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Same old question about Facebook

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megamoose Sun 24-Aug-14 21:28:02

can people see if you have looked at their profile?

been looking at an old flame and they have messaged me.

prob coincidence but???

Have had a google and there are lots of comment on this most saying 'no' but some saying cut and paste various codes into your FB page and it shows the FB code of whoever has looked....

I've seen lots of things posted like 'see who has looked at your profile' 'check out who has seen your profile' etc but as far as I know, they are all bollocks and there's no real way of knowing who has looked at your profile. I'd say it's just a coincidence and not worry about it at all

GaryShitpeas Sun 24-Aug-14 21:30:50

No they can't afaik

CatKisser Sun 24-Aug-14 21:31:17

Nope they cannot.
Might you have accidentally liked so etching on his page while you were stalking having a look? grin

CatKisser Sun 24-Aug-14 21:31:44


MagpieMama Sun 24-Aug-14 21:32:20

I think that if you look at someone's profile and you're not friends, you might pop up on that 'people you may know' bit but there's no way of knowing for sure that someone has been checking out your profile.

MrsJamin Sun 24-Aug-14 21:35:29

I am sure that facebook hold info of whose profile you've looked at, and used that to suggest you in the "people you may know" section. I can't imagine why they wouldn't use that information to get people to widen their social circle of facebook friends.

megamoose Sun 24-Aug-14 21:38:15

am 99.9% sure I didn't like anything on his page and didn't think you could anyway- if you weren't a friend.

MrsJamin Sun 24-Aug-14 21:42:59

But facebook would have tracked your visit to his page even if you didn't interact with anything on his page.

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