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Selling my house, is it worth....

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Marcelinewhyareyousomean Thu 28-Aug-14 14:18:42

Things we are thinking of doing are:

Buying two chairs and a rug to make a room out of the conservatory. It's just used for storing toys and drying washing (toys will be sorted and put away).

Replacing and enlarging drive so it fits two cars comfortably.

Painting - outside and in.

Obviously the steam cleaner and power washer will be put to good use.

If you've bought or sold, what made you make the choice you did?

The city I'm moving to has higher prices than where we live and I need to get the most we can. The back garden is lovely and I'm hoping this will help sell our house quickly.

specialsubject Thu 28-Aug-14 14:24:26

be careful with the drive - adding more tarmac could mean flood problems. You don't know if your buyers have two cars and you won't get your money back.

Otherwise deal with all outstanding maintenance, declutter, clean and...good luck!

FrootLoopy Thu 28-Aug-14 14:26:16

Definitely make a room out of the conservatory. You want to show that it's extra living space.

Unless you can do it super cheaply I wouldn't bother with replacing the drive. Just neaten what you have.

Painting - a great idea. But - first try one of the walls with a cream cleanser like Cif and see how it comes up. You may find that you won't need to do all of the rooms.

Make the windows appealing, and clean.

Make the rooms look as large as possible, that means getting rid of extra things, and perhaps even reducing some of your furniture.

If you have a nice, critical but honest friend, ask them to come over and go through the rooms with you one by one. You need to do some depersonalising (not all though!) and outside eyes are better at that.

With the back garden, make sure all of the dead plants are out, the lawn is mowed, the lawn edges are neat. Make sure the fence looks good. Put in a few flowering annuals in pots if you need to add some colour.

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 28-Aug-14 14:28:33

I bought the current house largely because it had an obvious space that would fit my piano! Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Presentable as they drive up, tidy enough to appreciate the size of the rooms, no bad smells, clean-looking non-alarming décor. Are you in a good location for schools? That seems to be a big selling point where I live.

threeislovely Thu 28-Aug-14 14:47:33

I like looking round nice, tidy, clean houses but I don't care about paint etc unless it is filthy. TBH I usually repaint every room to my taste so I wouldn't bother painting inside unless you need to clean / neutralise the paint.

Buying two chairs and a rug to make a room out of the conservatory. It's just used for storing toys and drying washing (toys will be sorted and put away).

YES - important for people to visualise it as another reception room. If you don't show it as a room I might worry that it's too hot / cold to be used comfortably.

Replacing and enlarging drive so it fits two cars comfortably. DEPENDS - is there anywhere else to park? Eg on road? If it was relatively cheap to do and didn't have a massive impact like flooding, I would do this if there is nowhere else to park.

Painting - outside. YES YES YES! The last thing I want to think about going into the winter buying a house is that the house needs painting outside. 1 of the selling points of our current house was that they had just painted.

We bought our current house because it was in our desired location, with great catchments for primary and secondary. Didn't fall in love with the actual house - but saw lots of potential! Had to rip out everything and spend 4 months working on it before we could move in! Did love the garden though!

Good luck with the move! thanks

BumpNGrind Thu 28-Aug-14 15:19:40

Smell was a huge indicator for me. If I saw lots of houses and if I could smell the owners pets it put me off even though I was trying my best to be objective. The bathroom being absolutely pristine and zero clutter does help too.

dorothyparka Thu 28-Aug-14 15:43:21

I think a house just needs to be sufficiently free of 'baggage' (other people's dirt, smell, clutter, personality) that a buyer can picture themselves moving in and gradually making it their own.

Kittykatmacbill Thu 28-Aug-14 15:51:52

Suggest a deep clean and mahoooosive de clutter (I mean a huge declutter). Convince a friend to lend you a garage or hire a storage unit.
Re conservatory - can you borrow rather than buy?

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Thu 28-Aug-14 15:53:05

Garden is 100ft long and just too much for our black thumbs. We've had a fantastic gardener - well worth £12.50 per hour and I hope he's kept on by the new family.

No pets, excellent primary.

Interesting about the drive, OH agrees it's unnecessary.

Is it mad that I want it to look it's best? Can't wait to move, I'm ready for the new city.

nancy75 Thu 28-Aug-14 15:58:12

My parents recently sold - theirs was one of 3 very similar style houses on the market in the area all on for the same price. parents house is always immaculate (dad owns a decorating company) the other 2 houses while not bad were not newly painted /decorated. Parents house sold within a week for well over the asking price the other 2 are still for sale (nearly 3 months on). While I would say the drive is too much money & work, painting inside and out will be well worth it.

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Thu 28-Aug-14 16:00:52

I've seen armchairs in IKEA that will move with us. hoping to buy with two living rooms. We only have one now.

Also thinking of changing the carpet in the main room and the tiny hall / stairs.

BrianButterfield Thu 28-Aug-14 16:03:52

Driveway will be expensive so probably not worth it, but you could do the rest for under £1000 which, when you compare it to the value of a house, is quite a good investment.

