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Talk to me about houses with downstairs bathrooms and dc

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Thurlow Tue 19-Aug-14 16:52:29

We have a downstairs bathroom, and at the moment I absolutely love it.

Very convenient during the day compared to a house with only one toilet which is upstairs. Not a huge problem at night as I just don't really get out and pee. Bit trickier when heavily pregnant as our stairs were also very steep, but I very classily just put a bucket on a plastic mat in the spare room and used that, dignity be damned...

I really like it in the morning as I can make coffees and breakfast while getting ready. But then I do all my getting ready downstairs, which I know lots of other people don't/

The best bit for us is because of the layout, we can be in the kitchen doing something (something not complicated and not requiring attention, mind) while DD is in the bath and we are still only a few feet from her and can see her at all times. Or I can be in the bathroom with DD while DP is cooking and still carry on a conversation.

We don't have any issues with entertaining and wandering past random house guests. Our kitchen is tiny, so if we are entertaining generally we are all in the dining room, so it's not like guests are wandering past someone who is cooking when they need to pee.

I wouldn't mind an upstairs loo at some point but there's not really any room for it, so it's just a pipe dream really. I can see it will be much easier when we potty train, and for the DC at night I'll probably buy an expensive potty with a lid for their room.

I can see why some people don't like them but you do get used to them and find benefits really quickly, so I wouldn't let it put you off an otherwise perfect house.

RiverTam Tue 19-Aug-14 16:45:25

will there be the option (if you have the money of course!) to extend and add a bathroom upstairs.

I must say, I couldn't bear this for myself, having to come down through the kitchen to go to the loo in the middle of a winter's night - brrr!!!

Applelicious Tue 19-Aug-14 16:45:16

It's not ideal. Personally I hate getting out of the shower and having to pass people in my towel (you know, annoying random uninvited guests) to make my way upstairs to my bedroom.
My DC, DH and I all tend to get through the night without needing the loo so that's not an issue but we keep the downstairs hall light on so the DC can see where they're going if they did need to get up for the loo.
But other than being a minor irritation it's not really a big deal. You don't really notice any difference after living with it for a while.

yomellamoHelly Tue 19-Aug-14 16:42:52

Our last house had a downstairs bathroom. Had the option of putting in an upstairs one, but decided to suck it and see. Lived there 8.5 years without ever doing it. Is fab with young dc. Once they're up to bed they stay there [stern look] and v practical / handy during the day. All those houses were the same though, so not like it was at a disadvantage to others on the market.
Getting one put in here downstairs soon (I hope) - have upstairs now - and am looking forward to it.

Moominmalarky Tue 19-Aug-14 16:30:52

Thank you, you've reassured me it could work. House needs a second look!

CrystalSkulls Mon 18-Aug-14 21:40:18

our bathroom is downstairs, i think it makes life easier. Bathtime certainly is as i can potter about doing housework and still hear them (ours is off the lounge) It made potty training much easier, and showering easier for me as i could shut them in the living room with their toys and telly and they could just potter over to the baby gate to chat to me.

It also made life easier with a DH who works nights mostly, i dont have to shush the kids or prevent them thundering up and down the stairs to the loo and disturbing him!

The only time its a PITA is if the little ones need the loo in the middle of the night, but we gave both of ours a torch and at 5 and 7 get on with it themselves!

it does mean that if they come down when we're still up we often get 'can you tuck me back in please!' but i dont mind that so much ;)

The biggest downside is the smell, but a good air freshener and door mostly fix that.. but i guess most downstairs loo's suffer the same problem!

whyhasmyheadgonenumb Mon 18-Aug-14 21:37:55

I live in an old terrace with loo and bathroom downstairs, have 2 DC. Didn't live here when they were babies (moved in when DS was 10 months) but its been great for potty training DD, no faffing about going upstairs. It is a HUGE pain in the ass in the middle if the night as my bladder is like a thimble and creaky stairs have woken sleeping children but that could happen anywhere. I've learnt which stairs to avoid now.
I also like that when visitors come round they don't have to go upstairs so I'm not panicking about whether ive shut the doors of the messy bedrooms up there smile
All in all I like it.

Moominmalarky Mon 18-Aug-14 21:37:16

I've coped without a downstairs loo whilst potty training so I've earned that medal! We need to night train though and that's bothering me. If ds needs a wee in the night and we both have to clamber down, waking him up all the more. I suppose I could get a potty for his bedroom ...

Ladycurd Mon 18-Aug-14 21:36:17

We have a downstairs bathroom and initially it was a deal breaker but we had a large cupboard on our landing and managed to squeeze in a tiny loo and sink in there. I couldn't do without night time wee space but downstairs bathroom with kids has proved to be an unexpected bonus, they can be in the bath while I tidy up the kitchen/cook dinner and I don't get stuck upstairs. Also it's a concrete floor which they frequently soak but I don't have to worry about rotting floorboards etc. The only real annoyance is mooching through house in towels but it's fine really. But if we didn't have upstairs loo I couldn't do it as the downstairs loo is miles away from the bedrooms as at end of kitchen extension and I wee every night! New born nappy changes don't really need a sink unless poonami you will prob find with second you switch to baby wipes much faster than cotton wool and warm water you did with number 1. I did anyhow, we are trying for #3 and will prob only do that for meconium poo if at all with 3rd!

Seriouslyffs Mon 18-Aug-14 21:34:42

It's absolutely fantastic! I had 3 under 5 and the only loo was in the bathroom downstairs. An internal one to boot; perfect for potty training, long splashy baths with me pottering feet away but in the kitchen.

PisforPeter Mon 18-Aug-14 21:32:15

It's not ideal though it's probably not as inconvenient as a house without a downstairs loo if you're potty training a toddler??

Frogisatwat Mon 18-Aug-14 21:27:44

I can't find a plus. .. nothing stimulates my bladder more than knowing my loo is down a flight of stairs... is there any space to squeeze a loo upstairs?

Moominmalarky Mon 18-Aug-14 21:23:54

Long story but we really need to buy a house.

One has come on the market, good condition, ok location, in budget, all fine apart from. ... the bathroom is downstairs.

Previously this has been a deal breaker but we're not really in a position to quibble.

Is it as annoying as it appears? Are there any positives? Ds is 3 and we'd like another dc in the future. Is it really hard with a new born doing nappy changes in the night without a sink near by?

Pluses and negatives would be helpful! Thank you !

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