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Twin Peaks

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IamtheZombie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:12:37

Who watched it first time around?

Who has heard of it but never seen it?

Who has no idea what Zombie is on about and thinks she must have ingested some magic brains?

grin grin grin

Anyway, it's coming back! Starting tomorrow night at 10.00pm on the Syfy channel.

Zombie will be settling in with some popcorn. Anyone else?

namelessposter Sun 31-Aug-14 22:15:53

Mgrin! First time.
But we don't have sky :-(

ElizabethLemon Sun 31-Aug-14 22:17:41

I got the box set about 4 Christmases ago. Loved it and wrote my dissertation on it. Audrey was my girl crush for quite a while too.

Euphemia Sun 31-Aug-14 22:19:23

I bet it's rubbish. It was cool and intriguing at the time, but I'll be surprised if it's endured.

hiimangelafernandez Sun 31-Aug-14 22:22:03

I loved it the first time round! Kind of lost the thread towards the end, a bit like Lost in fact... grin

I'm looking forward to rewatching, TiVo is set. I used to think Laura palmer was so beautiful and loved the log lady smile

I have heard about it, vaguely remember it being on tv, but being on too late and not being old enough to watch it.
What's it all about ?

kippersmum Sun 31-Aug-14 22:36:44

I watched it 1st time around & loved it. DH got box set last year & I was surprised to see how well it has aged. I don't have Sky but will watch the 1st episode again tomorrow smile

Bunbaker Sun 31-Aug-14 22:43:55

Damn good cherry pie grin

I watched it first time round. I'm not sure it has dated well though. Just as well, because we don't have Sky.

It's back???

A re-run or a new series?

How has this passed me by? So exciting!!!!!

IamtheZombie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:45:51

"What's it all about?"

Arya, that is the question that has no answer.

IamtheZombie Sun 31-Aug-14 22:46:52

A re-run, Unacceptable. If Zombie recalls correctly it's been re-mastered for HD though.

grin I will have to watch it and find out.

beastling Sun 31-Aug-14 22:52:03

Sweeeeet. I think they are bringing out the blu-rays (possibly with extra material, but I may have imagined that).
Made DH watch it a couple of yrs ago and he loved it.
There's a fish! In the percolator!!!

FayKnights Sun 31-Aug-14 22:52:26

I loved it the first time around, thanks for the heads up Zombie, will definitely be re-watching.
Kyle McLachlan was so handsome in it!

vikingnc Sun 31-Aug-14 22:52:40

Oh that brings back memories! Happy days. Watched it first time around, but not sure if rewatching now would be a good thing. I would if I had sky though!

Stopmithering Sun 31-Aug-14 22:54:48

Watched it first time around as a student.
We all used to drop everything to watch it each week. Was compulsive viewing, even though none of us really knew what was going on.
It was mysterious, and weird, and compelling and different.
And we were all typical pseudo-intellectual David Lynch fans who thought we were well cool.

Karoleann Sun 31-Aug-14 22:55:04

I loved it first time around.

I expect I'm too old now.

It also annoyed me that the series was cancelled before it was all explained. Dwarf? Log lady?

GrouchyKiwi Sun 31-Aug-14 22:59:04

It has turned up on our OnDemand service. I am excited as I've wanted to watch it for YEARS.

Opheliabumps Sun 31-Aug-14 23:03:13

Loved it! Bought it on DVD for DH who had never seen it (he comes from forrin where it was never shown), and I thought it was still good, but that may have been because I knew what would happen.

Perihelion Sun 31-Aug-14 23:04:03

Me and my student flatmates, all loved it sooo much, we watched it on the Tuesday night and the Saturday repeat, just to make sure we didn't miss anything.......Also spent hours trying to tie a knot in cherry stalks with our tounges grin

Over 20 years ago shock

Moogdroog Sun 31-Aug-14 23:08:46

Ooh a Twin Peaks thread! grin I love Twin Peaks!

Watched it the first time round when I was in school - brilliant.

I have it on DVD - took them years and years to release season 2, there were petitions and everything.

exexpat Sun 31-Aug-14 23:13:03

Watched it the first time round (but not the film), and bought the box set a while back but haven't got round to re-watching it yet. Was rather annoyed to hear that the new release is going to have extra material not on the box set I have.

DS (16) watched the whole lot this summer, and loved it apart from the last few episodes, which he said seemed really hurried - didn't Lynch run out of funding or something?

hiimangelafernandez Sun 31-Aug-14 23:53:40

We all tried the cherry stalk thing! Very unattractive, but didn't realise at the time! grin

IamtheZombie Sun 31-Aug-14 23:55:02

Zombie can do the tie the cherry stalk thing. blush

beastling Mon 01-Sep-14 00:03:51

Me too zomb! Well, a little out of practise, but I'm sure it's like riding a bike... It's how I snagged DH grin

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