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Keeping a 3yo still for ear drops... I have no chance, do I?

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vvviola Sun 24-Aug-14 08:08:49

DH is suggesting velcro or duct tape. hmm

DD2 (3 next week) has been getting high temps and generally been miserable since Friday. By Friday night and all Friday night and all Saturday night so I barely got any sleep she was complaining of a sore ear. This morning I gave in and took her to the out of hours GP - more because I was concerned by her temperature spiking up to 39.6 and not coming down.

Temp thing is apparently viral, which I had half expected, so that's wait it out and see. But she also (or possibly because of it) has an outer ear infection.

She was prescribed ear drops, but I'm having huge trouble keeping her still putting them in. She's actually pretty good at the lying still but she won't stay still afterwards. So she sits up and it all trickles out her ear again.

Am I doing something wrong that it all keeps coming out? Or is there some magic trick for keeping a wriggly active toddler still for the 3 to 5 minutes recommended on the packaging??

Can't you snuggle down next to her and read her a story? Lay on the sofa together watching a DVD? Or just sing to her while she lays still.

vvviola Sun 24-Aug-14 09:52:21

She's being great when I put them in, but I think the sensation of it sitting in her ear that she just goes crazy to sit up.

ScrambledEggAndToast Sun 24-Aug-14 09:58:32

Can you do it while she is asleep?

vvviola Sun 24-Aug-14 11:01:01

Do you know, it never occurred to me that I could it when she was asleep. Would at least get one dose per day in properly.

Although the sensation of it going in might wake her up...

PigletJohn Sun 24-Aug-14 11:19:11

warm the bottle. Cold drops will wake her.

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