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What would your ideal life be like?

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BunnyChow Fri 29-Aug-14 00:36:25

If there is such a thing! You could use any era/age/country/relations or not you want, but what would it be like??

Thisvehicleisreversing Fri 29-Aug-14 00:48:32

My mum would be cancer free.

My DH and DSs would be exactly as they are now as they are perfect, but we'd be living in a 4 bed detached house in a lovely village just outside of town with my mum just round the corner.

We'd own the house outright so no pressures to earn too much. I'd volunteer at the league of friends cafe 1 day a week to keep me busy but otherwise I'd spend my days shopping, going to the gym (obviously I'd just love exercise and be lovely and fit and healthy) or getting my hair done.

We'd have lovely weekend breaks around the UK and Europe and picture perfect Christmases.

Fingers crossed for a lottery win. smile

Whiskwarrior Fri 29-Aug-14 00:48:42

It would have Cumberbatch or Hiddleston in it as my adoring husband. The other details are irrelevant...

Lally112 Fri 29-Aug-14 00:56:58

Pretty much as it is now, just with DH home more and an endless supply of diesel and all terrain tyres for the old jeep. And some new wellies, my farm wellies are bout to bite the dust.

ShirazSavedMySanity Fri 29-Aug-14 07:56:08

Exactly as it is now. But with DH earning an additional 10k and me an additional 5k.

The difference that money would make to us is unbelievable.

We'd be able to have holidays, stop having to constantly say no to the DC's, afford clubs for them to go to, take the worry out of school shoe and uniform shopping, eat better quality food. Have a takeaway!!! Visit places in the UK, not dread the petrol station, have some savings, replace the clapped out car.

We have a lovely house which needs more jobs doing on it than I care to think about we're all in good health, have lovely friends, family just close enough to be far enough away to iyswim and DH and I are very much in love.

But we really could do with an injection of cash to make life that little bit easier.

chinamoon Fri 29-Aug-14 08:04:26

Shiraz your post is lovely. You are so close to having the perfect life for you. Everyone always wants a bit more cash. It's heartwarming to hear of someone enjoying the life they live so much.

TheCunkOfPhilomena Fri 29-Aug-14 08:11:27

Exactly the same as it is now but I wouldn't have emetophobia. God, I'd love to feel what it's like not to have it!

Quite like my current life, but with more time and more money. I would move to the house-of-my-dreams smallholding down the road and get a goat, I'd work less (but with no negative affect on my career) and wouldn't need to worry about childcare.

MrsDavidBowie Fri 29-Aug-14 08:15:13

I would be living in a lovely apartment on my own.
Nobody else.

Lizzylou Fri 29-Aug-14 08:15:20

Pretty much as it is now, but with my DH in perfect health (he has some tests, perhaps some procedures/ops to get through) and our house magically finished to how we want it.
I am about to start retraining for a new career, the ds' s are well and happy and all in all I am thankful for our blessings.
Thinner thighs would be good too wink

sillymillyb Fri 29-Aug-14 08:17:58

I'd have a husband and one more child.

I'd live in the house I do now, but id own it rather than rent.

My business would be successful, I'd have enough money to do "stuff" not be rich exactly, but not have £13 in my bank account like today.

Ds would be just as he is.... And so for all I would like the other stuff above, I'm already bloody lucky for that alone smile

CornChips Fri 29-Aug-14 08:20:30

Oh, I would live on a remote Island (Outer Hebrides, but with better weather). I would have a cosy farmhouse, about 15 acres and chickens. I would work from home writing fabulous novels and would be terribly successful. DH and DS exactly as they are. We would go rock pooling, foraging. Country Living would feature us (!... I have a bit of an obsession with the feature they are doing on the Walnuts farm people right now- loving it). I would blog recipes, my small holding. But basically it would just be my little family, talking to outsiders (maybe occasional paying guests) only rarely.

stillenacht1 Fri 29-Aug-14 08:20:43

DS2 not having autism.

Then it would be perfecfsmile

CornChips Fri 29-Aug-14 08:21:33

Oh, and yes as sillymilly says- I am really lucky already to have DH and DS just as they are. (Despite the occasional tiff).

