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Eurocamp in France..... Food to take ?

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Lovemychocolate Tue 19-Aug-14 07:34:53


We are about to go to euro camp in a France for a week. My dd who is 2 will eat anything so I am sure she will be fine. My ds who is 5 is really really fussy (despite bribes, threats and gentle cajoling) his diet mainly consists is cereal, fruit and pasta with pesto. I was planning to take some food with me. Any ideas? Has anyone got any experience of what food like on the camps?

manofsponge Tue 19-Aug-14 07:38:16

The have supermarkets in France. My only tip is to take a meal for the first night when you get there knackered. We used to take a frozen bolognaise so all we needed to do was add pasta

addictedtosugar Tue 19-Aug-14 07:48:09

We flew to eurocamp in Italy.
The supermarket was basic, but fine - ran out of fresh milk sometimes, but there was UHT.

I'd take enough pesto for DS.

Can't believe there will be no pasta or cereal. Tho how much pasta do the french eat? There was loads in italy......

Enjoy your holiday

manofsponge Tue 19-Aug-14 07:48:51

Lol. This is HILARIOUS.

MuttonCadet Tue 19-Aug-14 07:49:30

French supermarkets stock pasta, pesto, fruit and cereals. You'll be fine.

manofsponge Tue 19-Aug-14 07:49:37

The French eat pasta

MrsJohnDeere Tue 19-Aug-14 07:51:14

The kitchens are tiny so I would aim to BBQ and eat outside as much as possible. Cooking and washing in a tiny tiny space is no fun at all.

Food easily available in French supermarkets so I wouldn't take much tbh.

At the one we wen to the shop on site was good for emergency baguettes but pretty crap (and expensive) for anything else, but there were many fantastic supermarkets just a few mins drive away.

Cherryblossom11 Tue 19-Aug-14 07:52:03

The food on the camps is generally of the pizza/chips/burger variety - and often best avoided IMO! Are you driving or flying?- if driving, just take the cereal, pasta etc that he likes to get you through the first evening or so, then as said above, a trip to the supermarket to stock up. Lots of lovely fruit, crusty bread, cheese - yum!

frignorant Tue 19-Aug-14 07:58:39

Site shops are very basic and only good for fresh bread. Supermarkets are always well stocked and usually within 20 minutes driving distance (from the 4 sites we've just been to).

I always take loads of non perishable food items - pasta, pasta sauces, cereals, cereal bars, jam, cordial, crisps, tinned soup etc. It worked out easier for dd1 who didn't like the french versions/brands of our regular items hmm

Frontier Tue 19-Aug-14 07:59:08

You don't need to take food beyond something for the first night. French supermarkets are excellent - top quality produce and good value. You will get what you need for ds. Best to make the trip out though - site shops often limited and v expensive

manofsponge Tue 19-Aug-14 08:02:35

The French have brands. If he's fussy ( and I carry that burden too) I would suggest saying they don't have all his regular things and making him either exist in bread for 2 weeks or try stuff.

Rivercam Tue 19-Aug-14 08:04:17

I would take essentials which you can't live without - certain brands of cereals, marmite etc . Ie. foodstuff which are essentials of your diet meal. I would also take the first night meal, plus a couple of 'reserve' meals. Eg. Packet of pasta and jar of pasta sauce, ie. something that's easy and quick to cook.

IDontDoIroning Tue 19-Aug-14 08:24:14

Look up your site to see what type if shop in on site. In my experience the eurocamp type ones tend to have better shops than small independents. Also it does depend on where your site is and how far it is to the nearest big supermarket.
You might find that brand choice is limited in France Breakfast cereals aren't always the same as the chocolate/cocoa type ones have a much higher cocoa content and are less sweet so if dc is fussy I would take some cereal.
Tomato ketchup / baked beans /marmite /squash drinks might be difficult to find.
Pasta is no problem supermarkets like e leclerc or super u have good ranges of sauces in jars not so sure about fresh. Obviously if you are only going for the week you don't want up be going out to the supermarket too many times.
Campsites especially the bigger ones often have take aways that sell frites burgers and pizza some sell roast chicken or offer restaurant meals from their takeaway but might have to be ordered in advance. You don't say how you are getting there and how long it will take but if it's practical I agree about taking an evening meal (frozen lasagne etc or some pasta ) just in case.

