Lowering a BMI!!!!

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OK, it's official, this little greyhound is less whippet


and more whipped cream!


My lovely social worker has pointed out my BMI is a bit high and asked what I think I can do about it. I said lower it. Of course. But it is actually quite hard. I have taken up running and Taekwan-do but I also love my food.

Please inspire me if you were also advised to lower the dreaded BMI and how you did it, please.

Thanks so much.

Did anyone else watch Wight Loss Ward?

I do kind of feel for very overweight/obese people there are often (not always) issues behind the overeating. For me it was OCD as a teenager that morphed into overeating in my twenties.

This may not be the case for everyone but I do (personally) think for a lot of seriously overweight people that there can be issues behind why people end up over eating a lot and even putting weight back on after losing a lot of weight. Not always but sometimes.

I watched Weight Loss Ward on ITV this week and people who had lots of a weight through surgery needed lots of help to keep the weight off. One woman had never really got over the death of her mother, her mother was like her best friend and she had not coped well with losing her, I think when she was a young mum herself.

Some issues were even more serious - one poor woman who had had been abused as a child had had issues with food and alcohol and later went on to excessively use pain killers as well binging. Another had lost her best friend as a teenager, her friend had been killed and she ended up being very overweight and said her life had kind of stopped there and then when she lost her friend. She had surgery and went on to lose lots of weight and seemed to be able to move forward.

Also, having watched Supersize vs Superskinny I noticed that many people had issues in their past such as bullying when they were children or had had major issues such as infertility or the loss of a child which had led to either overeating or undereating. Of course not all larger people or people with food issues (either over eating or under eating) will have these major issues in their lives but some will.

Anyway, for me part of weight loss is getting over the issues of past and not relying on food to make me feel better. It was very subtle for me in that it took me years to work out that my impulsive over eating was linked to the OCD I had years ago.

PS I should say the sozo was not really for me.

The New Id newid.org/ was good and got me on the road.

The best thing has been counselling because my issues with food are connected to the OCD I had when I was a lot younger.

Back on page 2 of this thread I wrote a bit about the reasons behind this. I said.....

If a person is very overweight or obese there is a chance the children in that family will also be overweight or obese. This might be because of gentics in some families but probably is a lot more to do with habits and patterns of eating and attitude to food. So to put a healthy child into a family where people ate very badly might be viewed by some as being wrong. If it were a choice of a fat family or no family I expect most kids would want a family, but if being in that family means you will end up overweight or obese and as a result get bullied at school or have health problems you can really see where they are coming from in wanting to avoid that and wanting kids to have the chance to join a 'healthy' family.

This does not apply to me as DH and DD are both slim and healthy, very fit and sporty. We eat a very sensible, healthy diet as a family.

The second reason, which does apply to me, is that people who are very overweight or obese run an increased risk of lots of diseases including life-threatening illnesses!

My problems with overeating go back a long way. Over the years I have tried lots of diets and exercise regimes and if I am honest they have all failed long term!

I now do sport that I think is fun (walking and Taekwan-do) and as a Christian I have had some councelling/prayer ministry to deal with the issues of why I over eat. But I am still overweight because I overate for a long time. I had two big break throughs, one last year that dealt with the overeating and another which I really hope has dealt with the reasons why I want to overeat!



I was really hoping for some inspiration and encouragement. I don't want to join a diet club, it's not for me, but I do like to be inspired by other people's great stories.

Hope that explains itsbetterthanabox a tiny bit about why social services may ask prospective adopters to lose weight and also about why I started this thread back in April 2013.

As an update we have now adopted our fit healthy little boy, you joins our it healthy dd and my fit healthy hubby! I am the only overweight, unfit person in the family and I am still working on it.

itsbetterthanabox it's not off topic. It's fine to ask. We started our accession in 2012 and finished in 2013. We were told my weight was too high and that I needed to try and lose weight. Which I have been doing.

Generally, in adoption social services would like adopters to have a reasonably healthy BMI.

There are lots of reasons for this. Please feel free to ask anything you would like to. Weight alone should not be an issue, unless someone is dangerously overweight.

itsbetterthanabox Sat 02-Aug-14 02:08:37

Sorry this may be slightly off topic. But have you been told you have to lose weight to be able to adopt? shock Or am I completely wrong.

Quite proud of myself today. I threw away things I should not eat! DD's left over shortbread and gammon rind! I did it because I was thinking of you guys, so thanks for the inspiration.

Just watched Weight loss ward on ITV. It is inspirational, and scary!

Well done tinkerbellpixie.

Velvet keep going, don't give up.

Velvet1973 Wed 30-Jul-14 21:36:43

Well done Tinkerbelle that's great. I'm really struggling with mine at the mo. Am being good food wise but exercise has gone out the window in thus heat and have a lot going on at the mo. Really want to lose another stone before panel in September but can't see it happening.
You're doing really well to keep your motivation in all the adversity they keep throwing at you.

tinkerbellpixie Wed 30-Jul-14 20:58:04

Well after both of us going to the Dr and asking for some help with weight loss so that we can effectively demonstrate to the s/w and panel that we can do it we have both been referred to the tier 3 weight management scheme at hospital. This will be assessments on weight bone density etc and assessing our diet. We have both kept food diaries and I have lost another 6lbs by running around behind minded children all day.
But we are getting there

tinklerbelle hope you will work it all out. Good advice Velvet.

