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Help me think of a gift for DH

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MaMaPo Mon 18-Aug-14 04:43:52

His birthday is next month. We are both notoriously bad at having gifts ready for actual birthdays - more often than not we give cards with an IOU or a message saying we need to discuss what gift to give!

This is obviously rubbish and I'd love to do it properly for once. So - help!

Some details:
-I have a generous budget - up to £200 is possible but around £100 is better.
- he is 34. He loves cycling (but isn't doing much at the moment), cooking, music (esp classical and indie), travel (esp Asia), design (esp Danish/Scandinavian)
- he is a bit of a hipster! Likes interesting fashion. For Christmas I gave him some lovely shaving cream, shaving accessories, beard oil (there is such a thing).
- he'd love something quirky or unusual
- in the past he has appreciated personalised cufflinks but in general ties/socks/cufflinks/hip flasks have been done before and he has plenty

What else would you need to know?

Eebahgum Mon 18-Aug-14 06:30:28

Have you tried browsing some of those quirky online gift shops like not on the high street?

MaMaPo Mon 18-Aug-14 06:49:57

Yes, I have - feel like I've exhausted it a bit! I've got some great stuff from there in the past.

I've randomly just remembered that there is a 3D printing shop near my house - I wonder what kind of nifty thin. I could get printed for him?

trinity0097 Mon 18-Aug-14 06:52:01

My hubby is the same age and I got a clock made out of an old vinyl record. Bought it in a real shop so I can't give a direct link, but I bet google would help!

nameuschangeus Mon 18-Aug-14 07:20:22

How about buying him a day at a cookery school? I've done this for my dp and it went down very well. He's done Rick Stein's and is about to do the Wolds school.

BikeRunSki Mon 18-Aug-14 07:27:59

hipster cyclists like Rapha kit. £200 will get you something decent.

MaMaPo Mon 18-Aug-14 09:32:40

Cooking schools are a good idea - maybe something more specialty, like a butchery course or smoking and curing meats. I'll look around.

bikerunski, he has some gorgeous Rapha stuff already, but hasn't been cycling enough recently to merit more! (Winter here, so he has some excuse I guess).

Shia Mon 18-Aug-14 09:45:33
StoneFoxMama Mon 18-Aug-14 09:54:58

Gig tickets
Is he a beardy tattooed hipster? My dh is always happy with vouchers for his favourite tattoo artist.
A night or two in a romantic cottage/yurt/log cabin with good cycling routes.
Scour vintage shops for a cool head to toe outfit, cool hat, braces, shoes etc

StoneFoxMama Mon 18-Aug-14 10:01:51

Oh and for one of my foodie friends we made a huge jar of bacon cure (juniper berries, salt, salt petre, bay, pepper etc etc look online) and we bought a big box. We designed a logo and name (I.e Sammy' s makin' bacon') printed off labels for the jar and box and bought an organic local piece of pork to get him started with some printed instructions (filled with pork puns)
This would be a good personal present along with a butchery/smoking and curing meat course.

I was thinking along the same lines as Shia of a Vide Poche / Tidy Tray

MaMaPo Tue 19-Aug-14 04:16:59

Thanks for the ideas! He is useless at emptying his pockets and one thing he is terrible with is taking care of his shoes - not ideal gifts for him but great ideas in general. I love Aspinal stuff.

Stone, that bacon idea is great! Sadly he might be a beardy hipster (although he had a beard from well before the hipsters made it popular - in fact I've never seen him without the beard) but he isn't tattooed, so a voucher wouldn't work.

Lamu Tue 19-Aug-14 04:32:47

If you're Based in London. How about a meat carving course? Claridges and Savoy Hotels do it.

DH and BIL's went to one a couple of months ago and said it was brilliant. Really well done. And at the end of it they has a great meal, lots of wine and even brought big cuts of meat home.

Have a look at Pedlars, their vintage stuff is really good.

MaMaPo Tue 19-Aug-14 05:34:52

lamu, that sounds perfect - but we're 17,000km from London (sadly).

butterflies That Pedlars link was great - and I found a local stockist for Future Mapping Company maps. We looked at their stuff when we were living in London and liked it, so I think a framed world map is in order.

Job achieved, MN! Well done!

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