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What book and film would you like to 'unread' and 'unwatch', so you could see them again for the first time?

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Kasterborous Thu 31-Jul-14 17:31:00

I think my book would be Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, any of the Shardlake ones, or Past Mortem by Ben Elton. Films wise I think maybe the Austin Powers ones as they make me laugh a lot, even though I've seen them a few times.

Mrsjayy Thu 31-Jul-14 17:40:48

Greenmile I love it but seen it a zillion times it has lost its spark

CalamityKate1 Thu 31-Jul-14 17:41:34

The Harry Potters.

widdle Thu 31-Jul-14 17:44:01

Book - A Suitable Boy - read it years and years ago and was utterly absorbed.

Agree re Shardlake - love those books!

Mull Thu 31-Jul-14 17:44:31

Forrest Gump. I know it's a bit twee but I was amazed the first time I saw it.

BoldBlackCherry Thu 31-Jul-14 17:48:01

The whole Harry Potter series, books and films.

I can't wait for dds to be old enough to discover Harry Potter. I hope they will love it just as much as I do smile

elportodelgato Thu 31-Jul-14 17:52:04

Film: pulp fiction, massively blew my mind when i first saw it. I was in 6th form and me and my mate kept having to pause it and go outside for a cigarette to discuss grin

Book: Middlemarch, although it is always a total joy to read, I remember it being PERFECT the first time and making me so so happy

elportodelgato Thu 31-Jul-14 17:59:21

AND Anchorman, I would love to watch that again for the first time but only if DH is watching it too as a huge part of the fun was watching him laughing like a drain for 2 hours

curiousgeorgie Thu 31-Jul-14 18:00:33

Agree about Harry Potter books and films, my DD is just starting to get into them.

Book: The Time Travellers Wife, I adored discovering the story and would love to read it again not knowing the outcome.

Film: Inception, totally blew my mind first time round, haven't had a film do that to me for years.

nousernamesleft Thu 31-Jul-14 18:13:47

Another vote for the Harry potters. I've read them umpteen times and still love them but would love to do that first time thing again.

TheAwfulDaughter Thu 31-Jul-14 18:18:56


- OP Fingersmith by Sarah Waters is next on my to read pile. It's not my choice it's a book club and it's glaring at me. Tell me it's worth the effort of 500+ pages of small print historical novel?

Films none. Book probably Time Traveller's Wife.

Kasterborous Thu 31-Jul-14 18:31:16

It is worth it secretsquirrels I think you will enjoy it. I certainly did.

chopinbabe Thu 31-Jul-14 18:32:27

The Mapp and Lucia novels by E F Benson.

wigglesrock Thu 31-Jul-14 18:32:46

Book probably - a heartbreaking work of staggering genius

Film -ET

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 31-Jul-14 18:33:44

World war z
And World war z.

Yesyesanamechange Thu 31-Jul-14 18:35:49

Harry potter definitely. I got so over excited when jk Rowling wrote the quidditch World Cup updates.

MsRinky Thu 31-Jul-14 18:37:30

Secret History by Donna Tartt and the first season of Forbrydelsen (The Killing).

I wish I could read Rebecca for the first time again.

Or The Road.

babybythesea Thu 31-Jul-14 18:52:02

Book - An Equal Music by Vikram Seth (although Rebecca is a good call from a pp).
Film - Paper Moon.

Film was much harder. I ran through the Railway Children, LOrd of the Rings trilogy and a french film called "Ma Vie en Rose". And if I could choose a single scene, the one in Love Actually when Emma Thompson realises her husband has been unfaithful and cries in the bedroom.

basgetti Thu 31-Jul-14 18:54:36

The Shawshank Redemption so I could be surprised by the ending again.

olivespickledonions Thu 31-Jul-14 18:55:31

The Sixth Sense, without some bugger telling me the big twist, like they did the first time angry

Theincidental Thu 31-Jul-14 18:56:46

The book and the film of Fight Club. I never saw it coming at all and the ending is just extraordinary.

The whole of Stephen king'a dark tower series would be great fresh again too!

AnythingNotEverything Thu 31-Jul-14 18:58:47

Like misslaughalot I'd say The Time Traveller's Wife. I'd like to erase it so I can read it for the first and second times again. It's the most beautiful story about love.

Book- Green Mile. I love it.

Film- Avengers. Massive Marvel fan and I still watch it on a regular basis.

TheWhispersOfTheGods Thu 31-Jul-14 19:20:33

Read Lord of the Rings again, without having seen the films (I watched them when they first came out but we didn't have the book at home so I'd not had a chance to find them). Also, I'd love to reread all of Diskworld from the top, in order, knowing nothing.

There are some books I don't want to read to my children so they can discover them themselves. Probably the Harry Potters and definitely LOTR.

Not so fussed about films, I'm not into films at all really.

Mrsjayy Thu 31-Jul-14 19:23:13

Harry potter 7 I didnt want it to end im a bloody grown woman

GrainDeMalice Thu 31-Jul-14 19:25:52

American Beauty. Or Magnolia.

For books, I am going highbrow for the Thorn Birds, or the Godfather blush

2kidsintow Thu 31-Jul-14 20:32:58

Books - the Ilona Andrews Magic Bites series. It's just amazing and I'm halfway through the new, 7th book.

Film - harder to choose.... I think The Matrix (only the first one though!) or the Lord of the Rings films.

Thurlow Thu 31-Jul-14 20:39:01

Fight Club or Inception, to have my mind blown again. I can't remember what I thought the first time you found out who Tyler Durden was, and I wish I could.

I'd also like to watch The Departed again just so it might one day have a different ending sad

Gone With the Wind, just because it was so spectacular as a book, it would be amazing to experience that first time around again.

Can I add a TV show? I remember a friend being jealous when the first series of The Wire turned up for me on DVD, because I'd still got the whole lot ahead of me - having watched it, I totally know what they meant.

microcosmia Thu 31-Jul-14 20:40:28

Possession by A.S.Hyatt. the book

TulipOHare Thu 31-Jul-14 21:22:06

All of the Discworld books. I still read them regularly and they are pure joy every time, but I would so love to discover them anew.

