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If channel 5 made a documentary about you it would be called "......... .......... and proud"?

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SinisterBuggyMonth Sun 10-Aug-14 00:14:06

Mine would be...

"Shameless bead hoarder and Proud"

thecageisfull Sun 10-Aug-14 00:15:22

Socially Awkward and Proud

GoodboyBindleFeatherstone Sun 10-Aug-14 00:18:25

Bloody Lazy and Proud.

smellyfishead Sun 10-Aug-14 00:19:56

surrogate mum and proud

wonkyandproudish Sun 10-Aug-14 00:24:21

Absolute slattern and proud

justmuddlingalong Sun 10-Aug-14 00:38:19

Freckly, ginger and proud.

Lally112 Sun 10-Aug-14 00:38:53

it could be any number of things:

Sarcastic bitch
Narky cow
fascist dictator
moany old crow

the list is endless

MrsDavidBowie Sun 10-Aug-14 00:40:27

Sex Goddess

BeachyKeen Sun 10-Aug-14 00:44:10

Red, White and Proud!

Let's go Canada! Let's go! <clap, clap>

ShinyShinySpoons Sun 10-Aug-14 00:52:05

Housework - It's over overrated

ShinyShinySpoons Sun 10-Aug-14 00:53:02

Bit of a typo but acutally over over rated is probably right grin

ShinyShinySpoons Sun 10-Aug-14 00:53:49

Actually sigh. I give up.....

KingJoffreysBloodshotEye Sun 10-Aug-14 00:55:46

Fuck Off With Your Mockumentary And Proud.

CheesyBadger Sun 10-Aug-14 01:53:21

Crap at domesticity, and proud

MyCatIsAStupidBastard Sun 10-Aug-14 02:04:05

Not sure entirely what's going on, but proud, I think

Mandy2003 Sun 10-Aug-14 04:06:38

Overqualified and Proud.
Older Woman and Proud.

EatShitDerek Sun 10-Aug-14 04:16:36

Bit of a twat but proud

GarlicAugustus Sun 10-Aug-14 04:26:16

Weird and proud?

Sixty, Sagging, Slovenly and proud hmm

Loud and proud!

Out and Proud (I'm not gay, I just love the slogan)

Poor and Proud (They already did that one, called it Benefit Street)

Too Proud To Be In a Mockumentary and Proud <-- winner, due to erratic capitalisation

GarlicAugustus Sun 10-Aug-14 04:27:22

Bit of a twat but proud

Dammit, Derek, you thought of the best line again.

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