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Would you use a term time only nursery if you work?

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WandaBenjamin Wed 03-Sep-14 08:46:27

I'm starting a new job soon which is 20 hours per week, all year round. I have one school age DC and one two year old.

I'm trying to sort childcare... the closest nursery to me is a lovely nursery/preschool. The only drawback is it's term time only, and the holidays are slightly longer than school holidays. Would it be madness to go for this option?

We could possibly just about cover the days with annual leave and family help but it would be a major juggling act.

There is a day nursery slightly further away which is open all the time but charges for every day including bank holidays! So that's a pricey option when I add in holiday club for my eldest too...

Would love to hear how others handle this TIA smile

Theas18 Wed 03-Sep-14 08:51:17

Honestly? Go for full time paid care. You have years of pulling in favours/ juggling leave when both are school age and " easy" to look after even for older grandparents etc

Approx 20 weeks/ year is a huge amount to cover - unless the term time option is so cheap it allows say a paid nanny in the holidays for some of the time.

Theas18 Wed 03-Sep-14 08:54:34

Just browse mn for a bit and you'll see the problems that arise with informal child care- the carers " I said I'd have DS school mate for a day and now somehow it's every Friday and I can't say no" and the parents " grannie gives him cake all the time and now he screams after dinner" threads are really common.

Oh and the " my dh and I never get to go on holiday, or see each other because we have to use all our leave to look after the kids".

LoxleyBarrett Wed 03-Sep-14 09:01:56

We've done it with three children and we work full time. We've used a mixture of holiday clubs, annual leave and grandparent help. It works ok if you plan well!

You'll have to arrange childcare for you older child - can they do the same thing?

angelohsodelight Wed 03-Sep-14 09:03:19

Have you got any private schools nearby who run holiday clubs?

MissMilliment Wed 03-Sep-14 09:07:53

I've had term time only childcare for my two (I work part time) and it's ok, but it's a massive juggling act, and my employers are extremely generous at allowing me to switch days and hours around in the school holidays. I did it because the term time childcare was the better-quality option for my kids from what was on offer, but I'd have paid more for year-round care if it had been as good as the other options.

AnnoyingOrange Wed 03-Sep-14 09:13:13

I would go for the day nursery without hesitation. Continuity for your two year old, peace of mine for you.
If you went for the term time only care, have you factored in needing to the time off when one of the children are sick as well as holiday cover?

TheOldestCat Wed 03-Sep-14 09:14:29

I did this and, like some of the others have said, it was a pain in the neck during holidays. But what worked for me was using a childminder as well (for two days a week; DC at term-time nursery for one-two days) and then using the childminder more in the holidays or working at home for the days without nursery.

Looking back, a private nursery (ie open all year) would have been easier, but for other reasons, I'm glad we did it.

MiaowTheCat Wed 03-Sep-14 09:17:22

I would - but when I work it's as a teacher so term time works fine for me. Not quite relevant to most occupational fields though!

MissMilliment Wed 03-Sep-14 09:18:23

Year-round care also means you can save your annual leave for family time, emergencies, or, dare I say it, you can take the odd day off and have it ALL TO YOURSELF grin. Just knowing it's an option can be a real sanity-saver.

WandaBenjamin Wed 03-Sep-14 11:15:35

Thanks all this is so helpful.
Just went to have a look around the all year nursery and really liked it smile

So think I'm probably going to go with that. Only problem is that they can't give DD a place until 4 weeks after my start date sad

So definitely some juggling to be done anyway...!

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