Film: LA Confidential. I love that film more than is reasonable.

TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, far and away my most beloved series. And also Parks and Rec, Community and Arrested Development - I pretty much binge-watched all three in the first half of last year when I was feeling pretty down about life in general, and they got me through it all with wit and warmth and cleverness smile

BrookeDavies Thu 31-Jul-14 21:27:04

Boyhood, the Richard linklater film that's just come out. It is such an amazing film (and back story). I'm envious of all the people who are about to see it for the first time.

Also, twin peaks.

TidyDancer Thu 31-Jul-14 21:27:56

Film: Silver Linings Playbook. An instant and eternal favourite of mine.

I can't think of any books. I like the majority of my favourites on the second read anyway as I like being able to spot things I didn't see the first time around.

pinkerson Thu 31-Jul-14 21:44:34

Vanity Fair or A Fine Balance - two utterly perfect books.

My film would have to be Gone With The Wind. How I love it!

LiveInABox Thu 31-Jul-14 21:50:49

I'm not cultured enough to add book or film, but I'll make up for it with 3 TV series:
Friends - still love watching the reruns, but nothing will ever compare to "did she get off the plane?"!
Lost - I know it got bad reviews in the end but I was absolutely hooked and I would love to watch it all again.
Greys Anatomy - ok so this one's still going but the every season so far has been so fantastic, I'm jealous of people only discovering it now!

See I told you I wasn't very cultured!

Canyouforgiveher Thu 31-Jul-14 21:55:06

The L-Shaped Room by Lynn Reid Banks. I thought it was the saddest ending ever. I read it again recently and thought "ah, you'll get over him". Would love to be that young again.

Also Dr. Thorne by Anthony Trollope. I read it the day after dh (then dating) told me he loved me for the first time. I kept putting it down to remember the moment and then picking it up again.

I re-read the Mapp and Lucia novels about every 2 years.

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Thu 31-Jul-14 21:55:08

Agree with original The Killing season 1. Book would probably be Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

RubyrooUK Thu 31-Jul-14 21:59:18

Agree with original Killing for TV/film.

And A Suitable Boy for book. I was heartbroken when I finished it and realised I would never get to meet those characters again.

Catrin Thu 31-Jul-14 22:02:39

The Secret History by Donna Tartt.

Katherine by Anya Seton.

Can't think of a film...

gamerchick Thu 31-Jul-14 22:05:44

The devils rejects film wise although it never gets old I still laugh.

Richard bachmans the long walk.. although that doesn't get old either grin

CoteDAzur Thu 31-Jul-14 22:07:59

I like mind-blowing rather than warm and cuddly, and my choices are:

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Cloud Atlas
The Diamond Age
This Thing Of Darkness
Ready Player One

Dark City
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Prestige

BornToFolk Thu 31-Jul-14 22:13:19

The His Dark Materials trilogy. I don't usually cry at books but I was sobbing by the end of The Amber Spyglass. I've re-read it but it doesn't have the same emotional impact when you know what's coming.

LaundryFairy Thu 31-Jul-14 22:19:25

I agree With you Born - the His Dark Materials Books
Film: Life of Brian - I would love to hear all of the jokes again for the first time.

MrsBungle Thu 31-Jul-14 22:23:12

Life of pi for me - book and film.
I'll also join in with Harry potter. I love the potter books and films.

mumatron Thu 31-Jul-14 22:29:35

Question Re fight club. Never seen it or read it. Should I read it first? don't know the twist.

agree with his dark materials cried my heart out at the end.

same with the time travellers wife cried so much

harry potter too

also millennium series and shadow of the wind.

movies inception, braveheart, the matrix, memento, the third man. I could go all night.

TV would love to watch the first 8 seasons of er.

VanGogh Thu 31-Jul-14 22:30:17

Perfume by Patrick Suskind. I read it 12 years ago and it blew my mind. It is just so beautiful and vile.

I HATED the film... But I always find myself disappointed with films when the book was good and I never watch a film of there's a book to read first. I hate spoiling books and so yes, I'm my own worst enemy!!! confused

Jurassic Park.
Love love love love love!!!

I have memories of mum walking me home having seen it in the cinema and being in a star struck daze! It exceeded the book for me!!!

Patrickstarisabadbellend Thu 31-Jul-14 22:30:38


I'll get my coat...

Theincidental Thu 31-Jul-14 22:35:11

Re fight club - I rarely think a film is more interesting than a book but in this case the twist and the jaw dropping moments of cinematography are only achieved in film.

The book is genius but a challenge to read - because of the structure mostly. It's brilliant to read post film to really understand the psychology of the characters.

Def film first.

NorwaySpruce Thu 31-Jul-14 22:39:06

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Dark is Rising, the Aurora (and the little blue car) books.... <childish>

And anything by Primo Levi. I can't quite pin it down, but reading his works, is like being spoken to by a benign and loving grandfather. I'm not even Jewish.

You hear, and take on, so much more than is being said. I actually dream about the short stories, especially the pleasure/pain one.

And he was a chemist, so obviously really cool.

Nerf Thu 31-Jul-14 22:42:25

I thought this was films you'd like to unwatch because they were so disturbing.
So I nominate Changeling and the lovely bones.

softlysoftly Thu 31-Jul-14 22:54:32

Books -
Basically everything by David Eddings belgarion/sparhawk/althalus

Shantaram - still want to go to India!

The power of one (book and film)

Films - pump up the volume - oh to be so young and angry again! I was going to change the world.

bialystockandbloom Thu 31-Jul-14 22:58:37

Book: Vanity Fair.

Film: The Third Man, although it doesn't get less brilliant, but to watch it not knowing the twist would be great.

bialystockandbloom Thu 31-Jul-14 23:00:27

Ooh x-posted with a fellow Vanity Fair lover smile

And yy to the L-Shaped Room - love that book! But is almost so sad I don't think I could read it again.

LondonRocks Thu 31-Jul-14 23:02:14

The Secret History

Gone With the Wind

Both evocative and compelling.

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Thu 31-Jul-14 23:28:45

How could I forget perfume? So perfectly written.

