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Tell me not to buy pillarbox red hairdye

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Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:21:09

I'm too old for stupid hair mistakes but I've been hankering after red Live Xxl all week and I'll be in Home and Bargains later.

I've got crappy middle-aged-mam blondish quarter head shoulder length crappy wavy hair highlights which have gone brassy, my roots are through shot with grey and I used to have it all colours and shaved and styles back in the day. Can't afford a proper do. Too fecking inept to highlight it myself.

Please for the love of Jeff someone stop me!

Strawdolly Thu 14-Aug-14 15:23:05

Don't do it. If you get a spot it'll match grin

gamerchick Thu 14-Aug-14 15:23:49

No go for it.. I would love to do those colours if I didn't have to do the bleaching first.

Red doesn't last long anyway so what have you got to lose? grin

You'll need to wear a LOT of make up to balance it. Red is terrible to get out.

Having said that, DO IT DO IT DO IT!

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:24:28

That is a bloody good point actually, I've already got three spots! Thanks.

Although this does mean I could get the blue instead.

Hassled Thu 14-Aug-14 15:24:43

Don't do it. You'll look like a fool. If you have greys then you're too old.

gamerchick Thu 14-Aug-14 15:25:39

Do it grin

jimblejambles Thu 14-Aug-14 15:26:18

My friend used a purple dye from that range and it ruined the condition if her hair.

gamerchick Thu 14-Aug-14 15:26:27

Shite to that.. I have silver hairs and it doesn't stop me changing colours.

SistersOfPercy Thu 14-Aug-14 15:26:29

Do it.

If you are happy and comfortable in your own skin you can never look like a fool. The only fool is the one who judges you wink

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:26:36

Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh now you've said I'm too old reverse psychology's kicking in, oh Jeff please somebody spang me!

Won't it go pink if you're blonde?

Don't do it, I've had colour disasters and it's a pain to sort!

Azquilith Thu 14-Aug-14 15:28:30

Do it

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:28:40

Yeah it'll go pink won't it. That'll be a mare, I'm not keen on pink.

ShakeYourTailFeathers Thu 14-Aug-14 15:28:51

ooooh would bright red not be a shocker to pull off unless you've the right skintone?

ShakeYourTailFeathers Thu 14-Aug-14 15:29:30

Pink would be more flattering probably grin

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:30:45

Right I'm going to post a picture of my face. My hair is much grown out and is already in bad condition. Give it to me straight.

My kid's school is full of naice parents and I'm slightly gleeful at the thought of lowering the tone, is that bad?

ThisIsBULLSHIT Thu 14-Aug-14 15:33:40

Do it! I might join you!

DomesticSlobbess Thu 14-Aug-14 15:35:13

Do it.

But be warned that Live XXL doesn't last long. I used to dye my hair red (think it was called Red Passion or something) and I had to do it every 6-8 weeks because it would fade to a browny-copper colour.

This year alone I've been bright ginger, purple, and now currently a dark red. I don't think I could ever have a natural colour. You're never too old, I say!

BTW the bright semi-perm colours in the Live XXL range are best on bleached or really light blonde hair. So if you're a light blonde it should come out okay but I'd do a test first if I were you.

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:37:03

Here is my face. I have big sunnies do no-one will know it's me smile

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:37:33

Everyone will know I can't type though.

weegiemum Thu 14-Aug-14 15:37:56

I'm very good at this, I've been telling my 14yo dd for months.

"Don't buy pillar box red hair dye".

(She dyed her highlights purple instead!).

pieceoftoast Thu 14-Aug-14 15:38:54

Do it! I've currently got a pile of XXL red passion on my head developing!

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:39:50

Ooo have you toast? Well jel.

Kleptronic Thu 14-Aug-14 15:41:16

But are you young though, hmm?

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