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Help ! Where did you buy your sticky name labels ??

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Fatgirlnomore Thu 28-Aug-14 08:08:39

I have left it to the last minute and I need some of those sticky labels for shoes / water bottles / clothes etc etc.

Where did you buy yours ? Are they any good ?

My dc are old enough that I should know this already but they don't need pictures / colours etc just plain ones that don't come off.

Please help this mother who should be more organised .........

JanaOfTheJungle Thu 28-Aug-14 08:11:43

Stikins. Label Planet I think? Came quickly too.

Surething Thu 28-Aug-14 08:16:40

Amazon for Stickins

ladybirdandsnails Thu 28-Aug-14 08:17:08

My name tag. Awesome

Ohwhatsoccuring Thu 28-Aug-14 08:22:18

Woven labels.

Have had sew on and sticky from them, very fast delivery too.

TheCunkOfPhilomena Thu 28-Aug-14 08:23:11

mynametags as well, brilliant!

Fatgirlnomore Thu 28-Aug-14 08:46:49

Oh thank you I will go and do some looking.

halfdrunkcoffee Thu 28-Aug-14 09:25:52


kpandthesunshineband2 Thu 28-Aug-14 19:21:41

Stikins come really quickly.

FidgetPie Thu 28-Aug-14 21:41:43

NameItLabels - iron on and sticky, quick delivery and good quality

NK5BM3 Thu 28-Aug-14 21:44:09

Another vote for stikins. And you can get it off amazon or eBay.

HotPinkWeaselWearingLederhosen Thu 28-Aug-14 21:45:10

Label planet. Ordered at 2pm, arrived next morning. They are always fast.

I ordered them
Sunday, they arrived Wednesday. Week before school starts, with a bank holiday in between. Can't complain! smile

BramwellBrown Thu 28-Aug-14 21:56:17

nametags4u I ordered them lunchtime and they arrived the next day, all of the labels lasted all year and are still firmly stuck and not faded, even the ones in DD's shoes and the one on her snack pot that has been washed everyday.

LondonRocks Thu 28-Aug-14 22:02:06

Mynametag here, too.


LondonRocks Thu 28-Aug-14 22:04:16

Can I ask a question re snacks - do you put snacks in a pot in the book bag? I'm wondering just how many bags they'll need!! With packed lunch, it's looking like: lunch bag, pe bag, book bag? Is that about right?

LondonRocks Thu 28-Aug-14 22:04:39

(Sorry to hijack!)blush

NK5BM3 Thu 28-Aug-14 22:05:55

Pe bag gets left in school (well at least at ours) so only packed lunch and book bag. Plus water bottle of course!

LondonRocks Thu 28-Aug-14 22:08:26

Thanks! So does the water bottle travel separately? They said we mustn't put that in the book bag...

Blimey, I'm getting nervous nowblush

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OOAOML Thu 28-Aug-14 22:09:55

Woven labels I think.

spiderlight Thu 28-Aug-14 22:10:08 and Stikins from Amazon, depending on which of the names I can remember when I'm ordering. Both equally fab.

BramwellBrown Thu 28-Aug-14 22:38:48

London, I put water bottle and snack pot in the lunch box, then get them out when w get there and PE bag stays in school.

VonHerrBurton Thu 28-Aug-14 22:54:16

I've gad mynamelabel and stikins and they are both fab, but id gave to say stikins are much better, cheaper and I ordered them on Friday - they were here Wednesday morning - that's with the bank hop in between, pretty impressive.

It took mere minutes to do all the labelling of all ds's stuff. Those babies aren't coming off either I can tell ya!!

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