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I'm just having a Gumtree Induced Rant here................ ....

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When Gumtree sellers want to sell on their pets (and my specific pet interest is guinea-pigs but I'm sure all small furries and dogs and cats apply) with the kids lost interest/ he's not getting the attention he deserves/ we got a dog so we haven't got time now for the guinea-pig

If the child is allergic (not ideal but in some cases you can work round it, my DD is allergic to one of our piggies) or someone is moving , or work patterns change then that's one thing.

But if the kids just CBA........ I mean how bloody long does it take to feed, clean and cuddle an animal?
I really feel like phoning these sellers (and 99% of them want ££ for the cage and ££ for the animal, so they're not rehoming out of the goodness of their heart, they want recompensed) . Tell them to just get their kids (who probably nagged ppleaded and promised to get them) to MAN UP. Just do it.
What does it teach a child to say "Oh you don't want the irritating little animal now. Let's get shot. Provided they don't turn up in a "J.Smith Furriers" van or "Snakes R Us" then they can buy them"
End of, responsibility absolved.

Phone a Rescue. Get them rehomed responsibly (they won't pay you Boo Hoo they might ask for a donation)

Or bite the bullet and take the poor litle blighters to the vet. Then you'll know they won't be hoiked about from pillar to post.

<<Done now>> angry

Loletta Tue 19-Aug-14 22:57:33

Yes except I excuse people who underestimate what it means to have an animal the first time and don't make the same mistake again.

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