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Where can I get simple, non lacy, reasonable quality bras in a 32DD for 14 year old, apart from M&S?

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PennyPepper Fri 15-Aug-14 09:59:35

Not cheap and nasty, and not silly expensive?

M&S cotton mix t-shirt bras are just what she wants, but they never have the ones she wants in her size.

cakesonatrain Fri 15-Aug-14 10:00:25

Can you

cakesonatrain Fri 15-Aug-14 10:01:14

Can you order them from M&S or do they not make them in her size?

MozzchopsThirty Fri 15-Aug-14 10:04:20


32DD is a fairly common size you shouldn't have too much trouble

CMOTDibbler Fri 15-Aug-14 10:05:17

Has she been measured properly? (and thats not by M&S) A 32 back size would have her in a ladies 12-14 waist size clothes as a rough guide

elephanteraser Fri 15-Aug-14 10:07:06

I really love the calvin klein unpadded bras, you can usually buy them from tkmaxx but if you're near hatfield there is a really good outlet shop.

BabyGoose Fri 15-Aug-14 10:09:49

Bravissimo are excellent. They measured me properly and I swear I looked like I had lost half a stone once I had the correct size bra on. They do nice plain t shirt bras.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Fri 15-Aug-14 10:10:11

I also wondered if she was a 32DD, or perhaps a 28F, which is the same size cup on the correct band size, if her ribs measure 28 inches?

The panache porcelain t-shirt bra probably comes in both these sizes, a selection of colours. Available from Bravissimo or Figleaves - if you can manage to spend �23-30 per bra, perhaps go to bravissimo or a local lingerie shop to get a proper fitting?

FoxyHarlow123 Fri 15-Aug-14 10:11:50

What clothes size is your daughter. If she's a 8 or 10, she's unlikely to be a 32.

Mellowdramatically Fri 15-Aug-14 10:12:38

I am a 32f and find m& s sizing is often not right (I.e. The bra says a size and it can sometimes be way off). Big debenhams fan myself their tshirt bras are good.

PennyPepper Fri 15-Aug-14 10:16:45

Ah Debenhams, didn't think of them, thanks!

I don't know what it is with M&S but their stock system is hopeless. They do make the ones she wants in her size but they are nearly always out of stock (so it says on the website anyway). Can you order things in store that aren't in stock on the website then?

CMOT I did measure her according to MN rules and got a 30 back, but she tried some and found them uncomfortably tight. She's not a 12-14 dress size by any means (more like an 8 waist/hip). The 32DD she has from M&S is a very good fit. Are other brands more/less generous in back size?

PennyPepper Fri 15-Aug-14 10:21:49

I think I'd better re-measure her.

She'd be horrified to be an F! God knows where she gets her boobs from. Certainly not me, I am very under-endowed (though I was glad to find out I was actually a B after an MN bra intervention smile)

Picturesinthefirelight Fri 15-Aug-14 10:30:08

I'm a 32DD (31 back 37 full) & I get t shirt bras from John Lewis

Picturesinthefirelight Fri 15-Aug-14 10:32:50

Intervened from an M&S 36C

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Fri 15-Aug-14 10:33:42


F is not large, especially on a slim teenager with a 30 back - it is more like medium, but I'm sure you can see that by looking at here smile.

The bra alphabet does not stop at DD, it's just that most people, and the media especially, seems to think it does.

It might also be the case that the band seems tight because she is used to a looser band, or the cups are too small.

I would take her to Bravissimo for a proper fitting, and then you ill have a baseline to work from in future as she grows. Something like this would be a good plain but nice bra to start with.

doradoo Fri 15-Aug-14 10:48:46


cheaper alternatives to bravissimo - but usually the same brands. There are some good plain Panache bras around which might be worth a look.

I like next's t shirt bras smile

RiverRocks Fri 15-Aug-14 12:04:18

I'm a 32E and I managed to get my bras from Primark, if there's one near you? I've got some from Debenhams as well, but struggle in a lot of other shops.

Was she wearing the 30 back on the loosest fastening? I'm a size 10-12 up top, and can't see a size 8, 14 year old being the same back size as me confused

Madlizzy Fri 15-Aug-14 12:08:31

Id second primark,particularly as she's still growing.

mummymeister Fri 15-Aug-14 12:31:42

I have 2 DD's similar age. one is a 30G and the other a 32H. we go to a lingerie shop and find the curvy kate range is really good. bras can be expensive but we buy 3 or 4 of them and after all they do have to wear one every day. swimwear is where we really struggle.

Olga79 Fri 15-Aug-14 12:39:18

I'm a 32 back size (sometimes 30 depending on brand) and I'm an 8 or 10 in standard clothes sizing, so it's not necessarily wrong.

Honsandrevels Fri 15-Aug-14 12:48:37

Going down a back size can feel tight at first if you are used to a looser band. I'd get her fitted at Debenhams or bravissino and then look out for cheaper bras of the same brand on brastop.

Mummymeister I got a brilliant swimsuit by Freya this week. They do cup sized swimsuits and tankinis and are sporty rather than the overly sexy/low cut ones I've seen.

alwayssleepy Fri 15-Aug-14 12:51:51

Another vote here for bravissimo, they do great fittings, and sell bras that actually hold you and support you, even if you have small back. I wear a 28E, which they sell in a range of styles. I like the Freya Deco best, it fits fantastic and looks great under most clothes. Not cheap, but then I feel that as you wear a bra every day its worth getting something that's good quality and fits correctly.

Figleaves and ASOS sometimes sell Freya bras too, so if you end up going for a Freya bra then get one fitted at Bravissimo and buy one there, but then shop online for other colours in the same style.

mummymeister - Freya swimwear is great for larger boobies too!

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Fri 15-Aug-14 12:53:14

Mummy I usually get Fantasie Bikinis and I'm sure they do them in your DDs sizes and at this time of year they are often in the sale as are hellishly expensive otherwise (�50 - 60 full price shock). Brastop has a special offer this weekend as well.

They do last well though - I have one that I must have had for about 6 years at least and I swim in a pool in it regularly and have swum in the sea and sunbathed in it almost constantly on two weeks in Spain each year. I've also worn it at waterparks on the odd occasion. It is starting to look a little faded now though.

I'm a 32F/30G and I'm a 12 or 14 in standard clothes sizing, BTW.

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