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What ancient things to you still use even though you could buy new-but it wouldn't be the same?

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Sparklingbrook Sat 16-Aug-14 10:07:58

Just had a shower and used my towel, that I have had for years. It's starting to fray and look a bit old. I may be wrong but I think I bought it to take to hospital when I had DS2 who is 12. blush
I bought myself a new ££ one but it just wasn't the same, so went back to using manky towel.

Please say it's not just me. DH says he is going to bin it. grin

I have a Tshirt material nightshirt that my aunt brought me from America when I was 12. I'm now now 46, so that's 34 years.

It used to come almost to my feet and now barely covers my huge arse. It is so soft and comfy but has a few holes now.

TheFantasticMrsFox Fri 12-Sep-14 16:41:11

My car...... he's 17 years old now and has started to shed various parts and is now consigned to reasonably short journeys but I am ridiculously attached to him he even has a name much to DH's embarrassment
I could replace him but we have been together since DS was born (he's 10 now) have driven thousands of miles through Europe on holidays, attended weddings, funerals, parties etc in him, DS has gone to his first days at school in him so he's full of memories. A new car just wouldn't be the same sad

Stratter5 Fri 12-Sep-14 15:22:17

DD1 (21yo) has taken all four pairs of Bally boots I own back to Uni with her. They're older than she is, from my working days, but beautifully made classics. My feet seem to have grown with age, so it's lovely to see them being worn again.

curiousgeorgie Fri 12-Sep-14 14:30:41

My potato masher. It's amazing. A really sturdy metal one with tiny holes like a cheese grater... It was my Nans and I 'borrowed' it when she was teaching me to make a shepherds pie and never gave it back...

I've bought new ones, and they are rubbish. Metal with a zig zaggy line that doesn't mash anything, and plastic ones which are entirely useless.

I'm dreading the day it breaks shock

Theas18 Fri 12-Sep-14 14:26:32

to quote dawndonna " I have found my home on this thread"


It's just makes me warm and fuzzy sometimes to know I'm using stuff that has happy associations.

Stirrup Fri 12-Sep-14 14:20:02

My dad was an amazing cook. But he was rubbish at watching things. Everything boiled over, burnt round the edges, charred the pans... His food was out of this world.

I have one of his roasting tins, stainless steel. In as good nick as the day he bought it and it must have seen some bad days. He died two years ago and I love that this was his, that it is completely indestructible and that it has cooked so many tasty meals.

Inlaws bought us some roasting trays (see my last post re their new things obsession). Apparently recommended by This Morning. They're shit and I can't wait to bin them.

Plomino Fri 12-Sep-14 13:51:48

My mucking out fork ! Used to be at my old livery yard from when I was about 13 , somehow came with us when we shipped the horses and all their stuff to Norfolk . Long handled and metal , but lightweight enough to be able to muck out really comfortably and just sits right in the hand .

Also have my nan's mixing bowls as we used to make the Christmas cakes in them , and her vegetable knife that is just so comfy to use .

ControlGeek Fri 12-Sep-14 13:44:20

I had a pair of socks that were old enough to vote, and then some - I finally ditched them last year when the threadbare patches finally developed into full-blown massive holes.

throckenholt Fri 12-Sep-14 13:37:42

I can beat you with a towel - I bought it on a trip to Bermuda in 1992 grin. I also have one that I bought in 1984 on a trip the US (towels in the UK in those days weren't of the same style). The older one is looking very old now - but the kids still use it.

I also have a runner bean slicer that was my nan's - she died in 1979 ! I have a newer one but it doesn't work as well.

My hairdryer dates from 1986 - works fine but I hardly ever dry my hair.

Lally112 Fri 12-Sep-14 13:37:28

my truck. got more hanging off it than on it but I hate new ones

DogsinBoots Fri 12-Sep-14 13:33:07

I have my GGFs Cornish blue milk jug, which was a wedding present in the 1920s.
My GMs very old singer sewing machine.
My SMs cookbook, and one of her forks which I can't make decent mash without.
I also much prefer old towels, I have some my GM passed on to me which I love.

DownByTheRiverside Fri 12-Sep-14 13:32:05

The emergency towel in my car is one I had in boarding school, and has my nametape sewn into it. So that makes it 43 years old.
It's the one you use for unexpected paddling opportunities, cloudbursts and soggy people who want to get in your car. Stil perfectly fit for use.
We don't buy new things if the old one still works, not got the cash or the mindset that could cope with that attitude.

hiddenhome Fri 12-Sep-14 13:26:29

Towels - mine seem to be indestructible and they weren't even expensive confused
Kitchen spoons
Oil Lamps

Sparklingbrook Fri 12-Sep-14 13:22:09

Sometimes progress is pants too.

