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VeryStressedStudent Tue 19-Aug-14 18:30:36

I'm moving from a house with an electric hob and oven to somewhere with gas, growing up my parents only ever had electric, so at the age of 24 I have never used a gas cooker and need to know whats different and whats the same and any other useful bits of information you have.

Is it a fan oven? If it's not the top will be warmer than the bottom and you can cook two things at slightly different temps iyswim? Handy.

The gas hob is great as turning anything down is instant, compared to old fashioned electric hobs. The newer ones are better though.

Electric ovens I find need to be set slightly cooler than the recipe suggests or they over cook. I find gas simpler but I grew up with gas instead.

How new is it? I'm assuming the hob and oven are easy to light with the ignition. My current one I turn and press the knob and click click click it's lit! Just don't forget to switch it off after use grin

lucysmam Tue 19-Aug-14 22:53:35

If you have pans with metal handles, I suggest you change them for ones with non metal handles that won't melt or get hot to touch! Ours are metal atm & I can't afford to replace them yet but by God they burn when I'm cooking on the hob. Never happened on my electric cooker confused

(you could invest in oven gloves too...obvs grin )

VeryStressedStudent Wed 20-Aug-14 17:48:55

I don't know how old the cooker is but it does have an ignition switch. And lights in both ovens. The top one also has a fan.

Luckily my partner has been brought up using gas but I really need to learn how to use it otherwise cheese on toast will be all I live on as thats all he can cook.

My pans are metal but I have that issue with our current hob anyway.

I've not found that electric are cooler but then unless I'm baking I cook everything at 180-200. I think thats my biggest issue is having no temperature to set the oven to.

Thanks so far though!

What do you mean by not having a temperature? Does your new oven not have a dial and gas marks on it? confused

lucysmam Wed 20-Aug-14 18:47:07

Gas marks as opposed to a temp confuses my brain! Thankfully mine is gas hob/electric fan oven or my head would pop grin

Nomama Wed 20-Aug-14 18:52:24

No temperature to set the oven to?? That's Aga's not gas ovens.

All you need is a conversion chart, stick it up somewhere really obvious.

I have gas hob, electric oven, but grew up with all gas and an Aga... there is very little difference once you get your head round the temperature names.

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