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Tell me something interesting about the richest person you know ...

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Mintyy Fri 15-Aug-14 21:19:41

I knew someone who was a millionaire +++.

A good friend of mine married him. The wedding was catered by Leiths and held in a SW1 venue.

But an interesting thing about him, afaic, is that when we went to dinner at their lovely house in Wimbledon, he served up Heinz boil-in-the-tin syrup sponge pudding for pudding smile. I don't think this was because he was mean or anything, just that he really liked those puds!

Don't know any.
Can't say I've ever even been around someone v wealthy!

Yoghurty Sun 17-Aug-14 13:06:33

The richest person I know is a self made millionaire- and he is tight! I guess that's how he got where he is now, but it's odd when he buys value good in the supermarket and won't ever go in on rounds in the pub and spends holidays in his camper van. Nothing wrong with any of that, but it seems strange when he can easily afford nicer things.

I'm not sure what he is saving it for but he made his money over 30 years ago!

trinity0097 Sun 17-Aug-14 14:11:15

I've of the children at my school has very wealthy parents (own helicopters etc...) however he has to earn his pocket money by selling eggs at the school gate every Friday. Parents gave him a loan for the initial start up costs which he had to repay and he is now self sufficient money wise with the business. He started at about the beginning of when he was in Year 6, so has been doing it a couple of years. No idea who he sells the eggs to out of term-time, but he has a core set of parents and staff as customers in term time.

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