TheEnchantedForest Fri 01-Aug-14 00:03:42

Also love primo levi. If this is a man was absolutely haunting.

Love LA Confidential and would love to see it for the first time again.

Re the comment above about the Wire. I felt the same when a friend said he was going to watch the whole of 24 on sky boxsets because he hadn't watched it first time round. I was really jealous that he had it all to come!

TOADfan Fri 01-Aug-14 00:21:52

I agree with Harry Potter I'm so jealous of those discovering for the first time.

needaholidaynow Fri 01-Aug-14 01:16:10

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button smile

Mrsjayy Fri 01-Aug-14 10:04:57

I didnt know fight club was a book great film though thetwist is jaw dropping

ClaireFraser Fri 01-Aug-14 11:11:33

Book:Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon. The most amazing, detailed historical/time travel book(and series) - she is is my favourite author of all time and they are my absolute favourite books ever.

I can still remember to the very day the first time I read the book, I picked it up for £1 in a charity shop 11 years ago in my first year at uni. It was a lonely wet November Saturday and everyone else had gone away for the weekend and I spent the whole day curled up in my armchair, glued to the pages. Great big thick book and I devoured it in one.

Every time she releases a new book (every couple of years as they are so thick and detailed) I go back to the start and read them all again. Not to mention all the times in between that I read them when I need a pick me up.

They have just finished filming the first series (going by the name of 'Outlander' on Starz channel in USA) and the author has been hugely involved in the casting etc (she posts on Facebook and responds to readers all the time) and the actors chosen fit the images in my head perfectly - which goes to show how well she writes that I could picture her characters so perfectly!

My posting name is one of the lead characters and I just cannot say enough how highly I rate the books!

On a film side, it would be Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I would love to watch that for the first time again!

OP, this was a fab idea for a thread! I'm going to ask MN to move it out of chat afterwards as it would be a shame to lose it - I have a huge list of books and films to go and try!

Alwayswaiting Fri 01-Aug-14 11:16:21

Film: revolutionary road - such a good film
Book: time travellers wife.

Top notch!

BovrilonToast Fri 01-Aug-14 11:43:11

Book - The Night Circus. I love it so much.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 12:15:12

clairefraser they sound like an interesting series of books I think I will look into them.

I agree with the Harry Potter books. I would like to unsee the Harry Potter films though because they spoilt the books for me as it looked completely different in my head.

bendydickcumonmybaps Fri 01-Aug-14 12:35:49

Book-behind the scences at the mueseam by Kate Atkinson its such a good read.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 13:05:57

Ooh if forgotten about that one bendy I will add that one to my list.

widdle Fri 01-Aug-14 15:20:18

Glad to see so many of you recommending Time Travellers Wife - it's sat on my bed side table - not read it yet - jealous? grin

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 15:25:18

widdle I'm not jealous I didn't like it very much. I did enjoy Her Fearful Symmetry by the same author, I think I will add that one to my list along with Diane Setterfield's, The Thirteenth Tale.

ClaireFraser Fri 01-Aug-14 16:57:20

kaster they are just brilliant, check out the reviews on Amazon, I am far from being the only one of the same opinion!

Definitely read them in order though, there is so much back story to each book that it makes the enjoyment all the more for knowing it. Every time I read them I enjoy them more as I pick up on/remember bits that I'd not noticed before.

My desert island books without a doubt!

The author is an American but they are written about English/Scottish history (Jacobites), and her attention to detail and accuracy is spot on.

I can't rate them highly enough - just in case you hadn't already picked up on the fact! grin

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 17:02:40

ClaireFraser which series would you recommend reading first?

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Fri 01-Aug-14 17:09:48

ClaireFraser, you have totally got me with that evocative explanation - I will be investigating.

Agree with others re Time Traveller's Wife - OP, didn't think much of Her Fearful Symmetry though!

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 17:14:08

Abland yes I do seem to be in the minority on that one.

tobeabat Fri 01-Aug-14 17:23:50

So many good books and ideas!

I wish I could re-read Never Let Me Go without knowing the premise...which unfortunately I did the first time...

Can I go on a tangent to plays? - Complicite's A Disappearing Number is incredible (you can buy the script but obviously not the same as seeing the production).

Thumbwitch Fri 01-Aug-14 17:28:36

Kaster - I don't know about that, whenever there is a thread about books that are a waste of time, The Time Traveller's Wife is usually a contender! It seems to be a somewhat "marmite" book - I really enjoyed it, but some people loathe it. smile

Another vote for the Harry Potter series - I was just thinking that this evening actually (different time zone) as they've been showing the films again on one of the channels here, one every weekend and the last film was last weekend - I just wished there was another one, and/or another book - I enjoy them separately from each other, because the films aren't always true to the book but I know JKR had a lot of input into the films, so they're still "hers", iyswm, but I couldn't read the books just prior to seeing the films, it would have been too annoying. Ditto Lord of the Rings - saw them without having re-read the books for years. Much better for the inner pedant! grin

Also, Georgette Heyer books, and yes to Terry Pratchett Discworld series. These are my go-to comfort reads but I've read them all so often now that I've even lost my usual 3y memory-lapse on them and I know all the stories far too well.

Still - I want to be careful what I wish for, especially given that Sir Terry Pratchett has early onset Alzheimer's disease sad

withaspongeandarustyspanner Fri 01-Aug-14 17:55:54

Faces by Martina Cole. We read it at book group. I hated every minute. The woman who picked it didn't seem to appreciate my comment that there seemed to be an 'e' omitted from the title. (I know, I know but it's an awful book and I will never get those hours back).

withaspongeandarustyspanner Fri 01-Aug-14 17:59:51

I totally misread that. I would like to unread it because it was awful. I would definitely not like to read it again. <hunts for reading glasses>

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 18:01:42

I think mine that I would like to erase were a couple of Sophie Hannah ones. One was called A Room Painted/swept white and can't remember what the other one was called. They were utter rubbish. It was doubly disappointing as I'd enjoyed her earlier ones.

jellycake Fri 01-Aug-14 18:14:09

Yes, yes to lots already on here: Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind, The L-shaped room but I would like to add To Kill A Mockingbird and The Outsiders by SE Hinton. First read both of these when I was about 13 and they were a revelation and changed the way I looked at the world.
For films I would add Moulin Rouge (yes I'm soppy) and Titanic.