MimiSunshine Thu 28-Aug-14 16:10:29

Conservatory - absolutely make this a reception room, I don't think having a small area of toys (do your children have a small table and chairs or toy kitchen type of thing?) would be a bad thing in there as well though as families or couples planning a family like to see that there's a room they can hide kids stuff in away from the main room.

Do you have furniture in other rooms that you can move in to save buying anything?

Drive - don't bother but highlight it could be done. If you have two cars move one way from the house so it doesn't seem cluttered or difficult to park when you have viewings.

Painting - only if you have any dark walls or really personal taste. Everyone will redecorate anyway.

munchkinmaster Thu 28-Aug-14 16:17:51

No to changing carpets, people will do that themselves. Unless they are properly ratty. A good clean might be good. Don't buy new chairs as you never know what new place will be like. See if anything suitable on free cycle

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Thu 28-Aug-14 16:47:32

Carpets are 9 years old and will need a proper clean. We were planning on changing them last month anyway. We could take them (but won't). I was thinking of getting something much cheaper than we were originally looking at. We would have upgraded the underlay. We won't now, just a neutral plain carpet.

The move to another city is a bolt out of the blue. It won't make any difference to my work and so the timing is flexible.

I think £1000 will easily pay for everything, including carpet, paint, chairs and rugs. Carpets would be the only thing we would buy and not take. I think it would make the whole house look neutral yet modern. I'm keen to sell but need the best possible price. I think selling to a double income family as a move in straight away would be the vest way to get the most £££.

KnackeredMuchly Thu 28-Aug-14 16:52:57

Unless theyre threadbare and pulled eyc I'd just get them cleaned.

Chuck out a lot of stuff and remove boxes from top of kitchen cupboards and wardrobes.

Yes to conservatory furniture but buy second hand off ebay/facebook

Freshen any rpom with paint if it looks a bit grubby - if nothing else you'll give it a good tidy up as you do!

Shonajay Thu 28-Aug-14 17:34:22

Driveway depends- there are loads of cars parked on the streets here, mostly 4 bed houses so the teens have cars too. We have a good space already but are doing an in and out to fit our cars as with ds learning we will soon have four.

threeislovely Thu 28-Aug-14 17:53:38

Rather than buy new carpets, I would get them cleaned properly. They will come up well and not cost much. I would much prefer to have older, expensive carpets than cheap ones fitted to sell the property that I will need to replace anyway.

It sounds like doing the drive is an expense you don't need.

Agree with OPs - paint inside and out neutrally, dress the conservatory and get rid of most of the stuff (particularly personal stuff) so that your house looks appealing, clean and clutter-free.

AgathaF Thu 28-Aug-14 17:55:36

As others have said - clean everything, newly painted walls look lovely, get existing carpets cleaned, definitely show off the conservatory to it's best advantage. Don't bother with expensive stuff like the driveway, unless you think you will get back more that the cost of a new drive.

Also, I think god quality soft furnishing always look appealing. So lovely curtains, cushions, bedding etc. Make sure grouting etc in bathroom looks pristine.

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Thu 28-Aug-14 19:15:19

Driveway is off, I've been persuaded.thanks

I have a grout remover and grout and so will freshen up the bathroom. We paid loads for our bathroom cabinet. Is it weird to take it? I've got new towels and will make sure they are ready for viewings.

Carpets I'm undecided. They will look better for the pictures. We have curtains that will match what we've picked. I may be hung up cos we were doing them anyway.

threeislovely Fri 29-Aug-14 09:32:51

Not weird to take cabinet. Had one set of sellers who even took lightbulbs and toilet roll holders - thought that was a bit penny pinching!!

specialsubject Fri 29-Aug-14 09:42:58

you can take the cabinet, mention at second viewing and of course it goes on the fixtures and fittings forms.

Don't even think of taking the carpets - they won't fit any other house. Clean yes, but replace - no. That is for the new owners.

This is a business transaction - don't spend a lot on decorating a house you are leaving, just maintain it, fix it and clean it.

KnackeredMuchly Fri 29-Aug-14 09:44:27

You can hire rug doctor carpet shampooers for about £50. Hire one and try it see what difference it makes.

Know that a professional clean will bring them up even better, I just don't think you will get the cost back on new ones unless yours are horrible.

If you redecorate and you have a lot of pictures hanging up, limit them and only put a select few back up.

KnackeredMuchly Fri 29-Aug-14 09:46:31

We're taking our bathroom cabinet, it's fab. If your sellers asked for anything I'd give it to them. We were detailed in exactly what we are taking and leaving with no complaints.

Marcelinewhyareyousomean Fri 29-Aug-14 10:03:24

I've just read another thread and someone called a seller a twat for taking the bathroom cabinet. We replaced it before we needed to move.

I'll see how the carpet cleans up. We were going to change it last month but didn't because I was in hospital. I hate it and it doesn't match the curtains. I'm thinking of the pictures and presenting something that doesn't need thongs doing to it. That's why we bought the house. I need to think more about the new place.

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