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I am watching Holiday on the Buses and I have laughed out loud.....

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Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 09:48:22

It must be a sign of something sad grin

Olbas Sun 17-Aug-14 10:12:46

grin y Husband's sister looks like Olive.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 10:14:15

Nooo really? grin

I was really trying not to laugh but DH rumbled me. I was actually surprised to see it on.

Dontgotosleep Sun 17-Aug-14 10:16:34

Aww is that on now. Was that the one that's filmed in Pontins in Prestatyn.
I'm taking my D.D and Dnephew there at the weekend.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 10:18:38

It's finished Dont sad YY to it being at Pontins. smile

Olbas Sun 17-Aug-14 10:31:38

I would like to add though, Dh looks nothing like his sister grin Saying that though isn't "Olive" in Eastenders?... I haven't watched for months but I'm sure she was and looked totally different

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 10:33:24

I think she was or is Olbas, looking different.

Unfortunately the DSs weren't awake so couldn't share the film with me-I know they would be thrilled. grin

MrsDavidBowie Sun 17-Aug-14 10:35:29

Not an attractive cast.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 10:38:33

No MrsDB. Steptoe was in it too. grin There was lots of bed hopping. <tsk>

Olbas Sun 17-Aug-14 10:43:57

Everyone looked old then didn't they. When I look at photos of my mum from that era she looks older than she does now

WallyBantersJunkBox Sun 17-Aug-14 11:11:02

The two "jack the lad" types seemed absolutely brilliant at "pulling" really gorgeous young women, didn't they?

But then all young ladies love a middle aged, bus conducting, paunch bellied, grey faced old letch with crooked teeth don't they?

HangingBasketCase Sun 17-Aug-14 11:45:28

I love this film. It's awful, old fashioned misogynstic rubbish but I think it's hilarious.

The bus drivers are quite possibly two of the ugliest blokes I've ever seen in my life, yet they seem to have no trouble pulling all these gorgeous young "crackers" in little mini skirts. It's ridiculous.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 11:50:31

The women really aren't fussy are they? Even Blakey managed to have a girlfriend although she did end up snogging the other bloke. grin

Mandy2003 Sun 17-Aug-14 11:50:44

Anna Karen was in EastEnders around 2009 as Aunt Sal, Peggy's sister.

Don't mock Wally - maybe all men in their 30s looked like that then grin

Staywithme Sun 17-Aug-14 11:51:31

I love the 'ordinary' looking people in the old TV program's/films. I think people are all starting to look like clones on modern TV/films.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 11:54:42

Olive was stood there in a bikini that was too small and she had a great figure but I noticed it wasn't allowed to be as great as the other woman's IYKWIM.

LottieJenkins Sun 17-Aug-14 12:09:00

Wilf adores OTB. He likes the scene in the other film when Olive goes into labour in the sidecar! He's a funny young man, he loves OTB and has now discovered Steptoe and Son. I must try and get him into Dad's Army!

shakethetree Sun 17-Aug-14 12:12:56

'ere Jack......she's dying for it!

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 12:22:45

I love the Likely Lads more than OTB or Carry on Films.

tethersend Sun 17-Aug-14 22:30:21

Reg Varney was fifty seven when they filmed this. FIFTY SEVEN.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Aug-14 22:40:03


foslady Sun 17-Aug-14 23:23:22

And Anna Karen was a top burlesque dancer in her day (they got her to be a judge on that 'Fake It as a ....' programme that used to be on a few years ago

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 17-Aug-14 23:29:34

I love all of the 'On The Buses'. I stayed at "The Beaches" hotel in Prestatyn a couple of weeks ago and was so wistful as Pontins was just across the road. I recognised quite a few places from that 'Buses'... bless them all, they've given me so much pleasure and I don't care how non-pc it all is now, it was brilliant. grin

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sun 17-Aug-14 23:31:52

I think that only Anna Karen (Olive) and Stephen Lewis (Blakey) are still alive now. Stephen Lewis, if he's still around, has been a recluse for many years...

HangingBasketCase Sun 17-Aug-14 23:36:05

Olive's husband always seemed so disgusted and repulsed by her, it makes you wonder how they ever managed to have a child together? I love the scene when she goes to the loo in the middle of the night and ends up back in the wrong chalet in bed with another man and thinks her husband... I'm easily amused.

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