Velvet1973 Thu 17-Jul-14 23:52:10

Hi Tinkerbell,
Sorry to hear things are on hold for you. Have you tried the sw extra easy? I know a lot of people still think of sw as the green and red days but the extra easy is brilliant. I would have thought it would be fairly easy to incorporate food allergies into a sw diet now. Ww didn't work for me but I did lose 5 stone with sw but it took 3 years. I'd definitely recommend it especially if you cook a lot of your own meals rather than buy ready meals as it's definitely much easier that way.
Good luck.
P.s. Also found the walking was the best way to lose it too. Tried running and aquafit etc but best results were from a good brisk daily walk so well done.

tinkerbellpixie Thu 17-Jul-14 19:03:54

We are on a break from adoption at a bit of a mutual agreement from S/W and us some administration errors I.e s/w not reading emails etc.. Or returning calls there are issues on decluttering but unless we completely empty our house means we can't get rid of much more.. Our house is poorly designed, but the big point is weight and they want us to join WW or Slimming world WW did not work due to me having allergies to food which is also discounting slimming world..
So other can cutting the crap out which we have done, and increasing exercise which has also increased I walked 10miles today, and a good 2-3 miles a day

Hey, how is everyone doing?

Long time no post. I tried on a dress in the size below my size today, it fitted! It was a bit tight but it fitted!!

LittleMissDisorganized Sat 12-Apr-14 16:00:05

Oh right, my experience in the NHS is to use the cut off of 35. It's fairly arbitrary I suppose... horrible term though, horrible thing to face up to. I shall un-label myself though, thank you Italian.
It was impacting my quality of life certainly - I have a long way to go, but having found something sustainable is wonderful and probably a habit for life. It's was also significant in my relationship with God, to tease out what in my eating issues are really idolatry issues, or sinfulness. Definitely life changing.

LittleMissDisorganized thanks for sharing. I am so pleased for you. You said you were morbidly obese and having now got a BMI of 33 (from 37).


"An individual is considered morbidly obese if he or she is 100 pounds over his/her ideal body weight, has a BMI of 40 or more, or 35 or more and experiencing obesity-related health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes."

Your BMI wasn't 40 or more so I am guessing you had other factors. It is so brilliant that you have got such a good result. Well done.

LittleMissDisorganized Mon 07-Apr-14 11:36:53

Italian I've been meaning to post on this thread since I read it months ago...
I know what you mean about it being almost entirely in your head and if you don't address that then the weight loss is unsustainable.
I put on 3 stone last year - I was already in the overweight category - taking me into the morbidly obese category. Admittedly it was a year in which I had to say goodbye to DD, and I was aware over the weeks before and afterwards that I was using food to cope with that but as I was at least not drinking, at less than a year sober, I let it be. And I had two lots of major, immobilising surgery.
So this year one of my two NY resolutions was to lose that 3 stone. I read around a lot and have gone for Low Carb because it really addresses the addictive nature of sugar and why we can't just eat one, and satiety and how we ignore it, etc. (I've joined the threads on here to do it) I've lost 23lb, and I'm still pretty immobile. Exercise plays very little role in weight loss, when it comes down to the science. Vital for our overall wellbeing, but not a big determinant of weight. That was news to me.

It's almost like a second sobriety - because withdrawing sugar (which is what complex carbs are broken down to) means that I am not papering over my feelings, I stop when I'm full, I enjoy my food, and I am moving better, having now got a BMI of 33 (from 37). Prior to the last couple of years, I was maybe overweight with a BMI of 26-28 but nothing like I have put myself through. I don't want to live with the excuses about it and settle my head into thinking that's the way I am.

Anyway, I know you have found a good path for you, and some great ideas, I just wanted to share my path so far this year in the hope it might help someone else.

Good news Tinkerbell.

tinkerbellpixie Sat 05-Apr-14 17:37:40

Well, back on the way on this week, Dp has cycled shifted more crap and stripped the wallpaper off our new bedroom wall.
Me I went riding again, and I loved it plus a walk into the village, and I will be going home to play on the Wii

Super happy last night, managed to opt for a pear instead of a packet of crisps after dinner. Then as I bit into that pear I got that grainy clunky pain where you bite into something hard! Ow. Luckily, saw dentist today and tooth is fine. (Already had appointment for filling).

Anyway, thought I would share one thing my counsellor did for me.

At the start of our sessions I explained that for me I often felt the need to finish off any food, even if I did not like it! Be it a meal or a bar of chocolate. An open packet of biscuits or a large order of something was almost impossible to leave uneaten for me!

So, my counsellor gave me a packet of chocolates at the first session and asked me to only eat one a day. I managed to eat just two that first week and made the bag last three weeks! Now whenever I think I can't do resist food, I remember those chocolates and I know I can!

I think it is thinking about food, and taking food (buying it or ordering it etc that leads to eating it!). For me it is often my hands as well as my mouth that are the problem, my hands bring the food to my mouth! Actually it is the brain that starts it all off! Which is why I feel being in a good emotional place is so helpful.

This makes me laugh, because it is so true of so many of us....


mummymamaandme of course you may join us, please do. Congratulations on the fabulous weight loss.

I am feeling so much better. Trying to eat more fruit and veg, trying to take less food when at the canteen at work etc. I am getting a real buzz when the server tries to offer me more spaghetti, cous cous or whatever, I am saying that's enough before they offer me a full big serving! In the past I always got as much as I could and always ate it all, and sometimes wanted more!

I also tried on some stretchy trousers in a size smaller than my usual one and they were too big!

I feel very good but I know support is vital so that you lovely ladies (are we all female here?? with mumsnet you never know!) for your support.

mummymamaandme Wed 02-Apr-14 21:15:25

Can I join you please?
We were deferred in Dec but approved last week.
I have lost 31lbs since January, I fell off the wagon last week but back on it now and looking forward to the next 31 smile
I'm using my fitness pal and good old fashioned excersise.
I did lighter life many years ago and lost four stone but ended up really ill and needing surgery, so wanted to take it slow this time.

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