I had to replace my old phone as my contract ended and rubbish T Mobile did not have what i wanted. So I had a new phone. a touch screen one. I hate it. sad

IScreamForIceCream Fri 12-Sep-14 13:20:29

This is a lovely lovely thread. New is overrated.

One of my most precious items is my late grandad's old sanding block. It's just a chunk of wood with some remnants of leather, around which you wrap your sandpaper, but I love the idea that it took on the shape of his hand through hours and years of of use. He made loads of amazing stuff, and I make a very few shoddy things, but I love the continuity and which that he had been here longer to pass on some skills.

starfishmummy Fri 12-Sep-14 13:19:30

Everything! Well not quite but why replace if the old thing does the same?

Stratter5 Fri 12-Sep-14 13:14:00

A hairbrush that I used to use getting ready for school, so has to be 35 years old.
A black satiny coat I bought with my first wage packet when I was working part time during A levels, so 28 years old.

And my XMIL has been a great source of kitchen antiques items; I have her Le Creuset saucepans, kitchen scales, and a bread board and knife that was her mother's. XMIL is late 70's now, I'd rather not work out how old. Also some gorgeous pure linen bed sheets and pillow cases, I will use those until they fall apart, they are divine to sleep in.

Sparklingbrook Fri 12-Sep-14 13:04:20

grin Stirrup

Stirrup Fri 12-Sep-14 12:48:16

SO much stuff. Both parents were hoarders and kitted all of us kids out with furniture odds and ends when they split up and we got our first homes.

All houses we've lived in, we've been left presents by the previous owners - tools, ladders, lawnmower...

We've got a massive le creuset (nearly 30 years old!).

A bedspread on DC's bed knitted by my nan...

My in laws think I am completely barking. They have even offered to pay for a trip to a department store to replace it all! Not a chance!

I have found my home on this thread grin

dawndonnaagain Fri 12-Sep-14 12:01:07

Welsh dresser that my grandparents bought from an auction in 1937. It's beautiful. One of those blackbird pie crust holders, but this is an original not a copy, again, grandmothers. Gran's breadknife, and like others, lots of kitchen bits.

YellowYoYoYam Fri 12-Sep-14 11:34:43

My grandmas tea caddy. It's not even a proper tea caddy, it's just a tin that probably had little biscuits in, she gave it to me with some of her other old things when I was kitting out my first flat.

It's fairly pretty but not beautiful, but I was just thinking the other day I could never buy another tin for my tea. It's still got a handwritten sticker on the bottom with grandma's name on from when she used it to donate cakes to the church bake sale. Bless you grandma.

glidingpig Fri 12-Sep-14 11:31:57

I'm 30 and have been changing size and shape fairly constantly throughout my adult life, so clothes only tend to last a few years. sad I have hung onto a couple of things I wore as a teenager and loved, on the basis that one day I might be a size 12 again. Ha.

But I am using a few bits of kitchen/household kit that my mum had when I was little. A plastic laundry basket, a stepstool, her old set of measuring spoons. I nicked her jam pan recently, too. And I have the teddy that she was given when she was born, and then gave to me when I was born. Sadly I think he's too fragile to survive another child, so DD and I just look at him sometimes.

I also still own, and play, a lot of tapes from the 80s and 90s that were in turn recorded off my dad's 70s/80s LP collection. I'm sure I could find half of the stuff on iTunes but I don't wanna.

Theas18 Fri 12-Sep-14 11:24:50

Gosh loads of old stuff still used here.

Nothing like my grannies old stripy towels ( nearly bald now) for when you dye hair. Gran died more than 30yrs ago. Actually I have several very old towels and they are soft and lovely. New ones aren't.

I have a new metal ironing board, but it's not a patch on the wooden one my dad made that I now have. That was made around 1950 and I suspect has the original string stopping the legs splaying apart!

I have told mum I want grandmas knife. That's a table knife that in the mists of time got sharpened. It has a broken handle but a sharp blade with just the right amount if flex for most small cutting work! I will be so upset if someone throws it out.

Dd is continuing the tradition having raided mums cupboards at the weekend for pretty china, as it's in fashion - and taken grannies tea set and various old odd bits, also loads of ancient Pyrex including a 1960s dinner party type item - a divided dish on a stand in peach, with white stars. It even has little nightlight holders underneath.

I expressed wanties for the block colour espresso set but didn't get it!

AugustRose Fri 12-Sep-14 11:13:50

I am sitting typing this in my lovely cardigan that has frayed cuffs and pockets but I love it. I bought it when I was pregnant with my first DC - he was 18 last week!

I have looked and am looking for another one but nothing is the same as this one smile

My DH still has a Rupert the Bear from being a toddler - although it is now safely wrapped up as his stuffing is coming out.

I have a duvet cover that was my mum's when she was a teenager in the 70's grin I use it as my summer cover, it is heavy but light at the same time and so soft from being washed so many times smile

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