Any going to want 2 b a parent show in cardiff on 8th June?

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OceanSeas Sun 16-Jun-13 13:16:41

Hi I went and went for the surrogacy and adoption i for. The surrogacy was more complicated than it is, and the adoption talk women broke down on the motorway and the solicitor painted adoption very negatively, likening it to being held in Guantanamo bay! All very negative on adoption.
Adoption was focused on sam sex partners adopting children and the new laws menacing they don't haev to. There were only 7 couples each at the two talks. Looked like the ivf talks later in the day were going to be full.

Would have been useful If we were starting out, but we have found out more information from the groups and on here. But helped us make our mind up

FabiOne Mon 10-Jun-13 22:26:03

Hi OceanSea

Just wondering if you went to the baby show and whether it was any good?

I live in Cardiff and was intending to go but ended up missing it as my friend could no longer make it.

If you thought it was worthwhile ill look out for future shows



OceanSea Thu 09-May-13 15:43:46

The website is here from reading the website it's £5 a ticket and has talks and stands throughout the day. Is aimed at people interested in fostering, adoption, surrogacy, ivf, single women, fertility over 40, gay and lesbian couples.

Have no idea if its going to be any good, and looks like its the first time doing it, but for us an open day has come at the right time. So if its awful sorry! Just wanted to share as only came across it when looking at local clinics, didn't find anything about it when looking at local adoption sites.

OceanSea Wed 08-May-13 10:41:26


OceanBeach Fri 03-May-13 12:49:17

We're travelling to the "want 2 b a parent show" on 8th June. That is their awful text speak not mine!
Just wondering if anyone else was going? We could all wear a red carnation / MN scarf or something!

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