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Not so great product names

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1lov3comp5 Sun 17-Aug-14 13:51:31

Just watching TV with dd and an ad has just come on for a toy called Beados...hmm grin

I can imagine a room full of execs going 'yes Beados is a great name, nothing even remotely off about that, doesn't rhyme with anything dodgy'!

Lagoonablue Sun 17-Aug-14 13:55:26

There used to be a slimming product called Ayds.

1lov3comp5 Sun 17-Aug-14 14:04:15

That's shocking! Ayds?! The gas thing is that they (they being those in charge of naming) must have realised the possible issue and tried to overcome it by spelling it grin

OhGoveUckYourself Sun 17-Aug-14 14:05:00

Smeg appliances- a big no-no for fans of Red Dwarf.

CatKisser Sun 17-Aug-14 14:08:51

I may be approaching 30 but I still snigger a little when I see Vagisil and Anusol in the chemist.

Lagoonablue Sun 17-Aug-14 14:11:26

I think AYds predates Aids. I think they changed the name when the disease came to light eventually.

JulesJules Sun 17-Aug-14 14:17:39

I'm sure Ayds (as in slimming aids) were around in the 70s, though, so pre-dating HIV.

I like this Spanish washing power grin

1lov3comp5 Sun 17-Aug-14 14:30:03

You have to wonder how much it would actually clean Jules!
On a side note, I live near a place called Collon, used to smirk every time I heard it. Still can't restrain myself with this place though hehe

ScrambledEggAndToast Sun 17-Aug-14 14:46:46

I don't get the Beados one <scratches head>

A toothpaste called retardex. Bloody terrible name. They changed it recently but I still won't use or recommend it.

StillFrigginRexManningDay Sun 17-Aug-14 14:58:08

Paedos scrambled

smokeandfluff Sun 17-Aug-14 15:20:06

You can get tinned fish called 'fanny ' in South America

LustyBusty Sun 17-Aug-14 15:23:35

Well if we can include place names... I live not a million miles from here and it always makes me snigger.

DoAndroidsDream Sun 17-Aug-14 15:55:38
Smilesandpiles Sun 17-Aug-14 15:58:16


PonyMcBony Sun 17-Aug-14 16:05:13


Umicar Sun 17-Aug-14 16:08:14

Aveda Hand job - best name for a hand cream ever

1lov3comp5 Sun 17-Aug-14 16:16:54

Shittington!! Brilliant Lusty

plumnc Sun 17-Aug-14 16:38:12

Ahh, fukuppy, to me this is one of the best ( not quite a product name, but close enough)

APotNoodleandaTommy Sun 17-Aug-14 16:42:22

Schindler's Lifts

Pratt's bananas
Spunk chewing gum

AuntieStella Sun 17-Aug-14 17:36:29

From Ocado, last year: Plopp chocolate.

Floop Sun 17-Aug-14 17:37:01

I don't know the Red Dwarf association, but at school smeg was gross 'dick cheese' when men don't was properly.

Floop Sun 17-Aug-14 17:37:09


addictedtosugar Sun 17-Aug-14 17:38:37

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