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So do you have a cute collective name for your dc?

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TheCountessOlenska Wed 04-Jun-14 22:57:41

If i had girls they'd be "the girls", if i had boys they'd be "the boys" - lovely!
As it is i've got one of each and seem to mainly refer to them as "the children" hmm
Anyone got anything better i can steal? smile

Greythorne Wed 04-Jun-14 23:00:27

We have 'the piglings'

AnyFucker Wed 04-Jun-14 23:01:11


Ratbag # 1

Ratbag # 2

baskingseals Wed 04-Jun-14 23:01:26


fusspot66 Wed 04-Jun-14 23:02:02


douchbag Wed 04-Jun-14 23:02:35


TobyLerone Wed 04-Jun-14 23:03:09

Mine are known as 'the babies' by everyone. They're teenagers.

Darling offspring
"The boys" (older 2) and "The Littlies" (also boys but younger 2) grin

PepeLePew Wed 04-Jun-14 23:03:28

The three amigos

FuckyNell Wed 04-Jun-14 23:03:43

The leeches

Dancergirl Wed 04-Jun-14 23:04:12

We have 3, dh refers to them as Mary, Mungo and Midge!

BananaramaLlama Wed 04-Jun-14 23:04:16

No. I know people who have the monsters. Not a fan.

BikeRunSki Wed 04-Jun-14 23:04:27


charlieandlola Wed 04-Jun-14 23:04:29

The Twins

SinisterBuggyMonth Wed 04-Jun-14 23:05:02

The Litlots

KurriKurri Wed 04-Jun-14 23:05:12

I used to call ours by our surname with 'ettes' on the end (I had one of each too) our surname is something similar to Jackson - so they were the Jacksonettes.

A friend whose surname is Fox had four boys and they were ineveitably referred to by everyone as The Cubs.

My sisters surname rhymes with 'girl' (lets say it is Whirl) and we always call her two DD's the 'WhirlGirls'

Fav Wed 04-Jun-14 23:05:14

The Rats

Clobbered Wed 04-Jun-14 23:05:26

Our cats are collectively known as "Brian". (Think Life of Brian "release Brian")

LoveVintage Wed 04-Jun-14 23:05:30

I have two dses. I call them my puppies or my snugglebuggles. They are nearly 13 and 15. They hate me.

FatherSpodoKomodo Wed 04-Jun-14 23:06:11

My five gorgeous boys. It even has a song. They love that.

Kif Wed 04-Jun-14 23:06:56

<hope the kids don't read MN>

I call mine Squids. because I got bored saying 'Kids' - obviously!

barnet Wed 04-Jun-14 23:08:11

Little people

BrennieGirl Wed 04-Jun-14 23:08:14

The Brats.

TheSarcasticFringehead Wed 04-Jun-14 23:08:14

I call them tm little guinea pigs. Still. They are 8 and 6.

TheSarcasticFringehead Wed 04-Jun-14 23:08:25


TheThreeCheesesOfTheApocalypse Wed 04-Jun-14 23:09:18


PollyannaWhittier Wed 04-Jun-14 23:09:47

My mum had lots when my sister and I were little ! We were the girls, the girlies, the whirlies, the whirly persons, or the chiddlers. She still sometimes uses them now smile

TeamEdward Wed 04-Jun-14 23:10:30


Livvylongpants Wed 04-Jun-14 23:10:53

'The brats' or 'the babies'

I was one of 3 girls and dad used to fondly call us
Big bitch (mum)
Little bitch
Mini bitch
Micro bitch

It was in jest when we were teenagers, we even got him a tshirt saying good morning bitches.

We then provided him with 5 grandaughters poor man

Annunziata Wed 04-Jun-14 23:11:12

the brood
the team
the magnificent seven
the seven dwarfs

Oh yes, I use chiddlers too. And puppy dogs

TeamEdward Wed 04-Jun-14 23:11:28

Sprogs or Sproglets

Thing 1 & Thing 2


AnyFucker Wed 04-Jun-14 23:13:04

Occasionally "Slave 1" and "Slave 2"

That gets them pleasantly wound up if I fancy a bit of child-baiting wink

ChippyMinton Wed 04-Jun-14 23:14:19

The Herberts

TeaandCake Wed 04-Jun-14 23:15:16

The Childer.

Nocomet Wed 04-Jun-14 23:16:41

They used to be 'small people', but they are both taller than me.