Pointlessfan Fri 01-Aug-14 18:39:21

Agree about The Secret History. Would also add A Thousand Splendid Suns which had me in tears, I don't know if it would have the same impact second time round.

JulesJules Fri 01-Aug-14 19:06:22

Absolute Beginners by Colin MacInnes. (The book, not the film which was dreadful.)

I absolutely loved this book when I read it, it was one of those books I just couldn't bear the thought of finishing.

I think sometimes you just read a book at the perfect time and place in your life where it has a real connection with you, you would not necessarily have had the same reaction at a different time.

JulesJules Fri 01-Aug-14 19:09:58

And film - Stranger Than Paradise

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 19:57:27

I think you are right there JulesJules

TodaysNotAGoodDay Fri 01-Aug-14 20:19:27

Book: All the Adrian Mole books

And film: City of Angels, Pitch Black or While You Were Sleeping

Squeakyheart Fri 01-Aug-14 20:28:07

I also adore the cross stitch series but not sure I would like to unread them as I love them so much I can't imagine life without them in my head if you see what I mean confused I am very in love with Jamie!

And have just ordered the last book as didn't realise it was out!

Not sure how I feel about a series will have to look out for it on U.K. TV

I would like to re read all the Harry potter ones and film wise shawshank redemption

temporaryusername Fri 01-Aug-14 20:33:26

Book - maybe Rebecca, without having any clue what happens

Film - Vertigo, as above

Titanic, the notebook, Harry potter films

Taffeta Fri 01-Aug-14 20:41:34

Never let me go - I couldn't read anything for months afterwards as it affected me so much
The Cleft by Doris Lessing
David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

The latter two were read at exactly the perfect time for me and that is why they resonated so deeply, though.

Film - Agree re Inception

GelfBride Fri 01-Aug-14 20:45:23

Jean De Florette/ Manon De Sources The only book that made me cry.

tobeabat Fri 01-Aug-14 20:49:40

Taffeta, were you aware of the underlying premise of Never... beforehand, or did it come as a surprise? If the latter, very jealous! Wish I had not read stupid spoiler review!

echt Fri 01-Aug-14 20:53:35

The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies
The Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker
His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
All the Mapp and Lucia novels

Films - Slumdog Millionaire because I loved it the first time, and it didn't bear a second viewing.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 20:58:35

I'm with you on the Adrian Mole books today. Also Rebecca like a couple of people have mentioned.

Taffeta Fri 01-Aug-14 21:06:49

tobeabat Wasn't aware, no. Total shocker, for months I couldn't think of anything else.

Raahh Fri 01-Aug-14 21:10:12

Gamerchick mentioned the Richard Bachman short The Long Walk'. I would love to experience the spine chilling fear I felt the first time I read that. I have read it numerous times, and still have some of the same feelings reading it- but it's never going to be the same.

Also- 'We need to Talk about kevin'- without having a clue about the end/or having seen the film.

Films- Trainspotting. I have only ever watched it once since seeing it in the cinema- it didn't give me the same buzz the second time around. The soundtrack however, I could listen to over (but that could be another threadgrin)

Also, Pulp Fiction- just an amazing film. So, so clever.

Dapplegrey Fri 01-Aug-14 21:12:16

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Universal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:17:16


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Universal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:17:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Universal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:17:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Universal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:19:56

Sorry crazy iPhone.

Book - Good Omens

I'd love to watch Breaking Bad again from the start. I was late on the bandwagon but loved every second.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 21:21:05

I thought they were short book titles Universal grin

Raahh Fri 01-Aug-14 21:21:39

Universal- I agree re Breaking Bad- when dh suggested it, I watched the first episode determined to hate it grin. I hate it when dh's suggestions are rightgrin

Universal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:23:01

Or Postmodern [Kaster]

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 21:24:25

If I had to choose a TV programme it would be Doctor Who, I've seen all of it that's available to see since it started in 1963. Though at least it starts again soon.

CoteDAzur Fri 01-Aug-14 21:24:57

DH and I haven't seen a single episode of Breaking Bad. I'm thinking of getting its box set this winter grin

PoppyAmex Fri 01-Aug-14 21:25:25

"Blindness", by Saramago

"100 Years of Solitude", by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

All PG Wodehouse's Bertie and Jeeves books

Film: La Vita e Bela (Life is Beautiful)

PoppyAmex Fri 01-Aug-14 21:26:13

Oh and TV show would definitely be The West Wing

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 21:26:58

universal if your book was written out as you posted it would be called Bbososormcccrcra would be an interesting title wink grin

Universal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:28:47

Much as I love Boxsets there is nothing like waiting a week for the next episode. I remember the pre internet days waiting for the new Friends episode and Sex and the City.

Or even Grange Hill!!! The Zammo days were heartbreaking.

ClaireFraser Fri 01-Aug-14 21:28:52

kaster there is the main series! and then a number of novellas spin-offs about other characters. The main series is as follows:

Cross Stitch (also known as Outlander to the American market)
Dragonfly in Amber
Drums of Autumn
The Fiery Cross
A Breath of Snow and Ashes
An Echo in the Bone
Written in My Own Heart's Blood - this has just been released and I am SO looking forward to reading it, but will prolong the pleasure to wait until it comes out in paperback <weirdo who doesn't like hardbacks> plus I want to read from the start again!

Would suggest waiting to read the novellas until you've read the main series and know the characters, but just as fab.

Link to amazon for first book here

They're a combination of historical, adventure, romance, little bit of fantasy and she has fab strong central female characters which I just love. There's no washy-washy fainting women here!

I know exactly what you mean squeaky, I feel that my life would be missing a lot if I had never read these books. But actually I still get the same thrill again every time I read them because they are so rich in detail that's there's always things you'd forgotten and rediscover.

