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Advice please

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MrsDeVere Sun 09-Jun-13 17:59:19

Some of you will know a fair bit about my background so excuse me if I do not reveal too much on an open forum.

DS finally had a genetics appt last month. Initial bloods (micro array) are clear but they only look at chromosomes, not genes.

I was expecting to be seen and then discharged as no further action.

But geneticist took history and I have her report. She thinks that DS probably does have a genetic disorder of some sort. It will be hard to diagnose without parental genetic material but she is trying to get him on a study so at least some more tests can be done if not the whole gamut.

Anyway. Do we tell the family? All birth uncles and aunts now have DCs. There are estranged partners too. My feeling is that we have a responsibility to share but family are so fecking rubbish at addressing developmental and medical issues I doubt they will do anything.

I am also reluctant because frankly I cannot be arsed to deal with them for a single fecking second.

I have told OH he needs to think about contacting his sister but I am not sure how much she will take in.

Once again I feel like I am dealing with the legacy of their neglect.

Moan, moan, whinge, whinge.

Devora Sat 29-Jun-13 18:55:05

You had a lot of trauma over a prolonged period - and you were not in control of any of it. I'm not surprised this situation is taking you back to the feelings of that time.

Be gentle with yourself.

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