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dominoes pizza, human billboards.

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I have been on nights and have noticed on my way to and from work this week that there are fed up looking young people wearing cardboard billboards for dominoe pizza. This ensures that i will never ever buy a pizza from dominoes again. I nearly emailed them to inform them of this fact this morning but i was too tired. What impact is this campaign supposed to have, does it actally make people buy pizza?

orangepudding Fri 22-Aug-14 18:54:38

In Weymouth I saw two people outside dominios, one was handing out leaflets and the other was dressed as Mickey Mouse. It seemed like a waste of time to me, didn't imagine it enticed many people,to buy a takeaway pizza.
Haven't seen anything similar in my local one.

Ilovenewts Fri 22-Aug-14 18:57:21

Pretty sure lots of places do this.

Hassled Fri 22-Aug-14 18:57:52

I've seen the human billboards and just felt desperately sorry for the people involved - it just seems a bit humiliating. And they looked embarrassed as hell. It certainly didn't make me want to rush to Dominoes, but then not much does.

ShatnersBassoon Fri 22-Aug-14 19:05:19

I drove past a young woman yesterday dancing at the roadside wearing a sandwich board advertising Domino's. I thought it looked like an easy way to earn money, and a good way to get people to notice the advert. I didn't think it was demeaning. It's got to be better than asking shoppers if they care about starving children or if they've had an accident that wasn't their fault in the last three years.

DownByTheRiverside Fri 22-Aug-14 19:16:23

Not as humiliated as the Job centre makes you feel when you go to sign on. DS would do this like a shot. I once spent three days in a pink rabbit suit at easter, to earn enough to buy DD her first Gameboy.

AbsolutelyCrushed Fri 22-Aug-14 19:18:47

Everyone says how demeaning this must be, but I know a few people who do it and they like it. They can be out in the sun, there is no pressure to sell, it's not minimum wage and they get food and drink for free. I don't think it's actually demeaning at all.

SaggyAndLucy Fri 22-Aug-14 19:19:28

its a job!
they're paying people to do this. who then aren't on the 'dole'.
its a shit job but it's A job!
are you going to make them unemployed just because it offends you?

DownByTheRiverside Fri 22-Aug-14 19:20:15

It's all about the attitude, I doubt it's a thing they see themselves doing in a decade. There are far worse ways to earn money.

DownByTheRiverside Fri 22-Aug-14 19:21:03

Things I did before age of 25 to earn money...
There's a thread in itself! grin

We have loads of these in the USA. The guys tend to stand at intersections with surfboard size adverts and do all kinds of dancing with them. The boards are clearly very light and the guys holding them do majorette twizzling with them. People either look away or (in my car at least) clap or give a thumbs up.

The guys I'm talking about wave and smile, they're proud to have a job.

TheGirlFromIpanema Fri 22-Aug-14 19:26:51

I know loads of jobbing extra's/dancers/models who take on jobs like this on a temp basis.

Yesterday I went to see my friend in town, on stilts, handing down £5 off vouchers for a new bar grin

wigglesrock Fri 22-Aug-14 19:29:55

You know what's really humiliating? Not having enough money. It's a job, it's above minimum wage, if you don't like it don't do it.

DownByTheRiverside Fri 22-Aug-14 19:30:14

If you want to get outraged, get cross about the wages that apprentices get paid. £2.68 an hour. Now that's shameful.

Trapper Fri 22-Aug-14 19:39:00

What an odd reason not to order pizza.

Hassled Fri 22-Aug-14 20:01:37

Not as humiliated as the Job centre makes you feel when you go to sign on. - yes, you're right. Sorry.

This in itself isn't bad but Domino's are awful employers.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Fri 22-Aug-14 20:31:42

Do they really get more than minimum wage? I suppose they must have to compensate for the crushing boredom that a job standing around doing nothing entails.

I assumed it was minimum wage or even less due to sidestepping of employment law somehow. There's always been sandwich board people in big cities, it's not just dominoes.

I wouldn't buy from dominoes due to it being fucking extortionate for shit pizza, but each to their own.

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