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Where do you get school shoes from?

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lucysmam Fri 22-Aug-14 21:08:39

I've got £50-60 to spend on two pairs of school shoes next weekend (unless I can find some cheaper - which would be a bonus).

Deichmann have buy one, get one half price on but dd1's last pair from there were falling to bits after the six weeks I bought them for so seem a false economy.

Clark's outlet will make a trip for shoes (and a couple of other bits) a veeeery long day. As will a trip out of town the other way to Wynsors world of shoes.

I've just looked on Sports Direct but can't imagine either dd will be impressed with the selection if it's like what was online (yes, I know - they're kids, pick their shoes...bung shoes on feet...job done - but I don't want to schlep round town with grumpy kids 'cos they don't like their shoes). We will see if there's anything in there though.

Where else can I look for decent shoes that won't cost the Earth!? (budget is £60 absolute max for both pairs, no wiggle room at all).

chinamoon Fri 22-Aug-14 21:11:29

M&S used to be cheaper than Clarks. Some years their school shoes are awful, but sometimes they are tolerable, so worth a look.

Coolas Fri 22-Aug-14 21:12:26

Kickers lo-kick fifty quid. They are cool and they last forevvvvver.

pointythings Fri 22-Aug-14 21:15:38

Well, I used to pay out £50 a pair at Clarks and similar - until last year when both DDs kicked the hell out of their shoes by Christmas. Fast forward to summer - gave DD1 a pair of black mock Vans - basically canvas trainers, all black, black laces. These meet school rules - they only state that schools must be plain, black, low-heeled and with black laces if they are lace-ups. After a term these cheapo ones are still immaculate. So they will both be getting a pair or two of these - two so one pair can dry in the airing cupboard if they get wet. When winter comes we'll see about proper winter shoes, but I am done paying through the nose.

hyperhops Fri 22-Aug-14 21:28:31

last year dd3 had a pair from Asda as she needed them that evening (buckle fell off her clarks ones!) They were £12. They lasted much longer than the clarks pair! Think I may be going there again this year!

LisaMWill Fri 22-Aug-14 21:35:06

My dd had startrite shoes and they lasted her from January until July, the toe was scuffed but the sole was still very very good. Only getting her a new pair for September as her feet have grown.

lucysmam Fri 22-Aug-14 21:40:28

Coolas, I can't do fifty per pair, that's for both.

I didn't know M&S did school shoes so we'll take a trip in there.

Asda is a way out in a totally different direction again. I'm going to try and put off going out of town as far as I can unless we have absolutely no joy.

noisytoys Fri 22-Aug-14 21:42:40

TK Maxx. Hush Puppies £19.99 per pair smile

lucysmam Fri 22-Aug-14 21:44:13

I think Startrite are a bit out of my budget too but will have a look and see where our local stockist is so we can have a look.

Pumps never seem to last my two. I did debate plain black trainers though, they'll meet school rules (close enough anyway, plenty of the kids go in character trainers but I'd rather my two didn't, one would only decide they weren't right because they didn't have the right character on them - bitter experience with an unworn pair of Hello Kitty trainers bought for dd1).

RedSoloCup Fri 22-Aug-14 21:46:54

I go M&S, two pairs each last year but they grew out of the first pair, pay £20-£25 a pair and I've been happy. Do in store and online and half sizes.

doingitlikeaboss Fri 22-Aug-14 22:01:48

I got my dds lovely shoes from river island they do kids sizes they are really good quality and look fab.

BlahBlahYeahYeah Fri 22-Aug-14 22:04:37

I second asda shoes.

You can have them delivered op. They're cheap but look good and last.

BikeRunSki Fri 22-Aug-14 22:05:32

I second M&S, you should get 2 pairs for £60.

Methe Fri 22-Aug-14 22:08:01

Mine usually have Clarks and they usually last all year.

Last year dd grew out of the Clarks so we got her some from m&s but she grew out of them before they even got scuffed.

This year the shoes bill was £72. I always buy half a size up and use the free insoles.

Notfootball Fri 22-Aug-14 22:11:10

I fourth M&S, DD's patent shoes from there lasted the whole year, scuffed around June time and she outgrew them in the last week of school. Just bought some more.

WandaDoff Fri 22-Aug-14 22:13:55

I third asda.

Nice sturdy shoes, DD needs a G width in Clarks & the wide fit are just right. Last well too!

You can order them online if you know what size you need. Have your children had their feet measured recently?

TheFairyCaravan Fri 22-Aug-14 22:14:19

Shoes for kids is cheap if they have got their size.

lucysmam Fri 22-Aug-14 22:19:26

They had them measured for trainers at the beginning of the hols Wanda (love your nn grin ). I was going to pop into Clark's just to double check.

I didn't know you could order Asda ones online, I'll have a look at those too.

TheFairyCaravan Fri 22-Aug-14 22:19:28

mandmdirect have got Kickers for less than £30!

unlucky83 Fri 22-Aug-14 22:19:28

A year or so ago I bought a pair of Tesco's school shoes (£10ish) for DD1 to go to a funeral ...(she didn't have any cos at primary they could wear trainers)
Later I bought her a pair of Clarks to start High School - they looked almost identical to the Tesco ones but 4x the price - after 2 months the back of the Clarks ones were coming unstitched inside. She started wearing the Tesco ones until I could repair the Clarks ones (didn't think I could return as she had obviously been walking on the back) took me the best part of 4 months to get round to it ...she started wearing the Clarks ones again...
At Easter I realised she was wearing the Tesco ones everyday - apparently they were more comfortable and looking at them side by side even though the Tescos ones had been worn more if anything they look in better condition than the Clarks ones...
(So why did I go and buy her Clarks again the next year? Sold by them being 'correctly' fitted I guess...)

lucysmam Fri 22-Aug-14 22:21:31

TheFairy, I don't think they'd arrive in time if I order next Friday to go back Tuesday 2nd. I have just spied a pair of winter boots that I like though so have bookmarked for a proper look round. Thanks for the link smile

TheFairyCaravan Fri 22-Aug-14 22:24:57

You'd have to pay for next day, Lucy to get them Monday then there'd be an issue if they didn't fit. Shame.

GobblersKnob Fri 22-Aug-14 22:27:45

Tk maxx or amazon for Kickers/Hush Puppies/Sketchers cheaply.

lucysmam Fri 22-Aug-14 22:29:18

It's crept up on me this year has going back to school. I've normally bought something every week of the hols but still need cardi's for dd2 who is just starting and bigger polo shirts for dd1 as well confused Next week's going to be hard on the pocket.

I will be having a proper look though, both girls will need winter boots at some point.

Kickers here, every year.

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