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Personality disorders vs effects of trauma, and therapy for trauma

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bodenboyssocks Sat 17-Sep-16 18:26:01

I​ have read threads on here about children suffering from trauma, meltdowns, emotional flooding, violence, other executive function problems. One ​of my ​dc was very ill a few years ago, when he was 2, and was in hospital/on medication for​​ a long time, and it had dire affects on his wellbeing and behaviour. I found this video of a Yale lecture which changed our lives​​. ​ I​ worked on the basis that my LO was suffering from trauma, as a result of the illness, and I took from this video that he could be "cured" by the brain being effectively rewired by the therapies and exercises, without medication. I​f any of you have not yet found this video and you have troubled children, then you may well find it is helpful.

This was 2013 and things may have moved on since then. If you google therapies for children who are suffering from trauma you will find other therapies too. ​Many sound ridiculously simple but if they are done regularly they work - or at least they did for us.

I ​also ​found this a really easy to understand​, easy to watch and short ​explanation about fight/flight:

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