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What made you pick the nickname you have?

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EatShitDerek Mon 18-Aug-14 00:59:10

I've noticed more new names and I'm always curious as to the reasons behind the names.

Mine is a quote not Shakespearen from StepBrothers. I needed something quick and that's the film I was watching

TakemedowntoPotatoCity Mon 18-Aug-14 01:05:42

Guns and Roses song + Peppa Pig DVD = humorous melange of adult/child related material. hmm

fackinell Mon 18-Aug-14 01:09:16

I was missing my old home (London) and Fackinell and Fuxake were my favourite mix up words at the time.

AngusAndElspethsThistleWhistle Mon 18-Aug-14 01:11:00

A homage to my favourite 80s cartoon smile

Patrickstarisabadbellend Mon 18-Aug-14 01:13:16

I think Patrick star is a bad bellend. I prefer Mr Krabs.

WallyBantersJunkBox Mon 18-Aug-14 01:16:41

The book - Partridge, we need to talk about Alan.

One of the DJs at "North Norfolk Digital" was called Wally Banters and his show "Wally Banters Junk Box"

I p*ssed myself when I heard it.

wafflyversatile Mon 18-Aug-14 01:20:15

I saw the advert for birdseye potato waffles on youtube shortly before signing up.

wafflyversatile Mon 18-Aug-14 01:21:21

I'm thinking of changing it to Bentobox Wafflesmack after going on the benedict cumberbatch name generator earlier tonight.

From my favourite card game, Euchre. Many a happy drunken night in my misspent yoof passed playing euchre and nowadays we play with my DBro and DSIL whenever we get a chance to see each other (they live v v far away, like 5000 miles).

Plus Hearts as in Love are better than Diamonds as in Riches. Love conquers all, innit.

TonyThePony Mon 18-Aug-14 01:55:56

A Morrissey song. Bit dull really. Vicar in a tutu was taken angry grin

InculKate Mon 18-Aug-14 01:59:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

o0 Mon 18-Aug-14 02:00:12

Mine was chosen because it looks like eyes peering at you oddly.

Well in my head it does. grin

212amveryupset Mon 18-Aug-14 02:14:36

It's 2.12am and I'm very upset.

BigFatFatty Mon 18-Aug-14 02:16:24

Aww, 212... sad

catsofa Mon 18-Aug-14 02:30:08

The cat was sitting on me.

MummyBeerest Mon 18-Aug-14 02:36:17

I felt like a bad mother like Joan Crawford.

And I like beer. And puns.

EleanorAbernathy Mon 18-Aug-14 02:41:27

Mine's the real name of the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, and I've got 9 cats (I try not to throw them at people though!) smile

Funniest line from Big Bang Theory (imo!) makes me titter every time!!

(in its context - only funny if you've seen it)

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter Mon 18-Aug-14 02:47:03

Fr Ted is my favourite sitcom, plus I wish I had a non ecumenical catch all phrase like it to get me out of tough questions!

(It's a bugger to type every time I log in though...)

I needed a name change and I was watching call the midwife.

darksideofthemooncup Mon 18-Aug-14 02:56:44

I was a bit drunk and listening to Pink Floyd. And no, I have never used a Mooncup.l

Basically it's just the phrase I use most often.....

AdoraBell Mon 18-Aug-14 03:08:41

It fits. Even though I don't smoke.

NinjaLeprechaun Mon 18-Aug-14 03:23:22

I asked my daughter a question once, and she did not reply "a ninja leprechaun" but, due to an apparent auditory processing disorder, that's what I heard.
The Ninja Leprechaun has become something of a character in our house as a result. grin

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