I am also so very in love with Jamie blush and because I discovered them at such a formative age! I really think it shaped my views about what you could expect from a relationship and I certainly wasn't prepared to settle for second best! Luckily when I met my now DH, he fulfilled many of the necessary requirements (including being very tall and handsome, although not a redhead!) and I think Claire makes for a fab role model!

Def worth having a google of Sam Heughan as Jamie and Caitriona Balfe as Claire - Diana helped cast the perfect actors and the trailers she's been posting on her Facebook page show it will be brilliant I think. And I very much the kind of person to rant about tv adaptions ruining good books.

If you love Diana Gabaldon, have you tried anything by Barbara Erskine? She also has the same clever style of writing and is another favourite of mine.

Sorry for epic long post, I can talk for hours on my fave books!

Baddderz Fri 01-Aug-14 21:33:40

P G Wodehouse novels
Stephen king novels
Lindsay Davis falco novels
The west wing

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 21:34:40

Universal I've been watching some old Grange Hill episodes on YouTube this week. It's the ones with Zammo in.

Thanks Claire I will look for those books smile

Shakey1500 Fri 01-Aug-14 21:37:07


Mission by Patrick Tilley. I'm yet to meet or converse with someone else that has read it shock Fabulous twist at the end, a jaw dropper that had me exclaiming "Nooooooo waaayyyyy!!!" on the tube blush


Thelongdarkteatime Fri 01-Aug-14 21:37:53

Books: Good Omens, Fight Club, Wolf Hall and Jane Eyre. (And most of the Discworld Novels.)

Films: Pulp Fiction

TV: The X Files

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 21:39:29

Claire I've just bought the first one on my Kindle.

ClaireFraser Fri 01-Aug-14 21:46:01

I really hope you enjoy it! I found the first handful of chapters are 'scene setting' rather than action packed, so it does take a little to get going in the first book, but once it does it's unputdownable!

I think I am going to go and read them all again now! grin

U2TheEdge Fri 01-Aug-14 21:52:28

Book- The Stand. I get so jealous when someone is reading it for the first time.

Film? I can't think of one.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 21:52:53

It might take a week or so before I start reading it as I've just started reading Wolf Hall and I think it will take me a while. It was cheaper on kindle. This could turn into an expensive thread!

MilkandCereal Fri 01-Aug-14 21:55:09

Honestly? For my book it'd probably be Susan Kay's Phantom. It's pretty much fanfic,or 'Phanfic' but I love that book so much. I first read it as a teen,when it was no longer in print,and very expensive to purchase. I waited a month or so for it to arrive from the US,and had coveted it for a year or so before that,but it was very definitely worth the wait.

StormyLovesOdd Fri 01-Aug-14 22:08:26

U2 - I love The Stand too, also American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Love the references.

Film would have to be The Cabin in the Woods - starts off as just a standard horror film but has such a brilliant twist I watched it open mouthed in shock. Would love to have that surprise again.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 22:15:34

I quite like the Final Destination films. Yes they are a bit silly and gory. Trouble is once you've seen them once you know what's coming, so they would be good to 'unsee'.

JudysPriest Fri 01-Aug-14 22:19:24

I wish I hadn't watched Game of Thrones on the TV, now I'm reading the book it's like I spoiled a great dinner with a shitty bag of crisps.

I read Lord of The Rings only when stoned. I swear to fuck I took that ring to Modor with Frodo and Sam. I would love that experience again.

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 22:30:39

I've got all the Game Of Thrones lined up to read on my kindle (along with tons of other books), I'm going to save them for an epic winter read. I've never seen the TV series. I got them for a bargain on my kindle, less than £9 for all of them.

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Fri 01-Aug-14 22:34:01

Everyone who mentioned the Discworld books, have you come across this guy's blog, where he reads things for the first time on video, chapter by chapter, and then does a review? (hope the link works...)

He's doing Discworld at the moment (currently on the fourth book) and it's so funny watching him read - especially when a particularly good pun gradually dawns on him grin

JudysPriest Fri 01-Aug-14 22:43:27

Kaster, that sounds awesome. Wait for a cold snowy night, get the fire one, you must have a fur wrap and some warm mulled wine.

Egghead68 Fri 01-Aug-14 22:47:11

tV series: The Thick of It.

Book: Atonement

Film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

PenelopeLane Fri 01-Aug-14 22:48:59

Harry Potter books without knowing how they all end, also We Need to Talk About Kevin, A Fine Balance (an amazing book) and Ben Elton's Two Brothers.

Never Let Me Go as well - I'll never forget how stunned I was when I realised what it was actually about. Catch 22 - I loved it when I read it, but that was over 10 years ago and I haven't been able to bring myself to re-read it.

And some of the best Jack Reacher ones - wish I could read them for the first time again!

Treaclepot Fri 01-Aug-14 22:53:51

The Wire - I get jealous of people who haven't seen it.
To kill a mockingbird - it blew me away the first time.

ClaireFraser Fri 01-Aug-14 23:17:21

I also have Wolf Hall on my list to read. Have read the first few GoT books years ago when they first came out, need to get them again and read them all - can't wait!

Have also been reminded about David Eddings, sorry have forgotten the name of the poster up thread who mentioned those. Raymond E Feist also fab in that genre, plus Terry Goodyear - he's a fab author.

Too many books and not enough time is my problem! My bookcases are overflowing, think I'm going to have to persuade DH to let me get another bookcase, but heavens know where we'll fit it!

Kasterborous Fri 01-Aug-14 23:30:11

I've got the same problem Claire that's were my kindle comes in useful!

Raahh Sat 02-Aug-14 01:48:43

'The Elephant man' is on tv now.

That's definitely a film i would love to be able to watch as if I'd never seen it.
Makes me cry every time. And yell 'Don't lie down!!' at the end.

MumofWombat Sat 02-Aug-14 01:49:57

I'd love to experience all the Harry Potters in both formats again.
My book would be Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. It's the only book (pre children! Ha I cry all the time now!) that caused me to have tears streaming down my face.
Film, hmm probably Shawshank Redemption.

There's a few books here I'm going to see if I can get on the kindle!

