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Have you ever found someone really famous on Facebook?

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FabulousSweetieDarling Wed 20-Aug-14 07:34:02

I mean, their own, personal profiles, not fan pages or fake ones.

Thanks to being friends with a couple of people in the media industry, I've been able to track down some minor celebs, Radio 1 DJS, some TV presenters etc. It's always interesting seeing who's in their friends list yes I am nosey.

I'd love to stumble across a real A-list's page though so wondered if anyone on here had!

One of my friends knows one of the boys from 1D and is always tagging them.... You wanted AList! wink

wantacatplease Wed 20-Aug-14 07:37:09

I only know one minor American TV celebrity's personal page because he's dating my friend from high school and I Facebook stalk them religiously.

SenatusPopulusqueRomanorum Wed 20-Aug-14 07:56:10

I am friends with an American actor, but I wouldn't describe him as "really famous".

mumtosome61 Wed 20-Aug-14 08:10:07

My best friend went to high school with a famous-ish English-American actor. They did drama together and were quite close friends - he doesn't go on there a lot though.

Dean Gaffney once sent me a message - does that count? He thought I was someone he went to school with (I have a common name) grin

I used to be FB friends with a record producer who won a Grammy. He was the brother of my exes best friend. We'd sometimes go down the pub together back when he was less known but he was always "I'm XXX, record producer" - I think he canned his Facebook profile a few years ago though as the only profile there is now is his fan page.

I'm online pals with one of the blokes from A1 - going back to the Myspace days, he added me as a "contact" and we used to send a lot of e-mails to each other. Now everyone has migrated to Facebook/Twitter, we're on each others lists again. I don't really talk to him much anymore.

funkybuddah Wed 20-Aug-14 08:10:46

I've stumbled across the profiles of a singer and some of his band but mainly because they aren't that private/careful about their tag privacy.

They are pretty accessible anyway so no need to look at their private pages. Eg if you ask a q via pages/email you will get a response and they don't hide away in vip enclaves at events/daily life.

NickiFury Wed 20-Aug-14 08:11:57

I'm friends with an ex premier league footballer. I went to school with him.

Mrsjayy Wed 20-Aug-14 08:12:27

I have an ex scotish and (some english team) footballer come up in people you may know I went to school with him

Mrsjayy Wed 20-Aug-14 08:19:59

Niki maybe we went to the same school grin im not friends with him though

Mrsjayy Wed 20-Aug-14 08:21:43

I have a relative who is musican and producer he isnt famous famous though

Cocolepew Wed 20-Aug-14 08:25:07

Christine Bleakly pops up on my people you might know list. Sorry that's the best I can do blush

FabulousSweetieDarling Wed 20-Aug-14 08:38:39

I just think it's interesting looking at their statuses and personal photos, Lord only knows why they don't set their security higher.

I can also add to the list an ex premier league captain (who was family, at one point), a rock legend and all his children (who have some UK A list friends), a very sweet and recently married DJ/presenter, oh and a chart topper who I could see from her statuses was actually in a (now high profile) relationship, even though she was denying it at the time!

I would love to find the profile of someone like Jennifer Aniston and get all her fitness secrets!!

Innocentbystander01 Wed 20-Aug-14 08:41:49

I'm friends with the wife ofa famous rock singer. She never really mentions him in a " oh look my husband the rock star" her FB is just the same as everyone else's but she did put a photo of him sat backstage with Paul McCartney a few weeks ago. I'm going to go and look at her husbands friend list now smile.

Innocentbystander01 Wed 20-Aug-14 08:52:18

I've had a quick look and he has a lot of producers, members of 80s rock bands and a very well known fashion designer.

notjustamummythankyou Wed 20-Aug-14 08:57:11

A friend of mine was in the original line up of Haircut 100 before they became famous. Nick Heyward has been tagged in photos several times this summer swoon.

BornOfFrustration Wed 20-Aug-14 08:57:24

Ive seen Michelle Keegan and Kerry Katona, ok not A list but still famous right?

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 20-Aug-14 08:59:45

I have a friend from Uni who is now big in Hollywood I get star struck looking at his Facebook friends.

Doubtfuldaphne Wed 20-Aug-14 09:32:49

I'm friends with a couple of comedians. Because of this, other celebs assume I'm in the business and I've spent hours having a nosey at their pages.

HangingBasketCase Wed 20-Aug-14 09:48:42

I've come across Philip Schofield's account, it's set up so that you can't send him friends requests. Understandably really as he'd been inundated. I've also come across the three elder Geldof girls profiles, including poor Peaches. Peaches and Pixie were under alias names. I'd imagine most celebs do this.

Years ago I remember Popbitch doing a feature on this and linking to Katie Prices account, I don't know if she's still on there?

HeySoulSister Wed 20-Aug-14 09:52:43

My dc are both friends with dan magness a footie type person who does tricks with the ball. He lives local and they always used to do local workshop stuff with him when they were younger

Freebirdy Wed 20-Aug-14 09:52:49

I've got friends in common with a take that member, but he uses a fake name and it's all hidden. Boring!

Morethanalittlebitconfused Wed 20-Aug-14 09:55:12

I have a couple of 'famous to people in their circle of celebrity' type people on my Facebook I also know Leslie grantham's Facebook pseudonym

Morethanalittlebitconfused Wed 20-Aug-14 09:56:24

Also a while back Jonathan Ross went through a phase of adding everyone to his personal page and I had a few conversations with him on that before he deleted everyone!

AlexVause82 Wed 20-Aug-14 09:57:29

The verified accounts of the following celebs are following me on Twitter and I have absolutely no idea why!!

Britney Spears
Pixie Lott
Stephen Fry

What's stranger is that I do not follow any of them!

LeBearPolar Wed 20-Aug-14 10:04:02

I went to school with and am now FB friends with a DJ and electronic music producer/mixer who now lives in Berlin. He's not a household name but (I imagine) pretty well known in certain music circles.

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