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Sit up with me?

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LadyFlumpalot Thu 28-Aug-14 01:09:03

DD is rather poorly and I'm sat up waiting for the OOH doctor to call me with an appointment. I haven't been to sleep yet and I'm so very tired. Anyone else up who wants to come chat to me? sad

Sandiacre Thu 28-Aug-14 01:10:40

I will chat for a bit but may fall asleep across the keyboard!

Sandiacre Thu 28-Aug-14 01:11:57

Will you get a home visit? Sorry your. DD is ill I find illness in dc stressful.

I'm half watching arrested development on netflix

LadyFlumpalot Thu 28-Aug-14 01:14:33

I'm not sure, the adviser guy was unclear. He said that the OOH team would call and advise what would happen next as I'm in the arse end of nowhere. Poor toot, she's so hot, 38.9 under the arm which is why I called. sad I'm tempted to watch an episode of Suits but my partner would not be happy!

Sandiacre Thu 28-Aug-14 01:17:16

Are you sat in bed?
I'm downstairs and DH is away overnight so I can please myself.

Is it tepid water on a flannel to cool little ones down? have a search on here as I'm not sure and don't want to give the wrong advice.

greeneggsandjam Thu 28-Aug-14 01:20:23

Did you get a call back yet? It is very tiring when children get ill. Anything else other than the high temp? Can you not just doze off with her or is she wide awake?

LadyFlumpalot Thu 28-Aug-14 01:21:13

Nah, I'm downstairs but DP and I are watching Suits together and are getting to a good point so he would be upset if I watched it without him! I hope I don't have to drive as I'm not sure how well I'd manage!

LatteLoverLovesLattes Thu 28-Aug-14 01:24:39

LF - other than being hot what are her symptoms? How old is she?

Hopefully they'll call you soon smile

Why wouldn't your partner be happy with you watching Suits hmm

Sandi - yes a tepid cloth, but not too cold. [and not strip them right down and put cold things on them anymore - that advice has changed]

Sandiacre Thu 28-Aug-14 01:27:28

An yes, we are watching breaking bad and I am having to wait a few days as DH has been away with work and its series five and very exciting.

May try suits after BB finishes.

LadyFlumpalot Thu 28-Aug-14 01:29:32

Ok, just got a call and the OOH doctor doesn't need to see her apparently. Apart from her temperature she seems fine, eating and drinking well so I have been advised to give her a bit of Calpol, a cool drink and see how she is in the morning. He suggested that she may be sickening for a respiratory infection so to keep an eye on her.

DP and I are watching Suits together as a sort of evening thing once the kids are in bed so it would spoil it a bit if I watched the next one by myself. Nowt sinister there!

Thank you all for chatting to me, I'm off to tey and settle her and get some sleep before the other child wakes up in approx 4 hours.....

fluffyduffydoo Thu 28-Aug-14 01:29:45

what is suits? Is it any good? I'm looking for something new to watch now criminal minds and dexter have finished

Have you given her calpol or infant ibuprofen?

SocialMediaAddict Thu 28-Aug-14 01:34:02

Give Calpol and baby nurofen to bring the temp down.

Hope you get some sleep.

Sandiacre Thu 28-Aug-14 01:35:20

Night LadyFlumpalot hope your DD feels better soon and you get some sleep.

LatteLoverLovesLattes Thu 28-Aug-14 01:52:31

I hope you can get her settled quickly so that you can get some sleep! 'See' you tomorrow.

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