MissScatterbrain Tue 19-Aug-14 08:27:53

When we camped in Europe, we always took tinned baked beans, tea bags and marmite - these are either not available or very expensive, everything else is easily available.

turkeyboots Tue 19-Aug-14 08:37:16

We are off eurocamping tomorrow and I've packed the pasta, oils, cereal etc from the kitchen cupboards. I am going to French supermarkets for cheese and wine and cake (and the beauty aisle). Don't want to be buying dull normal stuff like pasta and beans!

We take the basics ie oil, salt, pepper, herbs, spices, kitchen roll, toilet roll, washing up liquisd, toilet cleaner, tea bags etc. Stuff is quite expensive over there so only really plan to get perishables. Fgs don't rely on the supermarket on site, they are eye-wateringly expensive and selection is very limited. We also try and use a local boulangerie for bread as it is both better and cheaper than the bread sold on site.

Tea bags are different (apparently) according to DP. Other than that we take a jar of peanut butter (DD) and Vegemite (DP is antipodean) and then go to the lovely lovely French supermarkets and markets for beautiful fresh produce and try the local brands of everything else. Honestly, you'll be fine as long as you take a couple of essentials.

FoxtrotOscarBackToEconomy Tue 19-Aug-14 09:38:45

lovemychocolate what cereal does your DS like? I live in France and there are some cereals that they do not have here or it is hard to find except in the largest supermarkets. E.g. Weetabix is available but can be hard to find. No Rice Krispies in my local medium sized supermarket. I have to get Bran Flakes in Lidl. And no Shreddies at all where I am.

However, The selection of highly sugared cereals appears to be enormous.

manofsponge Tue 19-Aug-14 09:56:29

or seize the moment to de fuss him to a degree

You see I always WANTED to do this with mine then chickened out, thinking hey its a holiday

its tough

sausagefortea Tue 19-Aug-14 10:11:39

The camp we went to had a pizza, burger, chicken, moules and frite takeaway cafe and a shop on site. My 5 yo eats anything but my 9yo can be fussy. We brought cereal from home, marmite, jar of pesto, some pasta and other provisions to make the type of stuff I know they like at home (so tuna, mayo, tins of tomatoes). I know you can get all of that stuff in France but we were driving and so actually it was cheaper to just chuck in what was in my cupboards. Would say that one area we struggled with a little was on the journey stopping at service stations. The food was fine, better than in England by far, but 'different' from in huge uk. Sometimes it was a hit, other times it was a miss - which was annoying. So maybe pack a sandwich as a just in case?! I know that probably causes some people to guffaw and say how ridiculous to pander....but holidays are meant to be just that, not missions in parental endurance!

Kablooger Tue 19-Aug-14 10:13:26

we do service stations like this.... in the cool bag with your defrosting BOl in it, you have a sharp knife and ham and sliced cheese.

You buy a baguette at the services - the all sell it, and make sarnies road side

sausagefortea Tue 19-Aug-14 10:15:06

I should add though....that mostly we ate out and it was fine. But it was nice to know that I had stuff to make him something. We also did lots of bbq and then I might do some pasta as a side. So I wasn't doing him something different, but just made sure there was a 'safe' option if we were eating in

ScarletButterfly Tue 19-Aug-14 10:19:18

I generally don't take anything when we go to France. Their supermarkets are brilliant. We usually drop off at where we are staying then one adult goes and does a supermarket run while everyone else gets unpacked and settled in.

maddy68 Tue 19-Aug-14 11:17:44

I wouldn't take anything except for a mal for the first night. The supermarkets there are much nicer than here.

mausmaus Tue 19-Aug-14 11:21:35

french supermakets are superb
do take food for the first night, the have baguette/croissants (from the camp shop) for breakfast and go to market/supermarket. grape season has just started, peaches/apricots/melons/tomatoes are at their best right now.

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