So I thins myself shouting, 'not so small people', 'bigger people', 'people thinner than me' and other nonsense upstairs.

They reply by patting me on the head and calling me a garden gnome, 'tis the joys of teens.

The Massive Collective.

The brothers, if referring to the oldest three, even though boy 4 is also a boy because that's what he calls them.

I have problems dealing with them in the singular tbh. If address DH as sweetheart i tend to get 5 yeses back, to which I always respond 'I meant Dad sweetheart'. I find it hard enough to deal with their names without a term of endearment each.

MrsEricBana Wed 04-Jun-14 23:17:30

Dh calls them The Wrigglers or The Fluffs. They are 11 & 13!

DrLizShaw Wed 04-Jun-14 23:18:06

I call mine the Shawlings, except it's my RL surname followed by 'lings'. Also Thing 1 and Thing 2. The ratbags/monsters/little angels (one of these is tongue in cheek....)

Fram Wed 04-Jun-14 23:19:44

The kooks blush

After the Bowie song...

Hakluyt Wed 04-Jun-14 23:20:53


Except that when ds was about 2, he put his hands on his hips, and said "We's no vermins, we's people"

mumofboyo Wed 04-Jun-14 23:21:18

The gruesome twosome
Tweedledum and Tweedledee

DrLizShaw Wed 04-Jun-14 23:21:31

I also say 'come to my bosom, my little cherubs' in a voice I fondly imagine evokes Queen Victoria although in reality probably more Pat Butcher. ATM they are three and five. Quite looking forward to keeping that up until their teens <cackle>

enormouse Wed 04-Jun-14 23:23:41

"The boys" - (often includes DP as well)

"Fieldmice/enormice" - collectively

Enormouse - DS1 and Enorvole - DS2. DS1 was the original enormouse for looking like a giant mouse with big black eyes. DS2 became enorvole for being a smaller version of DS1.

Snowflakepie Wed 04-Jun-14 23:23:43

Mine are the cheebies. Thanks waybuloo.

Thisvehicleisreversing Wed 04-Jun-14 23:24:26

The boys,
The lads,
The gits,
Monkey chops,
Big 'un & little 'un,
Fraggle & shnooks


GrumpyRedhead Wed 04-Jun-14 23:32:12

Kiddywinkles smile

AuntieStella Wed 04-Jun-14 23:35:10


Unless I want to embarrass them, then it's Darling. In Public!

FTS123 Wed 04-Jun-14 23:36:26


Nessica Wed 04-Jun-14 23:37:05

I call my twin boys the gruesome twosome... about sums them up at times!

LouisaJF Wed 04-Jun-14 23:38:11

The munchkins!

gamescompendium Wed 04-Jun-14 23:38:51

The bairns.

Their initials are the same as a well known company in the same field as DH's work. We have been know to use the initials to refer to them.

Ludways Wed 04-Jun-14 23:40:47

The Bin Lids (rhymes with kids)
The Big One and The Little One
The Boy One and The Girl One

I have loads of other names for them individually, lol

xihha Wed 04-Jun-14 23:41:01

Mum calls us the numbers because she gets our names muddled sometimes so gave us numbers, sadly she gets that wrong too. it's not old age, just too many children.

Mine are the tiddlers because it annoys them or my brother calls them and the small siblings his pig slaves (from Dr Who)

Fideliney Wed 04-Jun-14 23:41:58

The Rabble

(sometimes includes DH)

ItsNotUnusualToBe Wed 04-Jun-14 23:43:29

Youngest two are were known as Tiddler and Toddler, but are now 'The Smalls'.

Mrsfrumble Wed 04-Jun-14 23:46:39

The Beasties. Singularly they are Beastie Boy and Beastie Girl.

2kidsintow Wed 04-Jun-14 23:49:47


PookBob Wed 04-Jun-14 23:53:42

Ninny and Mini-Ninny

GetYourFingersOutOfThere Wed 04-Jun-14 23:54:07

Having 3 girls they are "the girls"

imustbepatient Wed 04-Jun-14 23:55:15

Great question. We use:

The badgers
The Poppets
The Pickles
The squibbets

Individually they are sometimes called badger 1 and badger 2 etc.

