:06

Lomaamina - Did you visit the Persephone shop today? (in blue stockings or thigh high boots?!) How did you get on?

Lomaamina Thu 23-Jan-14 21:52:18

Ha! Sorry to disappoint you, but no. Slunk into work after nasty session at the dentist and chickened out from leaving my desk, even for a Mumsnet mission.

Still, I was thinking of booking a lunch date important work meeting with a colleague who's also a friend. Perhaps we should saunter down Lamb’s Conduit way?

Pukkapik Thu 23-Jan-14 22:20:14

And why not!

MrsBartlet Sun 26-Jan-14 10:02:33

Just finished reading Richmal Crompton's "Family Roundabout" (Persphone) - would thoroughly recommend it to Dorothy Whipple fans as it is very similar in style, content etc.

Lomaamina Sun 26-Jan-14 22:01:39

Thanks for the recommendation. It's been on my list to order from the library for a while, but I wasn't sure if it was for me... Worth the 60p gamble, either way!

MrsBartlet Mon 27-Jan-14 08:00:12

Definitely worth it! If you like Dorothy Whipple you will love it. I wish they would print more of Richmal Crompton's adult books. She wrote loads and most of them are out of print, sadly.

penguinpaperback Fri 14-Feb-14 01:42:03

I love Dorothy Whipple, have all the Persephone editions. Also discovered Mollie P-Downes via the Persephone catalogue and my absolute favourite, Tea with Mr Rochester, short stories by Frances Towers. A bit disappointed with the forthcoming Spring titles, would think most Persephone readers have read The Diary of a Provincial Lady. I'm hoping they have some gems in the pipeline. I would love to visit the shop one day but I'm not so sure now. smile

ilovemyteddy Sat 25-Oct-14 08:23:49

Resurrecting this thread to give you all a heads-up that Persephone have just published Dorothy Whipple's Because of the Lockwoods.

I have my copy on order from Waterstones and can't wait to read it.

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