TulipOHare Sat 02-Aug-14 02:08:38

DuPain yy I follow Mark Reads! Although can't get on the site at the moment, my AVG says there's a virus confused so have been watching on Youtube.

velouria Sat 02-Aug-14 02:45:04

Was it just me who was meh about the secret history? I read it because it was mentioned so much on here, wasn't impressed:S.

velouria Sat 02-Aug-14 02:48:11

I would say

book: The Stand, took me a few goes to get into it, but adore it.

Film: Breaking the waves

EllaMenopy Sat 02-Aug-14 05:13:27

Imaginings of Sand, by Andre Brink. I felt like I'd been punched in the gut when I finished it.
And yy to Wolf Hall. I can't remember the last time I was so deeply immersed in a book and its characters.

triplets Sat 02-Aug-14 06:51:27

Book for me would have to be Little Women/Jo`s Boys.......I would dream of being Jo March.........still love it now.
Film Out of Africa, the wonderful music and the scene where Robert Redford is washing Meryl Streeps hair by the river....ahh!!

BalloonSlayer Sat 02-Aug-14 08:11:08

Shakey I love Mission by Patrick Tilley too! So so clever! Funnily enough I was thinking about it yesterday because we drove past the Scientologist place and I couldn't understand why their emblem was a cross sort of thing as I thought they were all about space guff, then I thought hey well maybe their ideas are a bit like those in Mission. (Never gonna try to find out though!)

Dutchoma Sat 02-Aug-14 08:50:45

LM Montgomery Anne of Green Gables series.

TheLateMrsLizCromwell Sat 02-Aug-14 09:09:30

Wolf hall and bringing up the bodies
everything by dorothy L sayers and andrea camilleri
tv - randall and hopkirk (the original ones)
brief encounter
night of the demon

ScrambledEggAndToast Sat 02-Aug-14 09:20:12


Shakey1500 Sat 02-Aug-14 09:24:04

BalloonSlayer Thank you! Was beginning to think I was the only one!

The letters at the end was what made me gasp out loud. Such a cool book. And yes to the Scientology comparison. Freaky. It's a bit of a cult book now and first editions can fetch quite a bit.

wantacatplease Sat 02-Aug-14 09:35:55

Great thread!

I would echo Harry Potter, I read them as a teenager and it was so exciting when another book would come out.

Looking forward to reading them to my kids (bit young still).

BeaglesOfDeathMetal Sat 02-Aug-14 09:45:08

Please may I be 13 again reading Riders by Jilly Cooper blush

and, y'know some Dostoevsky, obvs.


Artus Sat 02-Aug-14 10:06:19

The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett - great historical fiction, hard to get hold of now.

The Albert Campion books by Margery Allingham

RabbitsarenotHares Sat 02-Aug-14 11:14:53

For those of you saying the L Shaped Room - you are aware it's the first in a trilogy, aren't you?

duchesse Sat 02-Aug-14 11:40:43

The da Vinci Code (Dan Brown), and Labyrinth (Kate Moss), just because I want that time back.

duchesse Sat 02-Aug-14 11:42:53

Sorry, scrub that. Now I've read the thread title properly. hmm

My memory for that kind of detail is quite bad so I just need to wait a few years and find it's a whole new book anyway. And in many ways you're not the same person when you re-read a book so arguably every time we read something it's with fresh eyes.

BertieBotts Sat 02-Aug-14 11:48:10

Anyone who wants to relive Harry Potter for the first time should read the blog Mark Reads Harry Potter. Brilliant watching someone experience it for the first time, brings all of those feelings and thoughts you had about the characters right back!

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 12:35:56

TheLatemrs I'm currently reading Wolf Hall only up to around page 40 so far though.

BertieBotts I will have a look for that blog. Can tell you are a Harry Potter fan from your nn.

ClaireFraser Sat 02-Aug-14 12:37:15

Oh yes, L M Montgomery and Louisa Alcott and the What Katie Did books. I absolutely loved all those growing up, immersed in them for hours. Plus all the Sadlers Wells book and The Chalet School too.

We have a fantastic secondhand bookshop in the little market town near me and I have been gradually collecting all those again. Used to have loads of lovely old first editions of so many of those books, but unfortunately they must have been given away at some point, as despite having kept a lot of my old books from childhood, I can't seem to find them in my parents' attic anywhere.

kaster I am in two minds about a kindle, I think I would one for the space saving-ness and portability of it all, but I just couldn't warm to it when I tried it. Plus there's something about the smell and weight of a book that I just couldn't do without. I can't decide if I love the smell of new books or old books best though! blush

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 13:42:32

I still have lots of 'real' books too Claire I wasn't sure about a kindle to start with but it's grown on me. It's very handy for taking anywhere with me, with a huge choice of books. It's also easier to hold in the bath than a heavy hardback, and I can read it in bigger print. My Mum's kindle is on my account too she can read any of the books I've bought.

That said I can only read so many books on it before I have to have a real book in my hands.

chaya5738 Sat 02-Aug-14 13:49:43

Interesting how many people have loved The Time Traveller's Wife. I hated it! I thought it was so pretentious and self-conscious.

I would love to go back and read Middlemarch. Also, Lolita and Remains of the Day.

BertieBotts Sat 02-Aug-14 13:57:28

Time Traveller's wife is almost universally hated on here usually. I liked it too though.

MrsMarigold Sat 02-Aug-14 14:04:55

Books: The Cornish Trilogy by Robertson Davies
Mansfield Park Jane Austen (probably my favourite book ever)
J G Ballard Miracles of Life
Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Film: The Killing Fields and The Godfather

TV: The Killing

BruthasTortoise Sat 02-Aug-14 14:06:53

Book: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Also Gaiman's American Gods and Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader.

Film: Usual Suspects.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sat 02-Aug-14 14:38:26

Theatre-wise, Wicked. I saw it for the first time not knowing anything about it, and it was absolutely amazing. I'm going to the tour, but it just won't be the same, knowing how it ends. I'm not sure I'll have the same emotions.

Book-wise, probably My Family and Other Animals. I can read it over and over again, and still laugh, but the first time was special - discovering the island, animals and people at the same time he did.

