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Would you put beef meatballs with tomato and mascarpone sauce?

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eltsihT Sun 24-Aug-14 16:42:43

I think I already know the answer but I am hoping I am wrong

deakymom Sun 24-Aug-14 16:43:37

yes why not

PrimalLass Sun 24-Aug-14 16:44:19

No. Not sure why, but the marscapone doesn't go.

Sounds nice to me.

eltsihT Sun 24-Aug-14 16:48:02

Primallass that is what my brain says but my lazy self says go for it.

I really would like to know if anyone has tried it.

They are homemade meatballs with balsamic red onions in.

A tomato and mascarpone sauce is just a creamy tomato sauce. I'd put the two together.

DP often doesn't like the full on tomato sauces so this particular sauce would go down well with him.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 24-Aug-14 16:51:20

Yeah but I am lazy too and I like creamy sauces.

juneybean Sun 24-Aug-14 16:53:34

Hmm I'd sooner go spinach and ricotta

eltsihT Sun 24-Aug-14 16:54:00

Right I have to start cooking at 5.10 so it's meatballs, pasta with a tomato and mascarpone sauce unless someone wades in and stops me.

I've had that loads of times and think it's lovely, what's wrong with it? confused

minkah Sun 24-Aug-14 16:56:20

Sounds very good. Except I'd skip the mascarpone. Could be a bit rich, alongside the meat.

Mascarpone stands alone really, without any other fatty ingredient. Fresh basil, in fact, to counterpoint the richness.

deakymom Sun 24-Aug-14 16:56:36

its just cheese saves putting too much on top

PrimalLass Sun 24-Aug-14 16:59:34

What about leaving the marscapone out and putting a blob on the top?

eltsihT Sun 24-Aug-14 16:59:45

I have 2 jars in the cupboard, I would normally make a tomato an herb sauce.

But can't be bothered tonight, looks like most people think it's a goer so will try it and report back

eltsihT Sun 24-Aug-14 17:01:01

Spinach and ricotta sounds like heaven but dh and dc will not touch it if I did that.

RainbowB7 Sun 24-Aug-14 17:07:11

Yes it's fine

OnlyLovers Sun 24-Aug-14 17:10:51

Sounds great to me! I love beef with cheese. Of any kind.

Spinach and ricotta sounds like heaven but dh and dc will not touch it if I did that. How ungrateful. sad Invite me round and make me that and I'll scrape the plate, ask for seconds and then make tea and wash up for you. smile

eltsihT Sun 24-Aug-14 19:34:23

Dinner was well received by all. I will definitely be making that again.

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