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Cliff Richard's home is being searched...

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FatewiththeLeadPiping Thu 14-Aug-14 13:05:59

... In relation to a possible historic sexual abuse case. |

Breaking news now

Fairly unsurprising. Be interesting to see what happens next.

WipsGlitter Thu 14-Aug-14 13:08:40

Not a surprise, DP and I both thought that he would be next.

Marcipex Thu 14-Aug-14 13:08:56

I thought he was squeaky clean.

HattyMonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 13:09:40

He was on the list for Elm Tree guest house so thought he would be one of the next in line.

FatewiththeLeadPiping Thu 14-Aug-14 13:09:47

Has there been previous speculation then?

thecatfromjapan Thu 14-Aug-14 13:10:01

Well, that's been a slow train coming ...

sofluffyamgonnadie Thu 14-Aug-14 13:10:17

Wondered when they'd get round to him!

Christ. Didn't anticipate but can't say I'm completely surprised.

HattyMonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 13:10:40

Fate tons and tons of speculation for years.

FatewiththeLeadPiping Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:13

He hasn't been arrested though, I think.

thecatfromjapan Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:16

Seriously, there's been about a fifteen year advanced warning to this. <shakes head>

QuintessentiallyQS Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:16

"Breaking news" where?

WipsGlitter Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:42

BBC has it quin

HattyMonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:44

BBC website * Quint*

WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:48

About bloody time....many posters on the Conspiracy Theories posts have been expecting this for some time.

ThunderCloudsinSumer Thu 14-Aug-14 13:11:50

There has been massive speculation his name is clearly on the list for a names of men visiting notorious Elm Guest house - google it!
where young boys from near by childrens homes were taken, drugged and raped.

WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:07
HattyMonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:19
ToffeeMoon Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:26

Knew he'd be next

ThunderCloudsinSumer Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:29

cliff has of course not got UK residency any more lives in Bahamas? where there is no extradition to uk.

HattyMonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:42

Cross post.

LindaMcCartneySausage Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:53

I'd always assumed he was totally asexual. Ah well, let's see how this, ahem, Peter Pans out.

Odd that they're searching his house first rather than arresting him or bringing him in for questioning. What exactly are they looking for there? S&M dungeon, extravagant prom collection...?

FatewiththeLeadPiping Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:55

Ah, I knew there was some stuff, but not elm tree specifically.

sofluffyamgonnadie Thu 14-Aug-14 13:12:59

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