Film, umm I can't think of one of the top of my head. Oh, yes I can. South Pacific. I can hardly bear to watch parts of it now. (For the same reasons, if they do bring out a film of Miss Saigon I think I'll find it quite hard to go and see.)

Papyrus02 Sat 02-Aug-14 15:51:52

Room by Emma Donoghue - I'd love to read that anew.

GoshAnneGorilla Sat 02-Aug-14 16:03:15

Lots of films: Goodfellas, Raise the Red Lanterns and especially nearly all my favourite martial arts films, Ong-Bak, Chocolate, District 13, Clash.

TV: Romanzo Criminale, because it's my favourite tv series ever.

Books: Definitely all the Adrian Mole books, Under Milk Wood, the Elemental Assassin series, Philip Marlowe books. Probably lots more, but my mind has gone blank.

MrsToddsShortcut Sat 02-Aug-14 16:30:53


IT by Stephen King. Still my favourite book of all time.
A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin. One of the greatest unexpected twists halfway through ever written. I'll never forget gasping out loud when I realised what was really going on.
Come Back Lucy - Pamela Sykes
The Sue Barton series by Helen Dore Boyelston

Dr Who - Silence in the Library/Forests of the Dead
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Johnny Jarvis (or just that they would show it again!)

The Hudsucker Proxy
The Sure Thing ("Hi! I'm Gary Cooper, but not the one who's dead !")
The Mist - am a big Stephen King fan and the new ending Frank Darabont wrote was just so utterly brilliant/ shocking.

MrsFlorrick Sat 02-Aug-14 16:44:29

I'm with MrsRinky on Forbrydelsen. grin

Irvine Welsh (books) Porno

Spooks seasons 1,2 and 3.

Event Horizon (scariest ever). Sunshine (Danny Boyle space horror)

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 17:06:37

Another Doctor Who fan MrsTodds my specific episode of choice would be The Day of the Doctor for that cameo.

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Sat 02-Aug-14 17:10:21

Blink, if we are talking Doctor Who...

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 17:14:06

Yes Blink is one of my favourites too Abland

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 17:15:12

And The Doctor Dances and The Empty Child.

ABlandAndDeadlyCourtesy Sat 02-Aug-14 17:18:14

Shall we just retcon the entire Who Reboot out of our minds?


Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 17:20:40

Yes grin we could have all the excitement about it coming back again too.

MrsFlorrick Sat 02-Aug-14 17:27:11

Oh and ER all seasons grin

windchime Sat 02-Aug-14 18:34:12

I must be the only adult in the free world who has never read, seen or visited anything Harry Potter. Am I alone out here?

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Sat 02-Aug-14 18:41:05

Tulip and Bertie - it's great isn't it (Mark Reads, I mean)? I discovered it a couple of months ago when someone on MN mentioned it and then got a bit addicted for a while, catching up on the reviews of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, Mark Watches Doctor Who...there is so much good stuff!

ClaireFraser Sat 02-Aug-14 19:15:49

Talking of My Family and Other Animals (which I loved) did anyone else ever read The Talking Parcel, also by Gerald Durrell. I absolutely loved that book as a kid, think it was my first proper foray in fantasy novels.

I have a really old hardback copy and it's one of my most treasured books.

I have to say, one of the best feelings ever is discovering a brilliant new author and then finding they have a huge back catalogue. When I discovered Nora Roberts had a back catalogue of over one hundred books, I reckon that pretty much made my year!

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 19:26:08

I agree Claire you can't beat finding out there are a whole series of books you are going to enjoy.

windchime probably yes grin

Muskey Sat 02-Aug-14 19:26:21

Book and films has to be lord of the rings. Also pride and prejudice the joy of finding out that mr darcy gets Elizabeth Bennett is always thrilling

NickiFury Sat 02-Aug-14 19:29:26

It's a tv show.

"Scandal". I absolutely love it.

TulipOHare Sat 02-Aug-14 19:51:28

DuPain I came across it when he was reading the Twilight books, was hilarious grin

Then I came back for MW Buffy and Angel, drifted away after that was over but kept checking back to see if he'd started Discworld yet. And now he has and it will last for years, hurrah grin

Kasterborous Sat 02-Aug-14 20:16:24

I've just started reading what he has to say about the Harry Potter books after 'hearing' about the blogs on here.

babybythesea Sat 02-Aug-14 20:56:44

Clairefraser - yup. I read all of his. I loved The Stationary Ark, setting out how a good zoo should be run. And then I worked there.

MintyCoolMojito Sat 02-Aug-14 21:05:59


Perfume by Patrick Suskind - I read it for the first time aged 14 and it was just totally different to anything I'd ever read before. Couldn't bring myself to watch the film as it would spoil the picture in my head forever. Even almost 20 years later I find it completely absorbing.

A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth - just brilliant, and one of those great books where you are relieved that it's massively long because it means that you get to keep enjoying it!


Hugo the Hippo - not sure how many people will have seen it as it's an old one! Loved it as a child and the hippo cull still makes me weep all these years later.

The Usual Suspects - because I really didn't see the twist coming blush

FullOfChoc Sat 02-Aug-14 21:07:37

Book: Cuban Heels by Emily Barr (pretty much any of her others too)

MintyCoolMojito Sat 02-Aug-14 21:08:24

Oh I loved Cuban Heels as well smile

neverputasockinatoaster Sat 02-Aug-14 21:13:47

Books - The Assassin books by Robin Hobb and the other two trilogies she wrote. Just because I loved the way characters and happenings wove threads through all the books.

Films I'm not sure. Possibly The Shawshank Redemption

Series - Firefly, oh I wish Joss Sheldon had been able to continue the series!

Rupeomatic Sat 02-Aug-14 21:19:38

I would love to unread Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, so I could discover it all over again. Such a brilliant series - and kept my interest over the 18 or so years it took for all the books to come out.

Film - The Manchurian Candidate - completely brilliant.

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Sat 02-Aug-14 22:51:22

Tulip and Kasterborous - I love the way he starts Harry Potter expecting rubbish, after just finishing the tripe that is Twilight, and gradually becoming a complete HP convert grin

(Sorry for thread hijack. As you were...)

