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How do you use a can opener?

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wishmynamewasdave Wed 27-Aug-14 22:31:59

I keep breaking them.

Do you use it so it cuts inside the top (so you can press down the cut bit and it'll drop into the food) or around the side of the top so that you can lift the top off without it dropping into the food?

wishmynamewasdave Wed 27-Aug-14 22:37:11

It's an honest question - I'm wondering how others do it grin

It depends which type you have as to how you position it to cut the lid.

atticusclaw Wed 27-Aug-14 22:48:43

Cuts inside the top. Most are like this in the UK

wishmynamewasdave Wed 27-Aug-14 22:48:58

Really?! They fit both ways though?

I keep alternating - I'm going through can openers at a rate of knots!

lucysmam Wed 27-Aug-14 22:54:24

With great difficulty, I seem incapable of working any design of them so buy new ones to try quite often.

We had an electric one a while ago, must have got lost in moving. I couldn't work that either confused

wishmynamewasdave Wed 27-Aug-14 22:58:15

I used to have a brilliant one - smooth, easy to turn, brilliant. No idea what happened to it. Ever since then I've struggled.
Bought one from IKEA at the weekend - had the same problems again!

RedSoloCup Wed 27-Aug-14 23:00:15

Spend more £££ and cut inside smile

BackforGood Wed 27-Aug-14 23:01:37

Being left handed, it's one of only a few things I've always struggled with. We did have a left handed one for a while and that was MUCH better, but I have to say it never occurred to me that anyone ever did anything other than cut inside the top. - isn't the top a bit thinner than the sides of the can or did I make that up?

Have to say though, we bought an electric one a few years ago and it's been brilliant. Love it, and wold replace it very quickly if it ever broke.

atticusclaw Wed 27-Aug-14 23:06:44

The top lip is thinner

wishmynamewasdave Wed 27-Aug-14 23:07:08

I used to only ever cut inside the top, and then a Uni housemate took the mickey and told me that was gross as the "rat pissed on can lid goes into the food"... it's made me doubt myself ever since grin

TheFantasticMrsFox Wed 27-Aug-14 23:29:13

I don't hmm
I am educated, a mother, an all round capable human being but I cannot use a fecking tin opener. I actively never buy tins without a ring pull now, apart from tuna which I am yet to find in a sensible tin <rages> To my eternal shame I had to take DS to McDonalds one lunchtime as I couldn't bear the humiliation of admitting I couldn't make him a tuna sandwich blush

InculKate Wed 27-Aug-14 23:32:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InculKate Wed 27-Aug-14 23:33:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BackforGood Wed 27-Aug-14 23:37:05

Bet your Mum's not left handed

InculKate Wed 27-Aug-14 23:38:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InculKate Wed 27-Aug-14 23:38:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InculKate Wed 27-Aug-14 23:40:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bogeyface Wed 27-Aug-14 23:42:56

Tin openers are bastards!

I finally find one that works and use it for years and then it breaks. Of course that one isnt made anymore so I spend then next year or so buying opener after opener until I find a new good one. I have found that discount stores selling old versions of products are good, you get a £30 opener for £4.99.

And when I find the Holy Grail of openers do I buy 2 or 3 in order to prevent the never ending search? Do I bollocks.

ouryve Wed 27-Aug-14 23:45:51

I buy pull ring tins, where possible grin

Where not, I use my ancient, slightly rusty OXO Good Grips opener to take the lid off and leave the rim intact.

If you're that paranoid about rat piss, wash the can before opening.

ouryve Wed 27-Aug-14 23:47:21

And I'm left handed. Recently discovered that my tin opener difficulties are less about being left handed than having useless loose joints in general.

Notso Wed 27-Aug-14 23:52:20

I second the Barbrantia it's the best one I've ever had.

wishmynamewasdave Thu 28-Aug-14 15:50:20

I think I'm going to have to invest in a brabantia. To be honest - I'm not that worried about rats piss, but he made me feel like such a weirdo for the way I did it that I thought I should be more concerned!
I went to Uni 15 years ago - you'd think I'd be over it!

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