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do you have a favourite puppet?

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AnyoneForTARDIS Sat 23-Aug-14 18:39:07

I mean like the ones that seem so expressive theyre almost lifelike!

I love Rattus Rattus from Horrible Histories, when he does the Gory games show with Dave Lamb theyre like a proper double act.

and Fozzie bear from the Muppets.

and Yoda.

and Sweep, his squeaky noises you just knew what he was saying!

AnyoneForTARDIS Sat 23-Aug-14 18:50:44

and the ones you hated, like Orville. literally dead as a dodo!!!


Spit the Dog.

AnyoneForTARDIS Sat 23-Aug-14 18:53:57

oh yes, Spit. is that a love or hate?

Sorry, didn't see the Love/Hate bit.

Love Spit. I don't think there's any puppets I hate tbh. They're all a bit magic, aren't they?

I had an Emu my Mum made. Nearly as terrifying as the original!

Whitecotton Sat 23-Aug-14 19:02:58

I love sweep, cuddles, Lord Charles and Zippy!

I hate George, Orville, miss Piggy, Punch & Judy

AnyoneForTARDIS Sat 23-Aug-14 19:17:45

hate Archie.

who was Cuddles?

I liked Nooky bear and Lord Charles.

Beertrix some were scary though! the witch in Paulus the woodgnome .

and Emu was scary to me!

and the giant muppets and the giant ones on Fraggle rock.

iklboo Sat 23-Aug-14 19:39:20

Hacker the dog from CBBC. I've met him & everything!!! He is brilliant & so funny wink

Aww, i love Hacker, iklboo envy

IAMACLANGER Sat 23-Aug-14 19:46:26

Beaker from The Muppets. I love him.
Quite like Bungle, Zippy & George too (from Rainbow for those too young to know what I'm talking about!).

JennyOnTheBlocks Sat 23-Aug-14 19:47:11

I love sooty and sweep. Taking DD to see them live next week I'm more excited than her

struggling to find any puppet I don't like, I particularly love it when are puppet is dressed up grin

BlueThursday Sat 23-Aug-14 19:59:11

Sweep, Elmo and The Wolves (bro and bro) from What's Up Doc were great

Hated Orville with a passion and its monkey friend angry

BlueThursday Sat 23-Aug-14 19:59:34

Ooh and love the Swedish chef!

AnyoneForTARDIS Sun 24-Aug-14 17:16:26

How the heck could I have forgotten to say HACKER? and DODGE!!!!

I love them! theyre hilarious, especially HAcker.

KurriKurri Sun 24-Aug-14 17:28:57

Muffin the Mule

Spotty Dog (from the woodentops)

I used to make puppets for theatre productions - I once made all the creatures from James and The Giant Peach - they were huge muppet style puppets. I'm a big puppet fan.

Whitecotton Sun 24-Aug-14 17:37:04

Oh spotty dog grin Do you remember Pogles Wood with the plant who drank bilberry wine!

Cuddles was a monkey ( orangutan) that was operated by the same person as Orville. He used to say " I hate that duck" grin

Rabbitcar Sun 24-Aug-14 17:42:10

Hartley the Hare from Pipkins
Itsy and Bitsy from Paperfun

<< does anyone remember the last two? Or is it just me who is old enough? >> blush

Cocolepew Sun 24-Aug-14 17:59:13

Love Lambchop, Beaker, Animal, Hartley Hare and Sweep.
Hated Emu.

I used to have Itsy and Bitsey puppets smile

elephanteraser Sun 24-Aug-14 18:17:05

kurri what a cool job ! I love most puppets not sure why just do

the war horse puppet looks fabulous but I do prefer the childish glove puppet and have a few. liked cuddles when I was little and didn't job carolgees also have a monkey ?

elephanteraser Sun 24-Aug-14 18:17:49

bob not job!

AnyoneForTARDIS Sun 24-Aug-14 18:23:27

I always thought Hartley the hare looked like Larry Grayson!

and the puppets looked like theyd never been washed.

mrspremise Sun 24-Aug-14 18:25:55

Larry the Loafer. "Its a puppet!"

Whitecotton Sun 24-Aug-14 19:41:14

What was the pig called in Pipkins? There was Hartley the hare, Octavia the ostritch, topov the monkey but I can't remember what the pig was called, she spoke with a brummie accent.

DoctorLawn Sun 24-Aug-14 19:45:04

I used to love Cosmo and Dibs as a child.

Now it would be Swedish chef, Roland Rat (and Kevin!), Gordon the Gopher (and Larry the Loafer grin), Edd the Duck, The Count from Sesame Street.

MyBaby1day Mon 25-Aug-14 03:35:14

Oh I LOVE this question!!, I do, my own!!. He's called Clifford and I got him for my 1st Birthday, we've been inseparable ever since!! grin. But no, he's beautiful and I adore him, he's really the most amazing puppet anyone could wish for!. You know when you have an area in you're life that you are happy with?, well my puppet is mine!!. So glad to have him!. He's also a serial womaniser!, so watch out ladies!! grin

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