BertieBotts Sat 02-Aug-14 23:22:09

Yes yes! It's brilliant! And I love the way that the site has grown since then (even though I can't keep up with it any more sad ) It got me into Fringe and Supernatural as well and a few YA novels - Hunger Games and John Green stuff. Fringe is now my all time favourite ever TV series, which is awesome. Actually I'd like to watch that again. I'm trying to force DH to watch it with me.

He (Mark) is doing a couple of live events across the UK in the next couple of weeks.

You know, I'm not sure Harry Potter would be quite the same if you could re-read it now. The wait (sometimes years) between books was part of the fun, the speculative fanfiction, the excitement and anticipation when a new book came out, reading it as fast as possible without sleeping when it was released and then starting the slow re-read again as soon as you'd finished.

CrystalSkulls Sat 02-Aug-14 23:22:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BertieBotts Sat 02-Aug-14 23:24:06

I think anybody who starts Harry Potter expecting rubbish, is scornful about the first chapter and then four chapters in is proclaiming "Hagrid is my boyfriend on the Astral Plane" is destined to be something great, really.

The only thing I wish he'd do is make a proper index post for each book/series, because it's a pain in the arse to get to chapter 1 for each of them.

eurochick Sat 02-Aug-14 23:47:53

Book: a The Lovely Bones. I've never cried so much. I keep thinking about re-reading it but I know it won't be the same.

I'm going to just on the A Suitable Boy bandwagon too.

The Harry Potter books. It was wonderful to be drawn into that world.

Most Marian Keyes books. I love her writing.

The Jack Reacher series. Not the sort of thing I thought I would like but I was persuaded to try one as a holiday read and gobbled up the whole series of twenty or so in a matter of weeks.

Film or TV. This Life. Loved it. It came out when I was an aspiring lawyer so the timing was perfect.


The BBC pride and prejudice mini series.

eurochick Sat 02-Aug-14 23:48:16

Jump not just.

funnyperson Sun 03-Aug-14 04:29:17

All of them.
Would give anything to have that 11-35 year old brain reading books for the first time. Only in that context though. The absorption, the discovery, the wonder, the other worlds and loves and revolutions. All of English Literature at the doorstep.

saveoursouls Sun 03-Aug-14 10:00:52

Another vet for The Sixth Sense - I'm with you in that one Olive...

Kasterborous Sun 03-Aug-14 10:11:47

I'd like to add the Kate Morton ones to my list. I have loved all four that she has written so far.

Ijustworemytrenchcoat Sun 03-Aug-14 11:06:37

Have only skimmed so I know I am repeating some of these and I might have missed the others.

Books: Wide Sargasso Sea was intoxicating. I loved the language, you can almost feel the stifling heat, the atmosphere. The way it links in when you know Jane Eyre is so clever.
One Hundred Years of Solitude - agree, just amazed me. I never wanted it to end. If I could make one book just endless and everlasting it would be this one.
Anything by William Faulkner particularly The Sound and the Fury when it all clicked for me, Absalom Absalom for the grandeur and gothic decay and Light in August.
The Go-between - which took me by surprise because I idly picked it up and never expected it to be so gripping. I picked it because it vaguely reminded me of Brideshead Revisited.
The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh/The house at Pooh Corner.

Film: has anybody mentioned The Wizard of Oz? The sense of wonder as a child when she stepped through the door into technicolor, my outrage as the old woman took toto away, the fact she was the witch!

TV: agree with The Wire but particularly 24 just for that edge of the seat, can't sleep till I see another episode excitement.

loveableshoulder Sun 03-Aug-14 11:11:04

Book: Jude the obscure. Never have I turned a page and beenn so utterly shocked and unprepared.

Film: dead poets' society - same reason. They both made me so sad. But I loved them.

I was a teenager when I experienced both of these so didn't have the sophistication to read between the lines and pick up the hints and clues as to what was coming in each one.

Kasterborous Sun 03-Aug-14 11:58:45

I agree about the Harry Potter books Bertie and the anticipation of a new one. I read the first three back to back then had to wait for the rest. The fourth one came out on my birthday, I spent all day reading it. When the last one came out me and DH were fighting over who got to read it first.

I'm really looking forwards to October when the new Shardlake book is out.

MrsFlorrick Sun 03-Aug-14 16:46:51

Another book I would add to my list is
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

I've re-read it perhaps 15 times. Amazing book.

And another TV period drama: Pride & Prejudice. The version with Jennifer Elthe and Colin Firth. grin Best ever.

And the original BBC version of House of Cards with Ian Richardson. Just great (shows age blush)

lazydog Mon 04-Aug-14 07:37:55

Ha! Well, regarding the choice of books, I see I can conveniently be hugely lazy and only need say: "What clairefraser said" grin

TV series would be hard pressed to decide between either Buffy, House, SG1 or Scrubs...

Movies? Hmm... I don't mind re-watching movies as long as it's been a while and there's a good storyline, but I do like a good horror, too, and often their main appeal is their shock factor, as opposed to particularly engaging characters and plot, and that's lost once you know what's coming, so that would be the one genre that I'd choose to be able to erase and rewatch.

Kasterborous Mon 04-Aug-14 11:09:54

If I was a child and writing on this thread I would say all the Famous Five books especially the first one (the name of it escapes me now), the Mallory Towers and The Magic Faraway Tree ones.

ClaireFraser Tue 05-Aug-14 00:18:37

kaster if you enjoyed Kate Morton then you would probably enjoy Rachel Hore (try The Dream House) and also Susanna Kearsley. And Katie Fforde perhaps.

I also loved Laura Ingalls Wilder as a child, and Susan Cooper's The Dark is rising series, still love them now.

lazydog great taste in books it would seem! grin can you recommend me any new authors?

Elizabeth Haydon's Destiny/rhapsody/prophecy is a fab fantasy series too, for those who enjoy that genre.

I could talk about books forever! grin just in case you hadn't guessed!

Kasterborous Wed 06-Aug-14 09:50:31

Thanks Claire I have read one by Rachel Hore ages ago and I did enjoy it, I will look for more to add to my TBR list!

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