Eyelet Wed 04-Jun-14 23:56:46

Bratticus Maximus and minimus



BrennieGirl Thu 05-Jun-14 00:43:09

Oh also, the girleens.

sarinka Thu 05-Jun-14 04:15:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThePost Thu 05-Jun-14 04:54:18

The Very Many "Posts" or The Gang.

winklewoman Thu 05-Jun-14 05:09:01

The Weasels or the Weasies.

purplemurple1 Thu 05-Jun-14 06:03:38

Does every one mix up names?

Allihop - for the dogs and the baby - as one collective
(means everyone in Swedish, which is where I live now but I actually use because it's something my grandad used -he had no Swedish connection.)

Individually each gets called by the name of the before them so
Dog 1 - bil name
Baby - dog 1 name
Dog 2 - baby name

Really need to start getting right before ds gets a complex!

demi43 Thu 05-Jun-14 06:24:56

I grew up in Ireland & remember my uncle referring to my brothers as the cubs and my sisters & myself as the cuddies. He was from a family of 9 children & got the feeling they were often given a collective name!

NCISaddict Thu 05-Jun-14 06:34:17

The kidlets, they are 17,20 and 22!

They call us the parental units though so honour is restored. grin

BikeRunSki Thu 05-Jun-14 06:42:41

Of course purple. Children, DH, cat and occsssionally colleagues, called by a name randomly picked from a pool consisting mostly - but not entirely - from their names.

The bairns or the weans smile

demi43 Thu 05-Jun-14 06:47:01

I grew up in Ireland & remember my uncle referring to my brothers as the cubs and my sisters & myself as the cuddies. He was from a family of 9 children & got the feeling they were often given a collective name!

fledtoscotland Thu 05-Jun-14 06:47:08

Gruesome twosome for my boys

squirrelweasel Thu 05-Jun-14 06:49:56

I Call my 4 either the squirrels or the weasels. grin

MuttonCadet Thu 05-Jun-14 06:50:09

The ickles or the ickle bickles. They're almost adults blush

WartyTowels Thu 05-Jun-14 07:00:27

My 3 DC have many individual nicknames, but collectively they are the Babycats.

JadziaSnax Thu 05-Jun-14 07:09:48

The minions.

voodoochimp Thu 05-Jun-14 07:12:26


or chumps if they're being silly

Dinner time is the chimps tea party.

CerealMom Thu 05-Jun-14 07:19:32

DH & DS are 'my boys'
DS & I are 'cost centres' (DH is an accountant)
DS also known as 'Sweetpea' (remember Popeye? He really likes that in public)

Hopefully Thu 05-Jun-14 07:25:09

Team 'surname' (slightly ambitious given there are just the three of them!)

BrokenToeOuch Thu 05-Jun-14 07:25:45

They are the Chuppa Chupps.

Buscake Thu 05-Jun-14 07:37:04

Girlie whirlies

Another Kiddywinkles here.

DH calls them the troop (only 2 of them)

Voodoobooboo Thu 05-Jun-14 07:42:48

We're still "the babies" to my Dad. I'm 41 and my DBs are 37 and 38. I think we still are in his eyes!

Rowboat Thu 05-Jun-14 07:57:50

We have kiddliwinks, little monkeys, Team "surname" and as we've one of each "the minx and the monster"

Bannakaffalatta Thu 05-Jun-14 08:00:06

The muppets
The noodles

AngelsWithSilverWings Thu 05-Jun-14 08:01:54

The Squidlies ( I have no idea why or when that started)

beccajoh Thu 05-Jun-14 08:04:19

I don't know if it's cute, but I call them 'The Smalls'.

gorionine Thu 05-Jun-14 08:04:47


gorionine Thu 05-Jun-14 08:05:37

Oh I call them Smurfs as well

PastaandCheese Thu 05-Jun-14 08:09:10

Love these.

I have one of each and they are 'The Buppers' or 'The Borrowers'.

Chocotrekkie Thu 05-Jun-14 08:11:33

offspring if just children or if it includes DH it's troops.

I have three DDs. They are the hatchlings, which is more sinister than cute, especially if I hiss it. They think it is hysterical though.

gorionine Thu 05-Jun-14 08:13:38

The Borrowers would fit my DCs to a T [peers into bare cupboard]

SheherazadeSchadenfreude Thu 05-Jun-14 08:21:03

We call ours the Elfs. It stands for Evil Little Fuckers.

