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How are biscuits for breakfast ever ok.?..

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Blondie1984 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:22:50

I just don't get it - no wonder there is an obesity problem in this country

grocklebox Wed 27-Aug-14 23:23:46

you must be pretty dim then.

BackforGood Wed 27-Aug-14 23:24:37

are you talking about biscuit biscuits, or breakfast biscuits ? coz there's a difference

WorraLiberty Wed 27-Aug-14 23:25:10

Yeah it's the breakfast biscuits wot dunnit

DoubtfireDear Wed 27-Aug-14 23:25:17

Chocolate Hobnobs and tea are a great breakfast.

CrimeaRiver Wed 27-Aug-14 23:27:11

What's a breakfast biscuit?

Fairylea Wed 27-Aug-14 23:27:54

No real difference between pancakes or croissants or waffles to be honest, all of which are considered pretty standard occasional breakfast foods.

MamaPain Wed 27-Aug-14 23:28:13

Because I want them...

Are there rules on breakfast?

Also have you seen the nutritional info on some cereals? Biscuits often look the better option.

jennywren123 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:28:19

I only have biscuits at weekend. It's chocolate cake for breakfast the rest of the week . . . .

ilovelamp82 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:29:57

After a particularly bad night with the kids last night I had a kit kat chunky first thing this morning.

I hate to say it but it did make me feel better. Not something I make a habit of though. More desperation for an Android instant fix.

EatShitDerek Wed 27-Aug-14 23:30:18

I know!

Pizza or cake is the only suitable breakfast.

Silly biscuits

ilovelamp82 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:30:59

Android???? Don't know where that came from. Must be all the sugar affecting my typing.

chocolatespiders Wed 27-Aug-14 23:33:13

Would nature valley bars count as biscuits?

Blondie1984 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:35:23

Am talking about what they call breakfast biscuits - but you may as well eat a digestive - can't believe they are allowed to pretend they are vaguely healthy

Blondie1984 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:36:06

No Nature Valley are cereal bars

Blondie1984 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:37:15

And Pizza would be a better option as long as it isn't covered in too much cheese - at least then you are getting carbs, protein and some fat as opposed to sugar

BikeRunSki Wed 27-Aug-14 23:37:45

Dd is 2 and sometimes has Fig Rolls for breakfast. They're not really biscuits are they?

phantomnamechanger Wed 27-Aug-14 23:38:58

lots of stuff marketed as vaguely healthy breakfast isn't really

most cereals for a start

ouryve Wed 27-Aug-14 23:39:46

Fig rolls definitely in the same camp as jaffa cakes on the cake-biscuit spectrum.

morethanpotatoprints Wed 27-Aug-14 23:39:48

The WHO recently stated somewhere, can't remember where that they would be pleased/ suggested placing many popular breakfast cereals in the biscuit Isles as they can only be considered as such.
Some breakfast biscuits are far more nutritious than cereals.

zzzzz Wed 27-Aug-14 23:40:52

Biscuits are fine. You eat them later in the day, why are they evil in the morning.

Barabajagal Wed 27-Aug-14 23:41:37

Hands up who wants to go and live in the Biscuit Isles?

TheCunkOfPhilomena Wed 27-Aug-14 23:44:55

I'll go Barabajagal <gets passport>

I had a bakewell tart for breakfast yesterday.

feesh Wed 27-Aug-14 23:48:57

Been living overseas for a few years and I was absolutely stunned when I went into Sainsbury's this summer and saw the enormous array of breakfast biscuits and other 'eat on the go' breakfast products. Weetabix in a bottle? Seriously?

Come on Britain, wtf are you playing at, make time for a proper breakfast! I despair!

WorraLiberty Wed 27-Aug-14 23:52:47

I just wish I could eat anything for breakfast

My stomach is a no go area before 11am at the very earliest.

It's been that way since I was about 12 I think.

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