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quick and easy meals that 8month ds can also eat

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I'm a rubbish cook and stuck for inspiration. any recipes or links much appreciated.

YorkshireTeaGold Wed 03-Sep-14 13:06:40

We love pasta, dd2 is a similar age and we eat lots of fusilli as they can pick it up and lots of sauce gets into the spiral. Bolognese with added veg a fave as is cream cheese and spinach (just add philli to cooked frozen spinach)

Fish pie/cottage pie good if they are ok with spoon feeding.

We also eat lots of jacket pots, dd2 loves cheese or mackerel pate which I mash in and cut into chunks for her to pick up. Serve with salad, Dds love chopped cucumber and grated carrots.

Sorry, nothing revolutionary there! Hope it helps x

Fevertree Wed 03-Sep-14 13:09:44

I do an Omlette with grated cheese or cream cheese and chives, plus whatever veg chopped up really small. Dd doesn't eat much so I use one egg and we have half each. I do it in the microwave.

KnackeredMuchly Wed 03-Sep-14 14:23:50

I really like the BLW cookbook - loads of ideas. At that age he liked meatballs or a lamb kofta thing and also batter, like pancakes. He loved toad in the hole, boiled potatoes and porridge.

We cooked things like pork chop and roasted sweet potato, he didn't like thibgs in bits particularly.

KnackeredMuchly Wed 03-Sep-14 14:28:08

He did, and still does love pasta.

Tortellini with a passata sauce is always an easy one.

thank you for your replies. I know it probably seems really simple but I'm totally not confident on the kitchen! you've given me some great ideas.

fishfingerSarnies Wed 03-Sep-14 16:35:09

Try got some nice simple things for the family.

AWombWithoutARoof Wed 03-Sep-14 16:37:03

I'd second the BLW cookbook (not the full BLW book). It's got tasty stuff in it that doesn't require either high levels of skill or loads of ingredients.

Amibambini Wed 03-Sep-14 17:30:38

Just been having this exact same convo on WhatsApp with another couple of parents with 8 month olds!

So far, top suggestions are..
Chunky lentil Dahl, thick enough to eat with fingers.
Fish pie.
Eggy bread cut into fingers.
Various veggie fritters (google my lovely little lunch box for simple recipes)
Shepherds pie
Veggies sliced into fingers and roasted.

Oooo eggy bread!

sneepy Wed 03-Sep-14 18:37:20

I know it's not everybody's cup of tea but I found the Annabel Karmel books very helpful at that stage, especially the family one. I used to cook dinner for me & DH in the evening then feed it to the DC for lunch the next day.

sneepy the few bits I've made for ds have been from annabel karmel. he is happy to be spoon fed or have finger food.
when you used her recipes did you have to add much seasoning etc for yourselves?

FidgetPie Wed 03-Sep-14 19:43:04

Our DDs are 4 and 8 months, we have lots of roast dinner/chicken bake/casseroles (basically shove a load of stuff - chicken pieces, halved potatoes, onions, veg in the oven for 45 mins to an hour - casseroles are the same principle plus a tin of chopped tomatoes!) it doesn't matter if it is in for longer (if baby needs changing / you get distracted)
We also eat lots of pasta.

I do add a lot of pepper and salt to my food once it is on my plate (and DH likes to add Tabasco).

TerrifiedMothertobe Wed 03-Sep-14 20:11:53

Our ds2 is about to turn 9 months.

Favourites are

Pasta and bolognaise sauce
Fish pie
Sausage, mash and gravy
Sausage casserole
Roast, all the trimmings
Omelette- any type
Cheese on toast

We don't spoon feed so he just dives in, and loves it!

Apparently he loves nursery curry!

sneepy Wed 03-Sep-14 21:04:03

Yes I generally add salt to mine & DH adds chillies or Tabasco. The flavors aren't bland though, just not that strong. The pasta ones don't need much especially if you add extra garlic and the ones with soy sauce never do, although you might not want to do that for a 9 month old!

5toocoolforschool Thu 04-Sep-14 10:32:14

I just gave them whatever we were eating,if itwas something with a lot of chilli in i just gave them the non chilli parts of the meal,or just cooked it without then added chilli or chilli sauce at the end.

5toocoolforschool Thu 04-Sep-14 10:39:51

Things we have had/are having this week

Roast beef,yorkshire puds,roast potatoes,carrots,peas,gravy.

Chicken satay and noodles (JO)

Pasta Norma

Beef chilli and rice

Homemade chicken kiev garlic potatoes and peas

Chilli dogs and homemade fries-using leftover chilli (wouldnt give the frankfurter to the baby)

Chickpea curry and rice

Thai curry with steamed veg and rice

Thats for 2 adults,a 6yo,5yo,4yo,2yo and 9 month old baby.

Oooo school I want to come to your house for dinner!

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