The horrors or the chitterlings

Mine are the ratbags or the monsters, unless DD is wearing her hoodie that looks like a panda. Then they're Sooty, Sweep and Soo.

SixImpossible Thu 05-Jun-14 08:25:38

The Ravening Hordes


The Bookworms

depending on circumstances!

HoneyDragon Thu 05-Jun-14 08:27:29

The OffSprungs



(Mil winces when the latter is used in public)

(So this makes us use it more grin)

WillMcSquirtersMum Thu 05-Jun-14 08:28:54

Mine are the Hanky boys. DH is included in this description too. It's part of their surname.

ScrambledEggAndToast Thu 05-Jun-14 08:30:33

Only have one boy and he is called Farty Mc FartPants. Name says it all really gringrin We are fairly childish in this house.

ZenNudist Thu 05-Jun-14 08:31:08

Poppet 1
Poppet 2

Livingwithminecraftaddicts Thu 05-Jun-14 08:32:41

The weans (abbreviation of wee ones)

Wrcgirl Thu 05-Jun-14 08:35:23

Lol at loinfruits!

Hobbits is what I call little ones, only have a babe of my own tho so use babe's name smile

technosausage Thu 05-Jun-14 08:45:21

The tribe grin

The Whirlies.

goofygoober Thu 05-Jun-14 08:51:47

When they were babies - The Chimps - because I'd have one on each hip and they would cling to me like chimps.

Now they are teens - The Hunks grin

workhouse Thu 05-Jun-14 08:51:55

The stupids

FlippyBard Thu 05-Jun-14 08:53:47

P.R.O.# (Peoples Republic of My Name single mum). or the troops or the gang or the sqaud...quite military aren't we, no connections either. 3 ds' s

theuncivilservant79 Thu 05-Jun-14 08:55:44

The pups

U2TheEdge Thu 05-Jun-14 09:00:20

We have 'the girls' and 'the boys'

And 'the ducklings' mostly when all five are walking behind me.

Unsureif Thu 05-Jun-14 09:04:01

The possums!

elQuintoConyo Thu 05-Jun-14 09:09:55

grin Loin Fruit that's brilliant, especially in front of Mil.

We have one DS:
The Critter
The Cheese (pluralised when I'm referring to DH and DS)
DH sometimes calls him Number Five.

However, we refer to the DGPs as The Fossils grin

The troops here too smile

And 'my sidekicks'

Voodoobooboo Thu 05-Jun-14 09:30:26

My DPs are known as "The Olds" or "The Crumblies"

Oh, have we moved on to parents? grin

Mine are know as 'The Eagles' as in 'The Eagles have landed' when they come to visit from abroad

MiL is the dragon blush - so referred to by her children, not me btw.

Whatsonemore Thu 05-Jun-14 09:33:41

My LOs are know as "the naughty little kittens" as they both fight and sound like fighting cats screexhing

Whatsonemore Thu 05-Jun-14 09:33:48


PatriciaHolm Thu 05-Jun-14 09:43:29

Smelly bears. To be fair, it's DS who is normally smelly (feet and farts, he's 8....) so DD gets unfairly tarnished by this. Independently, she's my beautiful girl and he is the bear.

WhereMyMilk Thu 05-Jun-14 09:44:47

Team milk
Number 1,2,3
The boys & the girl

Must start using their real names soon!

SpecialStuff Thu 05-Jun-14 09:47:23

I only have one so far but she is normally called Sproglet or The Child.

workhouse Thu 05-Jun-14 09:58:32

Both sets of parents are The Units

AtiaoftheJulii Thu 05-Jun-14 10:03:50

I just call mine kiddos. Or if talking to one about the others, the sibs.

mimiasovitch Thu 05-Jun-14 10:06:27

Mine are the bratlings.

TulipOHare Thu 05-Jun-14 10:06:43

Kiddles, kiddywinkles or kiddlywinks blush

Only when addressing them directly, I hasten to add. I don't speak about them to others like that grin

forago Thu 05-Jun-14 10:07:41

the boys

FlyingGoose Thu 05-Jun-14 10:10:18

The curly whirlies.

StretchyCat Thu 05-Jun-14 10:11:50

Me and my sibs call my parents the olds and grandparents the mega olds. They call me and dh the mini olds.

restandpeace Thu 05-Jun-14 10:13:52


OryxCrake Thu 05-Jun-14 10:14:19

DH always called ours the kidlets.