GlaceDragonflies Fri 29-Aug-14 08:22:12

Working part time, living by the sea, not working in the school holidays.
Oh wait, I've already got that smile
I'd like to have a cleaner and a house with all the bedrooms the same size so the DCs don't squabble over who has the largest bedroom.
A bit more money would be appreciated.

leadrightfoot Fri 29-Aug-14 08:26:15

To have cleared the mortgage meaning I can work part time and have money to do interesting stuff when not working. Like horse riding again and a fun car.

punygod Fri 29-Aug-14 08:29:09

I would be anxiety free.

I can't imagine what that would feel like.

I'd like it just for one day, really.

ShirazSavedMySanity Fri 29-Aug-14 08:29:10

Thank you chinamoon

After a shitty couple of years I have spent the best part of the last two years really trying to focus on, and appreciate the things I do have and how lucky I really am with the hand I've been dealt.

Just like this, but with money.

Right now we are so happy, I have my perfect house, we're all in good health, I laugh so often lately, and am really enjoying my dh and dc every day, everything is perfect.

Except the bills that need paying, the constant budgeting, dh working extra to pay for anything, dc have had one holiday in their life- and that was in country, I can't afford uniform so they've each got one cardi which will have to be washed of an evening if it comes home dirty confused if we earned£500 a month more this would all be solved. £1000 a month more would be dream money- pay the mortgage off in 5 years, change jobs to happy job, dress nicely ( we're currently scruff bags ) take holidays kind of money

MTWTFSS Fri 29-Aug-14 08:35:19

Pretty much the same, except DH would work less hours (for the same money of course) and my DC would never get sick!!!

bakingaddict Fri 29-Aug-14 08:38:50

I like my life but it would be perfect if I could change my job. Not a different job I quite like what I do just not in the nasty workplace where I am now

TheBookofRuth Fri 29-Aug-14 08:48:28

DH would have a job he enjoys, or at least doesn't find horribly stressful, we'd have a slightly bigger house and garden, and we'd get a lot more sleep!

MTWTFSS Fri 29-Aug-14 08:50:08

stillenacht1 Obviously I've never lived in your shoes and I don't know to what extent your son has Autism, but my son has Autism too and what you wrote made me very sad. I believe my son not having Autism would drastically change his personality and he wouldn't be my son any more. Although there are many negatives, the Autism in him bring out many positives too- such as having amazing memory for the longest of words and being able to put together complex puzzles. Many situations are challenging and we can't live our lives like a normal family, but I still love him just the way he is. I could see my son being a budding engineer one day smile

ScarlettlovesRhett Fri 29-Aug-14 08:56:08

Pretty much as it is now, but with no need to work - we would do jobs for enjoyment rather than necessity; and we would own a lovely house outright.

That life would make me very happy and content.

However, if it were my dream world, then we would live by the sea in a place where we would follow the seasons as they are now, but how I think they should be:
Spring = warm with light, fresh showers
Summer = very warm with clear, blue skies
Autumn = crisp and beautifully colourful, but no rain
Winter = cold but clear, perfect snowfall for 2 weeks only, over Xmas

I would magically just know how to cook and bake loads of wonderful things, I would have a housekeeper and gardener to keep things ticking over in the background and my children would lead an almost feral life in the summer hols with all their wonderful friends (a bit Enid Blyton-y). Although rural, the location would also be within a 20 minute walk of a town that meets all of our needs, including multi-screen cinema and very clean swimming pool with lots of flumes and fun stuff.

I would work very part time, mostly for the social aspect, and I would have a regular beautician/hairdresser who doesn't try to engage me in small talk, I would have weekly treatments and my hair would be amazing. There would also be a lovely gym and pool within the town which is always empty when I go.

Also, there will be people spontaneously breaking into song and dance where everyone instinctively knows the words/moves (like grease), and everyone would be interesting company and great fun.

Cinnamon73 Fri 29-Aug-14 08:56:23

I'd be rid of the back pain, able to live an active, fit life again.

And I'd have made a success of freelancing (I have yet to start), would be loving my job and earning the money we need to make our life a bit more comfortable.

Finishing the work on the house, replacing our ancient car, going for lovely holidays and not worrying what sort of trips the children will ask to go to next school year which we cannot easily afford.
(a bit like you, Shiraz)

But I don't want to complain, we have more than most, being still in love after 22 years together, with dh in a job he likes & earning enough, and happy, healthy dc.

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