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Floppityflop Sun 24-Aug-14 19:38:11

I recently got a payrise and inherited some money. It's enough to buy a car but I can't drive and found it too difficult to learn. I don't need to drive a car but I would love to ride a motorbike and am confident I'd find it a lot easier than car driving, as it's just like handling a bike but faster. I cycle a lot and sometimes hang out at cafés / tearooms where motorcyclists hang out. They seem like such a friendly bunch! Any lady motorcyclists out there? What sort of motorbike can I start on as a learner? What would you recommend and what would you recommend when I've passed my full test?

negrilbaby Sun 24-Aug-14 20:07:02

Not sure why you think it would be easier than learning to drive a car. You need much greater awareness to ride a motorcycle than to drive a car - so if a car is too difficult a bike is not a good idea.
What did you find difficult about learning to drive a car?

Floppityflop Sun 24-Aug-14 20:28:34

I am used to riding a push bike and always looking out in the traffic. With a car I felt I was too enclosed and low down to see the road properly and I also found it difficult to use hands and feet at the same time. It is like the difference between playing the piano an an organ! I have had a go on a motorbike on private land before and it felt much more natural than driving a car. I think I might find it a bit scary going downhill, but no worse than proper mountain biking.

miasdaddy Sun 24-Aug-14 21:36:35

If you find it difficult to use hands and feet at the same time motorbikes are not for you.
Having said that if you do want to get into biking get your provisional licence do your CBT and go from there, start with a 125cc and as your confidence grows work your way up.
budget about �1500 for equipment and training and sign up to a bikers forum ( i use the rev counter ) and ask advice you will always find helpful people on there

PartyGateCrasher Sun 24-Aug-14 21:53:04

Agree that if you have problems with hand and feet coordination, then perhaps a bike is not for you. You have brakes on both the hands and the feet to worry about and also one of the gears go down while the others go up, all whilst using the clutch with your hand. Hmmmm. Perhaps have a few lessons and the reassess after that.

Friedbrain Sun 24-Aug-14 21:56:56

It's ALOT different than riding a bicycle!

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