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Does anyone have a famous person as a neighbour or live close to a famous person?

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Crazy8 Sun 17-Aug-14 22:04:45

I just wondered as some people we know became neighbours to Johnny Depp when he was filming in the UK. He had rented a house or should I say his people had rented a house for him. They never really saw him that often although the postman did on a few occasions when parcels needed to be signed for.

Paloma12 Sun 17-Aug-14 22:06:18

Yes, quite a few in my bit of London

CrystalSkulls Sun 17-Aug-14 22:16:36

they're not famous any more. But DH and i are good friends with a once famous drummer who belonged to a thrash metal band who won awards and were infamously banned from the Kerrang Awards for causing trouble, lol.

They were also famous enough that they were supported by swedish metal band Meshuggah on their first Tour, who've since gone on to brighter and bigger things!

WftsC Sun 17-Aug-14 22:30:45

Quite a few! Apartment block, though, so don't often see them.
Do love it when the postie gets it wrong and I have to redeliver things, though nosey as fuck

feesh Sun 17-Aug-14 22:32:07

My mum lives very near Karen Brady; (in a village near Solihull) but we have never seen her about though!

forago Sun 17-Aug-14 22:34:54

I used to live near Jordan. her kids went to the same place as mine. never saw her there though. I only ever saw her when she tried to run me over or off the road in one of her fleet of vehicles.

forago Sun 17-Aug-14 22:35:11


hoobypickypicky Sun 17-Aug-14 22:36:28

Not me but my best friend used to live down the road from Joanna Lumley. Apparently she's lovely.

forago Sun 17-Aug-14 22:36:33

but my some did get an Xmas card from princess. maybe written by Jordan, most likely one of the nannies

forago Sun 17-Aug-14 22:36:40

but my some did get an Xmas card from princess. maybe written by Jordan, most likely one of the nannies

thenightsky Sun 17-Aug-14 22:37:40

Richard Whitely was my neighbour when I was a teen living at home.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Sun 17-Aug-14 22:41:10

Johnny Wilkes, of the Johnny Wilkes Academy and allegedly bff of Robbie Williams

VonHerrBurton Sun 17-Aug-14 23:15:16

Various Premier League football players and some very famous retired players/pundits as well.

Often see him/them wandering around, having coffee, in supermarkets, picking kids up from school and at cashpoints - that kind of thing.

NuggetofPurestGreen Sun 17-Aug-14 23:20:13

Pauline McLynn (Mrs Doyle from Father Ted) lives near me as I often see her about.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 17-Aug-14 23:34:30

Richard Whitely, nightsky? Aww, he was apparently a very nice man. sad

maras2 Sun 17-Aug-14 23:44:20

My late mum used to live in the next street to The Krankies.Horace Panter from The Specials lives near me and Masood from Eastenders' parents have a shop

HeySoulSister Sun 17-Aug-14 23:47:22

Sharon from eastenders. She's v nice. Lives down the road.

PixieofCatan Sun 17-Aug-14 23:52:15

I don't, but I nannied to a family who lived down the road (in a really unassuming place!) to somebody who was famous in her time for country music. My charge and I used to chat to her on the street and I had no clue who she was, very nice smile Can't recall her name now either blush

In the same job I had a place that I parked everyday about five minutes away from my job (a street with no parking at all), it was a few houses down from where Sean Lock moved too. I didn't know until I saw him on the street as I was driving past. Some woman was stood in the middle of the road with her two kids chatting to him, I was a bit annoyed and went to go around her and almost swerved into a parked car when I realised who she was talking too blush I'm a QI fan.

BillyJoel Sun 17-Aug-14 23:59:49

I grew up down the road from Ken Barlow (Bill Roach) husband of the lovely Deidre in Corrie. Passed him a couple of times on my way to the bustop. Said hello. And Chris Bonnongton, climber, lived a few doors from me as a child.
I was dancing with (near) Duncan Goodhew at a concert last night - he regularly visits our town.

Tina O'Brien when she lives at her parents. John Stape from Corrie was my mums next door but one neighbour. Jason Manford lives with his parents on the next road. I doubt he'll be there long though.

abigamarone Mon 18-Aug-14 00:21:29

I live next door to someone whose sister is fairly well known. She'll tweet about how wonderful her family are and what a great dad he is. I hear him swearing horribly at his tiny children.

almapudden Mon 18-Aug-14 00:33:41

I live very near to Arthur Smith. Have seen Danny Alexander a few times on his way home. And I think Sarah Beeny lives nearby too - have seen her once or twice.

FoolishFay Mon 18-Aug-14 00:37:56

Julian Fellowes lives quite close. He and his wife once ignored me at a fete when I paid a compliment to their dog.

Jimmy Carr lives in our road. It was very odd seeing our street on the news during the whole tax avoidance thing!

TheFairyCaravan Mon 18-Aug-14 00:45:17

My gran used to live next door to Sophie Ward.

I used to live near Sophie, The Countess of Essex's Aunt. She was, also, the receptionist at our GP's surgery.

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