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I'm in that phase where some research stuff has come to an end, and it's time to begin new stuff. I have an idea for new stuff, which I think is a good idea, and others I've spoken to seem to think it's a good idea as well. It's multi-faceted though, and I am fumbling around in the dark a bit, unsure what to do first. The idea is mostly social sciences, which is my home discipline, but a bit humanities as well (I am being deliberately vague, sorry).

My ultimate aim (I think) is to get to the point, in around 6-12 months, of applying for a fellowship. So this is what I have at the moment:

A pretty well developed early draft for a journal article, that will link aspects of my previous stuff to this new stuff.

A proposal for a book, which is partly previous stuff but mostly new, as in yet to be explored, stuff. For this book, the research and the writing would inter-relate. I could write a sample chapter and proposal now.

An increasingly clear and focused proposal for a research project (but nowhere near clear enough to apply for funding now), which links to the book but both could be done independently of one another.

A fairly clear idea of follow on / impact stuff relating mostly to the research project.

A growing list of potential collaborators, who might influence things depending on how early they might get involved.

Where I'd really appreciate some input is, in what order to approach things. E.g. should I prioritise the sample chapter and book proposal, or wait until I am further along? Should I be talking to potential collaborators now, while the stuff is still in the early stages, or would it be better to wait until things were more concrete? Should I be blogging stuff? Would a conference paper be a good start? Etc.

LongHaulSally Wed 14-Oct-15 09:36:23

I'm no expert but I think I would probably start with a conference paper based on the draft journal article if there is an appropriate conference to apply for? With the aim of getting some early feedback and chatting/networking with potential collaborators. Then I would probably approach our faculty research manager who is a great source of info on funding- he is happy to help with drafts and scope of projects from an early stage because if you are thinking of applying for something in 6-12 months, then its definitely not too early to be thinking about that application.
However, I wouldn't contemplate devoting a huge amount of energy to a book proposal at this point but that's probably just because I've had my fingers burnt with proposals before- always seem to follow the same pattern of really positive initial feedback from the editor then radio silence for months and I find it really disheartening!

Impostersyndrome Wed 14-Oct-15 21:01:45

Could you organise a session at a conference, shaped around what interests you? That way you network and shape your ideas in one fell swoop.

I agree also about starting to draft the proposal, even just the background review. It all takes so much time .

Book should be bottom priority just because it takes forever

Great, thank you both.

In fact, I have started to put out feelers about organising something. On phone, so posting concisely smile

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