Still does occasionally, even now they're in their 20s...

JustGrrrrrreat Thu 05-Jun-14 10:14:49

Darn it. One of my friends has a rather unique term andi was hoping she would out herself here but she is cleverer than that it seems...

The brats or bratlings normally.

Although, at the moment we're holiday planning, and I've started called them the petit plops.

NickiFury Thu 05-Jun-14 10:25:17

Kiddlywinks blush

HoneyDragon Thu 05-Jun-14 10:25:22


I totally LOVE that grin

NickiFury Thu 05-Jun-14 10:26:53

tulip I didn't read the thread. I can't believe someone else uses that too smile

HerNibs Thu 05-Jun-14 10:36:07

We have 6 and are currently expecting number 7... Collective names as follows

The gang/clan/tribe
Small peeps
Rotty rotsters (usually refering to a combo of my boys when up to mischief/creating noxious gasses!)

Interchangeable as required!

Gruntfuttock Thu 05-Jun-14 11:16:51

My daughter is "My little piranha fish" sometimes (as in Basil Fawlty's 'endearment' to his wife Sybil for anyone too young to remember Fawlty Towers)

weechops Thu 05-Jun-14 11:16:51

We have a girl and 2 boys called 'the monsters'

When we only had 2 they were 'thing 1 & thing 2' too. They still get that individually. The baby is just tagged on as 'the baby' ;)

MiaowTheCat Thu 05-Jun-14 11:31:01

Chaos and Mayhem

Milco Thu 05-Jun-14 23:09:11

Great question. We have one of each and they are known (really only to DH and I, though they do know this too) as the Muffins. Or occassionaly the Toasty Muffins grin. Stems from that being a nickname for our eldest which he acquired after a nurse in hospital told him he looked like a toasty little muffin in his incubator. It just stuck - If only she knew.

They are 6 and 4 now. Hope we'll still be calling them that when they are 26 and 24 grin.

my dad called us the gannets

Ours are The Chums...

DogCalledRudis Fri 06-Jun-14 10:57:37

Toads, piglets, skunks, tadpoles

Efferlunt Fri 06-Jun-14 11:14:46

The giants

Thisy are only 2 and 4 but one day when they where peacefully sleeping the back of the car while we where queuing for a ferry we saw the people getting out the car in front, mum, dad, followed by the two most enormous teenaged boys who unfolded their 6 ft plus frames from the back seats.

We stared and the future and the future stared back..,

Loopylouu Fri 06-Jun-14 12:10:18

The babies.

Ds is nearly 12. He doesn't appreciate it.

MrsJohnDeere Fri 06-Jun-14 12:21:27

The pestoids

Thing 1 and Thing 2

thegreylady Fri 06-Jun-14 12:24:55

Dh called them all The Fats (they were very slim)
I called them kidlets

Chilblains (from a Brian Connelly sketch)
Number One Child and Number Two Child
DD and DS grin

Someone thought my daughter was called "DeeDee" like Bernices daughter in Emmerdale (she's obviously a MNetter , Bernice)

5madthings Fri 06-Jun-14 12:53:42

Mine are the madthings, they were the madboys but then I had dd and so they became the madthings smile

And I refer to them by number ie madthing1 or madthing2 or sometimes teenmadthing or toddlermadthing for the eldest and the youngest smile

TweenageAngst Fri 06-Jun-14 12:58:59

The Grubs or the Twigs

Thurlow Fri 06-Jun-14 13:06:03

Only have one, but she is always referred to as The Lodger.

Not paying any rent yet...

misscph1973 Fri 06-Jun-14 13:09:04

Their initials: R & D - as in Research & Development. Amuses me no end, but I seem to be the only one who finds it funny.

littlesupersparks Fri 06-Jun-14 13:14:58

Little chickens, my chickens. I also call my classes at school this now, especially the little ones!

wishiwasrunning Fri 06-Jun-14 13:27:31


Bish bash bosh! :-D

CountDooku Fri 06-Jun-14 13:28:56

DH and I call ours "rat babies".

busyboysmum Fri 06-Jun-14 13:29:30

The Menaces.

busyboysmum Fri 06-Jun-14 13:31:17

We've also got Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 tshirts for them.

DustWitch Fri 06-Jun-14 13:31:33

The Boogles or Booglies

Sometimes The Pickles

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 06-Jun-14 13:32:50

The munchkins.


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